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Mar 16, 2018

Patty Dominguez-

Hello, I am Patty Dominguez.


I'm an enthusiastic seasoned professional with a successful track record and expertise in business strategy, coaching and consulting.

I have worked with Fortune 50 to startups to helping solopreneurs build a footprint online and offline.

Whether it's helping my clients craft their unique brand story and "zag" while everyone else is zigging or helping them automate to scale their business, building a strategic foundation is essential to build a profitable, relevant and meaningful business.

How can I help you?

Quite often I hear, "Marketing is so confusing..." I get it, but the truth we can't afford to ignore it. Especially, where best practices in marketing have an online component and that's just growing every day...

If you are seeking guidance with any/all of the following, Let's connect::

✔ Business Growth Strategy
✔ Branding / Re-Branding
✔ Online Marketing / Digital Marketing Strategy
✔ PPC, Online Ads
✔ Funnel Marketing
✔ Go to Market Strategy
✔ Onsite Training
✔ Keynote Speaking


I am a Business Growth Strategist, bringing my long tenure of Fortune 50 and Consulting experience, having managed just under a billion USD in spend over my twenty years in Corporate, bringing you strategies that work.

I am passionate and driven to inspire my clients to discover their uniqueness in the marketplace, leverage strategies for their business growth so they can establish a strong value proposition, increased revenues and better position in their niche.


Coachable forward-thinking business owners & entrepreneurs
and the SMB market ($5mm+ revenues), who are looking to leverage digital marketing for business growth.

You can find me over at http://pattydominguez.com
Schedule a virtual coffee chat with me at patty(@)pattydominguez.com
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Mar 16, 2018

Nick Cain-

Being ever creative, Nick Cain finds his role within the arts and society an engaging and multi-faceted one.

Heralding from country Victoria, his strong performance background has found him co-leading an iconic Melbourne theatre restaurant cast and sweeping up theatrical awards for his work in other jaunts on stage, including 'player with most potential' in Totally Wasted at Ballarat One-Act Play Festival. 


His diary has been booked over the last few years with regular guest spots on Channel Eleven's Neighbours as 'Alistair Hall', ABC's Utopia - Series 2 as 'Terry', Seven's Home and Away as 'Officer Thompson' and Triple Zero Heroes as the troubled youngster, 'Chris'.


His latest theatre production featured 5-star reviews for his work at 'Laurence' in Q44 Theatre Companies production of Shining City. While his latest foray into feature-length film as the co-lead 'Dom Hardy' in the harrowing drama 

After The End is due for cinematic release early 2018. 


Nick has built a solid reputation as a hard-working and truthful performer, as well as featuring in multiple national adverts for Hungry Jacks, ANZ, and MYOB, and honing his presentation skills for TV Pilot Who Said We Can't?,  The Australian Defense Force, IBM, Disney Australia and the inaugural Pause Festival. He has lent his voice to hosting a radio show for KISSFM Australia and hosting a popular podcast based on Australian storytellers called The Act of Storytelling.


Nick is a trusted creative producer to some of the countries most influential product brands with his role as a Freelance Creative Producer. He works with agencies such as Jack Morton Worldwide, Bunch, Precinct and Seamless Events alongside others to proudly deliver inspiration and exceptional film and event experiences to clients such as BP, CBA, Telstra, Commonwealth Games, Sydney University, Schweppes and CUB to name but a few.


Having training amongst Australia's illustrious coaches, Nick travelled to Los Angeles in early 2012 to study personally with his acting gurus Ivana Chubbuck and Howard Fine, who are both renowned for their work with the top echelon of Hollywood's talent. Nick continues his ongoing performance training at the highly regarded Q44 Acting Studio in Melbourne and Sydney Actors Collective in Sydney. 


Nick is extremely passionate about continuing his work across a gamut of social and artistic arenas, and he continues to foster a strong relationship with his boutique acting management, Expression Arts Management, for further success into the future.

A little bit more about me can be found on my website at www.nickcain.net

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Mar 16, 2018

Steven Fox-

Steven Fox is a Certified Financial Planner and the founder of Next Gen Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm in San Diego serving young professionals who want to learn how to use money as a tool to balance today’s pressing needs with tomorrow’s dreams. Steven is a member of both the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and the XY Planning Network, and is currently the President-elect of the San Diego chapter of the Financial Planning Association. Pro-bono efforts to give back include serving as Treasurer and other functions for the non-profit Financial Independence Training, which provides financial literacy training to active-duty military members. 
Prior to starting Next Gen Financial Planning, Steven served over 8 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. After separating with an honorable discharge, he attended San Diego State University where he graduated with honors while earning a bachelors degree in financial services, a certificate in personal financial planning, and a minor in entrepreneurship. He has also held positions with several other financial planning firms.
Website: www.NextGenFinancialPlanning.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenfox3


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Mar 16, 2018

Gary Stuart-

Gary Stuart, Speaker, Author, Constellation Facilitator, Teacher has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades.

He conducts weekly workshops in LA, facilitate in major cities in the US, and offer Distance Constellation Healing sessions globally.

His passion is to help people heal and resolve lifelong negative patterns that stop them from living the life they were meant to live. He never loses sight in connecting people with their happiness and fulfillment on every desired level.

Having worked in the healing arts for over 30 years, he’s facilitated over 10,000 Family Constellations helping over 100,000 attendees.

His experience has put him on the cutting edge, applying his skills and techniques to expand consciousness and resolve lifelong challenges, stagnation, and breaking negative family patterns.

His current Books include: “Master YOUR Universe: How to Direct and Star in YOUR own Life!” Which speaks to the dysfunctional Family Movie you’re trapped in. Living in your parents’ sequel is a choice!

He also conducts weekly workshops in LA, facilitate in major cities in the US, and offer Distance Constellation Healing sessions globally.

His passion is to help people heal and resolve lifelong negative patterns that stop them from living the life they were meant to live. He never loses sight in connecting people with their happiness and fulfillment on every desired level.

Test YOUR Happiness: http://www.testyourhappiness.com

I love doing TV and Radio: www.GaryStuartPressKit.com

I’m happy to connect on LinkedIN, please send me a shout

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Mar 16, 2018

Thomas Kutzman-

Thomas Kutzman is a real estate tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Prevu, the startup on a mission to save people money when they buy or sell a home. Prevu's industry-leading Smart Buyer™ rebate makes it possible for homebuyers in New York City to receive a cash-back, commission rebate of up to 2% of their purchase price with a seamless, end-to-end buying experience and the expert advice of a dedicated, salaried agent. Sellers see significant savings as well with Prevu’s Smart Seller™ fair, full-service listing commission.

In order to elevate discussion around the important technological innovations taking place in the real estate industry, Thomas lead the effort to develop a podcast entitled “Real Estate Is Your Business” in partnership with MouthMedia Network™and serves as one of the podcast's co-hosts. During weekly conversations, Thomas and his co-host discuss transformative topics with the innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders at the forefront of the modernization of the real estate industry. Episodes of “Real Estate Is Your Business” are available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.
Prior to his roles as an entrepreneur and thought leader in the real estate technology industry, Thomas spent over a decade in financial markets and has broad experience investing in public technology companies at asset management firms and top-tier investment banks. This experience was global including opportunities at elite firms such as SAC Capital, JPMorgan, and Citigroup in the United States, as well as Jabre Capital Partners in Switzerland. Thomas holds a BS in Finance & Accounting from New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business.
Outside of the professional arena, Thomas has been dedicated to charitable giving in areas of education, ending child poverty, and pancreatic cancer research. Combining an interest in supporting education and encouragement of careers in technology, he is a supporter of a new, Austin-based charity named Code2College that is focused on dramatically increasing the number of girls, under-represented students of color, and low-income students who enter STEM undergraduate programs and careers. In addition to this, Thomas has been a regular donor for more than ten years to Children International and The Lustgarten Foundation.
Links to learn more about Prevu & “Real Estate Is Your Business"
Prevu Smart Buyer™ Rebates: http://www.prevuapp.com/buyer
“Real Estate Is Your Business” podcast website: http://www.realestateisyourbusiness.com
“Real Estate Is Your Business” episodes on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/real-estate-is-your-business-real-estate-technology/id1318995625

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Mar 16, 2018

Lauren Frontiera-

Lauren Frontiera is the creator of The Real Female Entrepreneur, an online platform + podcast that combines the power of authentic, honest conversation and media to inspire, include, and empower female entrepreneurs. When she's working you can find her at a coffee shop, decaf latte in hand. And when she's not, you can find her somewhere with a book in hand and chocolate nearby. Find more at: www.therealfemaleentrepreneur.com

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Mar 16, 2018

Olise Atenaga-

Olise Atenaga is the co-founder of Giang Solutions, a talent acquisition company, and host of the Blazers’ Den Podcast where he speaks with leaders from healthcare, finance, education, media, personal development, and beyond about their professional journey to provide motivation, direction, and encouragement to today's leaders and the next generation of leaders. Each day, these trailblazing leaders are making a difference in the lives of the people they work with, the organizations they represent and the people they serve.

He has worked with politicians, Board of Directors, executive officers, management teams and people at all levels of public and private sector organizations in the United Kingdom and United States, and brings a resourceful, positive and collaborative approach to successfully matching the right people with the right organizations.

You can connect with him at:

Giang Solutions

Blazers’ Den


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Mar 16, 2018

Lori Rochino-

Lori Rochino struggle with clutter, overwhelm and information overload led her to the declutter coaching and productivity world where she aims to use the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) in almost everything she does. She is the the author of Fifty Shades of Simple: How to Prioritize in the Age of Information Overload. Her professional background is in marketing communications in financial services and startups. Her work has appeared in both national (SUCCESS, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine) and local (Philadelphia Style Magazine, Wyomissing Neighbors Magazine and Examiner) outlets.

She is the host of Simply Designed Life Podcast, created to serve mostly entrepreneurial women who want to simplify their busy lives in order to make room for the things that really matter. The show includes inspiration, motivation and everyday tips to help us live according to our values and purpose so we can truly thrive and help others thrive as well. The show seeks to provide coverage from amazing entrepreneurs, creatives, world travelers, and game changers with platforms both big and small. Visit and “like” the Simply Designed Life Podcast Facebook Page. Connect with her @LoriRochino on Twitter and Instagram. Visit lorirochino.com and subscribe to her newsletter for weekly updates and free Simply Designed Life E-Course, 4-Day Kickstarter to Zen-Like Productive Habits!


Simply Designed Life Podcast:
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Mar 16, 2018

Hey, what's up! I'm T Paul Buzan. I am a direct response copywriter who specializes in email marketing, video sales letter scripts, online sales letters, and complete sales funnels.

My clients include Perfect Origins, Advanced Bionutritionals, BullsEye Telecom, Bryxen Software, The Draw Shop, SEO National, Activation Products, and many others.

I'm mentored by Parris Lampropoulos, one of the world's top direct response copywriters.

When I'm not writing copy for my clients you'll find me hanging out with my wife at one of our (many) favorite cafes in Kansas City, MO.

Would you like to find out how I can help your company increase sales?

Let's chat!

Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation at paul@dotoricopywriting.com

Or visit me online at: www.dotoricopywriting.com

Also I'm the dude behind Just Add Hustle. On this blog & podcast I interview brilliant copywriters, authors, publishers, and freelance writers who teach YOU how to make more money writing! Click To Learn How JAH Can Help You.

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Mar 16, 2018

Dr Keith E B Chawgo-

Dr Keith E B Chawgo was born and raised in the Canadian/American border in the town of Sackets Harbour, NY.  


He started university at Potsdam State and finished off his two PhD in Criminal Psychiatry and Journalism at Tulsa University.  He moved to London to work for a leading government agency.  


He currently works at a leading teaching hospital in Hampstead, UK and previously ran MB Literary Agency representing novelist.  He loves what he does and is very passionate about the talent that he represented.  


He currently lives in North London with Isaac and a cat named Boo.


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Mar 16, 2018

Julie Cusmariu- 

Julie Cusmariu is an intuitive consultant, certified life coach, certified mentor coach, speaker and internet radio host. She supports individuals worldwide in connecting to their intuition to live a more meaningful, peaceful and purposeful life. She supports individuals in all areas related to relationships, career, personal development, leadership, and life transitions, individuals interested in both personal and global transformation and peace. Individuals who work with Julie experience greater clarity, better decision making skills, increased confidence, a deep knowing of what they want, vitality & well-being. Julie also works with leaders in organizations to leverage their intuition for success, innovation and work-life balance.

Julie is the Creator, Producer and Host of Heart Beat internet radio. Heart Beat engages individuals interested in the creativity, inspiration and passion of their own lives and the lives of our global community. Heart Beat features Julie in conversation with luminaries and pioneers in science, psychology, healing, transformation and consciousness. Guests include Gangaji, Byron Katie, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Judith Orloff, Sheva Carr, James O'Dea, Dacher Keltner, AndrewHarvey, Babara Marx Hubbard and more

Specialties: life coaching, intuition, mentoring, consulting, speaking, meditation, radio hosting, producing, creating, broadcasting, blogging, heart-based living, learning, mindfulness, spirituality


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Mar 16, 2018


JD GERSHBEIN is a speaker, consultant, facilitator, broadcaster, producer, writer, and self-styled “professional edutainer,” who is blazing a trail as one of the most original personalities in new media. Since transitioning away from a traditional marketing practice in 2006, he has established himself as a mentor and positive role model to professionals in all walks of business who strive for excellence in The Digital Age. His multidisciplinary approach to thought leadership blends neuroscience, psychology, and the humanities, and affords his audiences with valuable insights into how personal branding drives decision making and shapes our destiny in business.

An early adopter of the social networks, JD quickly rose to prominence as a LinkedIn strategist. He was one of first in the world to offer LinkedIn profile writing as a service, provide LinkedIn training to companies, and teach social media marketing at the graduate school level. He has pioneered new modes of brand storytelling, content marketing, and community management, which comprise his THREE PILLARS OF THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. Those who retain JD will gain clarity on their professional value, develop an appealing and memorable brand, generate more economic opportunities, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in their industries and markets.

Leveraging his training in improvisational comedy at Second City, and his many years in broadcast media, JD has emerged as an eminent speaker of unquestionable authenticity. Having fashioned his own inimitable style in communicating the value of social media, he is known for staging unique, interactive learning experiences that provoke thought and catalyze action. He brings candor, humor, and emotional intelligence to his keynotes, breakouts, and as the host of his own live events and online TV show. As the social platforms continue on a path of change, JD will be there, fine-tuning his content and helping mold the next generation of thought leaders.

OFFICIAL HASHTAG: #thebigbantershow
FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/groups/thebigbanter
INSTAGRAM: @thebigbanter
TWITTER: @bigbantershow
My LinkedIn

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Mar 16, 2018

Christina Marlett-

Christina Marlett, BKin, BMT, believes that women have the power to change the world, but first they must address the fact that they need to take charge of their own lives, starting with self-care that goes beyond bubble baths, chocolate and wine. 

Christina teaches over-achieving leaders that self-care is not simply about luxurious acts of pampering, but that it’s a real necessity if a woman truly wants to step into her greatness.

Through her coaching, workshops and online programs, Christina helps women revitalize their energy from the inside out so that they can be productive and peaceful at the same time.

Christina is an International Speaker who has shared the stage with Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, Lynne Twist, Ocean Robbins and Jean Houston. She is also a #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Master Facilitator, a Certified Embodiment Coach and the Founder of Courageous Self-Care.

My website is www.ChristinaMarlett.com and the other one is www.CourageousSelf-Care.com

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Mar 16, 2018

Rose Colarossi-

Rose Colarossi is a successful Coach and Consultant for women.  She is also a Multi-business Owner/Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and - Networking Group, workshop and retreat facilitator. She is also the founder and host of an internet radio show called - Hope Through Conversations where Rose helps bring awareness to social issues. It is currently on hiatus but the Facebook Page, Hope Through Conversations is still live.


Rose Colarossi brings her knowledge and passion of over 25 years experience in business building, networking, coaching, and consulting women to fulfill her passion and purpose of empowering women quickly so they can gain results and success personally and professionally.   


After incorporating a visualization technique into her practice – Rose now facilitates women in clearing issues such as anxiety, stress, worry, fear, procrastination, self-doubt, endless mind chatter, anger, bitterness, feeling “stuck”, etc. her clients began to call her their Quick SUCCESS Coach!    Unlike many coaches that work with you for several weeks and/or months, Rose works with women for 6 weeks or less and facilitates her sessions conveniently over Skype or Zoom.  She is all about speed and results.  As a Wife, Mother and Mimi, a Sunday School Teacher and an avid volunteer of Tres Dias weekends, Rose understands that “Women have no time to spare.”  


Rose strategizes with her clients with regards to any issues they are experiencing and she helps them uncover whatever barriers they may have.  After a 90 minute session, her clients feel lighter, enlightened, and more aware of all that they CAN accomplish.  The results are nothing less than amazing and they last!  You can read the testimonials and watch the before and after videos on Rose’s website:  https://www.RoseColarossi.com.  Reach out to Rose for a free 15 minute chat to see if you would be eligible to work with her.  Rose only takes on a limited number of clients and in the spirit of integrity, she only takes on clients that she is confident she can deliver results.  

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Mar 16, 2018

Julie Finn-

Julie Finn is a life strategist, coach, thought leader and lively storyteller who is passionate about helping people live abundant, fulfilled, and happy lives.


Julie is the Chief Mentor at the Working Mother’s Mentor, a training and facilitation company dedicated to supporting professional women.  It provides both virtual and on-site in-person programs to inspire, engage, and guide professional women as they navigate personal and career transitions.  From returning to work after parental leave, to on-ramping after an extended time away from work, to managing promotions and other career pivots, they leverage years of research, strategic frameworks, and proprietary tools to help working women achieve successful and fulfilling outcomes. 

They also provide premium individual and group coaching programs.


Julie is also the host of the Working Mother’s Mentor podcast, available on most podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, and on their website, www.theworkingmothersmentor.com.


The Working Mother’s Mentor podcast brings inspiration, actionable strategies, and concrete advice on leading an inspired, high impact life.  Through candid interviews with successful executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders, we discover their secrets to juggling their professional and family lives.  The interviews cover business, career, work life balance, family, personal development, and charting your own course. The podcast provides a journey of transformation as we learn how to craft happy, abundant lives, on our own terms. 


She honed her expertise in strategy and marketing roles at top tier global companies including The Coca-Cola Company, The Boston Consulting Group, The Walt Disney Company, and Deloitte.


Julie received her BA and MBA from Stanford University and her Masters in Social Research from the University of Oxford, where she was a Fulbright Scholar and a Rotary Scholar.  She is a world traveler having visited over 45 countries and lived on three continents.  She lives in Georgia with her husband and three children.

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Mar 16, 2018

Oscar Junker-

Oscar Junker: The "Curling" generation, or generation z gets huge, very negative attention, but really it's the generation ever who wants to change the world. This podcast for curling the kids with big dreams and everyone who will be motivated by them.

The podcast is run by me, Oscar Junker, who uses my time at CluedIn daily and studying Computer Science at Copenhagen University. The podcast has started because of frustration with the traditional understanding and underestimation of my own generation, the "Curling Generation". The podcast is produced 100% independently, I do not take any money and do not see myself as "Influencer".

Special thanks to my colleagues at CluedIn, Marcus Teller and Sophia Rose Lincoln.

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Mar 16, 2018

Stephen Woessner-

Stephen Woessner is the founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, a digital marketing agency, and the host of Onward Nation — a top-rated daily podcast for learning how today’s top business owners think, act, and achieve. Onward Nation is listened to in 113 countries around the world.

Since the advent of the commercial Internet, Stephen has collected tens of thousands of data points that have given him the ability to identify what he calls the “8 Money Draining Mistakes” and the “8 Money Making Opportunities.” Darren Hardy, then-publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, interviewed Stephen to discuss how business owners can identify and fix the mistakes.
Stephen is the author of three books, including the #1 best seller, “Profitable Podcasting”. and his digital marketing insights have been featured in Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, The Washington Post, and Inc. Magazine.

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Mar 16, 2018

Coss Marte-

In 2009, Coss Marte was sent to jail as the ringleader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle, if left unchecked, would likely kill him.


Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had -- his prison cell and his own body weight. Within six months he lost 70 pounds and replicated his successful formula of body weight exercises with 20 other inmates. Then he launched ConBody a prison style bootcamp that has gained over 10,000+ clients and hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. Since the launch of his company he’s been featured in over 200 major media outlets such as NBC, CNN, The New York Times, TED Talks, and Men’s Fitness. He’s also won major pitch competitions such as Pitch for Good by TOM’s shoes and the YPO shark tank competition, which combined raised $200,000.


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Mar 16, 2018

Alejandro Herryman-

Alejandro Herryman, experienced Attorney and Business Consultant with expertise in marketing and in working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Public Speaking, Nonprofit Organizations, Marketing & Media Management, Contracts and Sales. Host of #HerrymanTV which specializes in stress management, motivation, emotional intelligence and positive attitude towards life and reaching your potential.

#HerrymanTV provides you the tools to improve the quality of your life with information that is not taught in school. You will learn practical techniques and information about stress management, motivation, emotional intelligence, positive attitude towards like and reaching your human potential. We also talk about business and legal matters. Become the best version of yourself; START TODAY.

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Mar 16, 2018

Dr Wanda Lee MacPhee-

Dr Wanda Lee MacPhee has been involved in the chiropractic profession for 20 years, with provincial and national experience in both regulatory and professional association roles. A practice consultant, speaker, and group facilitator, Dr. Wanda Lee works to facilitate practices that grow into their potential. As co-founder of Chiropractic AudioCoach from 1997 to 2012, she created an early platform for chiropractors to share and learn in teleseminar and online formats. She is one of 15 chiropractors in Canada to be awarded the Canadian Chiropractic Association Medal of Merit. Married to a second-generation chiropractor Dr. Andrew Kleinknecht and mother of two, Dr. Wanda Lee practices part-time at St. Margaret’s Bay Chiropractic and part-time as a taxi driver for hockey, ringette, band, dance, and sailing.

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Mar 16, 2018

Alexis Parris-

Alexis Parris is 21 years old. She is a trained dancer of 15 years and majored in dance when she attended Fordham University in New York City and the University of South Florida. However, her introduction to personal development has molded her into the Millennial Entrepreneur, Personal Development Speaker, and Author she is today.
From her personal transformation she has formed the deep belief that personal development is an irreplaceable ingredient to success. The implementation of this belief has helped her create her present success. Within a year, Alexis self published her book ‘Why I Quit College to Learn’, hosted a summit in Lagos, Nigeria, and released her podcast entitled ‘The Empowered Millennial Podcast’ to iTunes, Stitcher, and Anchor.
Her mission is to globally impact youth by teaching personal development principles that will catapult their success. Alexis has taken the responsibility to empower the next world leaders with this knowledge and help them create their best life in the process.


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Mar 16, 2018

Mark Leruste-

Finding your path isn’t always a straight line. It usually takes hits and misses and trying many things out. This is how it was for Mark Leruste, whose journey towards his dream career started when his video CV, ‘A dream job would be nice’, went viral on YouTube and helped him land a position as Country Manager at the Movember Foundation.

There, Mark raised €2.8 million for men’s health and inspired 110,000 fundraisers to sign up at Movember.com, winning multiple awards along the way.  

Four years into the job, it became clear that Mark couldn’t ignore his entrepreneurial itch anymore, which had been around since he was 12 years old. So, against conventional wisdom, he decided to turn his passion into his full-time job and took the plunge to found The Unconventionalists, a weekly podcast, web TV show and coaching business, teaching coaches, founders and small business owners how to turn their message into a movement.

From making Nelson Mandela’s right hand man cry to asking Tim Ferris about his fear of failure, Mark is an expert at using his warm manner to tease out the truth and create moments of total honesty.

To date, Mark has worked with hundreds of unfulfilled professionals and frustrated small business owners and has interviewed more than 200 world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians, CEOs, authors and adventurers from around the world, providing his audience with a ring side seat in understanding how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

He is a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) & Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a VirginStartup Mentor, a Coaches Training Institute (CT) Front of the Room Leader and is also a Co-Active Leadership Graduate, through CTI, San Rafael, CA, USA.

His work has appeared in many publications including the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Metro, Shortlist, 20Minutes, GrowthLab, Canal+, the Sunday Telegraph and he is the author of It’s Not You, It’s Me, a book about finding fulfilling work.


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Mar 16, 2018

Kwesi G Aidoo-

Kwesi G Aidoo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Primestone Group which is a registered Ghanaian investment company incorporated under the company act of 1963 (Act 179) and manages an open-end buyout fund which seeks to maximize returns (financial and social) for investors by actively growing, managing and developing businesses (SMEs), whilst making a positive social impact from job creation to ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards.

Kwesi is obsessed with finding practical, innovative and creative solutions to existing business problems in Ghana and on the African continent. Interacting with investors and industry captains and leaders as well as conducting market research on a regular basis helped him found Primestone, which is a solution to the frustrations and challenges faced by investors and businesses. 

He is constantly studying successful business models, investment strategies and finding ways to replicate and adapt them to suit the Ghanaian and African business environment to maximise gains and returns. His vision is to be able to create 1 million direct jobs in 10 years and contribute to reducing of unemployment on the African continent. 

Before starting Primestone he started an anti-substance abuse campaign in his community in 2015 which raised awareness about the harmful effects of abusing alcohol and drugs on the youth and the overall community. He enjoys reading, meditating and playing basketball.  In addition, he speaks French fluently.


Website: www.primestonegh.com

Email: Kwesi.aidoo@primestonegh.com

Skype: Kwesi.aidoo@outlook.com

Linkedin ID: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kwesi-g-aidoo/

Mobile: +233 205 766 917


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Mar 16, 2018

Marvin Jacobs-

Marvin Jacobs: As Editorial Director I work at creative online agency Born05. There I develop concepts for brands and I am responsible for content for online magazines and websites. Since 2017 podcasts have been added: within Born05 we develop branded podcasts for clients.

From the start of my career, I am concerned with the question of how to tell a good story. I started his career writing scripts for drama and comedy series. After that, I worked as a journalist for magazines and newspapers, including Nieuwe Revu, NRC Handelsblad, and HP / De Tijd.

Since 2010 I tell stories from brands. For example, I stood at the cradle of one of the world's first international magazines for the iPad, commissioned by Volkswagen.

In 2013 I ended up at the Utrecht office Born05. Together with a multidisciplinary team, I develop online concepts, content strategies and editorial content for brands such as KPN, KLM, and ING. In the hours that I do not work, I listen to as many podcasts as possible. I am a big fan of this medium. I frequently write about the latest developments for the Dutch Media Network.

My LinkedIn

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Mar 16, 2018

Lars Klint-

Lars Klint is an author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, authority on all things Windows Platform, and part time crocodile wrangler. He is heavily involved in the space of HoloLens and mixed reality, as well as a published Pluralsight author, freelance solution architect, and writer for numerous publications. He has been a part of the software development community for the past 20 years and co-organizes the DDD Melbourne community conference, organizes developer events with Microsoft, and also runs a part time car restoration business. He has spoken at numerous technical events around the world and is an expert in Australian Outback Internet. You can find out more at larsklint.com



Microsoft MVP | Pluralsight Author | Lenovo Insider | Podcast Host

t: @larsklint
w: larsklint.com

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