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Feb 17, 2017

Wendy L. Yost helps individuals and organizations grow through change and generate desired results. With a Master’s Degree in Leadership, multiple coaching certifications and a vast list of speaking topics, Wendy illuminates spiritual principles in ways that leave people inspired to take action. A recent example includes her 2016 TEDx Talk on Learning to Listen to Your Life, So You Can Lead it. As a published writer, Wendy contributed the chapter Marketing Your Coaching Services to Local Universities for The Coaching Code (2016) by Betsy Chasse and serves as a Featured Author for http://simplereminders.com/, imparting life lessons through stories for the community’s seven million+ subscribers. In addition to running her business, Wendy also teaches classes part time at a local university, one of which, her leadership class, was voted Best Class on Campus. Since 2015 Wendy has been leading events every New and Full Moon at a local Spiritual Center, weaving her love of nature and ritual with new takes on ancient teachings surrounding receptivity and releasing. A common thread through all of what she does is the desire to help others reveal what's wanting surface, and heal what's ready to be healed. Wendy lives in Lake Balboa with her rescue kitty, Christofur. Three things that put a smile on Wendy's face include: The laughter of family and friends; travel that includes oceans, forests or deserts and seeing someone extend kindness to another.



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Feb 17, 2017

Katie Tassone is a Balanced Living Strategist and Desire Map Facilitator for female entrepreneurs, passionate about helping stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted women to feel more joy again - right now, not some unknown date in the future.

A recovering procrastinator, goal-getter and formerly burnt out stress head, Katie now lives a balanced lifestyle on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia with her husband, Ben and her two furbabies, Bassey and Rosie. She loves to travel the world, read books (especially Harry Potter) and have deep conversations with anyone willing to share themselves fully.

You can find out more about Katie at www.katietassone.com or on her Facebook page at FB.com/thekatietassone.




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Feb 17, 2017

My name is Tahsha Renee and this is the last 3 years of my life.

This time 3 years ago I was living with someone in Tigard Oregon who I thought was one of my best friends and who turned in to a very emotionally abusive individual. I stayed there until the lease was up and then had decided to move to Medford Oregon to be closer to my Mom. My Mom and I had never had a close loving relationship but for the first 2 months I was there that's exactly what it was. Everything else that followed was hurtful and unfortunate but having THAT moment in time with her was worth it all. During all this I had lost the job I had due to Panic Attacks and Agorophobia and had to go on unemployment. I took this time to decide to really start my business in Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Hypno-Reiki. I had also been informed by a long time child hood friend who had just started opening up that she was a Psychic Medium, that I had the gift of Claircongizance or "clear knowing" and I was to be using that as part of my business and to be helping people. I was taken back by this as I had just thought that I just "got things right" all the time my whole life. I got a Tarot Deck and found that I was spot on for every reading I did for someone. 

My mom decided to pay me $3500 to move back to Portland Oregon with only 3 weeks to find a new place. I didn't have a place to go until about 11pm the night before I was to move. I ended up moving in with a friend from High School that I had not seen since High School ( I was 37 about to turn 38) but we picked up like we had just seen each other yesterday. I spent half the week on her couch and then other half in her bed while she was away at her Boyfriends. I stayed there for 2 months while I found a job. I did finally and moved closer to where it would be at. I moved in with 2 girls and the owner of the house. I became close to one of the girls in the house and when she got a Dog the owner said Dog leaves or we do. My friend was "soul" attached to this Dog and instead of watching her leave I chose to leave with her. We found 2 rooms to rent in a house further out. I had once again lost my job due to the Panic Attacks and Agorophobia and was back on Unemployment. 

-We stayed there for a couple months when things started to turn of a violent nature with one of the owners towards us and her husband the other owner. On top of this, I had tried once again to get a normal job outside the home but upon trying to do that I found my body completely objecting in the form of uncontrollable rage feelings and crying and then a pretty bad case of vertigo while returning to lunch on my second day of training. I didn't have the option of unemployment as it had run out. I took a job making $8 and hour from home making sales calls. I was bringing home in one month the amount I was making in 2 weeks at normal jobs I had been at. I was also trying to get more clients for my business as well as I had a weekly free healing radio show called THE LOVE HUB ( now called SPIRIT THERAPY RADIO) that has a guest on of a healing or Psychic nature to help people live on air who call in. 

Things got more intense there and then the house went up for sale so we needed to find a place to live. My friend and her Dog found one and I had no idea where i was going to go. I once again didn't find a place to live until late the night before I had to be out. 

I moved into a Woman's house where she and her teenage Daughter lived and I loved it but then 1 month after being there they decided to move so I had to move again. I ended up moving into a guys house i had dated that summer but only briefly. He didn't have a room for me so and there was his 3 kids and also a friend of his from his school staying on the couch so he and I shared a bed. We ended up together and it was amazing until it wasn't 2 months later. He became very emotionally abusing and I was once again facing being homeless. I had become friends with a Woman who had seen my craigslist ad in earlier months ( she needed more $$ than I could pay monthly but after reading who I was on my ad she really felt she was supposed to be friends with me) she had decided that I was unsafe where I was at so she took $200 less a month to put me in her house. Thankfully the day before I moved I got a job paying me $5 more an hour so the following month I was able to pay her what she was asking.

I stayed there until her Mom came to visit and needed the room but not before her Mother emotionally abused me as well and then the Woman I had become close to did to me as well. 

While at this woman's house I was starting to pick up business in clients and the radio show was still going through changes but going none the less. 

I found a new place to live but it was in an area I had not been too since my breakdown 10 years earlier. 2 weeks after moving in I realized I was living 5 minutes from where it happened. Coincidence? I think not. I ended up being able to go there and clear the energy and move on from that. I then started asking the universe for a better paying job so I could have my very own place in Downtown Portland where I had always dreampt of living....3 months later BAM! VERY high paying job with more than enough to move there. My business and the radio show have continued to grow as well while being here.

I have been trying to get there to look for a place to live but the panic attacks and agoraphobia have become very intense and I am housebound for 99% of my time here... I was very upset at spirit for not letting me get there to find a place but then found out that one of the reasons why was because there has been very violent riots going on there and I had no idea until a friend told me. It was then obvious to me that spirit and my higher self was keeping me from getting there just yet. I plan on trying again in December to be able to move there in January and that is where I am currently.



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 17, 2017

Julian Kaufmann is an author, electrical energy expert and founder of CoCo Holdings, Inc. Combining science and spirituality, Julian’s mission is to help people improve their lives through energy efficiency and conservation.  Julian is married with 5-children and lives in Apex, North Carolina.  Please connect with him at www.juliankaufmann.com and become a Prime Mover today!


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 17, 2017

Axel Howerton is the  author of the Arthur Ellis Award nominated Hot Sinatra, the modern Gothic fairytale Furr, and the forthcoming Wolf & Devil urban fantasy series.

Axel is the former Prairies region Director of the Crime Writers of Canada, as well as a member of the Calgary Crime WritersThe Kintsugi Poets, and the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. He is a columnist, speaker and creative writing instructor, and his short fiction and essays have appeared the world over, in places like Big PulpFires on the PlainSteampunk OriginalsNight ShadeSleuth MagazineA Career Guide To Your Job In Hell and “The Big Lebowski” compendium Lebowski 101. He is also the editor of the books Death by Drive-In,  Tall Tales of the Weird West , and AB Negative and is the organizer behind one of Canada’s first recurring Noir At The Bar events, #NoirBarYYC.

When he’s not on-duty as a hometown anti-hero, Axel spends most of his time roaming the untamed prairies of Alberta with his two brilliant young sons and a wife that is way out of his league. Visit him online at http://www.axelhow.com




Feb 17, 2017

Jamila T. Jeffers is a Self-Management Consultant, Coach and Author . For nearly a decade, she have been learning and mastering the ins and outs and coaching others in elements of Self-Management. An umbrella term she uses to describe Time-Management, Project Management, Organisation, Productivity, Efficiency, Motivation, Goal-Setting and Goal achieving all working together in unison.

Jamila mainly works with busy female ‘preneurs’ and professionals from a variety sectors supporting them past the deluge of details, being frozen in procrastination to rediscover their confidence in their goals and achieve their life, business and career aspirations.

She does not believe in sacrificing to achieve your work-life balance but rather in achieving your version of a Whole Abundant Life. When working with Jamila you begin build a personalised SUCCESS RoadMap reducing your anxiety, defining your goals for your life, family and business.


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Feb 16, 2017

Wael Badawy (Business Leader of Tomorrow and top 40 under 40 in business) is an international speaker, author, educator, innovator, and trainer. He successfully built seven multi-million dollar sustainable businesses within six months or less. A tri-language speaker lectured more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs, business leaders, students and scientist on technology, innovation, business and entrepreneurship. He has more than 60,000hrs of teaching, lecturing and keynote speech in business, engineering, technical, legal, arbitration, dispute resolutions and life transformation. He taught size of groups from 6 students to 14,000+ students in a single session. His audiences include world leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, graduates, masters, seamen, community leaders, new employees, engineers, scientist, doctors, etc. Wael is a consultant; coach and trainer founded the Entrepreneurship Driving License and certified 17,000+ entrepreneurs in the first year alone, who used his strategies to build their own businesses. Wael founded 23 international companies and operations sized from $1Million to $128Million, led 8 national entrepreneurship initiatives and programs. Wael received at least 73 international awards, contributed 18 books and proceeding, 21 patents, 600+ peer-reviewed papers and publications.       Wael Badawy is honored with two PhDs in Engineering, three MSc in Science and Engineering, BSc(Honor), MBA, and six Diplomas in international Laws and Arbitration. He is a registered P.Eng. in Alberta and Egypt, CMC member, CAPS professional Member, Senior Member of IEEE and ACM, SPIE, Fellow of The Phi Beta Delta Honor Society, The Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society (UPE) and The Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, among others.

A husband and father looking forward to share with you his experience and transform your business, life, and future.


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Feb 16, 2017

Jason Rogers is an author, a personal development coach for men, creator of peakunderpressure.com, and the Founder of PEAK Inc., the personal development brand dedicated to helping men grow every day. He’s also a regular contributor for The Good Men Project, an online publication with over 5 million visitors per month.



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Feb 16, 2017

Judy is a life educator, family coach, and keynote speaker. She has written more than 20 books, hundreds of articles and speaks internationally on family, parenting and relationship issues, including those with our beloved pets. She is a certified Pet Grief Coach.

She has received many awards for her contributions toward building strong families.  Her proudest accomplishment is that she and her husband Dwain have been married for 50 years and their six children and 11 grandchildren like themselves and each other.

www.ArtichokePress.com  is not Judy’s only self-starter project. Judy has owned and managed numerous small businesses, including the newest venture www.AnimalHumanConnection.com


The symbol of the artichoke has great meaning for Judy in her teaching and writing. As she works with families, she sees that frequently only the outer edges are exposed, which can be prickly and sometimes bitter to the taste. But, as you expose the artichoke and people to warmth, caring, and time, gradually the leaves begin to open and expose the real treasure–the heart.

The artichoke also became a teaching lesson when Judy, as a young military mother, moved her family into military housing in California to find a surprising collection of artichokes planted in their yard. Knowing it takes two years for the vegetable to grow, Judy realized the original gardener never saw the fruits of their labor, but planted the artichokes anyway. Judy was reminded by this experience that many times in life our actions toward others are felt by people we will never meet, but we plant the seeds of kindness anyway.

You will enjoy Judy’s approachable manner, wonderful storytelling and common-sense solutions gleaned from working with hundreds of families and organizations just like yours. Your encounter with Judy will leave you feeling inspired, entertained, and especially motivated.


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Feb 16, 2017

Mimi lives with her family in a treehouse on volcanic rock overlooking the bay. She shares lunch with her friends the butcher birds and Layla Joy her puppy. 

Mimi writes from her recliner with ear mufflers on, and a cup of chamomile tea beside her. For exercise she wiggles her toes. 
You can find her on www.mimiemmanuel.com

Feb 16, 2017

Bob Minhas knows that there is a big difference between owning a small business and being an entrepreneur.


One is about creating employment to change your own life. The other is about growing a passion with the aim of revolutionizing an industry, a nation or the world as we know it. Bob understands this difference but, more importantly, he wants you to understand it too.


Entrepreneurial vision is essential to true innovation, which all levels of government know they need to leverage but with no clear view on how to do it with the speed and alacrity that kind of transformation of ideas requires.


With a strong background in technology, entrepreneurship and government, Bob is uniquely qualified to speak to the intersection between innovation and policy. He can help entrepreneurs with scalable ideas: to develop their vision, and to transform the world.


How? Let Bob tell you through the medium of his speaking platform and courses. Listen and learn. Question and innovate. Take your ideas to the next level, on your own terms.


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Feb 16, 2017

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo is passionately committed to transforming exhausted high achievers all over the globe into high energy people who love their lives and live to their full potential.

She founded the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology so that she could be instrumental in transforming our current broken disease-management system into a true health care system where each and every practitioner is skilled at finding the root cause of health challenges.   


Dr. Ritamarie specializes in using the wisdom of nature married with modern scientific research restore balance to hormones with a special emphasis on thyroid, adrenal, and insulin imbalances.  Her practitioner training programs empower health and nutrition professionals, including health coaches, physicians, nutritionists, nurses and others to use functional assessments and natural therapeutics to unravel the mystery of their clients’ complex health challenges, so they become known as go-to practitioners for true healing and lasting results.


Dr. Ritamarie is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with Certification in Acupuncture and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Nutrition Board.  She is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Computer Science, and she has completed a 500-hour Herbal Medicine Certification Program.

Dr. Ritamarie is also certified as living foods chef, instructor, and coach, and she has trained and certified hundreds of others in the art of using palate-pleasing, whole fresh food as medicine.  As a certified HeartMath® provider, Dr. Ritamarie is passionate about using HeartMath® stress transformation techniques to guide clients to reduce the negative impact of stress on their health.


Her passion for health and healing began as a result of her own bout with illness.  After recovering her health by changing what she put in her mouth and how she lived her life, Dr. Ritamarie began her formal training in nutrition and natural medicine in 1985. 


When she's not writing, speaking, or coaching on health and nutrition topics, Dr. Ritamarie loves to run, hike, swim, paint, make pottery and travel with her husband and her two vibrant and active sons.

Dr. Ritamarie can be reached at www.DrRitamarie.com

To find out more about her programs for health and wellness professionals, visit www.NutritionalEndocrinology.com


Add Facebook and other social media contact info too.   


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Feb 16, 2017

Rafi Chowdhury is the founder of Chowdhury’s Digital and co-founder of my Campus Hacks. He helps companies like DYL, Shapes Brow Bar, Win Hyundai, Wound Care Surgeons and Easley Transportation grow their revenue. Examiner.com calls him the go-to guy for traffic generation; Splash OPM says he is one of the top Growth Hacking gurus on the web; Start-up Dhaka says he is one of the youngest and most successful marketers ever to come from Bangladesh; and Northeast Today Magazine calls him a web analytics Expert.

Rafi was also recognized by the University of Memphis for creating one of the most innovative start-up websites for the students. The Hans India considers his blog posts to be “incredible.” In his spare time, Rafi acts an advisor to the British Young Asian Entrepreneurs.

Follow him on Twitter and Facebook


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Feb 15, 2017

Judy Rodman is an award winning vocal coach, session singer, recording artist, stage & multimedia performer, songwriter, author, studio producer and public speaker. Named ‘Best Vocal Coach” by NashvilleMusicPros and "Vocal Coach in Residence, August 2013" by TC Helicon's VoiceCouncil Magazine, Judy teaches her trademarked vocal training method “Power, Path and Performance”™ to singers and speakers nationally and internationally in her office, by phone, Skype & Zoom. She is a published author with several professional vocal courses and contributor to industry books and magazines; her “All Things Vocal” blog has over 1 million views and her All Things Vocal podcast is available at iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. With thousands of studio credits as staff jingle singer, session singer on decades of hit records including her own, Judy can regularly be found in the recording studio producing tracks or producing vocals as part of other production teams, as well as creating arrangements and singing background vocals.

Judy has had #1 records as artist, songwriter and producer and won ACM “New Female Vocalist” and BMI Millionaire awards. She teaches major label and indie recording artists, touring and studio background singers, public speakers and voiceover talent. She is the premier vocal coach for PCG Nashville Talent Development Agency. Her clients have appeared on The Today Show, Letterman, Degeneres, The Voice, American Idol, AGT, Grammys, CMA, ACM & MTV Awards, NYT Best Seller list. Based in Nashville, she teaches in office, by phone, Skype & Zoom. She is member of NATS, SAG-AFTRA, AFofM, BMI. www.judyrodman.com

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Feb 15, 2017
Sabrina Ben Salmi (woman of praise award 2026, BYA mother of the year award)
Is a proud mother of who she refers to as her fantastic 5. She's a passionate social entrepreneur, Author, Mother of The Year Award, Multi award winner, Access Conciousness Bars Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Founder of The Mobile Single Parents Project and passionate about youth entrepreneurship. Her two eldest children have been published authors since the age of 11 and 7 and now public speakers and youth coaches etc. Sabrina has been featured on international media platforms (TV, Radio and newspapers) for her work with single parent families which was fortunate to catch the attention of The Secret Millionaire (Channel 4 show). She is also co founder of the new Secondary School in Croydon – Harris Invictus which opened in September 2014.
The inspiration behind Lone Parenthood - Essential Tips on How To Create The Life You Deserve was to end, once and for all, what she saw as “ the negative concept of Single Parenthood ”. Sabrina feels that there was too much negative stigma and felt the need to promote and support the single parents who had big dreams. Sabrina was raised in a single parent household and became a single mother at and she desired to end the cycle. She began her journey of self discovery which lead to her being able to inspire others to achieve the same or better. Financial, emotional and personal development education was the difference that made the difference to her and those around her.

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Feb 15, 2017


Author:  Tanisha Williams

Book Genre: Nonfiction Christian Living

Title: Free to Be Cherished-Eight Keys to Redeeming Your Past and Healing Your Hurts

Release Date:  June 2017

Premise of the Book


    Have you ever felt like a prisoner of your past bound to negative emotions that keep you from achieving your dreams? In her book, Free to Be Cherished, author Tanisha Williams provides readers a biblical and spiritual path of freedom from their past to reaching their destiny. She shares her personal journey to freedom  and relate how her struggles with depression, anger, and rejection kept her locked in a prison of her past. 

    Tanisha will walk you through the eight keys to freedom that will allow God to redeem your past and heal your hurts. This book will provide scripture and powerful tools that will allow you to finally remove your mask, strip off the layers of hurt, and walk in your divine destiny, purpose, and freedom.

About The Author

    Tanisha Williams’ passion is teaching. She has taught elementary and high school for twenty years.  Tanisha received a M.A. in English Education from Columbia University.  As a veteran master teacher, Tanisha has spoken at educational workshops and mentored novice teachers.

     As an author, certified coach, speaker, and trainer, Tanisha helps others build their self-esteem to embody their full potential in Christ so they will know their value, identity, and purpose to accomplish their dreams . . She has spoken at various churches and women’s groups where her topics included abundant living, God’s love, and freedom in Christ. 

    Tanisha lives in New Jersey with her two “crazy” cats. She loves to travel and is proud of her ability to quote movie lines in daily conversation.

Feb 15, 2017

From the start, Cheryl Smith was a natural born communicator. As an only child, Cheryl found herself surrounded by adults and quickly learned the value of effectively communicating with people of all walks of life, young and old.

At the age of 8, she started an amazing journey showing and training horses, and by the age of 12 was successfully running a ranch with over 30 head of horses, and effortlessly holding conversations with owners about their prized animals in the same manner as that of a seasoned, trained professional.

Cheryl was also quite passionate about music, jazz music primarily, having come from parents with a vast musical background. She found herself often surrounded by great musicians, and she learned, she listened and she grew. Quickly, this passion was unstoppable as she found herself singing in various clubs at the ripe old age of 12.

Her communication skills were flourishing.

Just shy of 19, Cheryl married and brought to the world three beautiful children. Her marriage and family were the stuff fairytales are made of, and then the unthinkable happened. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer. She never waivered. She took the bull by the horns, handling affairs at home and at the hospital too. Her years of communication acumen were the pivotal point in the medical world her family was now facing.

Her faith, love and proactive approach provided their family with another three years before her husband passed. Although the battle was grueling, this now 27 year old had found strength, perseverance and the ability to conquer any obstacle in a manner that many would have faltered beneath.

Over the next few years, Cheryl returned to school acquiring a B.S. in Business Marketing and an M.B.A. She worked for the local newspaper successfully running an education program, then moved on to work for a regulatory agency while developing a non-profit organization focused on environmental education and then finally supporting the Department of Defense as a contractor for environmental management.

Today, Cheryl utilizes these years of experience in helping individuals and businesses get the results they desire, whether professionally or personally, through the art of successful communication.

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Feb 15, 2017
Four years ago my husband committed suicide and the last three years have been all about rebuilding. 
First, I decided I needed to get back to me so I moved back home from Georgia to California and spent a year blogging through a book. It was fantastic. During this time I overcame anxiety attacks that plagued me for over 15 years.
Then I needed to move back to Georgia after only a year. It was then that I started my own business. It's two years old now and I'm excited to say that my virtual assistant staffing company is doing well and I wrote a bestseller! Also, during this time I overcame an almost life-long fear of flying. I got my passport and have now been to London and France. (The France trip was a trip of a lifetime and took me a year to plan).
During this time I took up Tough Mudders (obstacle course races) and running. I've competed in several TM's including a double mudder (two laps) and four half marathons.
Last month I turned 40. In 2017, I'll be working and living abroad with 40 other entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads. We'll be in 12 countries in 12 months.
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Feb 15, 2017

Frances Richards, Ph.D. is President/CEO of Arlean Richards, LLC, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.

She has over fifteen years of coaching and assisting individuals to reach their goals and objectives, in addition to successfully mentoring hundreds of adult learners obtain their degree. Her experience includes twenty plus years in management, higher education and entrepreneurship. Frances is a graduate of Jacksonville Theological Seminary (Ph.D.), City University (MBA) in Bellevue, Washington and Marquette University (BA) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Frances has been a featured motivational speaker for numerous churches and professional organizations, including guest speaker at the first Women of Color Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada She has been featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal (The Centennial View) and the Sentinel Voice. She is married to Robert for 23 years and has a son, Louis.



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 15, 2017

I am the owner of Search by Burke, LLC, and provide marketing consulting, training, and mastermind groups to small and micro-sized businesses.

In the last 3 years I have:

1. Made a change in my business: I stopped offering website development and online marketing through my business and have focused my attention on mastermind groups, business research, training and marketing consulting.

2. Started a new blog that became the place for me to share my thoughts on success, mindset, and business. Grow Because You Know then became a Facebook Fan page and I just started a Facebook Group called The GROW Alliance. From this I am planning a series a weekend business retreats in various locations around the USA, the first one is to be in Tampa FL May of 2017.

3. Hosted a live stream morning program on Blab (defunct as of September 2016). It was an hour long program titled Morning Mindset Café and focused on the reading and discussion of Napoleon Hill books. There is a YouTube channel for the recordings.

4. Taken my mastermind groups for business owners to the public – they were private and by invitation only since 2009, but in 2015 I had enough interest from my network that I decided to offer them to the public.

5. Have created new workshops: Social Selling, Competitive Intelligence the Internet Way, and Research Your Way to Better Sales.

6. Have collaborated with two gentleman, Christian Williams and Aaron Riggs, on an online program that will soon launch – 16tosuccess.com – we guide people through video and worksheets and workbooks through the Napoleon Hill book Law of Success.

7. In September, 2014 I published my first eBook titled CI101: Competitive Intelligence the Internet Way. And, have since published multiple eBooks available on Kindle and formatted as pdf for easy download to your computer. Learn more on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/charleneburke

2013-2015: Board Member, Director of Marketing Technology AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals) 2014: Became active Member Association for Iron & Steel Technology 2014: Graduated from Focus Louisville and became an active Member, Louisville Leadership Center

My guiding principle in business and life: Knowledge and Education are the foundation to freedom. You must know before you can take action and grow.



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 14, 2017

Marc Lotus co-created Chrome City Music Publishing and Records with a musical background seldom

seen in the recording industry.

Classically trained as a child on keyboard and clarinet, Marc quickly blossomed into a unique songwriter,

composer, and arranger. While still in grade school, he co-founded the band Random Dog—a D.C.

legend during the 1990’s—which ultimately went on to perform with such national acts as The Wailers

(as in, Bob Marley and the…), and The Deftones.

By the end of the 90’s—while continuing to write and play his own original music—Marc broadened his

focus to the talents of others. He soon displayed the keen ability not only to recognize gifted artists, but

also to help create the perfect music to accompany them as a producer. For the last 15 years, Marc’s

goal has been nothing less than to turn diamonds into stars, and to be part of the next musical


Opening the doors of Chrome City Records as a songwriter and producer has set this company up to

become a powerhouse in the industry for several decades to come.

Feb 14, 2017

Tony J. Selimi is internationally known as Human Behavior, Cognition and Emotional Intelligence Expert. To his clients he is known as the The See-Through coach and specializes in assisting people find solutions to their personal, professional and business problems, accelerate their learning, and achieve excellence in all of the eight key areas of life: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Business, Money, Relationship and Love-Heart Intelligence.

Like a transparent mirror, Tony is known for his ability to see through people’s problems, unconscious behavior, thought patterns, skewed perceptions, and dis-empowering beliefs that prevent them from creating astronomical visions, results they desire, and lifestyle they dream about. He helps them clarify their values, expand their life’s vision and mission, and tap into the infinite wisdom of their interstellar existence.

As a business consultant he globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in talks, workshops, one to one coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, articles, radio and TV interviews as well as through his books and online downloads of the TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions.

His clients are entrepreneurs, leaders, and people from all walks of life who seek his help to manifest their highest vision, to be more healthy, wealthy, wise, spiritual and influential. They range from Celebrities, MPs, Dr’s, Scientists, Coaches, to CEO’s and Managers of FTSE 100 companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Bank of America, E&Y, Vandercom and Deutsche Bank.

Prior to Tony becoming what most of his clients call him The See-Through coach also known fondly as "Dr Love", he worked in senior high pressure IT roles in a wide range of sectors - including transport, retail, government and recruitment. In parallel to his personal, professional, and spiritual development Tony spent 15 years working, learning, and building a very successful career effectively leading, managing, and delivering large scale multi-million/billion IT Programs.

The experience of working in the corporate world, overcoming many personal and professional challenges, as well as coaching many people from all walks of life, gives Tony a unique insight on the pressures, challenges, and magnitude of issues his clients face on a daily basis.

Known as a rare and a gifted man whose span of experience and study encompasses broad scope of knowledge, Tony originally trained as an electrical and electronic engineer. He has now developed his unique integrated approach synthesized in the five pillars of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM that he uses with all of his clients to unlock human potential, tackle behavioral issues, and help people create balance in all of the eight key areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, business, money, relationship and love.

Tony is #1 International Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of "A Path to Wisdom: How to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life." and "#Loneliness: The Virus of The Modern Age". His book got short listed for the Management Book of the Year Award, won the finalist title in the USA Book Award 2015 as well as in 2016 in Personal and Spiritual Development in three categories: General, Inspirational and Motivational. His books and work is endorsed by many of the world's renowned public figures including the human behavior specialist Dr John Demartini who quotes:

"Tony J. Selimi's new masterpiece A Path to Wisdom is a thought provoking book that can center your soul, touch your heart and heal your body-mind."

His newly released book #Loneliness: The Virus of Modern Age that has just been published by Balboa Press the Division of Hay House won USA and International Book 2016 Award as well as Readers Favourite Five Star Seal. This book is a call to humanity to redefine themselves in the midst of adversity. He is highlighting the global toxic effects that loneliness has on our physical, mental and emotional health, on our wealth, in our social, family, and personal and professional lives. This book has also been endorsed by many key public figures from around the world including Dr John Demartini, Dr Kim Jobst, and Baybars Altuntas who personally advised President Barack Obama.

Tony comes from a hard working family, growing up with his sister in a ghetto area of Gostivar, a small town in western Macedonia. During his younger years, he was exposed to bullying at school, illness, mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. During the civil war, everything he chose and wanted in life was taken from him. Very early on in his life, he learned that he didn't own anything and to appreciate life.

Yet, Tony chose to overcome all that crushed his being and through it all never chose to be a victim. Instead he discovered the power of gratitude, allowance, courage, and resilience. He learned to transform life's challenges into a gift of strength, awareness and continuous questions for life's truths. Along the way, what came forward in him was a true kindness of being, and a phenomenal knowing that has made him an agent of change rarely seen in this world.

Today he is acknowledged worldwide for his unique perspectives on mindful coaching, global consciousness and personal transformation that are unlike anything else out there.

Tony is a University College London (UCL) engineering graduate who studied many life disciplines and received a number of professional qualifications and awards. He is a qualified coach recognized by a number of reputable institutions including the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Institution of Leadership and Management (ILM), Demartini Institute, the Complementary Therapists Association, Martin Brofman's Foundation of Advanced Healers and is a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Tony receives thousands of emails from readers around the world who share how his books, articles, seminars, posts, talks, retreats, and videos inspired them to be students of life and continue to grow more. Through his work, focus, and commitment Tony is able to lead people out of their self-criticism and innate feeling of never being enough into a sense of question, curiosity, wonder and gratitude for being alive.

He advocates mindfulness, personal development, and coaching as an empowering choice through which businesses, educational systems, governments, leaders, adults, and children can unlock their true potential. Tony beliefs in the positive impact coaching has on our personal and professional lives, in our communities, society, and universally.


Tony is no stranger to the media, appearing in various national magazines including Soul and Spirit, Global Women, Science to Sage, Migrant Women, Accelerate Your Business, Changing Careers Magazine, Consciousness Magazine, Your Wellness, Time Out, Soul Mate Relationship World Summit, TV and radio shows including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Hay House, Voice of America, Radio Macedonia, Untangled FM, Self-Discovery Radio and Spirit Radio.


He gives inspirational talks on a range of topics including: importance of women in leadership, value driven leadership, entrepreneurship, the evolution of consciousness, peace, well-being, alternative methods of healing, the impact loneliness has on global health, how to be paid your worth, activating heart’s intelligence and on various issues we face globally. Tony has been a keynote speaker at the Animas Coaching Institute, the Yes Group, Blue Cow Summit, Raw Fest, Be Inspired, Conscious Leadership Events, private functions, and Mind Body Spirit festivals. He hosts a regular webinars with his clients entitled Conversations with Your Highest Expression of Your Self.

He also loves to share his wisdom on the future of education, the importance of inclusion, diversity and equality, personal and spiritual development, as well as on many other topics that bridge science, psychology, time, space, miracles and belief.

In his talks and workshops, he uses a unique set of tools and provides step by step clear processes to get people out of the answers, conclusions and judgements that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of no choice and no change - leading them into the moments of awe that have the power to change anything.

His vision is to reach, educate, awaken the hearts and elevate the minds of 1 Billion people. His mission is to inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colors to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated, teachers, healers, and leaders of others.


Through the right environment and through the right education, training, and nurturing, Tony beliefs every human being can build their spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, business, financial, social and self-love awareness and skills, and thus may more effectively and efficiently serve humanity by exemplifying elevated human potential.


He is the co-founder of Living My Illusion Ltd, Joel and Jeton Alexander Ltd, and the founder of The Velvet Journey and TJS Cognition Ltd, a global coaching practice dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, speakers, dedicated individuals and service providers how to align themselves with Universal Laws and Principles so that they achieve quantum leaps in creating holistic prosperity, lives of purpose and the ability to say, "YES!" to themselves, to life, to others, to universe and to a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Tony is the creator of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM, twenty five conscious engineering processes developed through 30 years of research and accruing phenomenal knowledge gained by overcoming personal, professional, and business challenges, creating success in the corporate world and helping many people from all walks of life break free of shame, guilt, expectations, control, fears, trauma, addictions and other mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages that keep them in the shadow of their own light.


He just finished filming a coaching documentary titled “Living My Illusion”, is in process of writing his next three books A Path to Excellence, 365 Waves of Wisdom, as well as a unique book on why people experience heartbreak and what is it that they can do to create a loving, lasting, and soul nurturing relationship.


On his website there is a curriculum of talks, seminars, and workshops covering multiple aspects of human development; the most advanced of which is a Vital Planning for Elevated Living - a five day life enhancing seminar. The Virtuous Experience is a yearly advanced coaching package for leaders, influencers, and change makers. Each coaching program, talks, and seminars are designed to assist people to activate their inner genius, accelerate their human potential, and empower all eight key areas of their lives as mentioned before.


Tony is on a path to create a Concourse of Wisdom, app’s, the TJS Institute, Abo and Ago Value Exchange Educational Foundation to help orphaned children around the world as well as documentaries and films to help people turn on their inner switch that activates their inner light, love and wisdom.

No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, a Global Leader, politician, doctor, coach, or a professional and facing daily challenges, tough decisions and in need of clarity of the next steps required to help you personally or assist you with your business issues, processes, sales teams, customers, through times of negotiations, get in touch and let Tony help you. You may book him to inspire your teams, customers, or people in your events, to book him please go to www.tonyselimi.com. Sign up to his news letter, follow him on social media, and get inspired to live an extraordinary life. He invites you to dance together in the rhythm of life.

Together, you too can change your circumstances and start living your best Life. He will assist you develop deep listening skills required to hear your souls voice, inspire you to be wealthy, stay healthy, and live in gratitude, for he beliefs it is the way to honour your heart, mind, spirit and life.


Tony is known for creating amazing transformation and leaving his clients feeling inspired, empowered, peaceful, and reconnected to the infinite wisdom of love.


More about the Author: http://tonyselimi.com   




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Feb 14, 2017

Sabrina Redmond is a Freedom Mentor, Presenter, Speaker, Author, Certified Neurokinesis Coach, Homeschooling Mom of 6, and wife of 10 years.

She is the CEO of Create the Path, where she empowers women and children in creating the life they truly desire and deserve to be living; with specific tools to be FREE and upgrade their life, relationships, wealth and health.  

As a woman who has become free from childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, and depression; she has a deep desire for other’s to have their own freedom. Sabrina teaches the power of forgiveness and reconnecting people to their higher source; so families and the world as a whole, can be free.


To setup your first session or find out more, contact Sabrina directly at Sabrina.Redmond1@gmail.com  or Join the FB Group “Create Your Life”




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Feb 14, 2017

I help conscious entrepreneurs, grow and prosper online using digital marketing strategies, tactics & automation that attracts, sells and wows.
That is get clear on your big idea, create / optimise your product/service offering, create & optimise sales funnels, leverage marketing automation and drive traffic.

I am passionate about a sustainable world, where business is win win win for everyone. I like working with
conscious business owners out to make a difference. Including authors, speakers, coaches, consultants,
the health / wellness / fitness niches, sports figures and more



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Feb 14, 2017

  A native from Chicago, Leo Spizzirri is the resident dough specialist at Little Lady Foods, a custom frozen food manufacturer in Elk Grove Village, Illinois specializing in high volume pizza manufacturing.  His responsibilities include dough and pizza innovations that stand in the forefront of the frozen pizza sector where he supports many major national brands across the United States and Canada.  An artisan pizza and bread maker by trade, Spizzirri was certified as a pizzaiolo by 12 time world pizza champion Tony Gemignani at the International School of Pizza and completed his studies at the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli in Venice, Italy under head master and world pizza champion Graziano Bertuzzo.  His work has been seen all over the world both as an international pizza competitor and as an instructor, where he is often treated as the authority in Chicago style pizza.  He resides in Carol Stream, Illinois with his wife Melisa and their daughters Angelina, Isabella, and Giada.





Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidla

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