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Dec 28, 2016

After several attempts at making the right podcast for him, Jeff Perry has decided that making a podcast about all things podcasting is just what he was looking for after years of trying various types of podcasts spanning all kinds of topics.

Jeff Perry has been listening to podcasts for 7 years, shows like NerdistThe Joe Rogan ExperienceConnectedSModcast, and Reply All has influenced him to try podcasting. The first show he made was Movies Suck!, a show all about the film industry and current happenings. Eventually he decided to do a show with some friends where they talk about what ever was on their mind called Dookey in the Bowl, but once both of those shows ended he didn’t stop there. In fact, he created 3 more shows but they just weren’t “it” for him.

Podcasting has always been a passion for Jeff, and he continues to try again and again because he loves the art form Podcasting brings. Eventually he came to the question of “why not make a show all about podcasting?”

That is exactly what Podcast Roots (formally Podcast Fiend) is, and this one isn’t going anywhere. So join Jeff on this new and exciting ride where he talks to other podcasters, people in the podcasting industry, or just to himself and help you get started, improve, or rethink how you might be doing your shows.


Dec 28, 2016

Clarissa Wilson is an accountant turned money coach because all women deserve to have financial independence, but she was seeing way too many women lack financial independence through her work as an accountant. When she isn't watching the Big Bang Theory or 2 Broke Girls, she is helping women build their relationship with their money so they can have financial independence once and for all.



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Dec 27, 2016

Hello, my name is Jonathan Schwartz I am currently working as a marketing analyst and aspire to help others bring their business to digital excellence.

My entire life I have been fascinated by politics, history and the complex world. My uncle lived in Buenos Aires and after visiting the summer before college I fell in love with Argentina and made that a central part of my studies. When I went to Rhodes College in Memphis, TN I become deeply interested in History & International Studies with a focus on the Americas. There I receive a fellowship to do primary research at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library and wrote a subsequent paper. My interests expanding into politics after writing my Senior Thesis on Latin America election, which lead me to become more deeply involved in politics.

I recently completeld a Masters in Applied Politics form the University of Akron and the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. This gave me a range of research, presentation and campaigning skills that are invaluable for a range of future pursuits. For some time I was involved with some local political campaigns, non profits, and a US Senate campaign.

I find a great deal of personal satisfaction through creative endeavors including podcasting with my associate Travis Rasor at www.DisassembledPodcast.com. In this podcast we bring adeconstructavist philosophical viewpoint to closely examine the cultural, economic and politic events of today.

At the moment we have refocused our podcasting efforts into a variety of new ventures, that will include a guide for world travelers, investment and sound production software.

Notable among them is InvitePages, a service to generate beautiful HTML 5 invitation and event pages at http://InvitePages.com/

You can follow me personally on twitter @ TheDataSherlock

My personal website is http://jdsmarketing.weebly.com/

If you would like to directly get in contact with me you can email me here email me here

Dec 27, 2016

Jim earned his B.B.A. from Washington State University, an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University and a graduate certificate from Stanford University.  He has earned sales leadership and performance awards with Northwestern Mutual Life, Owens-Corning Fiberglas, Kirk Paper Company, International Paper and xpedx.

Jim was named Vice President of Sales for Kirk Paper Company at the age of 29.  Jim lead sales growth from $350MM to $500MM leading to this privately held company to be acquired by International Paper/xpedx in 1994.


 Jim is an author and speaker.  Jim authored How to Win the Achievement Game,” and “Breakthrough: 14 Strategies for Breakthrough Performance.” Jim’s newest book, “Tape Breakers, How to Positively Impact the People You Love, The People You Lead, and the Causes that Stir Your Heart,” was released in 2016 and was a “Top New Release” on Amazon..

Jim finished his corporate career off in 2013. As Group Vice President at xpedx Jim lead a $1BB distribution business with 21 locations in the Western U.S. and serving customers around the globe with packaging, custom packaging design, facility supplies, and printing papers.  If you have touched an iPad or iPhone you touched Jim’s work at xpedx.

Jim founded ImpACTful Notes in 2013. ImpACTful Notes is a web based service that delivers a unique text message to your smart phone five days a week. Each note is crafted to encourage, inspire, and motivate recipients to live with passion in everything they do.


1981:  BBA Washington State University, Marketing

1983:  MBA Pepperdine University

1998:  Graduate Certificate Advanced Business Management, Stanford University



1980 – 1981       College Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

1981 – 1982       Sales Representative, Owens-Corning Fiberglas

1982 – 1984       Advanced Sales Representative, Owens-Corning Fiberglas


1984 – 1989       Sales Representative, Kirk Paper Company

1989 – 1996       Vice President of Sales, Kirk Paper Company

1996 – 2002       Vice President/General Manager, xpedx

2002 – 2004       Director/General Manager, International Paper

2004 – 2013       Group Vice President, xpedx

2013 - Present   Founder, Impactful Notes


 Honors & Awards:

1981                            Top College Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance    Company

1981                             Top New Sales Representative, Owens-Corning Fiberglas

1982 & 83                     Sales Builder, Owens-Corning Fiberglas

1984                             Rookie of the Year, Kirk Paper Company

1985                             President’s Club, Kirk Paper Company

1986, 87, &  88              Chairman’s Club, Kirk Paper Company


1996 – 2002                 PAR/PAR Excellence, xpedx


2003 & 2005                International Paper Sales & Marketing Award of Excellence

2007                            International Paper, Chairman’s Coin


 Books & Training Programs

“How to Win the Achievement Game”  1984

TOPIC Selling Program - 1990

“Breakthrough” 2013

“Tape Breakers” Coming Soon

Blog: jimdakers.com  


Social Media:    Twitter: JimAkers1

                        Instagram: jimdakers
                         Facebook: Impactful Notes

Dec 27, 2016

Tina Dietz is coming to unleash the voice of your business! Internationally acclaimed business coach, audiobook publisher, popular podcast host, launch specialist and bestselling author Tina Dietz brings passionate vision, perspective and attention to detail for her clients. Tina’s company, StartSomething Creative Business Solutions, helps clients who want more than just a business, they want a ‘Business Oasis!’ Tina divides her time between Costa Rica and the US and has been featured on outlets like ABC, forbes.com, INC.com, in national trade magazines and all around the radio dial.


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Dec 26, 2016

Entrepreneur, mom and self-confessed health nut, Estrellita Gonzalez decided to launch her own business, one aligned with her values of health and wellbeing, after a career in the corporate world. She has been running her own holistic skin care, detox and slimming centre in Vancouver for almost 5 years now. Derma Bright Clinic specializes in "clean" treatment-focused services for such issues as acne and weight loss. She also operates an online store, www.myskinsalon.com, and is a published author with the release of her first book, Face Your Acne! available on Amazon. As the "Queen of Living Clean" she speaks and writes about the importance of paying attention to the toxic load in our every day lives and the strategies we can use to live a cleaner, healthier, and happier life.

More info:

Twitter: @DermaBright

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Dec 26, 2016

Cardiff D. Hall is an inspirational author, speaker and mentor

who has a burning passion for life. He helps individuals

transform their self being, so they can direct the course of

their life to reach and sustain achievement, bringing more joy

and fulfillment in their journey of life.

From his published book entitled Tide Turners – The Practical

Guide to Help You Feel In Control, Experience More Joy and

Sustain Achievement in Life, to his online content, Cardiff

offers a sound foundation. His message is aimed at helping the

goal seekers and the individuals who feel they are drifting

through life, turn the tide.

He provides strategies, tactics and insights on turning the tide in life through his book and

online resources. He writes a weekly blog entitled Sustained Achievement at

www.cardiffdhall.com where readers gain knowledge and actionable items to help them along

in their journey of life.

Inside Tide Turners, Cardiff shares his own personal stories which have impacted his journey

and how he embraced the waves to reach achievement. Cardiff has experienced things which

could have sunk his boat, however his relentless optimism, vision, positivity and joy kept his

boat afloat.

Cardiff is scheduled to be on the ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ and the ‘Success to Significance’

Podcasts in early 2017 at this time.

He is a graduate of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy and has applied these

learnings in his personal life and in group coaching he facilitates.

Cardiff and his wife Dawn and daughter reside in Minneapolis area.

Cardiff can be contacted through phone, email or online at:

 (612) 594-2550

 cardiff@cardiffdhall.com

 cardiffdhall.com

 https://www.facebook.com/cardiffdhall

 Twitter (@cardiffdhall)

 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cardiff-d- hall


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Dec 26, 2016

Nico Brenner is a Chilean tech entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is a big fan of positive reinforcement and building the habit of happiness. Nico also oversees Product development at Praiseworthy, a company dedicated to helping businesses improve through individual feedback from customers.

For the past 14 years, Nico has participated in more than a dozen tech startups either as a founder, early hire, angel investor, advisor or speaker.

In 2013, Nico and Misa Chien, former CEO of the NomNom food truck, realized they had the same problem. As a consumer, Nico felt there was no direct and easy way to tell companies about his experience with them. As a business owner, Misa felt the little feedback she was getting from her customers wasn’t specific or individualized enough to be useful.

With this pain in mind, they set out to build the easiest way possible for customers to give feedback directly to the people that they interacted with at a store, as well as the easiest way possible for business owners and employees to receive this feedback and act on it. They called it Praiseworthy.

Since launch, Praiseworthy has been a hit with business owners and their customers, quickly growing from being used at only 7 stores in 2014, to saving millions of customers at thousands of stores across 47 US states in 2016.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Dec 25, 2016
“Margaret…paved the way for over 150,000 women to become Spartans—she is the Amelia Earhart of Obstacle Racing!”—Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan Race 



Margaret Schlachter found obstacle racing in 2010 with the very first Spartan Race outside of Burlington, Vermont. From that day she was hooked. This former collegiate athlete found a new spark for fitness in obstacle course racing..

She founded Dirt in Your Skirt in early 2011 as a personal blog tracking her progress to the first World’s Toughest Mudder. Quickly the blog turned into a full website with race reviews, gear reviews, industry insight and more.

In 2012,  she became the first professional female obstacle racer and was ranked 5th in the world at the time. She has taken on some of the sport’s toughest events competing in the Death Race, 5x World’s Toughest Mudder, and Survival Run in Nicaragua. Schlachter helped found the Spartan Chicked movement with over 15,000 members today.

Today she spends her time as a full-time author, writer, industry expert, and coach. When not writing or taking on the next obstacle race or mud run she can be found working on her Urban Farm in Salt Lake City.


Margaret is editor-in-chief for MudRunGuide.com the world’s leading news source for all things Obstacle Racing. She also works as a freelance writer for a number of websites and publications. As well have been featured in Outside Magazine, Trail Running Magazine, Dailyburn.com, Racked.com, Irunfar.com, The Associated Press, FitnessRX for Women, Mud & Obstacle Magazine, About.com, Gaspari Nutrition, Inov-8 and other media outlets as an expert in the sport of Obstacle & Extreme Racing. Her first book, Obstacle Race Trainingwith Tuttle Publishing was released April 15, 2014.

Dec 25, 2016

Halelly Azulay is an author, speaker, facilitator, and leadership development strategist and an expert in leadership, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. She is the author of two books, Employee Development on a Shoestring (ATD Press) and Strength to Strength: How Working from Your Strengths Can Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life. Her books, workshops and retreats build on her 20+ years of professional experience in communication and leadership development in corporate, government, nonprofit and academic organizations.

Halelly is the president of TalentGrow LLC, a consulting company focused on developing leaders and teams, especially for enterprises experiencing explosive growth or expansion. TalentGrow specializes in people leadership skills, which include communication skills, teambuilding, coaching and emotional intelligence. TalentGrow works with all organizational levels, including C-level leaders, frontline managers, and individual contributors.

Halelly is a sought after speaker at conferences and meetings and is a contributing author to numerous books, articles and blogs. She was recently described as a “Leadership Development Guru” by TD Magazine. Halelly blogs at www.talentgrow.com/blog, publishes a leadership podcast at www.talentgrow.com/podcast, and has a popular free bi-weekly subscription newsletter – sign up at www.tinyurl.com/talentgrow.

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Dec 25, 2016

Kelly Clanton Cox is the Best Selling Author of 365 Affirmations to Smile, Columnist for the Missing Piece Magazine, Co-host of Hot Mamas: Living Better at Any Age on Bold Radio Station, Motivational Speaker and Health and Fitness Coach. My personal desire to be healthy and fit turned into my passion to serve my clients by meeting their individual health and fitness goals. I personally incorporate fun physical activity, healthy recipes and positive motivation to inspire my clients to WIN at being healthy.

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Dec 24, 2016

2014--  I was running a nonprofit organization called Nurture (I still run it);  we teach nutrition and wellness to kids in schools and families (especially low income).  I had made this move from "profit to purpose" (I used to be a high paid management consultant for Fortune 100/500 companies before my kids were born)


2015-  I wrote a book called "mountain mantras" to start to build a larger platform to reach/help more people.  I launched a career in professional speaking (inspiration and wellness)


2016- a VERY busy year with over 100 radio/podcast interviews, 7 major TV appearances, and a major print/online media tour for a new book (for children) called Give It a Go, Eat a Rainbow.  All about the importance of eating fresh fruits and veggies.


Also--  I JUST launched my own podcast last week.  It is called "Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes".   Very exciting to spread more help and inspiration


2017-working on sequels to books, still running the nonprofit, acting as a mentor to our local business incubator (Ketchum Innovation Center); working on the Board of our local radio station.  And a busy mom and wife. : )


Hope that is what you're looking for. Thanks for your inspiration! Kathryn.


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Dec 24, 2016

Certified Benefit Auction Specialist


Professional Fundraising Auctioneer


Erin Ward, CAI, BAS, is a third generation auctioneer from New York. She has been in the auction business her entire life with both her mother, Jill Doherty, 2002 International Auctioneer Champion, and grandfather, Col. Jack Doherty.


Erin was one of the first in the receive the Benefit Auction Specialist designation by the National Auctioneers Association. 40 hours of expert education in fundraising auctions and countless dollars and hundreds of auction sets Erin apart from the ordinary auctioneer. In 2010, Erin competed for the first time in the International Auctioneers Competition. Standing amongst the best in the world, she placed 7th, and she looks forward to next year’s competition. Erin is a recent graduate of CAI, (Certified Auctioneers Institute), the most highly respected education designation in the auction industry, and less than 5% of auctioneers nationwide have achieved CAI status.


Erin received her Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies with a focus in Art History from SUNY Purchase, New York. She took advantage of her time in college to study abroad in Spain, Italy, and China.


Erin is a diversely trained auctioneer, but specializes solely on fundraising. She is considered one of the top fundraising auctioneers in the world working with movie stars, politicians and A-list celebrities to maximize FUN and FUNraising. She excels at communicating with people of all cultures and has taken the time to study the most effective ways to help organizations raise money. This includes helping event guests feel confident and excited about donating. “My goal is to make everyone leaving the fundraiser feel like a STAR!” shares Erin “It’s all about the organization and the guests giving experience.”


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Dec 24, 2016

Elle Stahlhut Roetzel  is a certified coach, speaker, and mentor. She is passionate to see others set free by the healing love of Jesus Christ and living victoriously with the vision of who God has called them to be. 

To fulfill this passion, Elle has mentored women and led Bible Studies for the past 20 years. Her passion to help women live the overflowing life Christ died to give them led her to write a book this past year. Her book entitled Bridal Redemption will be released November 30th. She not only desires to reach people through her writing but is also connecting with women through her online studies, speaking, and coaching practice. She believes that we all have struggles, they may look different, but they have the power to keep us from living out our purpose. Elle shares her own struggles and painful circumstances and reveals the keys that she used to be healed from her past and live victoriously through the storms.

During the last three years she has lived with continual change as she adjusted to life as a single mom after the death of her spouse, and moving her children to another state. The trials and adjustments that went along with moving her children and getting remarried has had its moments that stretched and challenged her faith. It doesn't take long to realize after talking with Elle, that her faith is rock solid and she never lost hope or was without expectation that everything was going to be okay. It is from this position that she wrote her book and has built her speaking and coaching business.

Elle previously worked in the financial real estate investment field in Seattle, Washington and has a B.S. in Finance. She has received a Practical Ministry Certification through the International School of Ministry, is a Certified Coach through Life Forming, and a Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Certification Student. Her testimony of healing has aired throughout the world on the Angel Network Channel. Elle Stahlhut Roetzel lives with her husband and children in Minneapolis.


Dec 23, 2016

Michelle Duncan-Wilson is the founder of Soul Work For Moms. Michelle knows that mothering is all things: joyous, painful, amazing, terrifying, and the list goes on and one. One thing’s for sure though, it’s seldom what you thought it would be. Soul Work For Moms shares the stories of motherhood and provides resources to help you grow. Michelle is the mother of 3 children, ages 17, 8 and 3, and lives with her husband in Cincinnati, Ohio.



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Dec 23, 2016

Dan Simon is an intuitive consultant and coach. On the last day of 2010, he jumped off a bridge in New Zealand attached to a rubber band. That single moment of decision/terror caused him to begin addressing what he really wanted from life rather than living from outdated beliefs.

Today, women hire him to reframe their life stories, because they are prisoners of the past, shackled by early trauma; so he helps them to break free to update their old beliefs and old decisions. So they can design a new dream and begin to live in their authentic power.

So many are stuck in certain areas of their life— be it relationships, career, finance, lifestyle. Dan provides the energetic lifeline to pull you out of the muck and get you moving again.

His gift is to listen intuitively and to reflect back a true picture of who you really are, rather than who you were convinced that you needed to be. He works both one on one and offers group coaching programs. His new live event is called, “IT’A ATYPO, NOT A TRAGEDY: REFRAME YOUR STORY FOR POWER, PASSION AND JOY”.

Get his free video course on “Reframing your Story” at www.DanSimon.co or contact him at Dan@DanSimon.co




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Dec 23, 2016

You could call me a social creature by nature. I’ve always had an insatiable hunger to meet new faces from all over the world. I started my career as a stockbroker, but realized before long that my passion and talent wasn’t in connecting dots, but connecting people. So it’s no wonder I ended up where I am today – a serial entrepreneur and the digital ‘go-to’ guy for the travel industry – fully immersed into an industry where personal experience and storytelling has been the key to my success.


In today’s digital age, connecting people has become fairly easy. Forming meaningful, lasting business relationships – well, that’s the tough part. But 15 years of entrepreneurial experience has taught me (through much trial and error), how to manage people, their talents and strengths, and translate that into profitable businesses. The secret is, there’s no substitute for real life experience. So that’s why I’m here, to help by sharing my experiences and hopefully, foster opportunities where we can work together.

Twitter: @MrScottEddy


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Dec 22, 2016

Margarita is an Expatriate Coach and Trainer, a self-made expatriate, who in the last 10 years has been living in 10 + cities. Ca. 2.5 years ago she moved back to London, which is her home at the moment. Margarita is truly international spirit: throughout her life she felt that the world is a bit bigger than her small, but proud country Latvia, so at the age of 10 years old she got her first pen pal from the UK. At the age of 14 years old she travelled mainly alone throughout the Europe. She has BSc and MA in International Relations from the universities based in four countries and she speaks fluently 5+ languages. The most she enjoys making this world a better place and helping others, so it was no surprise when all these circumstances brought her towards new career and calling: expatriate coaching and training, and a creation of Happy Abroad (www.happy-abroad.com). Through this platform Margarita provides support and help to the expatriates in different parts of the world in successful integration and finding fulfilment and joy during their journey of life abroad. Her motto is: "Happy Abroad, Happy Wherever You Are!".


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Dec 22, 2016

Mike Kawula is the CEO of Social Media startup Social Quant, a top ranked Twitter tool by HubSpot that helps you find the most relevant followers on Twitter that will interact with your business.

Michael is an entrepreneur whose last 2 businesses each hit 7 figures in under 3 years with his most recent being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine in 2012.

He’s an author, has been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and featured in over 100 publications over the last few years. Michael has been an entrepreneur since 9/10/2001, has a strong passion for marketing, startups, his family and the Florida beaches.

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Dec 22, 2016

As a certified business, leadership and career coach, writer, motivational speaker and founder of The After 5 Club, which helps women in 9 to 5 jobs start and grow businesses on the side. Kelly Lynn has helped hundreds of women build smart and sustainable businesses. She has helped women to redefine success through shifting their mindsets, increasing their confidence, and stepping into their divine power.

Kelly Lynn is the author of The Little Pink Book Manifesto: 10 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Life & Your Business. Kelly Lynn has also spent over 12 years in corporate finance for some of the top fashion and retail brands in the world. She is also the co-founder of The Making Moves Podcast which is commuter candy for 9 to 5'ers.

She is on a mission to help one woman and one business at a time realize that they can be, do and have anything that they desire. On her path to leave a legacy for the next generation to come, she teaches woman on how to do the same.

Kelly Lynn’s passion for business, love of entrepreneurship and proven success secrets are often sought out by the media, she has been featured on Forbes.com, Huffington Post, GMA’s Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle, ABC, CBS, and Fox News to name a few.

She is regularly a guest speaker for companies including PNC Bank, ETT Women and you can see her must watch business videos on her YouTube channel KellyLynnAdamsTV. In 2013, Kelly Lynn was nominated for The Stiletto Woman of The Year Award and also contributed to Amazon’s best books of 2014, Jersey Women Mean Business! Big Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners.


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Dec 21, 2016

Kristyn Tobey is a professional triathlete, health and fitness coach, speaker, entrepreneur and adventure lover. Born and raised in Boulder, CO, she grew up hiking, skiing and exploring the outdoors. After graduating college, her life took an unexpected turn when her mom became very sick. In a split second, a corporate job with a corner office was the last thing on her mind. Instead, she found herself learning more about nutrition and health as a way to help her mom combat the effects of the pharmaceutical drugs. For the next ten years, Kristyn and her mom lived life to the fullest. Kristyn lived abroad in New Zealand and Australia. Then moved to Europe to lead adventure biking trips and finally landed in Bermuda for 6 years. It was in Bermuda where she discovered her love for triathlon and earned her pro card in 2013. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started her own health coaching business two years ago and now currently builds a business with a health company called LIFE MATTERS. She loves to live life full out and her mission is to inspire and teach others how to do the same.

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Dec 21, 2016

Jason "J-Boom" Legaard is an inspirational speaker, high level networker, coach and co-host of The Mindset Mountain Podcast. Jason has built J-Boom into an internationally recognized brand in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and the UK. He was a featured guest on one of the top business podcasts on iTunes, Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas.
Jason strives daily to inspire the fire in others to move from guilt to gratitude in order to achieve their greatness.


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Dec 21, 2016

I am an 18 year old senior in high school starting an online movement for positive change in my generation. I am currently running a blog called Thank Goodness It's My Life and working as an intern under the #bedisruptive movement, all while juggling graduating in May!

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas 

Dec 20, 2016

Jeffrey A. (Jeff) Kramer, P.E., PWLF, CPM, CCM
Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Ascension Leadership Group, LLC

A civil engineer who spent a career in the public works design and construction industry, I have made an enormous transformation over the past 3 years. Prompted by a burning desire to make a difference by helping others be better, I become a John Maxwell Team certified coach and speaker in the summer of 2013. It was then that I founded Ascension Leadership Group and began speaking and teaching others about leadership and communication principles, developing programs, and writing a book. Before too long, though, I realized was having difficulty with progress and connection, and that I really wasn’t clear on what I was trying to accomplish.

In the spring of 2015 I began the process of becoming a Deeper Path Team certified coach, and it was then I had the revelation. I was a perfectionist, and it was in my way. With the help of my coach, Kary Oberbrunner, we developed strategies to address this addiction, and a plan to get past it. I shelved the projects I was working on, and began a process of study and reflection that led me to today. Where exactly is that?

Personally – I am growing and improving on a daily basis; my relationship with my wife, Sharon, and our 4 daughters is the best it has ever been. I am not criticizing every little thing, making them feel inferior, and sending them to tears. Instead I am building them up, showing them their true worth, and they have responded with incredible growth and success of their own. I am awed and humbled by the family we have become.

Professionally - I am getting ready to launch a multi-level coaching program on self-leadership; a different book, one on overcoming perfectionism so you can live your life, is in the works; a reflection journal template that focuses on the items that were key to my progress is drafted and on its way to the designer for layout so it can be published; and I am speaking and coaching with a clarity that allows me to truly provide value to those I work with. In addition, several other programs and projects are outlined and queued up waiting their turn on the priority list for development.


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Dec 19, 2016

A 20-year entrepreneur, speaker, & globally recognized growth strategist, Marissa’s lifetime legacy mission is to

educate, equip, & empower 100 million entrepreneurs & leaders with the skillsets and mindsets they need to

reach their greatest potential.

As CEO of Successful Culture, Marissa helps CEOs master the 3 most critical aspects of business growth: leadership development,

strategy formulation & execution, and organizational culture assessment & improvement. She also helps CEOs select and imple-

ment highly effective advisory boards using her patented SCALETM Model, which is an essential strategy for any business looking to

grow exponentially.

She is a Chapter Chair for Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), and is responsible for the facilitation and growth of groups of

up to 20 women business owners with revenues ranging from $2 million to more than $150 million.

Marissa is a Leadership Mindset columnist for Inc. Magazine, and is an instructor & strategy coach for Inc’s online entrepreneurship

education program, Inc.Edu which leads start-up entrepreneurs through an intensive business growth curriculum.

She is the author of “My Company ROCKS!” Eight Secrets to a Growth-Driven Culture That Keeps Employees Happy & Engaged,"

which provides specific strategies on how to build a culture that fosters employee loyalty, engagement, and excitement.

She is also the author of the #1 best-selling book on advisory boards, “Built to SCALE: How Top Companies Create Breakthrough

Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards”. The book leads businesses owners through her SCALETM Model to strategically se-

lect, compensate, associate, & leverage advisory boards for breakthrough growth. Marissa is also SmartCEO Magazine’s syndicated

columnist, penning a column entitled “Get on Board” which advises business owners how to strategically build advisory boards to

fuel organizational growth.

Marissa’s 20-year entrepreneurial journey started in 1995 when she founded Information Experts, a global strategic communica-

tions and education firm, in 1995 that has served more than 15 federal agencies. She launched her firm with no outside funding

after working for a man that capped her worth at $34,000. Marissa has led her firm through the implosion of the telecom and inter-

net industries, 9/11 terrorist attacks, three recessions, three government shut-downs, the collapse of the auto, finance, & housing

markets, and two cancer scares, while raising two sons as a hands-on mom.

Under her leadership through 2011, Information Experts won more than 90 awards for creativity & leadership, was named to the

Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for 2009, 2010, & 2011, and won the 2010 SmartCEO GovStar Industry Star


Marissa’s passion of mentoring other leaders motivated her to launch Successful Culture in June 2011. Through Successful Culture

she applies her 20 years of experience to help leaders achieve their highest potential, build exceptional organizations to engage &

inspire employees, and keep top-level talent.

She was named as a 2009, 2010, and 2011 SmartCEO Smart 100 participant by SmartCEO Magazine, which recognizes the top 100

CEOs in the region, and was named as a 2008 BRAVO Award winner, which honors the region’s 25 most influential women CEOs. In

2011, she was one of the first honorees to be inducted into the SmartCEO Hall of Fame for outstanding and exemplary women’s


She was named as one of Washington’s Top 100 Technology Titans for 2009 by Washingtonian Magazine and was a finalist for the

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Marissa was also named as one of greater Washington’s “Women Who Mean Busi-

ness” by the Washington Business Journal, which honors the region’s “most influential and powerful” women executives.

Marissa holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development & Organizational Development, is a credentialed coach certified

by International Coach Federation (ICF), is certified in Instructional Systems Design, and is a Certified Mastermind Facilitator.

Marissa and her husband Adam are the parents to two teenage “boys,” ages 16 & 19, and Lexie, a 7-year old Golden Doodle. They

live in Ashburn, VA. At 5’9, Marissa is the shortest member of her family, of which she is reminded daily.

Marissa Levin: CEO, Successful Culture

www.successfulculture.com | Marissa@successfulculture.com | @marissalevin | www.linkedin.com/in/marissalevin1



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