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May 5, 2017


Mel Sherwood is on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals to take centre stage, embrace the spotlight and present with more confidence, credibility and conviction. After seeing so many business people doing themselves a disservice through ineffective pitches and presentations (or avoiding public speaking completely) Mel now shares the valuable tools and tips she has learned over a lifetime of being on stage through her interactive keynotes, masterclasses and workshops.

Mel’s background includes over 20 years’ experience in public, private and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and the United Kingdom and she has also worked as an actor, presenter and singer. She is a multi-award winning speaker, trainer and coach specialising in supporting individuals and organisations to design and deliver winning pitches and presentations. To find out more about Mel’s talks and programmes go to www.melsherwood.com



May 5, 2017

You know how most speakers, authors and coaches struggle to get found and make REAL money?


Jean solves this.


She does this by utilizing her G.E.N.I.E technique to grow your business in one of the only three ways there are to grow your business. You can stop the frustration.


Jean Lanoue is a longtime entrepreneur, best selling author, national speaker and the CEO and founder of Digital Marketing Genie, a successful Central Florida based business that solves online marketing puzzle putting all your pieces together to create a system that actually makes you money. She has shared the stage with many other well-known marketers such as Seth Godin, Ryan Deiss and Joel Comm. She was asked and accepted to share her GENIE technique at Harvard University.


She is:

Certified Digital Marketer Partner

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Google Partner

Active Campaign Partner

Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer


Plus she holds a certification in Online Sales Funnels and Inbound Marketing.  Marketing is kind of her thing. She has built a team of experts that can help you no matter what level of marketing you need.  She is obsessed with marketing and growing/doubling the revenue of small businesses.

May 5, 2017

Francesca Gordon-Smith specialises in Vocal Empowerment and Positive Mindset. She helps clients to speak with eloquence, confidence and sincerity. She focuses a great deal on the link between emotions and our ability to speak from the heart, which she believes to be the only way to really connect with others and build lasting relationships.

Since 2006, Francesca has helped thousands of people to improve their communication skills and mindset. In 2011, she pioneered the use of Elocution in schools to improve literacy through phonics and has received a great deal of media coverage for the work she has been doing in this area:


Francesca offers courses in British Accent Coaching, Public Speaking and Confident Communication- all courses combine practical and therapeutic training and can be taken one-to-one or in groups.

Please visit Francesca’s Youtube channel for more tips and tricks:


May 5, 2017

Francesca Gordon-Smith specialises in Vocal Empowerment and Positive Mindset. She helps clients to speak with eloquence, confidence and sincerity. She focuses a great deal on the link between emotions and our ability to speak from the heart, which she believes to be the only way to really connect with others and build lasting relationships.

Since 2006, Francesca has helped thousands of people to improve their communication skills and mindset. In 2011, she pioneered the use of Elocution in schools to improve literacy through phonics and has received a great deal of media coverage for the work she has been doing in this area:


Francesca offers courses in British Accent Coaching, Public Speaking and Confident Communication- all courses combine practical and therapeutic training and can be taken one-to-one or in groups.

Please visit Francesca’s Youtube channel for more tips and tricks:


May 5, 2017

Frederick D. Jones, J.D., helps women high achievers, writers, authors, speakers, visionary women, ministers, and families to share their stories, value their voices, preserve legacy, and transfer their story and voice from one generation to the next.

Recently, more than 19 of his private coaching clients, whose professions include attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs, professors, housewives, pastors, and corporate CEO's have published Amazon best-selling books and became #1 in more than 30 categories.

He is a multiple best-selling author of seven books, a trademark attorney, and president of Publish Me Now University. At the core of his calling and passion is the belief and message of "WORTHOLOGY". “Your value is unlimited; your worth is without measure but your price is what you are willing to accept.” Dr. Jones mission is to help women "Discover and Live Their Worth: Find it - Protect it - Grow It - Pass it on!”

If you have a story to share or you would like to inquire about becoming his next bestselling author, then please visit www.DrFredJones.Com and learn how to amplify your voice and leave a legacy.

Self-Publishing Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmazonSelfPublishing/

Facebook Business Page: www.facebook.com/drfredjones or

Website: www.twitter.com/fredjonesspeaks for more information.

May 5, 2017

Aaron Watson hosts and produces the podcast Going Deep w/ Aaron Watson. His half-hour episodes are comprised of meaningful, deep conversations with writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and innovators about the passions, fears, and problems they have faced down. Aaron has interviewed bestselling authors Chris Guillebeau, Tucker Max & Kevin Kelly, visionary entrepreneurs Henry Thorne & Dennis Mortensen, and revered finance writers Barry Ritholtz, Ben Carlson, and Morgan Housel. Listeners tune in around the globe for insights, stories, and wisdom.


Aaron also serves as VP of Sales for TopScore, a fast growing SaaS startup. TopScore builds solutions to help sports organizations with league administration and member management services.


While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Aaron played four years of Division 1 ultimate frisbee winning two national championships and all-region honors. He is currently the captain of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, a top-ranked team in the Midwest Division of the American Ultimate Disc League.


May 5, 2017

Erica Glessing believes when you tell your story, you change the world. The CEO of Happy Publishing, Erica is a master of happiness and creative expression. She has generated #1 bestselling status for more than 188 authors since January 2015, and runs the company Happy Publishing to give light-bringers a bigger voice on the planet. 

May 5, 2017

If you want to get rid of brain fog, gain cognitive clarity and feel younger all in one fell swoop, then you need to meet Maureen Garry, respected nutritionist, trainer and expert in female cognitive performance – especially for women over 50. As a woman who has dementia in her own family lineage, Maureen offers invaluable tips and tools to inspire and help women to reverse brain fog and forgetfulness, and stay sharp for good.  It is possible for you to enjoy life with the foods and activities you love while boosting your brain’s abilities without struggle. You can reverse – or avoid – the “senior moments” so many women accept as normal, keeping you quick, bright and ready to enjoy life for years to come. Discover what the high-performance brain people do, and you’ll have a high-performance brain, too!


May 5, 2017

Family: Blended family of 5 adult children and 3 grandchildren. The youngest finished high school in 2015. Lives in Northern California with husband.
Work: Attorney who is currently employed as an Administrative Judge with a small Federal agency for the last 8 years
Church: teaches Sunday school 2nd-5th graders and volunteers with an International prayer group
Hobbies: reading, writing, running, hiking, fitness
Of interest: 3 years ago changed to a vegan lifestyle to counter diabetes; recently started a blog called Three Score and Counting: Living, Loving and Lawyering (all about embracing becoming 60 and bridging the gap among the generations by talking about things I learned and want to share) (www.gracecarteronline.com).

May 5, 2017

Founder of Motivated Painters adding value with free content through social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, fundamentally changing the spirit of the automotive refinishing industry one painter at a time.

Head painter at Budds collision services

Judged Provincial automotive refinishing skills competition 2011,2012,2013,2014 and 2015

Winner of the Canada skills competition in automotive refinishing.

Centennial college skills competition winner

Provincial skills competition winner

National skills competition winner 2009

May 5, 2017

Sasha is a creative healer who taps into the laws of energy and the world beyond the physical eyes where the roots of many health conditions are to be found. She is also a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine practising in Trinidad, and has a firm belief that we have an unlimited potential to heal every aspect of our life. However her special interest is guiding others to achieving optimal wellness in all facts of health- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual for each one is important. 


Sasha believes in integrating the wisdom of all worlds and particularly the wisdom of our elders, who were experts at sustainable healing- using the resources they were provided to maintain health. Wisdom has its much-needed place alongside knowledge.

May 2, 2017

Amy Oestreicher is a PTSD peer-to-peer specialist, artist, author, writer for Huffington Post, speaker for TEDx and RAINN, health advocate, survivor, award-winning actress, and playwright, sharing the lessons learned from trauma through her writing, mixed media art, performance and inspirational speaking.  As the creator of  "Gutless & Grateful," her BroadwayWorld-nominated one-woman autobiographical musical, she's toured theatres nationwide, along with a program combining mental health advocacy, sexual assault awareness  and Broadway Theatre for college campuses and international conferences.  Her original, full-length drama, Imprints, premiered at the NYC Producer's Club in May 2016, exploring how trauma affects the family as well as the individual.  To celebrate her own “beautiful detour”, Amy created the #LoveMyDetour campaign, to help others cope in the face of unexpected events.  "Detourism" is also the subject of her TEDx and upcoming book, My Beautiful Detour, available December 2017.  As Eastern Regional Recipient of Convatec’s Great Comebacks Award, she's spoken to hundreds of healthcare professionals at national WOCN conferences, and her presentations on diversity, leadership and trauma have been featured at National Mental Health America Conference, New England Educational Opportunity Association's 40 Anniversary Conference, and have been keynotes at the Pacific Rim Conference of Diversity and Disability in Hawaii, the Eating Recovery Foundation First Annual Benefit in Colorado.  She's contributed to over 70 notable online and print publications, and her story has appeared on NBC's TODAY, CBS, Cosmopolitan, among others.    Learn more: amyoes.com and support her work at patreon.com/amyo. Amy is currently participating as a playwright and performance artist in the National Musical Theatre Institute at the world-renowned Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

May 2, 2017

Annie Pool is an International Best Selling Author. In 2013 she was diagnosed with incurable cancer and she turned an insurmountable obstacle into an opportunity.  Drawing on her life changing travels abroad, Annie daily visualized her cancer journey as an exciting travel experience. Within less than 6 months, she changed her incurable cancer diagnosis into a passport to life and became completely cancer FREE.

May 2, 2017

Peak Performance Trainer, Entrepreneur and Realtor, Ais Sarah (pronounced as “Ice” Sarah) has conducted school and corporate trainings in Singapore, USA, China, Australia and Malaysia over the past 16 years. She graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Australia with a Master in Accounting and Bachelor of Economics and Management and has a teaching certificate from TEFL. Although trained in Accountancy and Economics, she pursued her passion in Education, Entrepreneurship, Property and Coaching and is a well Sought-After Coach in multiple enrichment programs for schools and corporations. Born and raised in Singapore, Ais has been conducting trainings and talks since the age of 16 and have been invited to conduct her training programs in China, Thailand, and Australia and has the experience of living in the various countries between 3 months to 2 years. She has also been headhunted by numerous companies seeking her as a full time trainer and coach. Ais is currently conducting trainings for various companies in Singapore in the area of Entrepreneurship, Image Consulting, Financial Literacy, Study Skills, Information Literacy, and has designed several programs including her specialty program called “Designing Your Life”. Ais is an enthusiastic advocator for “Following Your Heart and Instinct”. Her purpose in life is to use her positivity and motivation to inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams. She attributes her success to her mother and also her leadership experiences since she was a kid . Ais started working at a tender age of 10 and has had numerous experiences ranging from sales, entertainment, modelling, education and has also been the top sales girl in the various companies that she has worked in. She believes in the generalist view in life, thus explaining the multiple experiences she has in different fields.

Ais has also hosted and performed in corporate and school events around Singapore. As a trainer and life coach, Ais continues to impart skills and knowledge to help empower while enriching the lives of youths and adults from all walks to life to achieve greater and longer lasting success. Some of Ais’s previous clients and firms she has worked with include Subway, Dr C’s, Anubanpaknaksuksalai School, Red Dot Explorer, Bloom International Pte Ltd, DW Group, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Metro Holdings, Mastereign Enrichment, HSR, Mcdonalds, Distinction Tutorial Group, J&G Pte Ltd, ERA and various schools around Singapore.

Apr 30, 2017

Commercial single and multi-engine instrument rating. Mackenzly was also awarded the sapa award for his leadership qualities from the United States Army.

Specialties: cash handling, conversion, customer relations, delivery.

Apr 30, 2017

With only one year of high-school left and a resolve to do something big before going out into the “real world,” 16-year-old Yara Kanaaneh (now 19 years-old) somewhat spontaneously decided to write and record her first album. With almost no formal music training but a knack for a poetry and a passion for music, she fervently began writing songs in her bedroom, unaware of the attention that her music would receive. Weeks after writing her songs, Yara met Bay Area rock-n-roll powerhouse Pamela Parker, who immediately took a liking to Yara’s music and offered to help arrange and produce her album. What Yara first thought would be an informal record became a two year recording and production project, partially funded by thousands of dollars in donations from fans, and creative support from a number of music industry professionals, including but not limited to Nathan Winter (all-star mixing engineer), Mike Wells (LA-based mastering guru), Jermaine Hamilton (Studio Circle Recordings founder), Tony Glaser (current bass player for Scott Pemberton), and Christopher Harold Wells, (former bass player for Grammy winner Lauryn Hill). 

Yara is a Bay Area native with Palestinian blood. Her complex background, struggles, and experiences shine through in her artistry. Her lyrics are abstract and poetic yet strikingly honest and pertinent to listeners of any demographic. Her songs are a sort of urban electro-pop, ranging in composition and mood yet flowing together like raindrops on the pavement, distinct like the many facets of Yara’s personality yet coherent and grounded in a strong sense of self. It is thus only fitting that Yara’s music has rendered her “wise beyond her years.”

Apr 25, 2017

Jill Clair is a business coach and growth strategist, helping small business owners grow their businesses exponentially for more than 13 years. Her clients typically find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed by all the details of running their own business. They are successful, yet they don’t have the freedom and income they had hoped they would have when they first started out. Jill helps them take the steps necessary to achieve their business goals while working less and doing more of what they love!

Some things she’s helped her clients do include:

– Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

– Generate over $250K from their book even before it was printed

– Grow their email list by 70% through teleseminars and webinars

– Produce products & programs to generate passive income

– Create websites that attract ready-to-work-with-you clients

– Generate over $2.1 million dollars from a product launch

– Design and execute high-end events for high-paying clients

– Hire and reconfigure teams to work efficiently & get the job done right


Apr 25, 2017

It started with me surviving (and saving) a company which was under administration. After the dust has settled I moved to an orthopaedic device company where I worked as a Quality Manager. That year, I made the most life changing decision to date. I went vegan.
I did after I finished an 8 week sugar-free challenge, which was also life changing (and bloody difficult).

Going vegan have been a catalyst of so many other changes in my life because: If I could stop eating meat, egg, and dairy (which I didn't thought I could), then what else is possible

So I scrapped my successful food blog and created a new blog from scratch promoting plantbased food and lifestyle (Passionately Keren) which now have recipes being featured on reputable sites such as SBS Food (SBS is national public television network in Australia), PETA Australia, etc. I also started a meetup and online community groups which now have over 400 members - Sydney Passion Bloggers.

Since then, I've started following my curiosity and dreams, including taking a year off work to travel, start a business and pursue my creative passion, which happened this year.

I went travelling to New Zealand, spent 3 months with my family in Indonesia - travelled around the Java Island, visited South Korea, and during this time I also launched a probiotic health drink (Water Kefir) in Jakarta which is now being managed by my sister and mother.

I then returned to Sydney in July 2016 and continued working on the blog and pursuing my creative passion, I dabbled a bit in videography and scored some paid gig making recipe videos, taught masterclass on blogging for new bloggers, and then I had a idea for another product in August. I launched my second product -Beyond Latte in Nov 2016 - healthy caffeine-free spicy latte blend which now in a number of cafes and health food stores across Sydney, and a few other cities in Australia.

Apr 25, 2017

“Having created a succession of UK firsts in the field of addiction recovery, Jacquie now heads Tom Harrison House, the UK’s first addiction recovery centre designed specifically for military veterans. Her work there ranges from striving to influence government policy and military culture around addiction and alcoholism, to more hands-on therapeutic work with the veterans and family members who access the programme. Prior to this, Jacquie founded the country’s first dry-bar “The Brink” as a recovery social enterprise, where she was responsible for hosting the first solo public engagement of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, liaising fully with St James Palace and the Royal Equerry.


Driven by her own family history of addiction and alcoholism, and by her brother being killed by an alcoholic drink driver, Jacquie’s focus is to transform all pain into purpose. She also works with business and organisational leaders to develop a model of Vulnerable Leadership, a new way of showing up and connecting in the lonely world of leadership.


Jacquie is also a fellow of The School of Social Entrepreneurs UK and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and she has won the following awards in the UK;


UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year Lloyds Bank (Lloyds Banking Group)

Women Making a Difference (Trinity Newspapers)

Social Enterprise Leader UK (Making a Difference Team UK)

Prime Ministers point of Light Award (Her Majestys Government)

Social Justice Champion UK (Centre for Social Justice)

Person Of Purpose (Northern Power Women)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Enterprise Vision awards)

Apr 25, 2017

Esther Nagle created a mask and comfort blanket out of alcohol for over 20 years.  Wracked with self loathing and shame, she had virtually no other coping strategies in life besides drinking.  When life got difficult, that coping strategy made things worse, and Esther surrendered into a breakdown. 


That led her to Yoga teacher training, and her salvation.  Through Yoga she learned tools that helped her reach a place where she no longer needed alcohol.  This showed her that Yoga is far more powerful than she ever realised, and she realised she had a message to share.


Esther wrote a book, Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and has spoken internationally and in the UK to share her experiences and wisdom.  She now runs workshops to help people in recovery and loves her life more than she ever thought possible.

Apr 25, 2017

Transformational Healer & Coach Lucy Grace Yaldezian has been helping adults, teens, children and businesses connect mind and body since 1992.  Through her San Ramon-based practice, A Higher Perspective, Lucy offers many avenues for personal and professional excellence.

Lucy’s extensive training and experience spans medical hypnotherapy, inner child work, past-life regression, guided imagery, mindfulness, The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and The Vimala System of Handwriting.  Her work integrates the best in science-based mind-body technologies with spirituality, commitment, caring and compassion.

Lucy is the author of Someone to Watch Over Me (2016), a workbook for spiritually resourced children & families.

Someone to Watch Over Me is a sweet little gift of a book for connecting with one’s inner spirit, for giving voice to one’s inner being, and for connecting one’s essence with

 Guardian Protectors or Guides.

Simple and inviting enough for children, lucid enough for adults…a precious offering.”

Edward Espe Brown, Zen Priest

The Tassajara Bread Book et al


Someone to Watch Over Me is not simply a children’s book, but an extraordinary adventure that spans generations as it fosters a sense of comfort, creativity, and spiritual expression. Lucy Grace invites the reader on an Alphabetical journey of Angels like none other.

Robin L. Tanguay

The Willingness to Change: Twelve Steps to Transformation Through Your Handwriting


Someone to Watch Over Me is a lovely and accessible resource for parents, guardians and loving adults to share with children and youth.  The book invites creativity and imagination, offers a disciplined approach to deepening one's spiritual life, and introduces the reader to a wonderful variety of "guardian protectors" to expand an understanding of the richness of the Spirit of Life.  I think it will be a valuable tool for working with children and youth at home, building spirit and relationship.  As a bonus,

 I think adults will also want to work through this joyful book.

Rev. Dr. Martha Williams, Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Apr 25, 2017

Kathie Bigelow specializes in assisting those dealing with early sobriety, with individuals dealing with grief, anxiety or just stuck in any area in life and deserving EMPOWERMENT tools for change.

Kathie is known for her Frank, authentic, real world approach to tackling life's pass' s and curve balls. With 25 years of experience. As a successful recovering addicts herself...many have had success in her program of recovery, with her advanced knowledge and experience in what it takes for long term to be joyous & free.

As a Chakra expert her programs in BALANCE and generational healing has served many individuals and families.

Kathie is a medium as well a and has the privilage of sharing messages from LOVED ONES that have passed. Her TWIN passed away suddenly 2 years ago...one of the most devastating and life defining event in her life. Her ability has grown double fold. There is great joy that comes along with assisting individuals with their special journey's of Grief in finding that in time happiness, connection and understanding of LOVED ones that have passed is ok and does become a part of their new normal that grief is not a one size fits all.

When Kathie isn't glued to a book, organizing Or decorating (her other loves). She enjoys time with husband of 26 years and two Lovely daughters, nature, her horses for much needed therapy, BALANCE and clarity. 
She is also currently working on a memoir.

Apr 25, 2017

Yengyee is a personal leadership coach working with youth and adults and the CEO of Faithful Consulting.  She helps clients build the leader on the inside so that they can be the leader they want to be on the outside.  She has over a decade of professional experience working in the human service field in various roles such as Supervisor, Social Work and Counselor.  She enjoys learning, volunteering, traveling and being a mom.

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