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Nov 18, 2017

Jay Wong-

Jay Wong is a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor and host of The Inner Changemaker; rated #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes.


Jay’s mission is to create empowering media that summarizes all of these great lessons covered in on his show by other successful Changemakers, in hopes that these combined journeys will help business owners grow their business through online marketing and elevating their leadership.


With interviews from game-changing entrepreneurs such as Bob Proctor (The Secret (movie)) Sean Stephenson (American Therapist and top Motivational Speaker) Grant Cardone (Multi-millionaire and real estate mogul) and many other prominent names around the world, it's no surprise that his podcast has risen on top of the podcasting charts and is actively listened to in 123+ countries.


In October 2016, his podcast was even featured at Toronto Downtown’s busiest intersection, Yonge and Dundas square, highlighting the message of what can happen when you begin to tackle the seemingly impossible in life.


Personally driven to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world, Jay’s expectation is to use commerce to support entrepreneurs in finding their message and voice in the marketplace.


Jay regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world.

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Nov 18, 2017


Jim Padilla-

Jim Padilla: As founder of Gain the Edge, Jim has become known in the personal development, business coaching world as the go-to guy for all things sales team. He and his wife, Cyndi support top industry leaders to exponentially increase revenue in their on-line launches, back-of-room sales and high-ticket sales with their army of heart-centered sales rock-stars! 

Jim Padilla has created a strategic sales system designed for peak performance and a sales force to be reckoned with. Jim’s team completes 1000 sales conversations of all sizes shapes and colors per month! Gain the Edge is the secret weapon of choice. Jim’s unique, behind-the-scenes position gives him a vantage point few others have. This positioning allows Jim to keep his team and his clients on the cutting edge of sales conversions and strategies and ahead of the curve on trends. 

Jim has been an entrepreneur his entire life, he is certifiably not-hirable! He is passionate about winning. He coached his youngest daughter from age 4-18 in baseball, golf and basketball. Together, their relentless pursuit of excellence won Megan a full-ride basketball college scholarship. Jim and his wife Cyndi have three beautiful daughters and have survived two weddings this year...major accomplishment for Dad. 

Jim’s purpose is to believe in your visions so greatly help you give life to it take action on making it a reality. 

We are the go to source for outsourced sales for service-based entrepreneurs.



Get some great insights with our newest page focused on getting top results from your sales team.



We sprinted out of the gates in our first year of business to nearly $400k while on the way to $1Mil.  We grew too fast and almost lost it all.  Here are some of the lessons we learned along that journey.  http://bit.ly/gtemanifesto


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Nov 18, 2017

Alan Stein-

Alan Stein:I am Alan Stein Jr, a veteran leadership performance coach, corporate speaker, podcast host and social media influencer.

After playing college basketball I was inspired to help others to explore their peak performance potential on the court. I co-founded Elite Athlete Training Systems, Inc. in 2000 to provide cutting-edge, professional quality training to youth and high school aged players. I initially trained players one-on-one and in small groups, later progressing into running massive group workouts around the world. During this period, I successfully trained thousands of athletes.

I served as the Head Performance Coach for the basketball programs at the Montrose Christian School and DeMatha Catholic High School for 13 years. Additionally, I worked as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Nike Basketball Skills Academies and had a chance to observe and work with several NBA stars like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul and Steve Nash. I served in a similar capacity for the McDonald's All-American game, Jordan Brand Classic, NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp and the CP3 Elite Guard Camp.

I founded Stronger Team LLC in 2007 to exclusively teach the basic tenets of improving basketball-specific athleticism. I later merged my business with Pure Sweat Basketball in 2016.

I teach people to explore the possibility of possibilities and to control the controllables. I bring the same strategies that I use in training elite basketball players and coaches to CEOs and corporations to radically transform performance levels. In doing so I share the mindsets, rituals, routines, disciplines and habits of world-class performers and achievers with businesses.

These tools, concepts and strategies foster genuine leadership, authentic team cohesion and true mental toughness amongst team members inspiring them to take immediate action not only in the professional arena but also in every sphere of their lives.


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Nov 18, 2017

James Stephan-Usypchuk-

James Stephan-Usypchuk, a Montreal native, is the CEO and founder of the digital marketing agency JSU Solutions. What began as a small enterprise in 2012 has grown exponentially into an up-and-coming empire, earning James such nicknames as the “social media conversion scientist” and the “FacebookAds whisperer.”

With a background in Psychology and Communication Studies, James Stephan-Usypchuk,is an early adopter, quick to investigate the full potential of the latest communica- tions technologies and discover new opportunities for his clients. Through his innovative approach, he has created unique, successful strategies and given small brands the kind of marketing push usually reserved large enterprises. Since starting the company, James has become a sought-after consultant and speaker in addition to his daily role.

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Nov 18, 2017

Andre Abi Awad-


Andre Abi Awad: Founder Entreprenergy, First Arab Podcast interviewing Successful Arab Entrepreneurs, with the First Yearly Arab Summit connecting 1,000 Wantrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs to Leaders and Founders from different industries beside ICT.

During the past 9 years, visited 14 countries as a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Hustler, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, mainly in Arab Countries, about Entrepreneurship Mindset, Lean Methodology, Business Models, and Pitching.

Co-Founder of CoPro Space, a Co-Working Productive Space away from the capital, with services dedicated to grow the business of each community member, hosting the First Accelerator designed for Solopreneurs.


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Nov 18, 2017

Ben Fewtrell-

Ben Fewtrell, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MaxMyProfit and author of the Business ExcelerationTM Blueprint, is a sought-after advisor, keynote speaker and trainer. He has been featured in ‘Secrets of Top Business Builders Exposed’, Virgins in-flight magazine, Sky Business and many more. Ben is also the host of the popular Business Brain Food Podcast show where he interviews leading experts on anything and everything you need to know to help you build the business you imagined.

Having built several businesses from scratch, Ben knows a thing or two about getting a business off the ground. Ben’s presentations are always fun and educational and his Programs have helped many Business Owners help build the business they imagined.

Ben started his first business at the age of 18, he built it to be a multi-millions dollar business with 64 trucks on the road in just 4 years. As impressive as it sounds, Ben was working ridiculous long hours and not making any money! By the age of 28 he was over it, and just knew there had to be a better way.

After selling his transport company, Ben decided to pursue his passion for business and spent many years and tens of thousands of dollars learning what it takes to build a successful business. This led Ben to personally mentoring and coaching hundreds of business owners in dozens of industries, building his own multi-million dollar business in the process.

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Nov 18, 2017

Anthony Maggio-

Anthony Maggio is a professional communicator with a diverse and unique background. His broadcast journalism education took him into the sports reporting business both full- and part-time for five years before he changed course and entered the advertising and marketing field. He’s held copywriter, senior copywriter, creative manager and associate creative director positions at multiple agencies, and currently works primarily on Clorox and Nestlé Health Science as a senior copywriter at Catapult Marketing.


But he couldn’t leave sports behind for good, and is now in his sixth season hosting a fantasy football show for 1500 ESPN in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It began as a Sunday morning radio program and evolved into what is now The Fantasy Football Party podcast with co-hosts Bo Mitchell and John Tuvey.

Fantasy Football Party Podcast


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Nov 16, 2017

Susan Ermisch-

Susan Ermisch solves problems and improves processes impacting productivity. Approaching every project with a collaborative mindset, she identifies areas of improvement, effectively creates team synergy, and implements successful solutions. She creatively advises, leads, and facilitates change within corporate environments.

With more than 30 years of training and management experience, Susan’s ability to quickly connect with all levels in an organization and synthesize key concepts and work environments is unparalleled. Expertise in the following areas:

• Operational Management • Client Relationship Management
• Strategic Planning • Automated Systems and Procedures
• Call Center Day-to-Day Management • Management Development
• Program Implementation • Process Redesign
• Vendor Relationship Management • Contract Negotiations
• Organizational Reengineering • Training Development and Delivery

The Best Boss Podcast is about encouraging and empowering people to become better bosses, treat each other with respect, handle conflict, and celebrate success.

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Nov 16, 2017

Karyn Beach-


Karyn Beach is a learning and Development professional with over 15 years experience. For the first ten years in the field, I worked as a training lead and training facilitator, providing instruction in front of the class. During this time, I achieved consistently high evaluations.
After a decade I transitioned into instructional design, where I used a variety of applications (Captivate, WebEx, WordPress, Word, PowerPoint and various Internet tools) to create courseware and assessments that both met the needs of management and subject matter experts while also helping students remain engaged and retain information.

Karyn Beach is podcast host of the podcastFun. Feisty. Fabulous! is the source for 40+ professional women to strive, thrive and just enjoy being alive! Though the blog, podcast and eCourses, Triple F goes further than the usual dating and beauty sites and blogs to actually provide substantive information and entertainment.

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Nov 16, 2017

Gail Ward-

Gail Ward:Trinidadian born Gail Ward is no stranger to change and taking risks.  She takes a “novel” approach to life, art and work.  “My parents always said life should read like a novel…no one wants to read one chapter…make it interesting!”  Interesting it has been indeed!

Gail is creative to her core and has used that creativity to the maximum from her beginning.  She was born a dancer and fine-tuned that talent by studying dance performance and education at the famed Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York.  Her passion for dance as a means of storytelling lead her to expand her talents to include choreography, acting & writing to create more three-dimensional story-based multimedia performance pieces.   Working with other like-minded artists, Gail has been able to create and showcase her own work at various multidiscipline venues such as the DIA Arts Center, BAM, PS122 and the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies to name a few.  In creating her own work and performances she was able to hone her organizational and production skills that moving forward came in more than handy. 

Gail was able to take her creativity merged with well-oiled organizational skills and write a new chapter working in the Music Industry.   Beginning in the vibrant A&R Department at Sony Music/Epic Records she cut her teeth working on recording and developing artists such as multiplatinum selling Celine DionGloria EstefanSadeLiving ColourPearl Jam and legendary artist Michael Jackson to name a few.  The stint at Epic opened the doors to her working with many artists and companies both small and large in many different capacities.  Some of her past positions have included Artist Development at DV8/A&M RecordsArtist Management @ Levin Management, A&R Administration & Production Management at Artemis/V2 Records.  She is also versed at organizing and running Live & Taped Shows, Special Events and Tours for artist Working with companies and venues such as SIRIUSXM, BET, MTV, Madison Square Garden, The House of Blues, The Cutting Room and more.

When the tide of the Music Industry changed; like many, Gail was looking for new opportunities to broaden and utilize her skill set. A chance encounter with an old friend and colleague led to another chapter in her book of life and she was recruited to Project Manage high profile Domestic and International Special Events for a Broadcast Television Company.  Some of those events have included, The Beijing and London Summer Olympics, The Royal WeddingThe World Cup in South Africa, Vancouver Winter Olympics, The Beijing Summer Olympics, The Oscars and The US Presidential Elections.

What’s next?  She’s still “writing”!  Gail has added visual artists to her bag of tricks and is in the process of launching LRH Productions aka “Little Red Hen” Productions, a multimedia production and creative consulting company. With LRH she intends to merge all her skills and challenge herself to bring it all to another level.

 “No limitations! I intend to continue to evolve, expand, educate and contribute the best I have to give and when all is said and done hope my book of life makes for a really fantastic read!”



Photo credit: 
Teresa Pyskaty

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Nov 14, 2017

Monique AJ Smith-

Monique AJ Smith, a Higher Education veteran of 27 years, launched her consulting business Seeds of Empowerment ® LLC full-time March 2013. Smith has been conducting workshops for youth, women, educational and corporate organizations as well as senior citizens since 2005. Most recently the B.O.S.S. Network has listed Seeds of Empowerment® as one 50 business  to watch.

  For more than 16 years she has provided consultation on Title IX, NCAA compliance, and rules education as well as served on several NCAA Committees.  For 2 years she served the NCAA Leadership Development Department by conducting campus and conference workshops for student-athletes and athletic administrators. Topics for student-athletes have been DiSC, Step-Up Bystander Intervention, Networking, and Emotional Intelligence.  Staff Retreats ranged from half-day DiSC assessments to full day retreats on How to rejuvenateyour staff and to How to Reach and Repeat Success.

Smith is an accomplished Sports Management Professional with a13 year tenure as athletic conference executive for the historic Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). She also served in various athletic administrative roles on the campuses of Saint Paul’s College and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore within a ten year period. Currently, Smith is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and Hampton University.   

In addition, Monique host the nationally recoginized  weekly podcast "A Chat in the Garden with Monique A.J. Smith" where women in Higher Ed, specifically Athletic Administration are spotlighted. The listener base has grown to 640 member private Facebook  community where topics such as Depression for the High Achiever, How to become an AthleticPreneur and Women's Reproductive Health are discussed with Experts in the former of webinars. Monique likes to say, "the Garden identifies the need and I go out find resources to feed that need"

With the understanding that knowledge is the key to success, Smith customizes her presentations to provide clients with leadership tools to prepare them to make informed decisions. Monique has dedicated her life to marketing the success of others, developing opportunities for the underrepresented and influencing decision makers to embrace diversity and inclusion. These actions have led to extraordinary opportunities to facilitator change and see strives in the development of others.

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Nov 14, 2017

Tony Curl-

Tony Curl -With 30 years of retail operational leadership experience, Tony is well placed to guide you in your business and leadership goals. A leader of large teams (up to 300 team members) and high revenue (up to $300 million) Tony’s experience is now providing dividends for the businesses that he now works with.

Since launching his own business in 2013, Tony has worked with over a hundred businesses in helping them execute their plans and strategies and to guide them through the rough stage of starting and/or growing their business.

Before founding Think and Grow Business, Tony Curl was a senior Area Manager leader at Coles, and prior to that was a Complex Manager at Bunnings Warehouse. One of his best achievements was on rebuilding the Rocklea Bunnings Warehouse with his amazing team, after the January 2011 floods saw up to 3m of water go through it. The store re-opened just three months later, after removing all of the stock and the fittings, rebuilding and refitting and refilling the store. He attributes this feat to an amazing team and a supportive business culture, and he describes it as an honour to lead that team and achieve what they did.

Tony is a rugby league tragic, coaching teams in juniors and seniors for many years. He is a St. George-Illawarra Dragons member, as well as a Brisbane Broncos member, and attends their home games with his wife and two adult age children.

Tony published his first book in September 2016, with “Seriously Simple Stuff to Get You Unstuck” reaching as high as number 5 on the Australian Amazon chart in the Personal Growth and Inspiration category.


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Nov 14, 2017


Anthony Polanco-

Anthony Polanco is a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Visalia, California. 

Anthony is the CEO of Clientsplash Advanced Social Media Marketing Agency and owner of spiritual lifestyle brand and podcast GodXP.

At age 11 Anthony became a Christian missionary. He traveled all over the world preaching the gospel of Jesus and delivering humanitarian efforts to homeless children.

He continued this lifestyle throughout his teenage years.

At age 15 Anthony began performing heavy rock music as a singer and bass guitar player, touring the united states with several young groups.

From 19 to 23 Anthony made a living as a hairstylist in central California in between bouts of musical tours. 

His strong will and free spirit that lead him to live such an adventurous lifestyle eventually caught up with him, as he publicly addressed his struggle with depression in 2014 at age 23. 

Anthony contributes his entrepreneurial success and self-understanding to the efforts he took to recover from his depression.

Through therapy, kundalini yoga meditation, psychedelic drug experimentation, and a voracious appetite for reading books on self-help, success, and psychology,

Anthony reprogrammed his brain and focused his efforts on building his own business around his strengths outside of music. 

Anthony uses social media to share his philosophies on mental health, business, lifestyle success, and spirituality.

He also hosts the GodXP Podcast - a talk show about self-realization, spiritual empowerment, and lifestyle optimization.

Anthony is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner and continues his lifestyle of kundalini yoga and self-improvement through reading and mentorships.

Find out more about Anthony Polanco from his daily vlog on Youtube: AntPTV or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @AntPStyle.

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Nov 14, 2017

Christopher Tyler-

Christopher Tyler is a sports podcaster and journalist, covering the NBA and college basketball for websites including Hashtag Basketball and ESPN Australia. After spending the last five years working as a producer, panel operator and on-air contributor at Australia’s only 24-hour sports radio station, he has recently moved to the United States to study and gain experience in the American sports media industry. You can follow Chris on social media here:


Twitter: @ChristosTyler

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-tyler/

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Nov 14, 2017

Patrick Adams-  

Patrick Adams was born to American parents in Beirut, Lebanon. His love of travel likely started on his first flight when he was four days old. He grew up in exotic locations like Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Las Palmas, Canary Islands in his early formative years. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993 with a degree in Travel and Tourism. His debut children's travel adventure, Lisa Goes to England, was released in May 2015. The story was inspired by his own children and especially his daughter Holly's vast imagination and love of her stuffed animals. England was the first of many travel adventures, followed by France and Australia. Each story will feature exploration, mischief and magic in the most enchanting places around the world. 

A new series debuted in February 2017, featuring his daughter, Rhythm, and the first book taught young children about the world of music. The second book, Rhythm's Fantastic Friends!, highlights special people in the life of a child, especially Rhythm. Rhythm has been battling a rare form of epilepsy called Infantile Spasms, and her books are dedicated to all children and families dealing with this insidious form of epilepsy. 

As the owner of Patrick Adams Books, LLC, Patrick is dedicated not only to publishing his own books, but helping other independent authors achieve their dream of seeing their books come to life and getting published. On a personal note, Patrick has traveled to 40 countries so far and counting. Combining his love of travel with the imagination and inspiration of his own children, he couldn't help but bring these children's adventure stories to life.





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Nov 14, 2017

Peter Fornatale-

Peter Fornatale:I'm the host of the DRF Players' Podcast, a horse racing show. I work in the horse racing industry for Daily Racing Form, analyzing races and also cover horse racing tournaments, where players compete against each other like the World Series of Poker. I have a book coming out, Betting With An Edge, that's a collaboration with a professional horse bettor.


I'm also very interested in food and spirits. My last book, Brooklyn Spirits, was all about the craft distilling and cocktail scene in my home borough. I also really like beer and DIY food projects (I can tomatoes, make hot sauce and bitters, etc).


My father, since passed away, was a famous rock DJ in NY from the 60s til his passing in 2012. I grew up around and love music, especially rock and roll. I am an avid vinyl collector. I'm basically reconstructing his old record collection.


I have a wife and 4 year old daughter.


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Nov 12, 2017

Peter Fritz-

Peter Fritz is a 49-year-old writer, photographer, podcaster, Web designer and online entrepreneur. He runs a site called Midlife Tribe and a podcast called Midlife Mastery. Together, they inspire us to avoid (or crush) a midlife crisis so we can get on with reinventing ourselves and enjoying more freedom, purpose and authenticity in our lives.

Peter delivers a blunt assessment of the issues, obstacles and opportunities mid- lifers face, from basic money worries to not having enough time, right through to the dreaded midlife crisis. Using real-life stories of failure, triumph and field-tested ideas, he offers a guiding hand, a touch of wisdom, and the occasional kick in the butt - all with the noble objective of helping us to master our time, our money and our life.

Launching his first business at the age of eight (making and selling letter openers fashioned from six inch nails), he learned to drive a year later and was busy designing his ideal life well before leaving school (leaving midway through class as it turned out). He sought financial independence and a solopreneur lifestyle but some brutal lessons (of the financial kind) and two divorces almost destroyed his dream.

He eventually made it through his own midlife crisis and his practical insights and usable tips now resonate with men and women everywhere, as they blaze their own trail to a better life. As Peter says, “Our time is right now, and if you’ve just hit your middle years, this, believe it or not, is the very best time to make your life exactly the way you want it!”


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Nov 12, 2017

Andy Renk-

Andy Renk is an American Entrepreneur who has spent the past 25 years building online brands and helping small businesses and start-up create digital marketing platforms that drive leads, loyalty and sales.

In 1995, he pioneered e-commerce in the Audio Visual industry by founding ProjectorSuperstore.com. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of PeetieSocial.com a social media management service and PetForce5.com which uses social media to help find lost pets. 

He has recently launched a done-for-you service called LeadRocket to help businesses at least double their leads without excessive cost or tech overwhelm.

Andy is also the co-host of the Apple iTunes podcast, The Business Marketing Insider. Andy and his co-host, Tom Trush, discuss tips and topics that will give entrepreneurs and small business the latest information on what’s working to increase leads and sales.

Andy holds an engineering degree from Iowa State University and an MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

If you'd like to transform your website from a brochure to a lead generation machine, grab the Website Transformation Cheatsheet and Video at andyrenk.com/cheatsheet

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Nov 12, 2017

Sean Piket-

Sean Piket has over 24 years of experience in sales, sales management, entrepreneurship and business operations primarily at emerging-growth IT services firms ranging from start-ups to mid-market national systems integrators prior to launching Sales Integrity in 2004 as its Founder & CEO.

For the last 13 years Sean has coached and trained several thousand sales professionals and consulted with over 200 companies with a complex technical B2B sale to help them generate more leads, close more business and earn more money. Sean’s primary areas of expertise include creating, building and improving sales operations and improving individual selling effectiveness, efficiency and productivity through the implementation of sales coaching services, sales process automation solutions, and sales talent acquisition and development strategies and programs.

Through his Prospecting On Purpose™ training workshop, online course and coaching program Sean helps B2B sales professionals earn an additional $25K, $50K and even $100K in annual income by teaching them to generate a predictable steady flow of qualified leads on a monthly basis following his purpose-driven approach.
Sean has created leverage-able sales models, sales processes, and a sales methodology to aid him in the process of helping his clients achieve tangible business benefits and quantifiable sales growth results. Examples include the Sales Achievement Framework™ selling system and associated coaching curriculum for sales professionals, the Sales Management Framework™ sales management system and associated coaching curriculum for sales managers, and the Sales Infrastructure Framework™ blueprint for sales operations growth and success. Through Sean’s efforts he helps his clients increase sales between 10-25% annually, on average, and helps the individual sales professionals he personally coaches collectively generate well over $100M in annual technology sales.

Sean is the past-President and former Chairman of the Board of the Dallas affiliate of Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the world’s largest association of sales and marketing management professionals. Sean is also the Co-founder of the national IT Roundtable association and sits on the DFW IT Roundtable board as Vice-Chairman in Dallas, Texas. Sean hosts the popular weekly Sales Integrity Podcast show and is currently writing a book titled Prospecting On Purpose™, due to be published in the Fall of 2017.

Away from the Office:
Sean is a former collegiate football player who enjoys regularly working out and is a fan of college and professional football, basketball and baseball. Sean is a consistent weekly listener of podcasts and an avid reader of books with both modes of learning focused on the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development, psychology, social technologies, and sales & marketing. Sean enjoys live, acoustical music and is a Parrothead (a.k.a. Jimmy Buffet fan), as evidenced by attending 14 years of Jimmy Buffet concerts in six different venues across four different states. Sean and his wife, Donna, make their home in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas, Texas with their 1 year old daughter, Sophiana, and their yellow lab dog, Jake. Donna is a Language Services Specialist for Texas Health Resources at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, in Dallas, Texas.
Free offer: Sean is prepared to provide a free 7-day video email course titles “7 Steps to Master the Game Complex of Technical Selling”.
Social Media
Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanpiket     
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/salesintegrity
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seanpiket/
You can find out more information about Sean by visiting his website at http://www.salesintegrity.com

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Nov 12, 2017

Yvonne Heath-

Yvonne Heath is married to her best friend Geordie, has three amazing children and is loving life in beautiful Muskoka, Canada.

A registered nurse since 1988, she has worked in the US and Canada in emergency, intensive care, delivery, chemotherapy, palliative care and hospice.

Yvonne became disheartened by our society’s reluctance to talk about, plan and prepare for grief, causing excessive suffering personally and professionally. She suffered too, not knowing how to do it differently.
At age 50, she took a leap of faith, blazed a new trail to help create a culture of change.

She became and author and Inspirational Speaker and shares her message with heart and humour as a Keynote Speaker, consultant, TV host, radio host and through social media. She has been featured in several books, newspapers and magazines, including Zoomer and Hospital News.

Her book, Love Your Life to Death, is life-changing.
She is travelling, creating change and helping non-profit organizations

along the way.
Yvonne is also excited to share the—

I Just Showed Up Movement: teaching people of all ages
to show up for themselves and others, so they are empowered and resilient when grief arrives.


Nov 12, 2017

Luci Lampe is a mom of 4, author of “Achieving Sexy: Redefining Your Momlife & Mombod,” and founder of the Sexy Mama Movement. She supports moms in turning overwhelm into freedom, and coaches high-performing career moms in creating their sexiest lives. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, CBS, and Fox.

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Nov 12, 2017

Ahyiana Angel-

Ahyiana Angel is an author and the Switch, Pivot or Quit podcast host, affectionately known to many as the Chief Encourager. However, by design, Ahyiana is a creator. Creator of a buzz worthy jewelry line featured by Vogue magazine and worn by Pop Icon Beyoncé, creator of a debut novel worthy of traditional publishing, and creator of a stellar career in publicity having worked with one of the top sports entertainment leagues, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ultimately, one of her proudest accomplishments is creating an environment where others find encouragement as a result of her positive energy, skill, and fearless attitude. 


Ahyiana is a seasoned executor who eventually blocked out the world’s ideas of success, quit her highly coveted position at the NBA, moved to London and traveled the world for a stint, then followed her passion in writing to find her purpose in encouragement. Mastering the art of note-worthy ideation, Ahyiana taps into her more than 12 years of professional business marketing experience to lend her thoughts on professional development, digital marketing, contemporary brand styling, personal development and more.


In addition to her extensive professional background, Ahyiana has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University, Long Beach. 


She has been featured on Essence.com, xoJane.com, LifeHacker.com, Ebony.com, ForHarriet.com and Travel Noire among others. 


This girl loves traveling. From frolicking in the Caribbean sands to embarking on new cultural adventures in Morocco, Ahyiana lives for exploration.

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Nov 12, 2017

James Woosley-

James Woosley is an underachiever—only because he’s constantly expanding his potential by doing something amazing then immediately striving for more—knowing that his mind, body, and spirit have been stretched to a new level of possibilities.

As a business coach, consultant, publisher, and project manager, James helps people and organizations move ideas from the dreaming and planning stages to full implementation. He sets goals, plans strategically, and makes things happen...for himself and those around him. He is the author of Conquer the Entrepreneur's Kryptonite: Simple Strategic Planning for You and Your Business and Challenge Accepted!: A Simple Strategy for Living Life on Purpose.

Beyond serving his clients, writing and publishing books, participating as a newcomer to athletic events (Spartan Races, charity bicycle rides, running for no good reason), sitting on the board of education in his hometown and on the executive committee for the state school board association, James is a dedicated husband to his high school sweetheart, Heather, and a doting father to his children, Anna and Ian.


  • Computer Systems Officer, United States Air Force, 1996 – 2001

  • Project Management/Information Systems Consultant, 2001 – 2014

  • Founder/Managing Director, Woosley Coaching, 2009 – present

  • Founder/Owner, Free Agent Press, 2013 – present

  • Project Management Director/IT Manager, Mission Mercantile, 2015 – present

  • Professor, Free Agent Academy, 2010 – 2014

  • Advisory Board, 90Revolutions.com, 2013 – Present

    Education and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science; Creighton University, Omaha, NE; 1996

  • Project Management Professional (PMP); Project Management Institute; 2004

  • Instructor, BearingPoint Education Programs at the Yale University School of

    Management, 2008

  • Certified Facilitator, 48 Days to the Work You Love Workshop, 2009

  • Certified Facilitator, StratOp (Strategic Operations Planning via the Paterson Center),


    Community Service:

  • Satsuma City Board of Education, 2011 – Present

  • Vice President, Alabama Association of School Boards, 2015 – Present 

  • Board of Directors (District 1), 2012 – 2015



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Nov 12, 2017

Bonnie Groessl-

Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is a holistic nurse practitioner, best-selling author, international podcaster and success coach. She is recognized as an expert in helping people attain their goals by focusing on clarity, mindset and identifying the most effective ways to achieve desired outcomes. 


Bonnie works with holistic-minded individuals to become successful entrepreneurs by creating a comprehensive online presence that reaches people around the world.  


Clients discover how to share their message and build a business from their podcast and through publishing opportunities. Bonnie and her husband, Mike, own and operate M&B Global Solutions Inc., a publishing company that specializes in assisting people through the process of becoming a published author.


For more information visit http://bonniegroessl.com/

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Nov 12, 2017


Amanda Marks -

Amanda Marks is a quirky and endearing comedian, content creator, and mom who grew up Jewish in Alabama. Now residing in Atlanta, Amanda performs stand-up comedy and MCs events throughout the Southeast as well as for private events.  She co-hosts/produces Sis & Tell voted 'best local podcast' for Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2017. Listen at sisandtell.com 

Marks' TV credits include work for Adult Swim's live-action pilot Stiff, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies,  and as a guest on FishCenter Live. She also is the on-camera host for The Real Yellow Pages "Man on the Street" video series.

When Amanda isn't doing comedy, you can find her rapping the Beastie Boys in her minivan or preparing a 7-course meal from the snack items she finds on its floorboards.  Watch her web series "Mom Cam in the Minivan" on Facebook.com/mallofamanda.

Website links:
SisandTell.com (podcast)
MallofAmanda.com (comedy site)

Listen to another #12minconvo

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