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Jan 31, 2017

I life in Dublin, Ireland with my son.   

I have spent 2 of the last 3 years finishing a MSc Hons in Trinity College Dublin while I decided what I wanted to do when I grew up and the last year training as a life, business and certified money coach.
I am the only certified money coach in Ireland.
When I'm not rushing around, throwing burnt toast at my son, I teach money management classes and make futile attempts at growing my own food.  We both volunteer with a local first aid service.
I love art and theatre. I love free stuff like museums and art galleries.  Dublin is a beautiful city, even when it rains. There is so much to do and see and something for everyone. 
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Jan 31, 2017

"Amanda Neill created Birth of Venus Coaching in 2013. To date, she has inspired and helped hundreds of women worldwide feel worthy of love.

Amanda's work at Birth of Venus Coaching centers on helping women undo all of the ways we push men and love away from us, and instead create passionate attraction and lasting connection.

Through her work, women consistently feel more confident, sexy, and worthy of a great love, a great man, and an extraordinary relationship.

Amanda Neill calls herself a hope(ful!) romantic because she believes everything can be used to our advantage in love. She is a modern day Venus and muse of love as well as partner to a wonderful man who is absolutely crazy about her.

Romance follows her.
More about Amanda and her work can be found at www.birthofvenuscoaching.com."

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Jan 31, 2017

Robin is the founder of Coaching for Geeks and turns geeks, nerds, gamer, sci-fi fans, graphic novel aficionados (and their friends) into superheroes. Growing up in the midlands as a shy boy with social anxiety, he overcame his crutches of drink and drugs to climb his way to the top of the corporate ladder, before realizing he hated where he was. He threw his life’s rule book in the bin to learn from experts in purpose, anxiety, NLP, CBT, post traumatic stress disorder and much more, in order to teach others how to achieve their dreams as effortlessly and fearlessly as possible. Robin has expanded beyond the realm of geeks and now co-hosts the iTunes top 50 podcast ‘Boot camp Your Life’, practically tackling the stresses of modern living in an irreverent manner, he also speaks internationally, and runs live and online workshops and events to get people unstuck, living satisfied lives, achieving great things, and getting what they want.


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Jan 31, 2017

Adam Franklin is the co-author of Web Marketing That Works -- an Amazon #1 best seller.

He is also the host of an iTunes podcast, an international social media speaker and the marketing manager of Bluewire Media – the web marketing firm he co-founded in 2005.

Adam’s Bluewire Media blog was Australia’s #1 business blog in 2015 and he has also written for The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. He's been interviewed on 2UE, 4BC and ABC radio, as well on many popular podcasts and his weekly 'Bluewire News' email goes out to over 22,000 readers.


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Jan 31, 2017

Would it surprise you to know that one simple yet profound strategy can have you do good and make money at the same time?

Today we are lucky to hear from one of the most brilliant minds in business today.

He has started some 53 businesses of his own, and has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over.

More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred million in sales in dozens of industries.

As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 100,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100's of radio & TV Stations across North America, sharing the secrets of business success, learned from his business ventures and from his personal interviews with some 124 business leaders.

Now our next guest leads an emerging global enterprise with a mission to transform the world by empowering entrepreneurs to embrace the new norm in business of doing good and making money at the same time.

Today he will share the one simple, yet profound strategy to do just that. Please welcome serial entrepreneur, Tom Matzen.


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Jan 31, 2017

ADANNA AUSTIN is a renowned Caribbean Business Coach, Strategist and Consultant, based in Trinidad and Tobago, she has also been operating across the English-speaking Caribbean Region for the past two years. Adanna has supported more than 500 entrepreneurs across three key markets to develop a winning mindset, with clients reporting as much as 25% in new business growth, 50% increase in profitability and 35% in new sales and clients. Adanna works one on one with entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, she is highly sought after because of her wealth of experience, her dynamic approach and genuine interest in seeing her clients grow the business of their dreams.

Adanna is also an avid Writer having contributed to many regional publications including Caribbean Beat (Trinidad & Tobago), Maco Magazine (Barbados/Trinidad& Tobago), SHE Caribbean (St. Lucia) and Shabeau (Barbados). In January 2016 she started a Blog and has written 42 articles educating her readership on how to set SMART goals, identify ideal clients, boost productivity and performance, and develop strategies to generate increased revenue. (A comprehensive list of Adanna's published works is attached.)

She completed her Coach certification at the Master Coach University in the USA, Adanna also has a MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester and a BA in English Literature from the University of the West Indies, Barbados. Her training and development includes a Diploma in Internet Journalism, a Certificate in Project Management, and Certificates in Crisis Management & Communications and Brand Management from the University of California.

Having worked across a wide array of Sectors, Adanna has held several senior positions in finance, banking, education, publishing, advertising, FMCG and recruitment. She has also worked in the United Kingdom and most recently across Government in Trinidad & Tobago at the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, and the Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman.

As the Business Owner and Founder of Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions, Adanna provides business coaching and support to small and medium-sized firms covering marketing plans, advertising, strategic partnerships, media schedules, event planning, social media and branding. Her clients say that she is accessible, connected, willing to share, has a love of teaching, and holds them accountable. (Testimonials are attached.)

Managing one of the most active business mentoring Facebook groups in the Caribbean Region, Dynamic Business Strategist, Adanna provides a platform for over 1,000 entrepreneurs from across the globe to network, test business ideas and work together to develop their growth strategies. She provides daily motivation and inspiration to this group of micro, small, medium and large enterprises in a highly competitive and challenging global business environment. She also organises several mastermind events providing a forum for entrepreneurs to network and build their confidence, knowledge and expertise.

Adanna is also an active volunteer, mentoring youth entrepreneurs involved in startups across all sectors from technology to food and beverage. In 2016, she became a mentor with Women Innovators of the Caribbean Acceleration Program (WINCAP TT) 2016 as well as Youth Business Trinidad & Tobago (YBTT).


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Jan 31, 2017

I’ve been podcasting since April of 2005. My podcast about podcasting has been downloaded over 1 million times (as of 2014). I’ve helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. You can hear my podcasts on this site as well as powerofpodcasting.com, morepodcastmoney.comweeklywebtools.comlogicalloss.comfeedingmyfaith.comgrowyourchurchshow.com,  marketingmusician.com

To hear what my client say, please visit my testimonial page.  When you Google Podcast Coach you will see my reputation places me on (or near) the top of the list.

How Dave is Different

Unlike many other “geeks” who know how to podcast, I’ve been a technical trainer for over 20 years. This means I not only do I understand the technology but I can explain it in a plain English “geek-speak free” environment . I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Akron (Specializing in technical education). While there are other podcast consultants, I believe my experience sets me apart in regards to helping you make sense of the entire podcasting process. I not only help with the “how,” but I also help explain the why, and make sure you avoid the common podcasting pitfalls. I have won awards at fortune 500 companies for my customer service. In a nutshell, I care.

I am one of the top podcast consultants, and I have spoken at many marketing and media conventions including New Media Expo, Blog World, Erma Bombeck Writing Workshops, Podcamp Columbus, Podcamp Cleveland, Podcamp Cincinnati, and the Business of Writing Summit. I am the author of the book “More Podcast Money.”

In 2014 I was named the Director of Podasting for the New Media Expo the top event in the industry.

Jan 31, 2017

I'm Colin Arthur Wiebe, I spent years touring around the world as a musician with some of the biggest names in Rock and Roll history.

When I wasn’t travelling, I paid the mortgage by working as a Creative Director for two major daily newspapers.

I discovered how my unique advertising skills and my ability to understand audiences from my stage experience could be combined to help companies communicate their story to their customers in a unique way that gives them pre-eminence in the marketplace.

Out of frustration with the old newspaper union hiring process, I founded FastCreative.com in 1997 to outsource work to young digital artists and pioneered the first digital ad department in North America.

The experience I gained from blending offline with online strategies has made me an in-demand marketing consultant, speaker, and musical entertainer. I often use the business of Rock and Roll as a metaphor.

As a consultant I've helped a variety of clients clarify their vision, design and sculpt their perfect brand, engage in creating a compelling story and developing the right message-to-market match. I still make records and tour the world playing music and am the Musical Director for The Legends of rock and Roll.

I recently founded a company called Imagination Park Entertainment listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange. CSE:IP I am currently the Executive Chairman and ambassador for the Company.


We have direct relationships with all the major Hollywood studios and have 12-16 feature film projects in the pipeline. Our team is considered top 3 in the world for Virtual Reality content production.

How I got to where I am is a brief but important history of Colin:

1. When I was 18, I saw an ad for a costume store that was in receivership. I was involved with theatre productions in school, and thought that a costume business might be fun. The Business Development Bank approved a loan and my buddy and I bought the costume store. We made a boatload of money at Halloween and then we got bored. Luckily, the vintage clothing craze was just beginning, and our store had mountains of them. It was a lot of work but we sold it for a handsome profit.

2. In the 1980's I was part of a band that made records, videos and toured Canada and the US. We played a club in Vancouver where the club manager was also an artist for the daily newspaper. He saw my drawings and asked me to fill in for him at the paper while he went on vacation.

3. I was hired as an illustrator/cartoonist for The Vancouver Sun and The Province (2 major dailies). When they brought the first Macs into the newsroom I was the go-to guy. As a keyboard player, I was comfortable with computers and eventually helped pioneer the pagination (desktop publishing) of the two newspapers. We were the first in North America to do so.

4. I was promoted to Creative Director of Advertising and managed a team of 13 artists and 32 ad builders which supported 72 sales reps. Our advertisers were begging for a design look that our union artists (Linotype/film etc) refused to adopt. My frustration resulted in me setting up Fast Creative Inc. in 1997. I couldn't hire new artists because of the union so I set up an outsourcing job board. I recruited new artists outside the building that were skilled in digital publishing and shuttled floppy disks back and forth. I essentially created Elance before there was an Elance. Keep in my mind there were no PDFs yet and internet was dial-up bulletin boards until Netscape arrived but I could see the future!

5. In the dot com boom I resigned from the newspaper and began a digital marketing agency and took on clients in a variety of fields (insurance, pro audio, financial planners etc)

6. I was hired as a VP of an online advertising platform similar to FastClick Media. I had an equity position and set up our trade show booth at AdTech Conferences. We had good software and hungry clients! Unbeknownst to any of us, our CEO was secretly developing spyware under the table which took the Company down. Our closet competitor FastClick sold a year later for 96 million dollars we were locked out and left with nothing.

7. I was invited to join Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive) and toured all over the world for 17 years.

8. I was hired to consult with a public company start-up, on the Canadian Stock Exchange in the Vertical Farming niche. Using my internet marketing and social media tactics (webinars etc) moved their stock from a nickel to over a dollar in a short period. Two Hollywood producers wanted a public company vehicle so we vended their assets into a listed Company (RTO), changed the name, rebranded and I became The CEO and President of Imagination Park Entertainment (CSE:IP OTC:IPFFN) http://imaginationpark.com The Company (IP) produces feature films, virtual reality content and I'm working behind the scenes on developing smart contracts using Blockchain technology for disrupting the film industry

9. I own a professional recording studio and record two podcasts, Lets Talk Rock (musical road stories and guests) letstalkrock.ca and The Parenting Toolbox (with a client)

10. I have partnered with a content provider (a young energetic film teacher) to build BC Film Academy, A portal for online filmmaking courses I have started to build my own course called “Your Magnetic PowerStory” which teaches a combo of copywriting and story telling arcs to help entrepreneurs market their business using stories.

front fees and/or stock and then get dumped once they have what they want or run out of money. Everyone wants to "pick-my-brain".

I also do humanitarian work in places like Haiti. See my music video shot in Haiti https://youtu.be/GT8rnuELraY

So there you have it. A veteran rock musician, seasoned Creative Director, visual artist, public company Director, Hollywood film executive, digital marketer, front-of-the-room speaker, happily married and father of two stunningly beautiful daughters…


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Jan 30, 2017

Writer Victoria Bolton lives in Westchester County, New York. A graduate of the College of Westchester, she works as a computer technician in schools and as a part-time actress. Read more at http://authorvictoriabolton.wordpress.com.

Jan 30, 2017


TV Host, Director and Executive Producer

Personal Growth Visionary and International Transformation

& Empowerment Ambassador

Author, Platform and Keynote Speaker

Founder: VideoContent.Agency (VideoContent.Agency)

Founder: VCN TV (The Video Content Network) (VCNTV.com)

Founder: ProCoachTV (ProCoachTV.com and VCNTV.com/procoachtv/)

Founder: The Professional Practice Builders Society (PPBSociety.com).

Radio and television personality (a partial list of appearances can be found at



The Secret Blueprint to More (_____*)


Shared the stage with – Joel Comm, Ken McArthur, Lori Ruff, Brian G. Johnson and John

C. Maxwell to name a few.

Endorsements and testimonials can be found online: linkedin.com/in/chrismsprague and



(P): +1 855.746.4267

(W): chrismsprague.com Bookings: booking@sangnite.com



(My Channel)










(My Fan Page)








twitter.com/Chris M Sprague



Jan 30, 2017

Rhonda Knight Boyle is a transformational leader and the founder of the Yellow Sub Group, a coaching and consulting company utilizing Clifton Strengths strategies to achieve breakthrough transformation and maximize productivity in individuals, teams and organizations. Rhonda teaches her strengths-based processes through workshops, corporate education, and group coaching. She's been part of the strengths movement since 2008.

Her powerful Activation and Mastery trainings offer a dive into strengths application with the intention to creating a life worth living. Examine your talents through the entire lens of needs, motivations, triggers, and "penthouse and outhouse." Learn to SHIFT yourself and others into a new way of thinking.

Rhonda is the author of Dive into Strengths: An Exploration Into the Very Best YOU! She can be heard on the OklahomaTalkingCo podcast network and is the host of the Activate Your Strengths Show. She writes and speaks about living a life of contribution using your innate, natural talents and is an enthusiastic advocate of positive, strengths-based psychology.
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Jan 30, 2017

I am a Holistic Healer turned Birth Warrior turned Soulful Sister!

I have been providing holistic care to patients throughout Alberta since 1995. I hold certification in both Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, and have extensive additional training in craniosacral therapy, meditation, pregnancy& fertility care, and sacred rituals.  I effectively combine all modalities into my treatments, treating patients with a nurturing and intuitive spirit.

As a bodyworker, I work with patients from infancy and onward, honouring their journeys and offering support in whatever form is required.  I believe deeply that my patients hold within themselves the ability to heal themselves.

As a doula, I empower clients throughout pregnancy, labour and into parenthood, to create an extraordinary birth experience.  I believe in a new paradigm of birth – one where women are empowered and encouraged to find their inner strength.


As a facilitator of Soulful Sisterhood retreats and circles, I hold space for women to find authentic connections within themselves and their community, through deep reflection, release work and spiritual connection.  I believe that when Women circle together, miracles happen, and am blessed to have my Soulful Sisters in my life and in my tribe.

I care deeply, and truly look forward to welcoming you to Ripple Effect Wellness Centre.

Jan 30, 2017

Nisla Love, a wife, a mother, a sister,a friend and your marriage coach.  My goal is to help you have a better marriage, rebuild trust in your marriage, establish a stronger foundation and gain the love and success in your marriage you desire.

I do this by providing and sharing you my experience of being married for 19 years and my professional insight on self-development, effective communication, and the ability to regain and build trust with your spouse.  Marriage is one of the greatest union that God has created and ordained with his blessings.  I am passionate to serve individuals on how to establish a new foundation in their marriage and lives by showing them how to reconnect with one another for a better marriage through prayer, forgiveness and God’s grace in their lives.

I am a coach, motivational speaker, and an author because I want to share my experiences of 19 years of marriage and what I learned along the way from other married women that God’s promises is true for your marriage.  God wants you to have love, joy, and peace in your marriage. I will show you that these things are powerful in your relationship but you also need forgiveness in your marriage.   It took me years of learning and studying that the power of “Forgiveness” is a main ingredient that every marriage must have to thrive and be a healthy.  God wants you to have a healthy and happy marriage.  I want to show and equip you that your marriage can have a better marriage now with God’s love, joy, peace and forgiveness.  It starts right now with you.

You can check out the latest inspiring advice on obtaining a successful and thriving marriage by joining my email list.  By joining my email list I will provide you weekly effective content that will help you on your marriage. Sign up for my emailing list at BuildingABetterMarriage.com


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Jan 30, 2017

Best selling Author, International Speaker, and host of the eCommerce Master Plan Podcast.

Chloë Thomas has been working in eCommerce since 2003, learning how to increase orders, up customer retention, and recruit new customers cost effectively. Working with businesses from the high street right down to start ups. eCommerce MasterPlan is the result of Chloë's years of experience, the books, blogs and courses have all been created to help eCommerce business owners and marketers to make the right decisions as they build their own path to eCommerce success. The eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast exists to bring a weekly dose of inspiration direct to the desks of eCommerce business people all over the globe.

Power Retail (Australia) named Chloë as one of the top 10 eCommerce commentators in the world, and within 6 months of launch the podcast was already the top eCommerce podcast in the UK.



Jan 30, 2017

Michelle James has been pioneering Applied Creativity in business for 18 years. She is CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence and founded of the Capitol Creativity Network - an Applied Creativity community hub in DC since 2003, and more recently the Cville Creativity Network in Charlottesville, VA. Michelle is an organizational development and creativity consultant, facilitator and coach who has designed and delivered hundreds of programs for organizations such as VHDA, Microsoft, Deloitte, Panasonic, GEICO, National Institutes of Heath, Dept of Health and Human Services, NOAA, Dominos Pizza, Assn of Arts and Humanities, John Deere, The World Bank, Kaiser Permanente and Invest Northern Ireland among many others. She is an adjunct faculty at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, offering monthly programs on Improv theater for Leadership and Creative Thinking to senior government executives and policy leaders.

Known for creating richly textured learning environments that weave together storytelling, improvisation, the arts, and other whole-brain approaches with creative solution finding methods and sound workplace practices, her sessions have been featured on television, the radio and in several books. Michelle performed full-length improvised plays with Precipice Improv for 10 years and developed Quantum Leap Business Improv. She’s been recognized for Visionary Leadership in Fast Company’s blog, Leading Change, and she produced and two sold-out Creativity in Business Conferences in Washington, DC, and the first online Creativity in Business Telesummit. She founded the Capitol Creativity Network in DC - a community service hub - which she ran from 2003-2013 until she moved to Charlottesville, VA where she started the Cville Creativity Network. She is currently writing a book, Pattern Breaks: A Facilitator’s Guide to Cultivating Creativity, due out in 2017.


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Jan 29, 2017
Kristen Darcy is a noted author, fertility coach,  motivational speaker, divorce coach and expert on the emotional aspects of both infertility and divorce recovery. While there is an ample supply of medical experts who offer advice and information to the millions of women across the nation who experience infertility each year or a life crisis, there are few who can address the mental and emotional crisis known all too well by women who are experiencing the “bottom falling out” of their lives.   Kristen Darcy, author of Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion (First Books Library, 2000) and the award-winning Love & Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life (LifeLine Press, 2004) is the advisor, supporter, and friend  women need. Love and Infertility is the recipient of the Hope Award, Best Book, Coping, from RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. She has been highlighted in national publications and broadcast media including NBC’s The Today ShowWoman’s World magazine, PBS’ Health Week and The Boston Globe.  Coming December  2016 Kristen’s new book:  Making Dads:  What Every Guy Needs To Know About His Reproductive Health   Learn more at www.kristendarcy.com 


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Jan 29, 2017

The intent of my photography body of works is to take the audience on an expedition beyond the current society they live in and show them some of the hidden wonders of the world.


I want to open a doorway to showcase the forgotten voices and give them a chance to speak out for themselves.


Over the last two years, I traveled to various countries - Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Spain, the Philippines and Indonesia.


I took the opportunity to build on my photography portfolio while preparing for my IB art exhibition. I attended an IB world boarding school in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, over the last three years and graduated this year in May with the full International Baccalaureate diploma.


My photographs revolve around the theme of 'Cultural Identity'.


Thailand: I lived for a while with an indigenous hill tribe in the province of Mae Hong Song in the triangle of Burma, Laos and Thailand where I photographed and documented daily life and customs.


Spain: At the East coast of Spain, I attended a festival known as "Moros i Cristians" that commemorates every year the battles between the Moors and the Christians during a period known as Reconquista (from the 8th century through the 15th century).


Vietnam: Documenting the busy day to day life in Ho Chi Minh City opened my eyes for the functioning chaos in this great city.


Switzerland: Showcasing the disconnection from each other in a first world society can be an eye opener. It is a strong contrast to see the many resources available at their disposal compared to third world countries that have much less but seem to be happier making the most of what they have.


Malaysia: Working in 'Taman Megah's Handicapped & Disabled Children's Home' in Kuala Lumpur impacted me deeply. In my portraits, I wanted to create a personal approach to an otherwise overwhelming topic regarding the disabled community. It was important to me to shine light on their inherent beauty that would open people's heart and forgo prejudices, fear and judgement. These people are just like you and I in their innermost being.


Philippines: Visting Boracay, a world luxury tourist destination, was the complete opposite of my experience in Kuala Lumpur. The tranquility and sheer beauty of the scenery allowed for breathtaking photographs being taken.


Indonesia: Currently, I am doing volunteer work at a local school in the North of Bali, teaching English to village children on a daily basis, until my studies start in February 2017.


I carry on photographing people around the world, in light that one day the world will see that we're not as different from each other as we think we are.


- I'm in the process of creating a platform to display my high end photographs. For now, I am mainly on Instagram. -



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Jan 29, 2017

Rohan Chaubey is the Author of the book Make People Want You.

Rohan is recognized as a relationship strategist, social media enthusiast, programming geek and a young blogger with a penchant for personal development.

His passion is to deliver high-quality web content and help bloggers, authors, small business owners and startup founders unlock their next level of success using social media and blogging.

Huff Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/rohanchaubey4321-837


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Jan 29, 2017

Mentor Mumma is a voice in the conversation around mentor parenting. The idea that as parents our primary job just below unconditional love is to mentor our children through life.


At Mentor Mumma we predominantly focus on parenting of 9 to 19 year olds, and teach parents that in order to raise independent and respectful humans you have to put responsibility on their shoulders. This is done in a progressive manner which in turn builds self confidence, self esteem, respect, gratitude and a multitude of life skills.


Mentor Mumma’s alta ego is Jodie-Anne Harlow, aka Jo. Jo has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours … always put that part in there because that cost the most and was a lot of hard work!) and a degree in Journalism. In addition she has over 20 years working in the Community Services Sector with youth, disabled teens and adults, and people over 65. 


Jo has authored several books. Her latest is Beyond School: Practical Tips for Teens which aims to help #breakthecycle and #educatetoelevate. Australia has an embarrassing 300,000+ cases of child abuse each year, and 17% of our children and teens live in poverty. The cycle of entitlement, welfare and poverty has to stop. Mentor Mumma movement and Jo’s book are just two tools making a difference and changing teenagers lives, and their families lives for the better.


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Jan 29, 2017

Jaida Steele

Millennial Mentor


Meet "The Ambitious Rebel." Jaida is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and has been an entrepreneur since the age of five. How? We're so glad you asked... She would make her adult family members pay her one dollar every time they said a "bad word." (How's that for a quick come up?) Jaida loves losing herself within the pages of a good knowledge-based book and finding herself owning the attention of the crowd. Her mission is to show other young ambitious entrepreneurs how to discover ways to get paid to start building their futures and she does this rocking the latest Js and a short, sweet, and sleek fade. Follow her apparel company on Instagram at @illegalambitions .

Jan 29, 2017

Jill E. Fagan has spent over a decade organizing, editing, and instilling quality in the work of her clients. Whether it was working for law firms, financial institutions, or starting her own publishing house, Jill’s background has consistently been in helping her clients have a truly great product. Her diverse publishing company is a direct reflection of her wide array of interests and passions.

Herself an international speaker and bestselling author, Jill has appeared on The Today Show and The Doctors, as well as being featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, and many other publications.

Jill and her husband live in Southern CA with their 8 kids.

Jan 29, 2017
I’m an award-winning writer and editor providing training for businesses wanting free media coverage. Drawing on 20+ years of media experience, I show business owners how to leverage their unique knowledge and experience to get coverage as thought leaders in their fields.

In 2013 I got the idea of helping small businesses when I was working as a managing editor at Glacier Media. I received one pitch from an entrepreneur that was really poorly written, I felt so bad for him. But I knew he couldn't afford the $5,000 a month to hire a professional PR company.

I realized there were a lot of people like him and I decided to create some course material to teach small-business operators how to do their own PR. I told this guy that I would completely rewrite his press release for him if he would let me use his original email in my course as an example of what not to do. He agreed and even came to one of my seminars. We had a good laugh when his original press release came up on screen and he realized how bad it really was."


Since that time, I’ve created many seminars and I coach one-on-one. I can draw on my years as an editor an producer to teach things even professional PR companies don’t know. I love it when I get emails from clients telling me they’ve just gotten a response from media and they can’t believe how easy it was.

I want to show people that when the marketing budget is minimal and it can take as little as half an hour to write your media pitch, why not take advantage of all the marketing efforts the media has already done to get the publicity you want? It's so much easier than people think.


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Jan 28, 2017

Best-selling author – Julianna Ricci – is acclaimed for her coaching work with clients ranging from musicians and writers, to CEOs and social impact entrepreneurs. Her chief aim is to support and uplift those who are bringing good into the world.


Julianna began her professional career in a much different fashion: earning her Masters degree as a marine scientist. Clearly her soul had other plans for her.


Today, she is hired by business leaders and change-makers to grow the positive impact they have in the world. She also trains coaches, intuitives and holistic practitioners in her signature Energy Alchemy system. Her new book, The Power of Practice, debuted at #12 in Amazon’s self-help/spiritual category, and offers countless readers access to these same tools and insights – so that they can, in their own ways, bring their Source-given gifts into the world.

 Buy her book here: http://amzn.to/2gzsFch



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Jan 28, 2017
Allie McAdam is a self-taught Web Designer turned Instagram strategist for business owners who want to reach their target audience and make their sales goals look like play time.  She is also the host of the Passion In Business Podcast that turns wanna-be goals into self-proclaimed successes.  And when she’s not making valuable mistakes and learning from life’s necessary lessons, she can be found spending as much time as humanly possible with her lovingly sassy two year old.  You can learn more about the authenticity behind Allie at AllieMcadam.com.



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Jan 28, 2017

Cate Montana is the author of The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials (Atria) and Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within. She has a master’s degree in psychology and writes and teaches about the ego, transpersonal and transcendent consciousness and quantum physics. She writes for the UK magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You and blogs for The Huffington Post. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

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