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Nov 28, 2016

Pat Roque, the Rock Star Transformation Coach, teaches students, executives and entrepreneurs why and how golf can rock their world. Pat fell in love with golf amid a mid-life meltdown as golf helped her transform from rock bottom to rock star. When Pat turned 50, her best friend gave her a box of rocks that were painted gold and labeled with 50 things that make Pat special. This touching tribute sparked Pat's 50 ROCKS: Life Lessons for Success blog, which has blossomed into a booming speaking and coaching schedule.


Folks across the globe call Pat the "Tony Robbins of the Golf World" thanks to these motivating and memorable presentations. As a master connector, Pat teaches folks how to appreciate their gifts to the world and attract their ideal clients. She empowers others to rock their business and their life as a global keynote speaker, business coach and consultant. Working with top resorts, PGA and LPGA teaching professionals, she inspires others to pursue their passion and rock their world in 90-days.


Pat's infectious spirit and marketing skills helped grow the Women's Golf Association of NJ to over 500 members. She is a top volunteer for the Barclays PGA Tour, the ShopRite LPGA Classic and more. Pat frequently contributes as an industry expert writer or commentator for Golf Talk Radio, Women in Golf, Golf Business Monitor, Golf Operator Magazine, Women in the Golf Industry and the global golf Grow the Game Initiative. She led the efforts to have June 7 declared Women's Golf Day in her home state of NJ. Pat is married to her favorite golf partner, Alex and has 2 adult children. Together they travel the world seeking great golf courses, beaches and wine. For more information visit www.RockOnSuccess.com


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Nov 28, 2016

David Hooper is an author, radio host, and marketing expert who works

with entrepreneurs and brands to build their authority and influence

to increase sales and more effectively spread their messages.

The story starts a few years ago…

I released a book called Six-Figure Musician – How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business. As the title suggests, it was written for musicians and the people who work with them — managers, record labels, etc.

I was entrenched in the music business, over the years working with hundreds of acts, from bands just getting started to legendary artists you’ve heard and probably own music by. I’ve seen all aspects of how “celebrity” is created and maintained, from street and media promotion, to live event production, to the behind-the-scenes of film and television.

But after 20 years in the trenches, I was done. I wanted new challenges.

And that’s how I got here.

The same techniques I’ve used to help musicians to grow their fanbases, spread their music, and make money in the music business will work to help authors, bloggers, and podcasters grow their audiences, spread their work, and make money in their businesses.

The music business, more than any other industry, has been changed by technology and how entertainment is now consumed. We were the “pioneers” who had to figure out how to work with illegal downloads, changing distribution methods, and how to get attention for our work in a crowded marketplace of more entertainment choices than ever.

And we did.

As a creative professional, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. If you need help standing out (and making money while doing it), you’re in the right place.



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Nov 27, 2016

Dr. Andrise Bass. A Transformational Strategist Coach,a business person, entrepreneur, leader and retail manager has been in the business industry for over 28 years. She has vast professional experience working in various well-established organizations and agencies including her time with Compaq as the Human Capital Coach.

Her journey towards greatness started with a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, Master Degree in Psychology, MBA in Organizational Psychology where she graduated Cum Laude from American Intercontinental University and a Ph.D. Degree in Public Policy at Walden University where she focused on Leadership Management and Administration. She also received a Certificate from the University of Virginia on Public Policy Challenge of the 21st Century.

She is the perfect academician who believes extensive participation in impactful activities can bring significant improvement in any society. As such, she has participated in numerous conferences and workshops all over the world, such as INSEAD Women's Leadership Conference in Singapore and the Women's Leadership Conference in Johannesburg and also a regular attendee at the United Nations since 2009 as a Business Strategist to empower women and girls. She was honored as the Ambassador of Change by Walden University in 2010 and was recognized by Strathmore as a strong leader in her field. Her utmost dedication and excellence in her profession were recognized by NAPA (National Association of Professional Women) in 2013. She has trained and organized events which tested, cultivated and sharpened her leadership skills immensely.

Dr. Bass has come a long way and is leaving no stone unturned in her bid to create even more leaders in our communities. Her mission is to transform professional women with steadfast knowledge toward success and coachable business with cash flow. Help clients to crystallize their thinking with transformative empowering strategy. Help client how to transform their life, they can change the world.


Nov 27, 2016

Tori started in the online business world as a freelance ghostwriter. Eventually she landed gigs at Lifehacker and Hack College where she provided tech oriented productivity tips to the world.

In learning to sell her own services and land client she soon realized she had fallen in love with marketing. She spent a year completely transitioning to be a digital marketing provider.

She now spends her time helping bootstrappers bring their dreams to fruition through coaching, mentoring, and an array of digital marketing services.

She founded the Bootstrap Millennial blog as a free resource to provide guidance to those who are seeking it but don't necessarily have the financial resources to pay for the answers elsewhere. From there you can purchase her book on how to create impactful content that spreads, her course on how to get published on The Huffington Post, or her time. All of her products and services are priced affordably for her market.

"I love a bootstrapper, because that's my story. I lived it, I've been working along side others who've lived it, and that story is at the root of all of my knowledge and growth in this industry. The raw passion of bootstrappers is at the core of what drives and inspires me now. With that being said it only makes sense to me that I cater to those who are seeking to share in the bootstrapping experience."



Nov 26, 2016

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, and lover of Starbucks, Faydra is determined that no one facing a crisis feels alone. Known in pop culture as America’s Crisis Coach™ Faydra works with high-achievers who have faced unimaginable obstacles and want to come out on top. Her bold approach to crisis management is out of the box and is changing lives.

With 22 years of experience in the fields of Psychology, Mental Health and Court Investigating, Faydra has worked with thousands of people facing challenges. Her biggest challenge came when her husband was indicted for a white-collar crime and sent to prison for 43 years. The fall out from this crisis left Faydra in dire straights and brought her to the end of her coping skills. Faydra dug deep and came out of her situation stronger, more effective than ever and with a burning desire to help others facing unimaginable crisis.

You can find out more about Faydra at DoingLifeWithFaydra.com and you can find her books at FaydraOnAmazon.Com. Catch her podcast, Coming Out Of The Fire, on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.



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Nov 26, 2016
Dayna is a writer, first and foremost, but also a business owner. In addition to writing novels, she owns a small-press publishing firm and production company that just opened its fours in 2016. Though her degree is in psychology, she has been a writer most of her adult life, writing twenty-six novels in fantasy fiction, horror and science fiction. 
   Her latest projects include a sci-fi television show called Blind World and a horror film she's set to coproduce under her production company titled, Niles. 
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas 
Nov 25, 2016

Josh Hallmark is a Brooklyn-based writer and the host of the Our Americana podcast. Our Americana explores community through the unique stories of Small Town America.

Josh arrived in Brooklyn in November of 2015, after spending six months living in a van with his partner, and traveling most of USA and some of Canada. That life-changing trip is the foundation of his podcast and the subject of his novel, scheduled to debut next year.

Prior to all this, Josh was in health care marketing in Seattle.

Prior to that, he lived in Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, and traveled extensively throughout Asia.

Josh is passionate about the Oxford comma, salad, and maps.

Josh Hallmark




Nov 25, 2016

In the 40 years since he graduated from the University of Illinois, Tom has bought, sold, and managed businesses in a variety of different fields. He founded a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage, and assembled investment groups to buy minor league baseball and basketball franchises.

After selling his last business, Tom founded a business coaching practice dedicated to inspiring motivated entrepreneurs and business owners to reach and exceed their business goals, while living fulfilling lives.

Currently, Tom works with businesses and leadership teams to help them manage relationships, increase productivity, and collaborate more effectively.

His recent book, Lifeness, has been called “A wonderful, inspirational and in the best meaning of the word, useful, guide for entrepreneurs – grounded in one man’s real-life experiences, successes, failures and ongoing development as a man, father, entrepreneur and human being.”

The companion, Lifeness Journal, is intended for those who yearn for a way to simply and consistently record moments from their journey, but are intimidated by the blank page. Following the theme of Lifeness, the Journal helps users harmonize with their world by encouraging daily expressions of joy, gratitude, and affirmation.


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Nov 24, 2016

The voice of Steele;
Martial artist for over 30 years, Father of 5, Voice Over Talent, Podcaster, Goofball.

Current podcast:



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Nov 24, 2016

Leisa Peterson helps successful but overworked entrepreneurs slow down and enjoy life WAY more so they can create even more profitable businesses that fulfills their wildest dreams. She’s an intuitive business coach, money and mindfulness expert and bestselling author on Amazon. 

Leisa’s known for her ability to quickly identify the exact issues that are holding someone back from achieving the goals they desire. Once discovered Leisa draws upon various modalities including energy clearing, shadow work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Allowing ™, mindfulness practices and breath work to assist her clients in clearing out these emotional and mental obstacles. Once cleared Leisa gives customized instructions for how to apply the breakthrough experiences to enhance every aspect of their lives: financial, business and personal. 

As a result of her teachings, Leisa is helping thousands of people develop practical skills for attracting greater wealth, freedom and peace of mind into their lives. She’s also the founder of
wealthclinic.com where she hosts a podcast and blogs about what it means to manage money mindfully. Leisa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and has an MBA in finance. She worked in personal finance for over 20 years and has been an entrepreneur since she started selling gardening seeds door-to-door at age 8. 

When she’s not inspiring entrepreneurs to take back control of their relationship with money Leisa spends time hiking, dirt biking, and painting around Sedona, AZ where she lives with her husband and 2 children.


Blog: www.wealthclinic.com or at Huffington Post

Podcast: Art of Mindful Wealth on iTunes 



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Nov 23, 2016

My name is Catherine Storing and I am the founder of Styling Faith. I started my practice as a Style Coach, but with time I realized my services were lacking a key component: confidence building. It wasn’t just about the coaching anymore, I loved talking to women about the way they look and help them see how their style affects their confidence and their success.

This is why years ago I change my business title to Fashion Stylist, Confidence Building Coach & Woman of Faith. We offer comprehensive styling tools to help you define and step out in style that is meaningful.

What we do:

Styling Faith is a full service style firm. We offer coaching and stylist services for women and a few brave men who want to step out #AllKindsOfFine for their purpose.

When you work with Catherine Storing, you are taking advantage of:

More than twenty-years of styling experience
Tools to look great on the outside and inside as well; to express yourself in a meaningful and beautiful way through your clothing and accessories
God-centric content that will transform you from the inside out

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Nov 23, 2016

“The Instigator of Success”Geoff is the founder of GN Coaching and the creator of Stress IQ an evolutionary system that combines stress management with success and life coaching strategies. His concept assists you in achieving your goals and creating a better integration with your work and lifestyle.

Geoff is passionate about supporting people in overcoming stress and increasing their performance, confidence and supporting them in achieving their biggest goals. In 2007 only a year after his darkest moments, he founded GN Coaching having been trained by some of the best minds in personal development including Jack Canfield Americas number one success coach.

“I am very fortunate to have found my purpose and passion in life. My role is to assist people like you to challenge and support you in creating a vision of what you want to achieve, to set the goals needed to achieve those targets to support you in creating and living the life you truly desire.” – Geoff

Geoff’s values are simple but core to his work, Authenticity, Honesty, Passionate oh and of course work has to be fun because the more we enjoy what we do the more you increase your chances of success.

Geoff’s Story

In late 2000, I suffered from a bout of viral meningitis which was the start of my journey through my own hell, I recovered but within a year I was struck again, this triggered a series of severe stress related conditions that caused me to be bed bound for a year sleeping almost 20 hours a day, followed by a further 4 of being housebound. I struggled with severe depression, anxiety, guilt and many other debilitating mental and physical conditions including severe lethargy, chronic migraines, racking muscular pain, poor concentration and memory.

2006 my life was getting to much for me so I left the house with every intention of ending my life. It was during this dark time that something amazing happened, I heard my eldest sons voice telling me to stop. It was at that moment something triggered a determination that I had never felt before and that was to learn everything I could to understand what makes people tick, what takes them from a state of despair or severe stress to making massive positive changes in their lives.

That question became my mission

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Nov 22, 2016

Howdy! My name is Frank Salas , I go by the name the “Talented Mr. Salas” . I have been a Serial Entrepreneur since the age of 20 , I have never had a full time job, never gone to a company picnic , nor have I had to play the office politics game. I give myself raises, go on vacation when I want to ; for however long I want to. I have a wheelhouse of companies that I run with the support of an army of virtual assistants all based in the Philippines , where $1 USD = ~$50 Filipino Pesos . I do not hire people in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or India — my staff is 100% Filipino and I am the only American on my virtual team. I have aligned myself with the Philippines because of their English skills, growing infrastructure , hospitality and hard work ethic. If you make $30,000 USD or more, you are in the top 1% of wealth in the world and can leverage your currency to scale your business. I help entrepreneurs and businesses scale quickly , service clients at a superior level by focusing time and manpower on each individual client, and maximize their profits by utilizing a global workforce that requires a lower living wage. Henry Ford had the factory worker — I have the Filipino Virtual Workforce.

I have close ties to several top universities in the Philippines where I source young , fresh talent who grew up on Super Mario , Macs and PC’s , Smart Phones, Xbox and Playstation, watch American television shows and movies , Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and more!) and know all the same brands that most of Western countries have.

Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies have been outsourcing to the Philippines since the 1960s — if it’s good enough for AT&T… it’s good enough for you! I look forward to serving you and your business.

Nov 22, 2016

Lauren helps passionate people be boldly themselves, live their fullest lives, and express themselves as they truly are, through graphics and through confidence work. She believes that life is a series of experiences and each person can create the experiences they want!







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Nov 21, 2016

For the last two decades, Alex has developed high-end digital campaigns for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

Alex is also an international speaker, a blogger (12 years), and podcaster (10 years).

He is the author of “Digital BACON: Make Your Online Presence Irresistibly Attractive.” He published his book to show business owners, decision-makers, and marketers the five qualities that make brands sizzle online.

The book itself is a case study of a successful launch:

#1 book in Sales & Marketing on iBooks
Top 20 in the Business category on iBooks
Top 20 Hot & New Releases on Amazon, Business/Marketing category
Amazon best-seller in four different categories on Amazon (Spanish edition)
…all in less than seven days from publication date.
Alex has had the privilege of developing both strategy and creative on successful online experiences for brands such as:

DisneyBusch GardensHSN

…among many others, which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time.

He has received some of the industry’s most prestigious awards in Web, Advertising, and Social Media.



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Nov 21, 2016

Hans Finzel is a husband, father and grandfather. He is also a successful author, podcaster, leadership mentor and trusted authority in the field of leadership.

Hans has a passion to help leaders take their leadership to the next level. "Leaders make things happen. When leaders are leading all out, great things take place!"

Hans and his wife Donna are the founders of HDLeaders, dedicated to training leaders worldwide.

He is host of "The Leadership Answer Man" Podcast. Check out the Podcast Directory under the "My Podcast" tab above. Hans learned a lot about leadership during his twenty years as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture. Dr. Finzel is the author of nine books, including his bestseller "The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make." His books have been translated into over twenty foreign language editions.


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Nov 20, 2016

Hey there, I’m Torie Robinson and I work with professionals to enable them to unleash their full potential, achieve their goals and fulfil their ambitions.

I will help you to make a career change / to get promoted and just make the most out of your career. Maybe you are bored. Hate your boss. Fed up of the company/industry. Being made redundant.

Let’s identify what your goals are and enable to you get there.


Meet your Career Consultant…

Hey there, I’m Torie Robinson and I work with professionals to enable them to unleash their full potential, achieve their goals and fulfil their ambitions.

I will help you to make a career change / to get promoted and just make the most out of your career. Maybe you are bored. Hate your boss. Fed up of the company/industry. Being made redundant.

Let’s identify what your goals are and enable to you get there.

Video Player
I specialise in the Finance sector and work with clients on all levels of an organisation – from MDs, Partners, and Lawyers, to PAs and IT consultants. If you’re ready to make a change, I’m ready to work with you.

Why I do Career Consulting

People often ask me why I do what I do, and the simple answer is to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Through my services, I am able to help people unleash their full potential and give them the confidence they need to take the steps they need to enhance their career, reach their goals, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So many of us will reach a point in our careers where we become lost and uncertain – but we know we need a change. We want to take that next step, but are unsure of the direction. Should we pursue our existing career path or try something completely new? If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you possibly know how you’re going to get “there”?

Helping my clients to define what they really want from their careers, clearly define their goals and then helping them to achieve these is what drives me. I am passionate about what I do and for me, it’s so much more than a job – I genuinely care about my clients’ success and seeing them achieve this is what gives me career fulfillment.

How I became a Career Consultant

I haven’t always been a Career Consultant. I’ve gained over 7 years’ experience in Finance, Banking, Management, HR and Recruitment, whilst sometimes working in roles that I didn’t enjoy, that were not fulfilling and which put me under immense and intolerable pressure.

I’d been promoted and seconded overseas – I thought that this was going to be my career dream, but for many reasons, it left me unhappy and unchallenged. This wasn’t where I wanted to be – but where did I want to be? I felt lost.

Taking some time off, I used my skills and experience to help some of my friends to get high flying jobs in London; providing recruitment advice, overhauling their CVs and LinkedIn profiles, and preparing them for interviews. And it worked. I realised that this was the next step I had been looking for– to help other professionals find and secure the jobs that they wanted-rather than the jobs they felt they needed.

So here I am – using my knowledge, experience and insight to help others avoid the career-based misery that I endured. And I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!


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Nov 20, 2016

In 2008, Brian followed a hunch and left his family’s golf center business, stepping into the unknown. Ever since, inspiration has followed.

Letting intuition be his guide, he began to step out of his comfort zone and unexpected paths and talents started to emerge such as writing, acting, and crafting stories. Tapping into this emerging creativity, Brian began his own hero’s journey of self-realization and growth, which continues to influence his empowering and inspiring books, films, and presentations.


Award-Winning Author

Brian is the award-winning author of Brian’s List – 26 1/2 Easy To Use Ideas on How to Live A Fun, Balanced, and Healthy Life! This book won a Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Self-Help category.

He also wrote Finding Your Voice, which was an award-winning Finalist in both the USA Book News and the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

His first children’s book, Steve The Alien, will be released on November 1st, 2016.


Inspirational Speaker

Brian is an inspiring TEDx motivational speaker whose passion for helping others comes out in his empowering and heartfelt message. His talks focus on trusting intuition, stepping out of our comfort zones, and achieving success.

Brian walks his talk and happily shares his journey and personal stories in hopes of authentically inspiring others. Whether it’s a personalized talk, presentation, discussion of his work, or a workshop, Brian’s goal is to be of service, facilitate growth and share his experiences. Learn more at his Speaker page. Book Brian today!



In addition to writing, speaking, and acting, Brian enjoys creating his own projects that carry inspiring, thought-provoking, and heartfelt messages. His most recent project was the short film Searching for Happiness, which can be watched on this website as well as YouTube. The story focuses on an unhappy man, alone and unloved, who struggles to find meaning in his black and white reality. Over the course of a day, he learns that it is through kindness and our connection to others that we find true happiness.

In 2011, Brian created the award-winning Guitar Man, a movie project that he wrote, produced, and acted in that was filmed in downtown Reno, Nevada. Brian created the movie with the idea of sharing the messages that we all have a lot in common, and that our true gifts reside within ourselves. Guitar Man was well received. It was accepted to 11 movie festivals and was a winner at the Love Unlimited Film and Art Festival.


Reawaken Media

Brian loves to create and share inspiring, positive, and thought-provoking media and recently founded Reawaken Media with this in mind. He will be releasing all of his work under the Reawaken Media brand and establish it as a name to trust in books, film, and video.

Reawaken Media’s mission is to create conscious, inspiring, and thought-provoking content designed to powerfully wake the world up through the written, visual, and spoken word.



In addition to acting in his own productions, Brian has been in numerous TV shows, feature films, and commercials. Brian can be seen this winter in the brand new TV series Sangra Negra starring Erik Estrada, Eric Roberts and Anthony McKay. Brian also had the pleasure of being in Prince EA’s inspiring video I Am Not Black, You Are Not White which has garnered over 100 million views worldwide.




After a knee injury sidelined him in college, Brian used the rehabilitation process to strengthen his body and set a goal to race in a mini-triathlon when his knee healed. After finishing that first race in 1987, Brian was hooked, and he continued to race periodically over the course of the next 20 years. He finished over 50 triathlons including 4 Ironman distance races (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run). A couple of Brian’s favorite races were Ironman Canada in 1989 (his first Ironman) and the 2005 Vineman Ironman race (where his son Michael was able to run across the finish line with him).



Brian wasn’t satisfied with just riding his bike to school as a kid…he had to take it to a whole different level and ride it across the United States! Brian accomplished a life-long goal of riding his bicycle across America when he joined a group of fellow philanthropic bicyclists to raise money for charity and rode from Seattle to Washington D.C. in 1996. The trip was one of the highlights of Brian’s life. Brian has written stories about some of his triathlon and cycling experiences in his blogs and book Finding Your Voice.


Coming Soon

Brian is currently writing an untitled memoir, two scripts with his screenwriting partner Susannah Rose Woods, and his second children’s book. He is also co-producing the upcoming documentary EGO – Edging God Out produced by Inner Motion Films. Brian loves to collaborate with creative and like-minded people. Feel free to contact Brian if you would like to discuss your project.


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Nov 19, 2016

I’m an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and life & business strategist dedicated to giving you the tools you need to ignite your inner power and become the absolute best version of yourself.

As an entrepreneur, I have a passion and LOVE for people, and it has led me down a few paths in my career and has brought me to this beautiful place I call home. It’s my hearts highest calling… it’s My Soulful Hustle.

The core essence of who I am will speak through my work, my videos, the events that I do and the clients I work with. You can check out what others are saying here.

My mission is quite simple… to bring out the best in others, so they can live their life with passion, purpose and fulfilment. With tools and strategies for everything from entrepreneurship, health and wellness, motherhood, inspiration, spirituality, and business. Experience the love, joy and fulfillment of pursuing your Soulful Hustle.


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Nov 19, 2016

Michael has been blind since birth, and went to public school surrounded by sighted peers. He started teaching assisted technology in 2011, but when his mother passed away unexpectedly that year he returned home to Montana to be with his family. He started looking for ways to make money online and go onto Craigslist, where he found a Cost Per Action (CPA) opportunity, which paid him to get leads for companies such as Netflix and Audible. He enjoyed it, but felt there was something missing.

In 2014, he started building the foundation of his own brand, and built a tightknit community of interactive followers. This evolved into him coaching others.

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Nov 18, 2016

Marshall is one of the partners at Thrive15.com. In addition to being a partner at www.Thrive15.com, he is the Executive Producer of the Scripps Media www.ThrivetimeShow.com Radio Show, co-author of Start Here: The World's Best Business Book, and the founder of www.Madness-Media.com.

He’s coached and managed projects for clients that include bakeries, churches, non-profit organizations, mortgage lenders, young professional groups, Internet marketing companies, web development companies, dentist offices, strength and conditioning coaches, medical clinics, restaurants, mobile apps, call centers, universities, and chiropractors.

He’s the son of two freaking awesome parents, Ned and Carrie, the brother of 6’1” little sister Maddy, and is grateful for everything they’ve given him. He’s played basketball at the high school, collegiate (participating in two March Madness tournaments), and professional level in Costa Rica.

He is crazy passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners find what it is that makes them catch fire and empowering them to relentlessly pursue that. “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it." -Robin Williams (American actor and comedian)

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Nov 18, 2016

Josh Bledsoe is the Executive Media Relations Director & Life Coach for The Journey Principles Institute. Josh is married to a outstanding fellow team member, Niki Bledsoe. They love people and are passionate about helping others.

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Nov 17, 2016

About Tina Herring

I used to be known as Tough tits Tina in my former career!! Hahahhah How things have changed since then! I know get told I have healing hands.

I remember standing in a bar I used to run…it was my 14th year in the industry, and thinking to my self is this it! Is this what life is all about? Surely not, I bust my balls to make someone else rich and all I get out of it is stress, unfullfilment and a paycheque.  but then I didn’t know anything about how to find out what I know now. Luckily for me I got ill…..crazy I now see having Cancer as something lucky, even though I had some of the darkest moments in my life I also had the most remarkable.  I welcomed the regularity and  time I had off work, I was able to look into things I had always been Interested in. What started off as a curious interest in spirituality has now lead to where I am today.  It has been a remarkable journey but not for the faint hearted, leaving all I knew behind me, self-realisations,ending, toxic relationships and habit, stripping me bare of a 35yr build-up of limiting beliefs (eff me did I have loads of those)  leading to where I am now. Authentic, Passionate & Free

I went from Pub manager of 19yrs to Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life, Buisness and Youth Coach and NLP practitioner and there is still more to come. I have some pretty amazing people in my life and all my relationships have changed for the better, I myself am  not stressed out and happy with who and where I am, don’t get me wrong I still have many a flaw, I still have that one too many wines occasionally, I still put my foot in it, and chocolate is still my go too for comfort but these are all area’s to grow from. WE are all a work in progress after all!

After taking a leap of faith  after 19yrs in the same industry …(can not begin to tell you how nerve wreaking that was)  Reiganics was born  where through coaching, teaching and healing I help others get in touch with who they truly are, what sets their soul on fire and hatch a plan to bring more of that into their lives. 

I believe we are all here for a reason, that there is a purpose for each of us to fulfil and when we discover that purpose and take inspired action magical things happen.

This life time is too short to be filled with worry, anxiety, stress, doing the things we don’t want to do, hating Monday mornings, staying in a relationship because we are scared to be alone or feel we don’t deserve better!! I am here to tell you that you deserve all the good that life has to offer and I have made it my mission to show you how to get it!!

Nov 16, 2016

Kelly Roach is the host of the top-rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, an International best-selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching.

As a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive where she was promoted 7 times in 8 years, Kelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies coupled with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices required to help entrepreneurs build a profitable business around a life they absolutely love.
Kelly’s passion and purpose is in helping entrepreneurs around the world achieve exponential profit, sales and income growth.

Kelly runs business coaching programs, mastermind groups, online courses and does private consulting with individuals and organizations.


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Nov 15, 2016

Nicolya Williams is a personal development coach, author and blogger for women. As a coach she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes. When not spending time on her businessNicolya enjoys spending time with family, reading, attending church or exercising at the gym. You can connect with Nicolya at www.nicolyawilliams.com or on social media @NicolyaWilliams

About Nicolya

So you struggle with wearing multiple hats ???

Your overwhelm keeps your stuck and miserable?

I have been there and it took me 30 years to realize that this did not have to be my life!

Being overworked, overwhelmed and living in straight confusion and the struggle was REAL!!!

My goal while working with women is to help them to knock down barriers that are preventing their success and to create the life they desire to live. I desire to help women increase clarity around the goals that they would like to reach and the steps to take to get there.

It is my wish that in a world where we are constantly told that we can’t, we find a way to say “yes” to ourselves. My business was birthed by my passion to help busy women to have more balance, feel more motivated, and inspired to be the best version of themselves. This is only possible through building confidence and your willingness to overcome the barrier of fear. Check out my free fear to fuel masterclass where you will learn practical steps to conquer your fear. Also be sure to book a session with me by

My business was birthed by my passion to help busy women to have more balance, feel more motivated, and inspired to be the best version of themselves.

This is only possible through building confidence and your willingness to overcome the barrier of fear. Check out my free fear to fuel masterclass where you will learn practical steps to conquer your fear. Also be sure to book a session with me by filling out the form here to submit a request for individual coaching. Due to the exclusivity of these one on one sessions space is very limited.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

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