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Apr 17, 2016

I will help you know yourself better and be more successful in your personal and professional life. 
Founder at Self-Knowledge College 
April 2010 - Present (6 years 1 month)Self-Knowledge College (SKC) is based on the proposition that Self-Knowledge is the way to personal, 
academic and professional success. If you have a serious problem in your life but you don't know what it is 
and you don't know how to fix it, I can help. My services and products help in the following areas: -self- knowledge and self-development -time and time and self-management -goal-setting -academic advisement 
-procrastination -communication skills -interpersonal relationships (including spousal) 
Founder at Dropout to Dean's List 
2010 - Present (6 years)We take on students who are thinking of dropping out, or who have dropped out, or whose grades are terrible, 
or whose attitude has been worse. 
Founder at The Daley Post 
February 2010 - Present (6 years 3 months)THE DALEY POST is the communication arm of SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE. I write on personal and 
professional development through self-knowledge. http://www.thedaleypost.com 
Founder at Dropout Expert Litigation Support 
2013 - Present (3 years)Assist personal injury lawyers who deal with the legal mess when a student gets injured in a MVA or other 
traumatic way. 
FRMR: Member: Board of Directors: Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST) and Chair IRC Cmttee. at Canadian Scholarship TrustJanuary 1990 - February 2013 (23 years 2 months) 
The CST is Canada's premier educational savings program (RESP) for parents who want their children to go on to post-secondary education. 
Professor at Seneca College 
1987 - April 2010 (23 years)I taught theater, psychology, literature and writing. A principal course was Communication and Problem- Solving. It used my book " Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here " as its text. I specialize in helping 
students who are failing in college and university. My research and results show that the crisis can be reduced dramatically. My students are successful between 68 and 93 % of the time. 
Dean of English and Communications at Seneca College 
1982 - 1987 (5 years)Dean of the English and Communications department of the largest college in Canada. 
SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE: I help people know themselves so they can be successful in their personal and professional lives. DROPOUT TO DEAN'S LIST: I teach school dropouts or at-risk students how to become successful in one semester. I have helped more than 1,000 at-risk or failing students become successful academically. THE DALEY POST: The communication arm of SELF-KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE. I write on personal and professional development through self-knowledge. DROPOUT EXPERT LITIGATION SUPPORT: A new site for personal injury lawyers who need solid background information on dropout statistics and causality. ARTS AND MEDIA: PUBLIC SPEAKING/EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION: I teach public speaking skills to actors, lawyers, comedians and executives, and interview skills to HR professionals and broadcasters. THEATER: Founder/artistic director:The Town Theater, Ottawa. Three professional cabaret shows. TELEVISION PROGRAM CREATION, CBC-TV: CANADIAN STARS: Interviews with Canadians in Hollywood. REVIEW: Review show on arts and entertainment. SUNSPOTS: First consumer travel show in North America. 
The Battle of the Long Sault 
Authors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
A frontier adventure story, an “Eastern” western. It is a picture of the clash of economies, cultures,and peoples in the New World. The French want to extend their territory, convert the natives and grow economically; the Iroquois fight desperately to regain a life that it being stripped from them; the Huron, remembering where most of their people were killed, fight for their very existence. 
What's your problem? No, really, what IS your problem? The Sherlock Holmes Guide to problem identification.Amazon September 18, 2013Authors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
Have you ever tried to solve a problem and you simply “can’t” do it? Doesn't it drive you crazy? You lose sleep, worry, and get frustrated and anxious because the problem really needs to be solved but you simply can't figure out how to fix it? 
Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? The way to know yourself and get what you want 
Self-Knowledge CollegeAuthors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
It's for people who have a serious problem in life but who don't know what it is and don't know how to solve it. If you have a presenting problem with time management, procrastination, goal-setting, failing at college, 
indecision about your college program or career choice...or, if you constantly choose the wrong mate I can 
help you through this book. 
Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? Workbook (General) 
Self-Knowledge CollegeAuthors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
The workbook to accompany the core book WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? The way to know yourself and get what you want. 
Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? Workbook. (Student Edition) 
Self-Knowledge CollegeAuthors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
A workbook to accompany the core Who Are You? book. 
How to Know Yourself: 4 Steps to Self-Awareness 
Self-Knowledge College Press, Amazon kindle May 20, 2015 Authors: Frank Daley, The Self-Knowledge Expert, Writer 
Independent Coursework 
Skills & Expertise 
Presentation Skills Teachert Student success author/teacher Self-Knowledge GuidePublic Speaking 
Teaching Blogging Published Author Editing 
Social Media Creative Writing Adult Education Publishing Books 
Copy EditingNewslettersTime Management EmpathyInterviewsCorporate Communications Web Content 
ProofreadingHigher Education Social Networking ResearchContent Development WritingVersatile Writer 
Northwestern University 
M.A. Theater, Theater, 1963 - 1965 
Activities and Societies: Acting coach and drama instructor to undergraduates. My major was stage direction. 
Università degli Studi di Milano 
Post-grad work, Psychology, Film., 1963 - 1963 
Activities and Societies: Studied the psychological effects on audiences of interpersonal relations using various editing techniques on film. (Univ. of Milan) Studied psychiatric practice. (Hospedale Paulo Pini--Affori) 
Carleton University 
BA, English, psychology, 1960 - 1963 
Baseball, jazz, reading, theater, movies, travel. 
M.A. Theater 
Northwestern University 
Humber College School for Writers 
Volunteer Experience 
August 2009 
30 years: Board of Directors; Advisory Council, Financial Governance Committee at Scholarship Trust 
(Native or bilingual proficiency)