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Dec 6, 2016

Bookafy - Online Appointment Scheduling for Calls, Meetings, Demos and Services.


The easiest way to understand what we do... Book a call with me and see our software in action!


We work with businesses in most industries to automate scheduling for meetings, calls, support teams, sales demos and service appointments. Our software consistently yields a tremendous ROI for our clients usually with immediate increase in sales and increase in efficiency.

We work with our clients to:

• Give customers immediate access to scheduling an appointment (no phone tag)
• Automate appointment confirmations
• Send Text reminders before appointments
• Automate marketing messages based on appointment types, dates and preferences.
• Increase revenue by booking more appointments
• Decrease waste by eliminating no-shows and reschedules
• Automating the mundane tasks associated with appointments.

Bookafy's customer base ranges from Schools and Universities, Business coaches, Pastors, Counselors, Golf Coaches, Personal Trainers, Consultants, HR/Recruiters, Sales People (high tech, software, real estate), Home Service Companies (Carpet Cleaning, Window Washing,etc) or health and beauty companies (Hair Stylist, Massage, Acupuncture, etc). And many more...

Bookafy syncs with popular applications such as Outlook, Ical, MailChimp, Google Calendar and more.

Bookafy currently does business in over 30 countries, and has translated the application in an additional 20 languages that launched in the Fall of 2015. Goal = World Appointment Booking Domination

Try Bookafy Online Appointment Booking Free at:

Dec 6, 2016

Harry Duran



I’m Harry, the Founder of PodFunnel. If you’ve been in the podcasting space for some time, my name might ring a bell. I’m also the host of Podcast Junkies. Aaaaaannndd, I also run a full-service podcast consultancy firm, called FullCast.

I wish I could say I say it all started with a lemonade stand, but it was actually music for me. From the moment we were paid to DJ the High School dance senior year, I knew there might always be a way for me to make a living from my passion. I just didn’t realize how long it would take.

I jumped around colleges for a bit after a memorable time at Syracuse University, and then landed in the corporate world at the ripe age of 22! Let’s just say that lasted for more years (decades) than I thought it would.

In 2012, I was getting antsy, and hearing a lot about mobile apps. I had a developer help me piece an app called Know Your DJ together, and later had a good friend of mine take the code over. Little did I know that, even though the app never took off, I was beginning my first foray into the world of digital marketing.

January of 2014 found me at New Media Expo, trying to understand podcasting so I could interview DJs, to support my app. Call it a ‘pivot’, but I quickly found a whole group of podcasters who were willing to talk to a unknown about podcasting. Super meta.

It’s been 2+ years since I started Podcast Junkies, and I’ve had the chance to interview over 100 amazing podcasters and get introduced to an amazing group of friends.

I know run done-for-you podcast service for thought leaders and find myself in the SaaS space as well.

I’m so happy to call the podcasting community my family and some of the connections I’ve made will last the rest of my life.

I understand the needs and frustrations of podcasters, and my hope is that PodFunnel can help make your life a little bit easier.

I’m here help, let me know what you need!

In gratitude,

Dec 6, 2016

My name is Fatema Karim I am the founder of BE-U which stands for Biz Empowered University. In this site I teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to stand out from the crowd and make their voice known. Also we give back a percentage of our membership to under privileged students in Africa and Bangladesh as part of our "Light the way mission". Prior to starting this venture I was working in the corporate world as a software engineer. But I have left that role this year as I felt it didn't fulfill my need to connect with others directly and making a positive impact in their lives. On a personal note, I love to travel and an avid coffee drinker.

Dec 6, 2016


Yuri Elkaim is a nutrition, fitness, and fat loss expert and the NYT bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet and The All-Day Fat Burning Diet. A former professional soccer player turned health crusader, he's most famous for helping people who've tried everything to lose weight and get in great shape, with little success, finally achieve breakthrough results. Yuri is on a mission to empower 10 million people to greater health by 2018 by making fit and healthy simple again. For more, visit https://YuriElkaim.com

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Dec 6, 2016

Maxwell Ivey is an inspirational and motivational personal coach who also runs a business buying and selling carnival equipment and amusement park rides. A native Texan, Max loves to sing and spend time with his unique and crazy dog, a “Greymation” named Penny (half Greyhound, half Dalmation). Reading, singing, and blogging are among Max’s favorite things to do. He especially enjoys helping others find their bliss.

About the Book

Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success is a motivational eBook in which blind man Max Ivey shares the 11 steps of his success as a blind entrepreneur and the lessons he has learned from his journey. It also provides 11 exercises readers to do, complete with email support from the author, whose sincerest desire to help you succeed in accomplishing a big goal or achieving your dreams! Stop the excuses and get started on your journey today! This is more than just an eBook, it’s a chance to change your life.

Currently it’s available on Amazon and Selz. If you want a print copy, you can order one from CreateSpace.  Or, if you prefer to purchase it as part of a coaching package, you can do that HERE.


Dec 6, 2016

Simon is a marketing and branding coach, the International Amazon 5 star rated author of How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers), and founder of One Planet One Place.com the highly acclaimed online show and community, inspiring people to make a difference in the World.

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Dec 6, 2016

Joe Bernstein is the owner of Drop the Armor Wellness [http://www.dropthearmor.com/drop-the-armor-coaching/] . After spending his first 30 years of life obese, Joe lost 160 lbs through a series of lifestyle changes that helped him to step into a more passionate life. Never through dieting.

Through his sustained weight loss over the years Joe learned that losing and maintaining weight is about so much more than just food and exercise. He is on a mission to help the world understand that hidden inside challenges with food or body is the potential for you to learn and grow in profound ways.

In his practice as an Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach Joe empowers his clients to work on relationship with food, and body in a unique and nourishing way. He helps people with the skill set and the mind set to adopt habits, beliefs and behaviors that lead to sustainable weight loss and deep internal growth. He focuses on developing self-compassion, confidence and understanding of your unique biology and psychology.

We all need a healthy dose of both science and soul to truly Drop the Armor [ http://www.dropthearmor.com/drop-the-armor-coaching/ ] . To learn more about Joe and his work check out his blog [ http://www.dropthearmor.com ], Join the Drop the Armor Nourishing Wellness Community on Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/groups/DropTheArmorSupport/ ] or take his Free Video Training "How to Overcome Weight Loss Setbacks and Plateaus" [ http://www.dropthearmor.com/free-training-how-to-overcome-weight-loss-setbacks-and-plateaus/ ]



Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/dropthearmor/

Website- http://www.dropthearmor.com

Twitter- https://twitter.com/joebernstein81

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Dec 6, 2016

Meet Anke Herrmann. Anke is my guest on Episode 26. She is an entrepreneur and coach and lives in Andalucia Spain where she runs her own studio specialising in making custom flamenco dance costumes. Anke takes both an inspirational and very practical approach to these types of questions. And, while we’re on the topic of uncertainty and obstacles, Anke took her first (and biggest) risk in February 1989. Born and raised in East Germany, she moved across the Iron Curtain to West Germany. At the time, no one had any idea how long the Eastern Bloc would remain closed to the world.

When the Berlin Wall came down later that year, a world of opportunities opened up for her and she took full advantage. She lived in Australia and the UK and has worked in areas as diverse as translations to software development. Throughout her career and life, she seemed to know when and how to make a change. Eventually, she found her way to Granada, Spain where she opened her studio.

We talk about all of this in a fascinating conversation that I am sure you will not only enjoy, but get a number of pearls of wisdom that you can apply in your own life. We discuss:

  • Growing up in East Germany before the fall of the Iron Curtain;
    Moving to West Germany
  • Taking risks and balancing certainty with uncertainty;
  • How and why she decided to move to Spain;
  • The beauty of flamenco;
  • Lessons in entrepreneurship
  • Coaching others (Anke helps self-employed creative women “kick the stress out of their business”)
    Loads more!
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Dec 6, 2016


My name is John Max Bolling and I help families save time so they can spend it with those who matter most. I am the co-founder of Breathe Fresh Air,
LLC and I am married to the most amazing woman God could have ever blessed me with to go through this journey we call life together.

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Dec 5, 2016

Recognized as one of the biggest authorities in the fiery foods industry, Scott Roberts has formally reviewed over 500 different hot sauces, barbecue sauces, condiments and seasonings of all kinds, and has tasted between an estimated almost 4,000 sauces and spice mixes. Since 2008 Scott has maintained a prolific output of spicy product reviews, industry interviews with the top people and specialty manufacturers ranging from CaJohn Hard, Mike Greening, Dave DeWitt, Dr. BBQ Ray Lampe and Dave Hirschkop, coverage and more for his own website ScottRobertsWeb.com, which as of July 2012 averages 190,000 unique visitors per month. Scott also maintains the most-followed Twitter account in the hot sauce industry, second only to Tabasco.

Outside of his own top-trafficked blog and social media endeavors, Scott is actively involved in the fiery foods industry and the chilehead community. He is a regular columnist and writer for Chile Pepper Magazine. His audio podcast show, The Firecast, is the most-downloaded show on the internet with a focus on hot sauce, fiery foods and BBQ, with an average of 12,000 – 15,000 downloads per episode. He is a regular guest on the most-listened-to barbecue and grilling show BBQ Central Radio Show. He has been featured in many media outlets, including NPR, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and several national and international radio programs. Scott has been a past product reviewer, contributor and webmaster for both Peppers and More and I Love It Spicy. Scott also does work as a voiceover artist and was a podcast host for the 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

Scott is a born and raised Missourian and resides in the St. Louis metro area as a full-time single dad to two sons.

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Dec 5, 2016

Michelle is the founder of The Potty School (www.thepottyschool.com), teaching parents Potty Training and how to practice Elimination Communication (0-18 months) with their Babies + Toddlers + Kids, and is located in Orange County, California.

Michelle enjoys spending her days with her three children (ages 4, 2 1/2, and 6 months), and has successfully either Potty Trained or used Elimination Communication with all three of them. Having first learned about EC while living in Nicaragua 16 years ago, Michelle has since made it her profession to teach “Elimination Communication" (0-18 months) and "Gentle Potty Training” (18+ months) by becoming going through a certification program, by working with a variety of young children as a host mom for a pre-foster care program, by serving families in-person, online and via phone through The Potty School, and most importantly by through teaching her own children.

Michelle doesn’t do her job because she loves poop and pee, but she does it because she loves being able to help parents learn to communicate with their children from a young age and loves to reduce children’s dependence upon diapers. Curtailing diaper use early has saved her clients an average of $50 per month, while simultaneously reducing their eco-footprint—two great reasons to smile!

The Potty School is your go-to when it comes to learning how to mind your child’s “pees” and “poos”!

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Dec 5, 2016

Elena Rahrig is a Certified Professional Coach, and is a nationally recognized program development expert. She has written 9 books, from her personal development book titled Are You Boxed In?, to her autobiography, how to books, and children’s books. Currently, Elena is writing the book for a movie being produced from Hollywood. For over three years she has helped entrepreneurs maximize their opportunities by assisting them in developing programs that run on autopilot, earning them thousands in their sleep and taking their speaking career and authorship to the next level.

Furthermore, Elena has created personal development programs for all ages, leading with her adult program Your 5D Transformation System which is being taught in the prison system, and her teen program It’s My 3D Life which is being taught in High Schools. Piggy backing those programs are her mini programs Stimulate My Mind, and Your Personalized Roadmap to Success. Due to demand, Elena has also created five academies in which she now coaches clients through, these are the Public Speaking Academy, Author and Publication Academy, Strategic Book Marketing Academy, Coaching and Consulting Academy and Program Development Academy. Elena is currently working with Colleges to have her academies taught as electives.

As the Founder of Otter Publishing New York, BoxCrushers, and Elena Rahrig Transform, Elena is grateful for her large staff who helps her to remain focused as a wife, and mother of four children. When not working to help others Elena stays fit in mind, body, and spirit, through civic involvement and exercise.

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Dec 5, 2016

Cami Baker is America’s NetPLAYING Maverick and is a master at networking, communicating, and rapport building. She has been a business owner since the age of 23 (entrepreneur since 8 years old), her business experience spans brick & mortar, real estate, sales, consulting, and leading a team of 10,000+ business associates worldwide. Cami has become a global speaker to thousands LIVE and virtually.

Ms Baker actually attributes her creative Guerilla marketing, ability to envision cash flow opportunities, and understanding human nature to when she was 8 years old. She was buying gum on the way to school to sell it to the other kids for a profit! And at home, being around her brother, who was always broke, taught her how to be a loan shark and hold collateral. With this tenacious ability to see opportunity in business even as a child, Cami has always been fascinated with learning how to increase not only her income, influence, and impact, but those of others as well.

Her credentials are as follows:
Currently Co-host with C 21 for the “Real Estate Roadshow” airing on WBIN
Featured on HGTV’s “My House Is Worth What?”
Featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters”
Written up in “Success from Home Magazine”
Guest judge on the “Celebrity Apprentice”
Speaker for “National Association of Professional Women”
Speaker for “Boston Business Network”
Speaker with multimillion dollar internet marketing specialist like Bill Walsh and Erik Swanson.
Multiple local newspaper stories
Multiple radio interviews
Creator and coach for “Keepin’ it REAL in Real Estate” and “10 Listings in 30 Days” Bootcamp.
Author of “Mingle to Millions! Drastically Increase Your Net Worth through ‘The New Rules of Networking™’
Multiple guest appearances on local news stations and public access TV interviews
Raising money for charities, both local and national, including the Ronald McDonald House
Instrumental in building a network of business partners 10,000+ strong worldwide
Speaking to audiences as large as 30,000 and mentoring thousands of business people on how to build relationships, network, and have extraordinary results
Worked in sales and marketing with the best coaches in the real estate industry, putting her in the top 5% of Realtors from her first year.
Worked in sales and marketing with personal multimillion dollar mentors, leading to being in the top 5% of network markets within 6 months.

Cami is known for her ability to deliver material clearly and concisely. She is passionate about giving HUGE value in her talks and trainings and always leaves her audiences and clients wanting more!

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Dec 5, 2016

Tahir Hussain has in impressive background in the world of business and technology. He was brought up in Dubai UAE, and although he came from a very humble family background, he got his start in business at the young age of just seventeen.

By the time he was only twenty-even, Tahir had already earned his first million, leading him to become a multi-millionaire just one year later.

Over the years, Tahir has become qualified as a software engineer who studied in the U.S., as well as a financial planner and peak sales performer. In addition, his substantial achievement in the real estate industry gained Tahir an award by the Rulers office of Dubai.

Throughout all of Tahir’s success – and his immense wealth creation- he is proud to say that he has never worked for anyone else in his entire life- nor does he ever plan to do so in the future!

Tahir knows the importance of giving back and paying it forward, which is why he shares his success principles with others through being a life coach, a motivational speaker, and a personal development trainer. Tahir is also the Owner of the Unstoppable Millionaire Academy, where individuals can learn more in-depth strategies about how to truly focus on and achieve their life long dreams.

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Dec 5, 2016


Amanda Kingsley is a Financial Independence Coach and Health advocate. She runs two businesses that weave themselves together to serve a community of soul centered network marketing professionals. She is a mama of three and wife to her high school sweetheart now of 20 years. Amanda has a vision of improving the quality of life for families. Her mission statement is simple and profound: Have Faith. Invite LOVE. Be vulnerable. Evolve Gracefully. You can find her at www.thewhyhive.com

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Dec 5, 2016


Patricia LeBlanc is a dream maker. Patricia empowers female entrepreneurs to get to the next level. Using a Holistic approach, she helps them to get out of their own way, get clear on what they want and teaches them how to create the life and business that they want. Patricia is the multi gifted CEO of Patricia LeBlanc International, International Law of Attraction Expert, an 13 Time International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Trainer, and Master Energy Healer and Teacher. She is the creator of the International Best Selling Book Series called Manifesting a New Life which is available on amazon.
Download your free copy of Patricia’s “The Ultimate Manifesting Manifesto: 10 Magical Steps to Transform your Life.” E-Book at www.LoaLifeCoaching.com/free-gift


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Dec 5, 2016

Mark Jamnik is an award­winning sales strategist helping sales people focus on an efficient sales process. With 15 years' business experience, ranging from Not­-for-­Profits to Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of ‘Smarter Selling: 5 steps to Sales Success’, creator of the ‘Sales Roadmap’ course, along with the ‘Story selling’ program; and, has appeared at TEDx conferences and on Money Radio.

Mark designs sales systems for repeatable results:

● simplify so every person you meet can tell the same story AND “sell” your company.
● protect your time and apply a simple methodology to complete the things you normally put off.
● measure your top metrics and focus on your most profitable activities.

He mentors and motivates entrepreneurs and their teams, with an unrelenting focus on achieving objectives and delivering tangible results.

Mark Jamnik is the Founder of Incremize; a concierge service that connects entrepreneurs and CEOs with trusted C­level talent, to achieve fast­track results and accelerated growth.

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Dec 5, 2016


Brian R. King, MSW is a Success Coach for ADHD & Dyslexia who teaches his clients how to discover the calm and focus they need, that is key to discovering their zone of genius. He has been inspiring audiences for over 20 years with his story of resilience in the face of growing up with ADHD and Dyslexia, surviving cancer at age 18, and now living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He is the father of three sons with ADHD and Asperger's. He's someone you MUST get to know

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Dec 5, 2016

Leaders in the Trenches conversations with leaders for leaders. We explore the thinking of today's entrepreneurs who are leading their market, their company, and their peers. Discover the fears they faced, the failures they navigated and the untold blood, sweat and tears story behind each of these successful leaders. Growing a business is a hard and dirty business and feels lonely at times, this podcast will guide you on your journey in the trenches of your business.

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Dec 5, 2016

Eddys Velasquez always knew that the 9 to 5 job was not for him and because of this he decided to become his own boss going from $0 to $60 per hour within 1 year selling his own computer repair services, at the age of 15. He then stumbled on a twitter post that introduced him to online business and direct response marketing where he spent the next few years studying and implementing everything he could from selling websites to selling ebooks and everything in between.

Using what he learned in over 10 years of trial and error, Eddys now runs a lead generation business that did 300k+ in the first year and has helped several clients achieve similar or even better results in their respective businesses.


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Dec 5, 2016

Dynamic. Enthralling. Captivating.

Unsure. Cautious. Withdrawn.

All of these words can be used to capture yours truly.

Born in the city nicknamed “The Big Easy,” the man whose words you’re reading began his unique journey through life. He was called many things – you could say he has been the jack of all trades. However, for a long period of time, he was the master of none of them. Having no solid direction, Saburi Chuku Cole Johnson set course for a blind soulful life. He only knew one side of his family. Why was that? It is because Cole’s father was a Black Panther Party member. Considering the political tension of the times, it precluded Cole to visit his father’s side of the family. The only family he knew resided on his mother’s side.

Cole’s father is strong, determined and lived life on accentuating his strengths and minimizing his weaknesses. Hos mother is a picture of academic curiosity. Every piece of knowledge there is to gain – his mother dogmatically pursued it. This is true – for the exception of higher learned – where she is a case study of potential unfulfilled.

Life lessons left the New Orleans born, Houston reared boy-turned-man continually searching for himself. He was a square peg attempting to fit into round holes. He tried the military (US Army) with no success. He tried photography with minimal success. He tried ticket scalping (it is legal in Houston to be a ticket broker) to little success. He even attempted undergrad college. You guessed it. It was met with little success, there, as well. The square peg kept getting rammed into situations that didn’t fit him.

Very few things were a good fit for Cole. He found a few square holes. Writing (in many forms) is one of them. Music (voice, piano, producer, composer) is another square hole for Cole. However, even these creative outlets served as a minor relief for feeling at home with life, in general.

As for other life aspects, he met a wonderful woman (after trying marriage and failing in the endeavor – ending in divorce) and more square holes started to appear. Church life (especially being in its choir), friends and his current wife, Michelle, all have served to give grounding to a man whose searched for meaning. Life began to make sense.

Then – there was his undergraduate institution, Trevecca Nazarene University. The proverbial scales fell from Cole’s eyes. His world opened up to reveal clarity to certain mysteries in his life. Purpose was beginning to take share – and once he walked away with a degree, the building blocks to his life was erected.

Today, he host/engineers/produces a podcast called Cole Sportz. He also is extending the brand into a membership club as he writes blogs and makes YouTube videos to strengthen the brand. Along with working at Media General as a multimedia content producer, the entrepreneurial sky is the limit for Cole.

Now – the square peg is fitting into many situations these days quite well.

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Dec 4, 2016


Started in sales at 19, was promoted to run a franchise with the company at 21 and grew it to a multmillion dollar business, broke almost every record for a new office in the company's 60 year history. Has since moved on to coaching that runs along side his podcast as well as an e-commerce business.

Started 2nd 7 figure business at 23 years old.

Also, runs MWF Motivation Podcast which hit #1 in 6 categories on New & Noteworthy including self help and business. Now focusing on growing the podcast to 1 million downloads per month to impact as many people as possible to find out what their purpose in life is and make it their mission to follow their purpose and live to their true potential.

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Dec 4, 2016

Rachel is a co-founder and the Director of Travel for Rebel + Connect.
What I Do

I am the Director of Travel at Rebel + Connect. My work with remote team leaders allows them to gain insight about where to travel and what to do once they arrive.

As a leader it’s important to know:

Where your team is willing and able to travel.
What sort of travel experiences and cultural immersion will add to your team’s retreat.
That expanding the worldviews of your team members will enhance teamwork.
That exposure to diverse cultures inspires servant leadership within your organization.
Why I Do It

Being part of the Rebel + Connect leadership team allows me to share the magic of travel, elevate and ignite the passions of each team member, and enhance the harmony of remote team cultures.

Where I Come From

Before joining forces with Charlie and Summer to build Rebel + Connect, I held many different travel and hospitality related roles including: Ambassador for WorldVentures helping with the production and execution of events as large as 20,000 in attendance; Ski Instructor in Beaver Creek, CO with Vail Resorts and Mount Buller in Victoria, AUS; Independent Travel Photographer; Mission Trip Leader for Hug It Forward; Co-Founder of Project K1; and Co-Founder of Art in the City: a Children's Summer Art Experience.

I earned a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, a BA in Fine Art Photography, and am a certified Pranic healer. In 2015, I was named Volunteer of the Year for the Americas by the WorldVentures Foundation. These experiences have taught me that travel is less about fancy resorts and tourist attractions and more about servant leadership and responsible global citizenship.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, but have identified as a nomad for most of my adult life. I was almost 29 years old before I paid rent at the same address for a full year. I have visited Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy, Netherlands, Vatican City, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Ghana, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, 34 of the 50 states and, and South America and Antarctica are the only continents I have yet to visit.

I believe in the importance of connecting to the creative spirit of the inner child. I believe in creating and cultivating joy any chance we can. I believe in the fulfillment of the self in order to fill others. When we brighten our own flame within, and all of us come together, we burn as a bigger, warmer, more luminous flame than we ever thought possible.

What I Love

I celebrate my life by connecting with family and friends, nature, speaking my truth, leading with my heart, attending burns and music festivals, exploring the ocean through scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, and practicing monkey kung fu, yoga, and meditation.

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Dec 4, 2016

Jefferson resident, Jeremy Slate, launched the "Create Your Own Life" podcast in November 2015. Within the first five months of the show, it reached 50,000 downloads and hit number one in iTunes New and Noteworthy and number 24 in all of Business. The show has also been downloaded in 165 countries.

The career model is changing, according to Forbes. On average, a millennial will have 15-20 jobs in their career. The show stems from Slate’s personal career journey from a high school history teacher, to an insurance salesman, to a fitness entrepreneur, to an internet marketing expert. When Slate was a high school history teacher and realized he was not in the right field, the concept of "Create Your Own Life" was born.

The show has gained strong momentum from celebrity guests like James Kyson from the NBC hit show "Heroes," former New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford and former presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root.

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Dec 4, 2016


As a student, Clayton was involved in the student-run psychology club and helped coordinate events with Birch Hill Terrace, a local assisted living community.



Clayton was directing the Conway campus of White Mountains Community College, had gotten married and had his first child.



Clayton was managing the Running Start Program at Lakes Region Community College, and had just begun a quest to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in the state. He managed to finish the challenge, and it inspired him to launch his own podcast: Fish Nerds.



Clayton currently directs afterschool programming for the Conway School District, in addition to cohosting his podcast. Fish Nerds has become one of the most popular outdoor shows in N.H., and has been featured on NHPR, Boston Public Radio and most print media in the state.


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