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Sep 8, 2016

Daryl Urbanski, Founder, President of BestBusinessCoach.ca & Host of The Best Business Podcast is best known for his ability to create seven-figure, automated income streams from scratch. A Canadian turned So Cal, Daryl has quickly climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, gaining respect from thousands of small business owners worldwide.
From author to speaker, marketer to coach - Daryl's multi-faceted business approach sets him apart as one of the leading business experts of his generation.

Sep 7, 2016

Referred as an "empowering communicator who educates audiences on how to heal from their past, grow where they are planted, then go out to help others do the same" Stephen Scoggins equips and empowers listeners by pulling from his own past of struggling through abuse, addiction, rejection, homeless, hopeless, and instead of nearly leaping to suicide to stepping in a different direction. Audiences across the globe are learning how to use the tools already in front of them for use in overcoming their past then building a prosperous life. Except they wont need to dig through trash dumpsters to begin as Stephen did. As author of the best selling book Journey Principles: 10 Simple Principles for a Life Journey that Matters, Stephen walks readers through learned principles vital to living a healthy, peaceful and flourishing life broken free from darkness and full of true happiness. Stephen is pouring his life into empowering others to use their personal journey and faith based principles to transform past failures into building a new foundation of sincere joy, peace and happiness. He reignites each person's passion for life and purpose helping them pursue a bright future. Stephen's aesthetically inspiring translation of his heart twisting experiences into empowering speeches has drawn international attention. His dynamic "edge of your seat" delivery has given Stephen the honor to share his message with organizations such as United States Air Force, USO of North Carolina, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Step Up Ministries, WNCN News Station (NBC affiliate) and many radio shows, podcast and churches. Stephen is also a member of the John Maxwell Coaching team and a recipient of Dave Ramsey's "Momentum Theorem" award.

Sep 1, 2016

Misty Gilbert

A 39 year old Women Entrepreneur, Misty W Gilbert is the President of Medical Account Solutions.  A business that provides Consulting, Training, Accounting, Medical Billing Services, and Administrative Services.  Misty is also an Author, Blogger, and passionately seeks to share in other people's lives by encouraging them to create the life that they want and live intentionally.  Her personal goal is to share her story to encourage, support and inspire others to move past their fear and to live the abundant life God has given to us! 

Aug 27, 2016

Michael Pasha guides people through the world of internet business. He is an affiliate marketer, internet marketing strategist, host of the Internet Ballers podcast, and blogger at InternetBallers.co. Michael also holds a Master in Business Administration from the George Washington University School of Business.

Michael was first introduced to internet business in 2013 after stumbling across a $0.99 eBook on Amazon about the internet business lifestyle.

He was fascinated by the freedom of these internet entrepreneurs to be able to pick up and live anywhere and create their own schedules. He was also fascinate by their income potential and dedicated himself to learning, testing, implementing and sharing the best practices of successful internet ballers.

To Michael it’s about living a life of choice.

Fun Facts:

Michael grew up in Washington, DC

Michael currently lives in San Diego, CA with his wife

Michael enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, snowboarding, tennis, running and cycling

Michael was a child model and voiceover actor=

Aug 24, 2016

Hey, I’m Tom Morkes, CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a book publishing and marketing company that brings unconventional nonfiction to the creative outliers of the world.

We’ve published a half dozen books, including Paid to Exist and The Money Freedom Roadmap, both by Jonathan Mead, The High-Performance Athlete by Dr. Jason Winkle, and The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Jeff Goldenberg and Mark Hayes.

We also provide full-service book marketing services, launching multiple bestsellers including: The 7 Day Startup, Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer, Do You Talk Funny?, The Art of Work, and The End of Jobs among others.

You can read about how I launched these books here and here (external links).

I believe in transparency, which is why I share my experiences on this blog, and teach what I learn (as an example, here’s a free 7 day course on how to launch a book to bestseller, which shares Insurgent Publishing’s approach to book launches).

Aug 21, 2016

 Brad DeGraw is a self proclaimed Amazon Nerd and E-commerce entrepreneur who started with $100 and a WiFi connection and turned it into over $1M in Amazon sales.


Brad's obsession with Amazon led to developing a system for creating best selling products and a proprietary launch formula.


Brad is a successful author, speaker, husband, and consultant known for sharing his techniques. Brad's team is the secret sauce behind dozens of successful brands through a white glove service called AZ DONE FOR YOU.


Brad lives in Denver with his wife where they regularly host webinars and local events for e-commerce newbies and experienced brand owners to share tips, news and stories about what is working right now.  




What Brand Owners Need to Know About Amazon.


If you’ve ever considered launching your products to retailers but felt there was something missing, then this presentation is for you.


I’ll show you step by step how we’ve leveraged Amazon to launch products to catch the attention of retailers. Retailers want happy customers and Amazon is the fastest and most credible platform you could ever ask for. Join me in Vegas as we guide you through an epic Amazon launch.


Aug 1, 2016

Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron T. Walker, has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective of the terrain by examining his experiences and growing from them.


Jun 22, 2016

A proven visionary and strategic leader with a passion for youth development, training and community development. An expert in enhancing community engagement; developing strategic initiatives; and developing strong community networks. Very knowledgeable in the field of youth development and proven track record of implementing various youth policies and programmes in line with International best practice. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics.


 Strategic / Tactical Planning
 Community Development
 Project Development  Youth Development
 Group formation
 Project Implementation  HIV & AIDS prevention
 Group set up
 Facilitation Skills

Jun 21, 2016

Curt Stowers is a lifelong learner with a passion for personal development.  Curt spent close to twenty years working for a fortune 100 company, has owned a Subway franchise for over ten years, and is currently the owner of his own fee-only financial planning practice.  Curt brings a unique collection of formal education and practical experience to everything he pursues.  He is an avid reader of non-fiction books focused on self-improvement.  He enjoys all outdoor activities with a special affinity for exercise, fishing, and golf.  Curt accepted Christ into his life in the fall of 2015 and has been on an incredible journey since that point in time.

Jun 20, 2016

Jaime is an avid hockey fan. He loves the competitive spirit and the team aspect of the game. He enjoys the sport so much that he decided to integrate his passion for the sport into his passion for marketing. Jaime has been working in the sales and marketing arena since he left the US Army as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborn Division in 1994.


Working for three different fortune 100 companies, Jaime learned quickly how to build relationships. The challenging aspect of working for a large company was having the ability to be creative. This is the main reason he went out on his own and started his own business. His first business was as a partner in a small California-based real estate advertising agency and publishing company. After the housing bubble burst in 2008, Jaime had to start over.

As time progressed, Jaime found that he really enjoyed making websites for people and so he started Slapshot Studio in 2013 and never looked back. Jaime enjoys traveling, boating, playing guitar, hanging out with family, and playing hockey.

Jun 19, 2016

Emily Rose is a bestselling author and breakup coach at emilyrosecoaching.com. Her mission is to help people not wake up on their death and think, “What did I just do with my life?” Her deepest desire is to help people hone in on their passion, remove distraction from their mission, and grab life by the horns.

As a breakup coach, Emily helps people who know they’re here for a bigger purpose to stop distracting themselves with the drama of unconscious relationship habits and start living on purpose; she helps mission-driven entrepreneurs stop distracting themselves with the minutiae of menial tasks and start bounding toward success; she helps people to break free from small living to experience their biggest, truest, most fulfilling lives.

Emily wants you to have your cake and eat it, too. And she’s determined to join you in the feast.

Find out more at emilyrosecoaching.com.

Jun 18, 2016

Andreas is the Founder of Business Breakthrough Solutions, #1 Bestselling author of Business Leader Combat, business coach, consultant, trainer and army combat veteran. Business Breakthrough Solutions helps business owners improve their performance, effectiveness and productivity so that they can increase their profits, grow their business and Dominate Their Space.


Service in the US Army forged Andreas’s character. It tested him, tested his endurance, faith, and internal fortitude. He describes it as “a trial by fire” and remains profoundly grateful for it.

When he finally left the Army he did so with an astute understanding of self-ownership, implementing a vision, and the value in establishing trust and reputation. Jones applied all that he had learned serving his country to a series of jobs, including that of a VP at Sun Trust Bank. Each of his positions have endowed him with the type of knowledge required to start his own business and to provide a workable schematic for others to follow.

Andreas has taken his hard-won Army lessons into the world of business, continuing to learn new skills and insight. 

Jun 17, 2016

Raignor Rollocks is a multi lingual, multi talented South Florida based musician and educator. He was born in the twin islands Trinidad and Tobago. When he is not serving as keyboardist at his church Daybreak Assembly of Tamarac, Florida or as a Music/Foreign Languages Teacher, he can be seen performing as a pianist on the local South Florida jazz scene.

Jun 13, 2016

Veronica Jones was married, once in her lifetime, to Jimmy Jones(now deceased). They had eleven children. She has had the opportunity,thus far,to see her fourth generation.An amazing privilege!!!

Jun 12, 2016

Best known as the Organist’s organist, Master Instructor Paul Laurence Morgan, affectionately known as “PJ Morgan” was born in the Washington D.C. area in 1970.  He grew up in a musical family, getting his exposure to the Hammond organ in a small Pentecostal church where his family served. After years of playing and performing in church, his big break into the music industry came when he was asked to fill in for a keyboardist who was unable to play for a Ben Tankard concert. He accepted and excelled in the opportunity given.  Impressed with PJ’s creativity and productivity both on and off the instrument, Tankard moved PJ to Nashville to be his Music Director, and to assist in building his record company. Ever since then, PJ has been on a blazing trail, playing for just about everyone in the Gospel and secular genres, earning well deserved accolades as a performer, producer, and teacher.

PJ is the band director at Reid Temple AME, one of the largest mega churches in the United States with 20,000+ members and 2 locations in the Washington Metropolitan area. He is the most recent addition to the Ray Chew Orchestra.

PJ will be graduating from Bowie State University in the Fall of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology, and a minor in Classical Piano performance. Look out for a few solo organ CDs from this trailblazer in the near future.

PJ’s CD Credits

Doobie Powell Live DVD “The Experience” 2010 Keyboardist

Aneisa Simon “Have the Faith to Wait” 2008 Producer

Stephen Hurd “My Destiny” 2007 Writer

Bishop Paul Morton “Still Standing” 2007 Organist

Tramaine Hawkins 2007 “I Never Lost My Praise” Keyboardist

Ami Rushes “Lifting” 2007 Keyboardist

Michael White and True Praise “Conqueror” 2007 Producer

Vicki Yohe 2005 Organist

Maurette Brown Clark “The Dream” 2007 Organist, Arranger

Shirley Caesar 2005 “Lies” Organist

Stephen Hurd “A Call to Worship” 2004, Keyboardist, Arranger

Brian Spriggs “I Worship You” 2005, Producer

John Tillery “Transformation” 2005, Keyboardist

Scott Guyun “Conquer” 2003, Keyboardist

Harvest Life Changers Church “In Your presence” 2004, Keyboardist, Arranger

Desmond Pringle “Loyalty” (Tommy Boy) 2000 Programming

Dorothy Norwood “Old Rickety Bridge” (Malaco) 2000 Strings & Horns

Mike McCoy “Ready” (Independent) 2000 Producer

Maurette Brown Clark “How I Feel” (Verity) 1998 Co-producer & Writer of “Speak”

Salt of the Earth “Happy Hour” (CGI) 1998 Horns, Arranger

Ben Tankard & the Tribe of Benjamin “Git Yo Praize On” (Verity) 1997 Producer

Various Artists “Real Meaning of Christmas” (Verity) 1997 Keyboards, production & arranger

Stephen Hurd & Corporate Worship “Vol. I & Vol. II” 1997/2001 Keyboards/Producer


PJ’s Tours

Najee “Morning Tenderness” Tour (1999-2001) Keyboardist & Arranger

Bobby Jones “Just Churchin” Tour (1997-1999) Keyboardist & Organist

Ben Tankard & the Tribe of Benjamin “Git Yo Praize On” Tour (1997-1999) Music Director

Karen Clark Sheard “Just Karen” Tour (1998) Keyboardist

Ban Tankard “Instrumentally Yours” Tour (1995-1997) Music Director

William Becton “Be Encouraged” Tour (1994-1995) Keyboardist

Click HERE to see PJ Morgan playing

Jun 11, 2016

I'm the founder and managing director of Ez Buy Int Ltd and both the Cofounder and senior instructor at Ryu Dan Dojo- Youth Empowerment Centre which is
a registered NGO that utilizes Martial Arts as a vehicle of holistic development.

You can visit my website where you can buy, sell or advertise with us by clicking HERE.

Jun 10, 2016

Seth is the President and Lead Videographer at Novum Visual LLC


Seth says,
"I began my entrepreneurship journey at 17 years old. I am striving to provide solutions for business owners around the world and help improve their online presence. I am also passionate about the success of others and helping young entrepreneurs along their journey."


Link to a video by Seth- Click HERE

Jun 3, 2016

Wealth building strategist, entrepreneur and home base business consultant. Bringing practical, proven wealth building strategies to the working class. It's hard to build wealth when you're over taxed and drowning in debt. Ask me how I can help you minimize your taxes, eliminate debt and free up the cash you need to start investing.

FREE E-book Download

Jun 1, 2016

The Black Neighbors Podcast is hosted by Walt and Egypt Charles who have been married for 14 years and live in Atlanta, GA. They have two kids and speak on parenting, culture wars, and the ups and downs of being a middle class black family in a predominately white suburban neighborhood.

For More Info:

May 31, 2016

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), working in a space that merges organizational learning, theory, and practice related to business and social innovation. I develop strategic approaches to facilitating social innovation and organizational change. I am often described as an innovation consultant, learning strategist, process designer, facilitator, and thinker whose interests include strategy, resilience, systems thinking, design thinking, and complexity. I have consulted with a number of organizations in the private and third sector. Recently, much of my work has been focused on leveraging technology as a way of generating social innovation.

Personal Blog: www.keitademming.com

Educational Project: www.bstudioproject.com

May 30, 2016

GLEN D. KIRKPATRICK, JR. and his wife Debbie, make their home in northern San Diego County, CA. He writes about overcoming life's obstacles, faith, and family.


The last three years of life has been quite full for Glen. During this time he and Debbie moved to the coast. Their first grandchild, a boy named Zion, was born. A few weeks later Glen had successful heart valve replacement surgery.


His short story, “Gift of Life” was published on-line at Reimagine.me. Glen wrote two books: "Overcoming Daily: My Story of Surviving Cancer" and “Solana Beach: coastal views” which are available on Amazon.

May 29, 2016

"Julian Hayes II is an author, fitness & lifestyle consultant, and speaker. He founded the Art of Fitness & Life to help ambitious, creative, nerdy, and remarkable men and women integrate their optimal lifestyle into a sustainable fitness habit, without having to use tricks or lose their identity through the process. 


He believes an optimal lifestyle and living the good life consists of fitness keeping you young, music moving your soul, books feeding your brain, and creativity driving you every day."

Book Link

May 28, 2016

I am a truly unique individual who is highly focused, decisive and driven. I am extremely clear with what I want from life. My mission is simple: to transform people's lives in a peaceful, powerful and positive way.


I am a master networker. One of my key strength's is extracting the very best from the individuals, teams and organisations that I work with. I am always discovering new, exciting, innovative and effective ways to add value to both individuals and organisations.


I refuse to settle for anything less than my very best, and I always have a positive impact on those individuals who are fortunate enough to be in my life. I live life on my own terms, and I can help you to do the same too. I look forward to connect with you

May 27, 2016

Early life

Fabien was born in Gonzales Village, Guapo, Point Fortin in 1960 to Gloria and Andrew Fabien.Errol, one of nine children, attended Guapo Government School, where his father was vice principal.

He subsequently attended Naparima College for secondary schooling and it was here that he discovered his passion for acting. He became involved in the theater at school where he participated in the secondary school’s drama festival.

In 1978, Fabien joined the West Indian Theatre Company and was introduced to the world of comedy. Fabien stayed with the West Indian Theater Company until 1982, when he began freelancing as an actor. Errol is known for his theatre performances in Monster March, Seasons, Beef no Chicken, The Fantastic’s, Ti Jean and Mariquite, Smile Orange, Adult Suffrage, School’s Out and Accidental Death of an Anarchist to name a few. He is perhaps also lesser known for his film roles in Flight of the Ibis and Secrets of the Shell.

Theater career

Over the past twenty-five (25) years Errol has been involved in many aspects of the performing arts. He is an Actor, Presenter, Writer, Producer, M.C., Comedian and Director for stage, radio and television. Errol along with his brother Nigel (also a Comedian and M.C.) were the jesters for Courts Furniture Stores and appeared together in many ads and promotions for the furniture chain. Fabien has appeared in over forty (40) plays and has worked with most of the corporate bodies in Trinidad and Tobago. He has also demonstrated his amazing versatility as a performer by entering the calypso arena. In doing so, in 1999 he received the "Best New Male Artist" award at the Sunshine Awards in Manhattan, for his composition Ato Tea Party.

Mr. Fabien has also made a name for himself by writing and producing revues in Trinidad and Tobago in a way that locals could relate to. These include The Young and the Restless, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Michael Jackson Scandal, Tarzan and Jane, In Parliament, Elections 95, The Bold and the Boldface and The Bill Clinton Scandal.

He served as President of the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago from 1994-1999.

During the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2000 season, Errol co-pioneered the first ever humorous calypso tent, Yangatang, which later became Maljo Kaiso.

Career in Radio and Television

For three years Errol was a host to a morning drive-time radio talk show program Mixed Nuts on Trinidadian radio station The Vibe CT 105FM. His then co-host, George Gonzales, would later go on to share the spotlight with him on a live television comedy show, Sunset Strip. He was dismissed in 2015 for contesting a government election.[2]

In February 2004 this artist teamed up with Banyan Ltd and started Trinidad’s first Community Television Station, “Gayelle the Channel”. Today he is the Executive Director of this innovative television initiative.[3]

Errol is also a recovering drug addict, who embraced recovery in March 1988 and has today remained completely drug-free for over twenty-one years. Errol also talks to youths and other recovering addicts across Trinidad and Tobago on a regular basis about his experiences while he was an active Drug Addict.[4]

Career in Politics

Errol attempted to enter the world of politics as an independent candidate for St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago, however was handed a sound defeat of only 121 votes.

May 26, 2016

Amanda Jones was born and raised in the south part of the beautiful island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.

She graduated from A levels in 2002. She then worked for a short time at a grocery store before enrolling in an Associate Degree Nursing program with COSTAATT.

Amanda Jones became a Registered Nurse in January 2006 after passing her exams in October 2005. In June 2007 she got married. After having her first son in 2009 she decided to resign. Interestingly fate would have it that after one year and a half she would return to work as a Registered Nurse. In 2014 she had her second son.

Amanda uses poetry, which she writes, as a teaching tool to educate her patients.

She is also a songwriter. Some of the songs she has contributed to were sung by Casandra Jones.

Check out her book Poems For You and Your Neighbour- Health Disorders Simplified

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