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Nov 23, 2017

Andrew Thompson-

Andrew Thompson has been coaching soccer for fourteen years, but it was only in the last four that he found a passion for journalism and podcasting.  With an extensive playing background that goes hand-in-hand with his coaching experience, his life-long obsession with "the beautiful game" defines his life in many positive ways, including his desire to work with kids of all ages.
As the current Head Coach at Leman Manhattan Preparatory School in New York City, as well as a podcast co-host with FutbolPulse, and maintaining his role as an Editor at Outside of the Boot, soccer is at the forefront of his everyday life.  He has seen the sport grow by leaps and bounds in the United States over the past two and a half decades, and he has spent many years doing his part to help it grow in New York City and the surrounding area.  
College educated with a bachelors degree in European history and hailing from a multi-racial family, Andrew has negotiated many an obstacle in regards to racism in the United States along with his current path.  In a sport that is dominated by upper-middle-class white families, through systems like pay-to-play, his personal goal is to help so many American youths gain access to the sport which they love as much as he does.  
Nov 23, 2017

Derek Lewis-

Derek Lewis: My love for business books began in high school with a Brazilian missionary’s tattered copy of Quest for the Best.

It was love at first read.

While my peers read the 90s’ equivalent of Twilight, I devoured books on economics, biographies, success stories, business management, entrepreneurship, and anything else business-related.

I earned a degree in economics from Louisiana Tech and then a master’s in economic development from the University of Florida. My graduate thesis on micro-finance was based on my field research with Dominican loan sharks.

My professional career experience includes being the administrator of a non-profit that sheltered expecting and parenting teens. I was also the in-house business and marketing consultant for a $30 million company group, during which I assumed day-to-day operations of a $2 million company for months during a leadership crisis.

Burning with an entrepreneurial spirit, I left conventional employment to start an IT services company with a co-worker (who is still successfully in business). During the start-up phase, I supported my family by taking on copywriting projects. Once I realized I could make a living combining my two loves—business and writing—I decided to pursue a full-time career as a business writer.

Today, I’m one of the foremost authorities (in the admittedly niche field) of business thought leadership books. My clients include a Texas oil tycoon, a Turkish economist, an IT startup millionaire, a Brazilian attorney, and a Cajun colonel, among others.

Originally from Mayberry (a.k.a. Pitkin, Louisiana), I live in Baton Rouge with my wife, children, and a small zoo.

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Nov 21, 2017

Tricia Brouk-

Tricia Brouk: In addition to working in the entertainment industry, Tricia Brouk applies her expertise as a director and writer for film, television, and theater to the art of public speaking. She’s the executive producer and creative director of TEDxLincolnSquare and has choreographed Black Box on ABC, The Affair on Showtime, Rescue Me on Fox, and John Turturro’s Romance and Cigarettes. The series she directed, Sublets, won Best Comedy at the Vancouver Web-Festival. She’s written two musicals, a play, a sitcom pilot, and a feature film. She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Broadway World and has been a featured guest on Leaders In The Trenches, Ultimate Leadership, EO Fire, Weekly Alignment. She also hosts the podcast, The Big Talk on iTunes, where interviews people who talk for a living. 


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Nov 21, 2017

Taj AlexandHer-

Taj AlexandHer: Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Taj AlexandHer. A lot of people ask me about the ‘H’ in my name.

Think about the whole concept of ‘The Holy Trinity’ for a moment. There’s Jesus The Son, God The Father, and the Holy Spirit Unknown. There’s one major thing that I don’t understand about that whole concept. It’s missing the most important essence of life. The woman! That’s how Taj Alex-and-Her was born. Taj represents Jesus. Alex, my father, represents The Father. And, of course, Her represents The Wombman.

I grew up in a small town with a humongous family. My family is mostly dominated by women. Don’t get me wrong, there are many advantages that come from being raised by loving women. The downside is that there are many things that a woman cannot teach a young boy in order for him to grow to be a strong man.

When I was 6 years old, I absolutely fell in love with the world of art. From writing poetry to creating my own wrestling figures out of loose leaf paper, being an artist kind of came naturally to me. Computer science also grabbed my heart at a young age. Technology is a blessing to me. I also have a huge passion for making music and telling stories through a dope beat.

Today, I am on a mission to empower 300 men and women with a true understanding of self-worth and value to break the generational curse of poverty and self-esteem through self-empowerment and healthy relationships. I think with your help we can make this movement bigger than the empire state building itself.



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Nov 21, 2017

Deborah Heiser-

Deborah Heiser, Ph.D. holds a degree in Applied Developmental Psychology. Deborah is Founder of I.M.AGE and The Mentor Project and is an Adjunct Professor at SUNY Old Westbury in New York. Deborah coaches individuals and families, consults with corporations, and is a frequent speaker and media expert. Deborah is also writing a book “The Mentor Project”.  She has interviewed approximately 40 successful mentors from an artist, a judge, a teacher, a 4-star general, filmmaker, to a grandma.  All of them have amazing stories to tell about the benefits they have received from giving to others.  Deborah is a relentless believer that aging is gratifying and that generativity is a key component in our mid-life and retirement years. 


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Nov 21, 2017

Jeff Long-

Jeff Long: Since 2003 Jeff Long has worked with companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs to help them create engaging online courses, dynamic training videos, and flexible websites. He has worked with fortune 500 companies and internet entrepreneurs…and loves working with both. He specializes in creating online courses and his superpower is helping you create effective online course videos. His website and podcast can be found at https://onlinecoursecoach.com along with other videos, tutorials, and resources.


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Nov 19, 2017

Bri Seeley-

Bri Seeley is an inspirational woman who supports women around the world to bring their visions to life.

Bri is motivated by a deeply-held belief that every woman deserves to live a life that inspires her, and her work reflects this deep remembering of the possibility - nay, inevitability - that our desires hold. Through her best-selling book, podcast, and 6-month training, Permission to Leap will guide you through the process of leaping from the day you commit to the day you land softly on the other side.

A catalyst, speaker, and author, she is a regular contributor for The Huffington Post and Influencive and is known by many for her tell-it-like-it-is, out-of-the-box guidance that creates massive and epic changes in every woman she encounters.

Bri has been featured on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Inc, Medium, PBS, and Free Enterprise. Bri received the Outstanding Small Business award from the Los Angeles Mayor's office and the Small Business Development Center in 2016.

Website: www.briseeley.com

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Nov 19, 2017

Dionne Nicholls-

Dionne Nicholls is a Mom, former Fashion Executive turned Social Entrepreneur. Dionne took a leap of faith from fashion to finance in 2015 when when she co-founded her non-profit Financially CLEAN. She truly enjoyed her experience working in New York's luxury women's wholesale industry, representing some of the finest European collections and seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. By age 34, she had navigated her way up to Head of the US subsidiary for the French fashion house, SONIA RYKIEL. After a few other fashion stints, including the launch of KLEINFELD NY bridal emporium in Toronto, of Say Yes to the Dress fame, one of the most buzzed about retail ventures in Canada, at age 40, Dionne decided to switch gears when she noticed her desire to teach, motivate and inspire young people was getting stronger and stronger.

So now, she is creating a financial literacy movement teaching in high schools and various youth organizations and has the supporting role, as the 'Lady with the Facts,' on the podcast, TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT, rated as one of the top Black-Hosted, Smart and Funny Podcasts of 2017 by Black Enterprise Magazine. On the show, Dionne delivers the history, stats and cold hard facts, but you certainly can't miss her infectious laugh as she chops it up with her co-hosts, Shaun Lynda and Arlington Forbes.  Since Financially CLEAN's inception 2 years ago, it has reached over 800 students in the New York Tri-State area, primarily in under resourced areas.  Dionne also runs a consulting business, DFX Consulting Services, focused on business development, helping to take companies from ordinary to extraordinary, what she calls --The D-Effect!


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Nov 19, 2017

Aimee Whitcroft-

I am Aimee Whitcroft. Looking for next challenge :)

National co-ordinator for GovHack NZ, and freelance content design/service design/training consultant to central and local government.

Keen interest in, knowledge of and advocate of open source, open data, open government, civic technology, service design, placemaking, technology, social good and sustainability, branding, strategy, entrepreneurship, foresight, futurism/futurecasting and innovation. 

One of New Zealand’s top plain English experts.

Have worked for a number of NZ’s most prominent scientific, internet/tech-related and government organisations/teams. Founder and principle of web agency Syntropics, and co-founder of design consultancy GovWorks NZ

Strong relationships with NZ’s tech, data, innovation and scientific communities, as well as being directly involved organising outreach and education initiatives such as GovHack and Startup Weekend.

Additionally, has been involved with futurecasting work for Future Agenda, the Ministry of Transport's Future Demand and Transport Futures, and WEC/BEC2050. 

Sandpit showcasing selection of experiments and prototypes at https://medium.com/quicksand.

I'm one of the core NZ team members bringing international space exploration funder The Martian Trust to life. 

Our first initiative is This Way to Mars, the New Zealand-only launch of the Trust.


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Nov 19, 2017

Frederic Bye-

My name is Frederic Bye. Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to write a long, boring, detailed bio on my life. I am going to make this short and sweet.

So who am I? I am a Golden Retriever, mixed with a Chihuahua, mixed with a Basset Hound,  and some Poodle…

Ok, jokes aside, I am a writer, podcaster, blogger, internet marketer, trader, and overall creative entrepreneur. My goal with my brand is to elevate the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of humanity. In order to do that, I created the Creative Magic Network and I host my own show, The Frederic Bye Show, where I interview experts like Neale Donald Walsch. See, I love self-improvement. It is the secret of life, IMO. But podcasting is just one way I do this. I also write, like blogs, novels, and non-fiction books. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho.



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Nov 19, 2017

Ann Therese Bengtsson-

I am Ann Therese Bengtsson. I'm a model activist, podcast of host of Hey Change, and the co-founder of Role Models Mgmt - an Ethical Talent & Modeling agency. I'm passionate about sustainable living and in a positive way inspire people to live their lives in new ways so that we together can help save our planet :) See links below for more info!

Hey Change Podcast - Finding Happiness in New Realities

Instagram: AnneThereseBengtsson


Co-Founder at Role Models Management - An Ethical Talent & Model Agency



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Nov 19, 2017

Greg Zuffelato-

For over 20 years Too Busy To Eat Founder, Greg Zuffelato, has been investigating and researching everything related to nutrition and exercise. Being raised in the home of National Basketball Association coach and executive, Bob Zuffelato, exposed Greg to elite training and performance at a young age. Early in his career he pursued coaching basketball at the high school and college level, which advanced his passion for developing optimal performance through nutrition and exercise. 


He's always been a life-long learner; he holds a Master's degree in leadership, and was a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and earned a personal training certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine. Recently he added another authorization by earning his CrossFit Level One trainer certificate. 


In addition to reading the endless stream of nutrition books that have come out in the past twenty years, Greg has made himself a human guinea pig, experimenting with all the new diets and nutrition trends — from Atkins to a vegan diet, the Zone to vegetarian, Paleo to raw foods, he's experimented with everything except illegal drugs.


His experiences have allowed him to see what really works and his thirst for knowledge provides a concrete understanding of the science of nutrition. All of his experimentation and education was vital to understanding nutrition and it led to Greg’s book, I Believe Weight Loss: The easy-to-follow how-to guide to amazing, sustainable weight loss in just 4 weeks. 


A continued pursuit of optimal health led him to launch a company focused on helping people properly fuel their bodies to achieve the success they strive for. Too Busy To Eat is a nutrition product company, with the Busy Bars – grass-fed whey protein bars – being their premier product. The bars contain only 1 gram of sugar, 13 grams of the highest quality protein available, 9 grams of fiber and are only 140 calories. Best of all the bars taste AMAZING! 


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Nov 19, 2017

Rob Sanchez-

Rob Sanchez is the CEO of MouthMedia Network, a podcast network that focuses on the businesses and technologies behind lifestyle companies. He co-hosts the Fashion Is Your Business podcast and is a guest host on All Possibilities, Beauty Is Your Business, and Material Is Your Business. He is a serial entrepreneur with a legal, business strategy, and technology background. Rob graduated from Yale University with a double major in English and Psychology. He then developed direct marketing lines for MBI before becoming a director and producer of animated films for Scholastic, where he continued as a Lead Producer within the Scholastic Kids team. Following his time at Scholastic, Rob launched Crosby Street Gallery, a gallery specializing in popups and online sales. He left Crosby Street Gallery to attend Fordham Law School, where he holds a J.D. While at Fordham Law School, Rob launched Fashioning Our Industry, a conference on law, business, and finance, and Manufacture New York, where he served as Chief Strategy Officer. While at Manufacture New York, he personally negotiated a $3.5 million grant from the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

Rob has been a featured speaker for the Chief Strategy Officer Summit, General Assembly’s Assembled: Education, PodAbility, and The Yale Club’s Member Interest Group “Thought Leaders in Business.” He has also been a guest panelist for MakerCon at the invitation of the NYC EDC's Center for Economic Transformation, for Fordham University Center for Law, and for Information Policy and the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University. He has moderated panels for the Cardozo Law FAME Center and Propeller Fest and created a panel in collaboration with Brooklyn Law Information and Policy Clinic, Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School, Center on Law and Information Policy at Fordham Law School, and the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. He has also was on teams that won the Grand Prize at an internal Coach Hackathon as well as awards from Adafruit, Mashery, and Tok Box at the NYU ITP Payphone Hack Day, part of the NYC Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge.

Rob is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School where he sits on the Entrepreneurial Law Advisory Council. He was named a 2016 NYC Fashion Fellow by the NYC Economic Development Corporation and 92Y, was named one of the top 12 people to watch in Fashion Tech by AlleyWatch, and was featured in the Fordham Lawyer for his work in entrepreneurship and the fashion industry.

Co-Host: Fashion Is Your Business Podcast [Top 5 worldwide in Fashion & Beauty]
Co-Host: Material Is Your Business Podcast [Top 20 worldwide in Fashion & Beauty]
Guest Host: Beauty Is Your Business Podcast [Top 20 worldwide in Fashion & Beauty]

Guest Host: American Fashion Podcast [Top 5 worldwide in Fashion & Beauty]

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Nov 19, 2017

David Shriner-Cahn-

David Shriner-Cahn say No matter how successful you are, there’s probably at least one area where roadblocks are keeping you from fully achieving your goals.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Every expert I interview on this podcast is different, but they all have one thing in common…they know how to fix problems that keep people stuck.


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Nov 19, 2017

Adam Ashton-

Adam Ashton is super high achiever in high school, scoring in the top 1.5% of Australia, he's won 9 national gold medals for swimming, played state-level aussie rules football. He has:-

 - hit university and had NO IDEA what to do: changed courses, failed subjects, underachieved and did the bare minimum in class

 - did an internship at a big corporate bank and quickly realized the more 'traditional' path to success (get a 'good job', work hard, keep your head down, climb the ladder, work for 50 years, retire) wasn't for me
- tried his own small business, creating his own lectures for high school maths students. first 'lecture' had 2 students, then 5, then 7, then 11, then 18, then 30, then 60, then eventually 180 over the span of a few years
Adam Ashton has NOW:

-read a book each week and share the best lessons with his co-host on the podcast 'What You Will Learn' - www.whatyouwilllearn.com
- have interviewed authors like Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Dan Ariely, David Allen, among others
- wrote and published his own book in March this year, titled 'MHS Entrpreneurs' - http://www.mhsentrepreneurs.com/ - He has interviewed a bunch of entrepreneurs from his old school, including a multi-billionaire, to learn what they did, how they did it , and how others could do it too. His school promotes traditional path, lawyers, doctors, engineers etc, but very little exposure to creating your own life.

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Nov 19, 2017

Matt Hermstedt-

Matt Hermstedt is a career project management and R&D professional and host of The R and D Show Podcast. For his day job he is Sr. Director PMO for R&D at Accudyne Industries. He has had many adventures including 12 years as a submarine officer in the Navy, world travel to over 25 countries, and having sons twenty years apart. He lives near Kansas City with his beautiful and talented wife Jane and soon to be three year old son Wolf. He can be reached at Matt@theranddshow.com.

Matt Hermstedt
Podcast Host
The R and D Show Facebook Page
Twitter @TheRandDShow2

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Nov 19, 2017

John Locke-

John Locke started his web development career after twenty years working in retail and commercial bakeries. By learning web design and development in-between work shifts, John was able to eventually start building websites for local businesses and gaining valuable experience. He launched Lockedown Design in late 2012.
Since then, he has launched over seventy new websites, and worked with companies all across the US. Today, Lockedown Design is known for excellence in SEO and custom WordPress theme development.
John also writes a blog about SEO, WordPress, and online marketing.
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Nov 19, 2017

Stuart Rice-

My name is Stuart Rice, and I am the creator of Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. I had an interest in both podcasting and sketch comedy, and I was fortunate to find a partner, Alisha Holland, who was a great comedy partner and we started the podcast in my living room with a couple of Rock Band mics, an old Mac, and a passion for making something funny.
Since then, Alisha has moved on, but the podcast is alive and kicking. The format has changed to a conversational podcast with interesting people. After the conversation, we take bits and pieces from the talk and use that to create a completely improvised sketch. The show has had doctors, lawyers, musicians, scientists… anyone interesting and the results are always the same… a great conversation and a hilarious sketch!

Web: sketchcomedypodcastshow.com
iTunes: bit.ly/SCPSitunes
Twitter: bit.ly/SCPStwitter
Facebook: bit.ly/SCPSfacebook
Old-Timey Phone Thing: (207) 200-5993

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Nov 19, 2017

Christie Lindor-

Christie Lindor is a management consultant and career reinventionist focused on personal, team, and organization transformation.  Christie has spent her entire 16+ year career working for some of the top consulting firms in the world such as Deloitte Consulting LLP and IBM Business Consulting Services.  She is currently an associate director/senior manager at Ernst & Young LLP.


With her MECE Muse project, Christie is on a mission to be the mentor she wish she had earlier in her career.  She focuses on giving consultants and others strategies for career success, mentoring and more through both her own experience and the stories and advice of others."


What I am doing now


Recent mention last week in TIME magazine


My most recent blog post here.


Speaking on a career panel this Thursday in Boston


Final stages of the publishing process of my first book - late 2017/early 2018 release called The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants.

Nov 18, 2017

Kristen Robinson-

Kristen Robinson helps online entrepreneurs effectively enroll clients into their programs using social media and Facebook Ads. She is known to make social media “fun and easy to understand” without being technical. Kristen’s background includes working with a range of companies including ESPN X Games, House of Blues, Radio Disney, and women’s professional football teams. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on social media.




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Nov 18, 2017

Maya Singletary-

I'm Maya Singletary, the brain-child behind Majestic Closets. After years of working in corporate America, I finally found my calling.

Majestic Closets was born out of the insatiable desire to reorganize a co-worker's closet while dog-sitting. Since then, my drive to organize has touched family, friends, and clients alike.

A self-proclaimed 'Jersey Girl', I am equally passionate about Notre Dame football🍀 as I am about my new startup venture. When not turning Closets from messy to majestic, you'll find me at the gym, or trying out new recipes on Pinterest.

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Nov 18, 2017

Kim Santillo-


Kim Santillo: My goal is to partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs by handling the specifics of their projects or teams, allowing them to focus on their zone of genius.  I love fostering long-term partnerships with my clients as it allows me to be a true business partner.

I see successful business owners who are at their maximum capacity but still have so much more to offer.  I can manage the little details while you focus on your zone of excellence.  I want to help you achieve that vision.

I obtained a BS from Penn State University and an MBA from Robert Morris University and after 18 years in high-level, fast-paced, sales, marketing, team management, and project management,  I decided to pursue my passion of starting my own business.  I quickly found that my business experience I’ve collected has allowed a unique perspective to online businesses as I’m able to see the big picture.  I experienced satisfaction in watching business owners be able to grow their business and expand their offerings by partnering with me.


It took me awhile, but I finally had to courage to leave the corporate world to pursue my dreams and I want to encourage other women to do the same.  I recently had the opportunity to be a co-author on a book "I'm 30, Now What?!: A Women's Guide to Living A Life of Choice (Volume 1)" - launching mid-November!

Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, I’m a die-hard Steelers fan and lover of all things sports.  For fun…..I enjoy traveling, tasting wine and spending time with my husband Greg and 2 sons – Ethan and Matthew.


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Nov 18, 2017

Ash Seddeek-

Ash Seddeek is an Amazon Best Selling Author. He is a success and leadership speaker and author. He is the expert on top 1% Sales Winners and Leadership Strategies and Behaviors in high tech and other industries. Founder of the Top 1% Sellers Factory: a consulting and training firm for Fortune 500 and start-up companies.

Ash worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte Consulting, Oracle and Cisco Systems on top 1% leadership development, strategic account manager sales training and strategic content for large scale corporate experiences such as Cisco Global Sales Experience and the Partner Summit with 25000 annual attendees.

Ash also founded Fremont Consulting, a boutique consulting services firm that he developed into a 7-figure revenue business with benchmark clients including HP, SAP America, HGST and, Trustmetrics among others.

Ash is co-author of the forthcoming book: MEANING: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity during Times of Crisis and Opportunity. You can get his first book: Start with a Vision on Amazon. He just published his new book: Road To Success with Jack Canfield. Ash shares his Own it. Win it. Crush it Profit Success Formula in the book and is available for speaking engagements.


Ash studied at Harvard & Stanford Business Schools & has an MBA from the Leavey Business School at Santa Clara University.

-------Other ways you can connect with me----------------------------------
To can find the Start with a Vision book at http://bit.ly/startwithavision
All other books will show up here: http://tinyurl.com/ashsbooksonamazon
Linkedin: http://bit.ly/ashonlinkedin
YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/ashyoutube
On Facebook: http://bit.ly/ashonfacebook
Podcast: http://bit.ly/ashpodcast
On Twitter: @ashseddeek
Email: ash@connectwithash.com 
Call or Text: 9167537432
Nov 18, 2017

Altovise Pelzer-

Altovise Pelzer moved to Maryland from Philadelphia, PA. She is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, telesummit strategist, founder of the online Your Voice & Reactivate Me Communities, VIP live streamer and head script writer for Breaking Free International. As a mom of four, she has been known to break out into impromptu dance parties or karaoke moments with her three girls or watch WWE or movies with her son. 

Homelessness and molestation greatly affected Altovise’s decision to motivate women and youth to find their unique voice. It is her mission to make it possible for women to speak, create their own opportunities and walk in their Unique Purpose. Women after abuse go through numerous self harming actions that start with a seed of low self esteem. We know that there is no “one size fits all” solution for helping women who have gone through abuse. Through e-courses, live events, books and social media Altovise wants to touch and transform the lives of women globally one woman at a time. 



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Nov 18, 2017

Crystal Layland-

Crystal Layland is an Author,  Coach-Mentor, Host of Her Fearless Hustle the Podcast; Digital Marketing Strategist at Crystal Layland Media, and co-host of Money Talks workshops at womenbeyondwealthy.com.


Crystal has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In 2014, she recognized her passion was greater than her reality. She made the difficult choice to walk away from her event planning studio and start fresh with her coaching/mentoring practice.


Based on her own personal struggle, she invented a four part road-map to overcome self-sabotage that’s specifically designed to support entrepreneurial and professional women , like herself, who are looking for more in life! More meaning, more wealth, more fulfillment, more impact.  


Inside of Her Fearless Hustle the Podcast, Crystal shares real, raw stories from real women who know about ditching self-sabotage in order to make their impact in the world.


She is 100% committed to helping women uncover the remarkable, driven, ambitious self-hiding inside – so that they can feel what it’s like to really LIVE.


Aside from her podcast platform and coaching practice, in September 2017, Crystal launched her Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Messenger Chat Bots for small businesses.


Most recently, Crystal partnered with an old classmate to co-lead serious money conversations to help women take control of their overall financial picture and create options for the life they want.


You can find her at crystallayland.com.

Website(s): crystallayland.com, crystallaylandmedia.com, and womenbeyondwealthy.com 


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