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Dec 19, 2017

Jordan Agricula-

Jordan Agricula, Founder and Host of The Discourse Podcast, is a Posse Veterans Program Scholar Recipient, and full-time student at Wesleyan University. After spending four years in the US Army as a Satellite Communications Operator, he transitioned from the military into higher education to pursue his passion for the nonprofit sector.

You can follow Jordan on social media:

Twitter: @JordanAgricula or @TheDiscoursePod

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanagricula/

Website: https://www.thediscoursepodcast.com

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Dec 19, 2017

Sadie Witkowsk-

Sadie Witkowski grew up in the small town of Dripping Springs, Texas, before attending University of Texas at Austin for her dual degrees in Psychology and Plan II Honors. From there, she moved to Chicago and is currently working on her Ph.D. in psychology at Northwestern University, focusing on sleep and memory. In her spare time, Witkowski interviews graduate students about their research for her podcast, PhDrinking.

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Dec 19, 2017

Brian Califano-

Brian Califano has provided senior finance leadership at some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry, including the McGraw-Hill Companies, Viacom, CA Technologies, and the NHL. Before starting AcceleratingCFO, he was most recently the Vice President & Corporate Controller of SFX Entertainment, where he led the live music entertainment company from its start up phase through an initial public offering on NASDAQ .

Brian is a certified public accountant in New York State.  He has a BBA in Accounting from Hofstra University and an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Finance at New York University.  He currently lives on Long Island, New York with his wife of twenty years (and high school sweetheart) and two daughters.


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Dec 19, 2017

Grey Jabesi-

Grey Jabesi: I know a few things, enough to make a good list but I’d rather not prescribe what areas I’m interested in. My interests are eclectic, so I prefer the flexibility of keeping an open mind.

I like to work in places where I am constantly challenged. I do not like safety, it's usually a sign of stagnation.

My greatest frustration is that I buy books faster than I can read them.

What does the world look like in 2030+ ? That's the state of mind I like to be in.

Welcome to my world: http://www.greyjabesi.com/thepodcast/


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Dec 19, 2017

Cheryl R. Carter-

Cheryl R. Carter is a personal historian who leads a team of writers, interviewers and graphic artists. Carter, a college professor, freelance writer, and author of over thirty books, has a MFA in Creative Writing.

Legacy Treasures was birthed because Carter wanted to make the process of saying goodbye to loved ones more meaningful. Her mom was in hospice for six months and Carter longed for a way to recapture the treasured moments of her mother’s life. This motivated her to create Legacy Treasures to help others capture family stories, cement core values and unearth memories to pass on a legacy to future generations.

Carter primarily works with faith-based clients. She has a strong commitment to document families' spiritual legacy and natural heritage.  
Website- www.themeaningfulmoment.com
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Dec 19, 2017

Stephen Hurley-

I’m Stephen Hurley and, after spending over 30 years as a classroom teacher, a curriculum consultant and teacher educator, I’m more aware than ever of the importance of powerful learning opportunities—not only for our young people, but for people of all ages.

While I’m sure that the need for change and improvement will always be important, I happen to believe that there are many, many examples of high-quality learning taking place right across this country and around the world. I also believe that, with the right amount of imagination and creativity, every school can become a place where meaningful and connected learning takes place for all students.

Recently, I’ve put my time and money behind this idea and invite you to take a look at a personal project that has become much bigger than me. Consider joining us at voicEd Radio


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Dec 19, 2017

Adam Jones-

Adam Jones is looking to constantly learn and grow to increase opportunities to influence positive outcomes for the planet. 

Side Projects 

Host of What You Will Learn podcast (mid-2016- present)

  • 0 to 15,000 monthly downloads in one year 
  • Interviewed previous guests like Seth Godin, Janine Allis, Scott Pape
  • Read a book a week

Host of the Future of Structures Podcast (mid 2017-present)

  • Interview experts evolving our buildings to meet challenges of tomorrow
  • Topics like climate change, technological disruption, leadership

Lead researcher (volunteer) for not for profit Beyond Zero Emissions project ‘Industrial Processes’

  • Goal of getting Australia to zero emissions within 10 years
  • My part was to how to eliminate cement emissions, which is currently 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Built online course ‘Graduate Structural Engineer Design Tasks’ at www.schoolofstructuralengineering.com

  • Online course for graduate engineers in their first year out of uni

Normal Work

  • Structural engineering background
  • Recently become a sustainability consultant.
  • Consulting sustainability in buildings  


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Dec 19, 2017

Greg Zakowicz-


Greg Zakowicz is the Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst at Oracle + Bronto, a leading cloud-based commerce marketing automation platform provider. With more than a decade of experience in email, mobile and social media marketing, Greg knows the retail industry and its challenges. Greg is a frequent speaker, presenter, and chair at eCommerce events, such as IRCE, eTail (West & Canada), Fashion Digital New York, SIA Snow Show and ROI Revolution Summit. He has been published and quoted by top retail and marketing publications, including MultiChannel Merchant, and Internet Retailer, and is a regular contributor to Bronto's Commerce Marketing blog. Greg is the host of the award-winning Commerce Marketer Podcast, where he speaks with professionals across the retail industry about trends, strategies and what lies ahead for commerce marketers and retailers. 

In addition to founding a specialty gluten-free eCommerce site (which he sold in 2013), Greg has consulted over 130 companies around the world on their eCommerce marketing strategy, including numerous from the IR 1000 & IR 500. These consulting services included email marketing program audits and performance analysis, on-going strategic planning, email/SMS program implementation, creative design, operational audits, and preparation of executive-level performance reports. Some of his clients were winners and runners-up for industry email marketing awards.



 Husband of one, father of two. Greg is a native of Buffalo, NY, and currently lives with his wife and two kids in beautiful Durham, NC.

In Greg's free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, coaching tee-ball, exercising, playing softball, serving on local non-profit committees, and watching far too many sports. Greg is an avid sports fan, and can be found passionately rooting for the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, and the Boston Red Sox.  

Two things Greg never thought he would do but is surprisingly good at, are drawing large-scale chalk pictures on his driveway, and making breakfast into complex shapes and figures, like a hatching egg or an excavator.

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Dec 19, 2017

Sydney Jane Axtell-


I am the Sydney Jane Axtell, the host of a podcast called Burnt Out. It’s a weekly podcast that offers motivation and inspiration to help you push though feeling burnt out. 

I am also a Strategic Marketing Manager for a University entrepreneurial program as well as a small, Idaho-based non-profit that’s focused on immunizations. 

In the past, I’ve worked as a freelance graphic designer, a social media manager, and as an entrepreneur. 

After I complete my MBA I plan to continue on with Burnt Out and enter the field of product/brand innovation, development, and strategy.


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Dec 17, 2017

Sohan Gokarn-

Sohan Gokarn:MY BELIEF ► Coffee always gives a boost, but coaching always gives you lessons of life!


WHAT I DO ► I help small, medium and big businesses, as well as individuals maximise their true potential by helping them change their financial future. I'm an internet entrepreneur, an author, international trainer & motivational speaker and a prosperity & high-performance coach who influences people and businesses to achieve results by helping them get past what stops them from getting what they want - mainly related to three areas: themselves, work and relationships.


I create transformations for anyone from single entrepreneurs to multi million dollar private and publicly traded companies in as little as 8 weeks, helping them through customised, strategic interventions. Get in touch for more information.


Sohan Gokarn is an Amazon Bestselling author of his self published eBook, 'Start With Your Why & Meditate Using Creative Visualisation’ and the Founder CEO of the global movement called, 'The LABL Movement' for professional and personal development.

My LinkedIn

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Dec 17, 2017

Joshua Glazer-

 Joshua Glazer is the creator and host of the Rave Curious Podcast.

Joshua is Founder & CEO of Content Curious which is a copywriting and content marketing agency that specializes in sophisticated storytelling for top-tier brands in arts, entertainment, health, travel and technology.

Current and past clients include: Coachella, Vice, Masterclass, Beatport, ShipHero, Advanced Nutrients, FYF Fest, Desert Trip, Detour, Red Bull and more.


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Dec 17, 2017

Christine Monaghan - 

Christine Monaghan is a human-potential champion. She believes that stress is optional and when understood can be utilized to source the next brilliant opportunity in one or more life areas. Others describe her as the master motivator and influencer to tap into solutions for the next best version of yourself. She trains individuals and organizations to source solutions by shifting their focus from what they don’t want, don’t want to feel to inspired-action for what they do want, do want to feel. Her approach utilizes proven principles and a simple system based on mindful commitments, conversations and choices. Her bold goal is to provide a professional platform to collectively influence others to replace distress by tapping into more optimum performance. The vision is to shift unhealthy, lack and scarcity-based problems for a solutions-based mindset resulting in purposeful productivity, increased profitability and vibrancy, daily.

Christine’s business accomplishments and life experience contribute to her success as a consultant inclusive of:

  • World-class event production (80,000+ attendees) and national revenue-generating promotions;
  • Secured million’s in sponsorship and sales (Fortune 500 companies);
  • Creator, national multi-city human-potential series (300+ seminars in Indigo/Chapters bookstores);
  • Author, Heartbroke, An Entrepreneurs Journey from near Death to Possibilities; Internationally profiled podcast host.

Some notable sponsors and clients include: Discovery Health Channel, Chatelaine Magazine, Ethical Funds; Expedia CruiseShip Centers; Indigo/Chapters bookstores; BC Wine Institute; Vancouver International Airport; Molson Indy Vancouver and many more.



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Dec 17, 2017

Paul Csomo-

Paul Csomo, a semi-typical resident of the third rock from the sun, enjoys his position as a draftsman at a land surveying firm and as the co-host of a nature and wildlife podcast called 'Varmints.' He is happy when he is doing one of the following activities: creating the 'Varmints' podcast, gardening, playing guitar, playing video games, and creative writing. He is mediocre at best at all of the previously mentioned activities. He currently resides in Southwest Florida with his lovely wife, two kids, a snake, and a dog.
Connect with Paul on Twitter


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Dec 17, 2017

Tim Lewis-


I am Tim Lewis, host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast, author of 6 books and also Social Media Marketer.

My website is stonehampress.com

My podcast website is beginselfpublishing.com

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Dec 17, 2017

Tabitha Jayne-


Tabitha Jayne is an applied psychologist, executive coach, consultant and author who specialises in how nature connection can improve employee experience and boost well-being and performance in the workplace. She is also the creator of The Nature Process®, a simple way to improve your health and well-being by connecting to nature and the founder of EarthSelf, whose vision is to create harmony between humanity and nature.



Tabitha Jayne, BSc, MSc, MBPsS, CPC, FRSA

Applied Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author & Speaker


Founder, EarthSelf

Nature-connected executive coaching and training to improve employee experience and boost well-being and performance



Creator, The Nature Process®

Deepen your connection to nature, improve your well-being and enhance your life



Host, Sustainable: The Podcast

Inspiring interviews to help your and your business become more sustainable

Sustainable: The Podcast


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Dec 17, 2017

Bryan Wish-


Bryan Wish:What if the most authentic people in the world all shared a home? Talented individuals who care about humanity. Their skillsets ranging from music, photography, writing, painting/drawing, videography, dance. What if they were all locked in a home and could express themselves through the medium of their choice to help others realize they are not alone. What they could create and how it could bring people together to connect in meaningful ways could solve societal problems. And what if they had a platform to showcase who they were? I am working to unleash the creative potential of our generation to build a more meaningful world. Www.bryanwish.com

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Dec 17, 2017

Veena Prashanth-

Veena Prashanth is a highly successful tech entrepreneur and marketer with an incessant drive and passion for breakthrough-innovation. She is the Founder & Developer of WickedCoolPlugins.com - a WordPress Plugin Suite for online marketers. She is also the Co Founder & Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass.com, one of the leading Membership Plugins for WordPress used by over 40,000 websites worldwide.

Veena pioneered one of the first-ever 'Upsell Plugin for Paypal Standard' back in 2010. She is also the developer of a full-fledged Shopping Cart software with built-in "1-Click Upsell" module.
She has used the exact same tips and strategies that you will learn in this book, to help her clients optimize their upsell funnel and maximize their profits.


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Dec 17, 2017

Phillip Broussard-

Born and raised in Washington State, Phillip Broussard discovered his passion early in life, when his father brought home a guitar. His father's original intention was to play the guitar himself, but he soon found Phillip picking up the guitar, when he didn't think anyone was watching. Phillip grew up under the influence of his father's favorites, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. What started as just a few chords, ignited a desire to share his new found passion with the world.


Then, tragedy struck at 18 years old, when Phillip's father, grandfather and uncle passed away within 6 months of each other.


Phillip put down his guitar and enlisted in the United States Navy, in an attempt to quell his grief. Early on in his Naval career, someone handed Phillip a copy of John Mayer's cd, "Room for Squares". This album reignited Phillip's passion for the guitar. In 2007,  Phillip deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. During this time, he refined his guitar skills...


Now, MTS Management Group is pleased to announce Phillip Broussard has signed with them for publicity and promotions of his forthcoming debut EP, "Wavelength." The five-song acoustic blues-pop EP is scheduled for worldwide release on November 18th, Phillip's dad's birthday. The first single and lyric video will be "Just Wanna Believe."


"I am so excited about this artist," said Michael Stover of MTS. "Phillip's songs and melodies are so hauntingly beautiful.  The lyrics grab you from the start and don't let go until they've wrung every emotion from your soul.  I'm honored to be working with not only an incredible talent, but also a US veteran.  Welcome to the MTS Family, Phillip!"


Phillip Broussard is managed by Andrea Wong.


For more information on MTS Management Group, visit http://www.mtsmanagementgroup.com



SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/phillip-broussard

Twitter: @realphillipbroussard

Youtube: YouTube.Com/user/phillipbroussard

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Dec 17, 2017

Robert Farrington-

Robert Farrington is a Millennial Money Expert and Founder of https://thecollegeinvestor.com


He is on a mission to help millennials get out of student loan debt and start building wealth for their future. He also helps parents make smart choices about college financing options and navigating the complex world of paying for school.


Robert started The College Investor in 2009 while sitting in the back row of his college classroom. Bored, interested in investments, and having a knack for technology, he wanted to share his thoughts about money with others. He started his blog in September, and saw little traction. After college, he worked full time as a retail store manager, where he continued to blog and share his ideas on money for young adults on the side.


As his blog grew, so did his career. But just a few months ago in September of 2017, he left his full time job to run The College Investor full time. 


Today, he strives to help other young adults get out of debt, learn the basics of investing, and start building wealth for the future.


You can listen to his audio show on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/college-investor-podcast-investing-student-loan-debt/id1313564465


You can learn more about Robert here: https://thecollegeinvestor.com or follow him on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/c/thecollegeinvestor

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Dec 17, 2017

Tommy Breedlove-


Tommy Breedlove is an influencer, speaker and coach empowering individuals and ambitious leaders to: 

  • Obtain True Freedom
  • Reduce Stress and Noise
  • Achieve Meaning in Life
  • Rediscover Brilliance
  • Build a Legacy
  • Obtain/Protect Financial Success
  • Minimize the power of opinions and judgements of others
  • Live Your Authentic Truth


Tommy encourages individuals and organizations to search for unmet human needs that create transformational impact on themselves, their business, and society at large. He provides both the rational and emotional perspectives to the strategic and financial decision making process. 


Tommy Breedlove graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He holds a Certificate in Innovation from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and received Cognitive Based Compassion Training from Emory University. 


Since his professional beginning at Deloitte, Tommy has spent his professional career serving companies as a strategic, managerial and financial consultant. Tommy has and still serves as Board Advisor, Chair, and/or Director for multiple for-profit and civic entities.




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Dec 17, 2017

Sean Jackson-

Sean Jackson is a founding partner of Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger) - creators of Copyblogger.com, StudioPress/Genesis, Rainmaker Platform and other online products/services. Often referred to as the "Geek that Speaks," Sean has a true passion for technology and how it is applied to the needs of marketing. Sean is an active member of the Dallas business community in leadership roles with DFW Search Marketing Association and is a Past President of the Dallas Ad League.


Sean hosts The Digital Entrepreneur and StudioPress Sites, podcasts on the Rainmaker.FM network.




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Dec 17, 2017

Roger Nairn-

Roger Nairn is the host of The Solution Podcast

The Solution Podcast highlights the people who saw a problem, designed a solution which got a result that, ultimately, made the world a better place.

We’ve heard the stories from Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Wales etc. (and I hope to have them on the show) but who are the others behind the solutions to big problems? What are the exciting things that are happening that we should be hearing more about? On this show, you'll hear from guests like Seth Godin, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, educators, policymakers … the list is endless and I can’t wait to see who will come along.

This podcast is geared towards people who are looking to be inspired to take action on a challenge be it their business, life their community … or something bigger. People who want to chase their curiosities and learn from those who have already been down some scary roads but made it back with a story to tell.


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Dec 17, 2017

Benecia Ponder-

Benecia Ponder is a 2X best selling author, award winning speaker, and mentor to purpose-driven entrepreneurs all over the globe. As the founder of LuminaryAuthors.com and ILLUMINATION Press, Benecia helps individuals write, market, and publish best selling transformational books that make a powerful impact and abundant income. Benecia is a former attorney and brain tumor survivor who has helped purpose-driven individuals and organizations generate more than $20 Million to fund their life-changing work. 


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Dec 17, 2017

Lee Silverstein-


I am Lee Silverstein. Cancer has been a part of my life for most of my life. In a few short months I will celebrate my 7th “cancer-versary” - 7 years with Stage IV Colon Cancer. I’m also a survivor of childhood cancer, having lost a kidney to a rare form of pediatric kidney cancer. 

My recent cancer experience inspired me to create The Colon Cancer Podcast. Launched in early 2015 I have interviewed close to 100 patients, survivors, caregivers and medical professionals to provide information, inspiration and hope to those touched by this disease. 

I make my home in central Florida with my beautiful wife of 5 years, Linda, and our dog Fergie. 

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