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Apr 25, 2017

Jill Clair is a business coach and growth strategist, helping small business owners grow their businesses exponentially for more than 13 years. Her clients typically find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed by all the details of running their own business. They are successful, yet they don’t have the freedom and income they had hoped they would have when they first started out. Jill helps them take the steps necessary to achieve their business goals while working less and doing more of what they love!

Some things she’s helped her clients do include:

– Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

– Generate over $250K from their book even before it was printed

– Grow their email list by 70% through teleseminars and webinars

– Produce products & programs to generate passive income

– Create websites that attract ready-to-work-with-you clients

– Generate over $2.1 million dollars from a product launch

– Design and execute high-end events for high-paying clients

– Hire and reconfigure teams to work efficiently & get the job done right


Apr 25, 2017

It started with me surviving (and saving) a company which was under administration. After the dust has settled I moved to an orthopaedic device company where I worked as a Quality Manager. That year, I made the most life changing decision to date. I went vegan.
I did after I finished an 8 week sugar-free challenge, which was also life changing (and bloody difficult).

Going vegan have been a catalyst of so many other changes in my life because: If I could stop eating meat, egg, and dairy (which I didn't thought I could), then what else is possible

So I scrapped my successful food blog and created a new blog from scratch promoting plantbased food and lifestyle (Passionately Keren) which now have recipes being featured on reputable sites such as SBS Food (SBS is national public television network in Australia), PETA Australia, etc. I also started a meetup and online community groups which now have over 400 members - Sydney Passion Bloggers.

Since then, I've started following my curiosity and dreams, including taking a year off work to travel, start a business and pursue my creative passion, which happened this year.

I went travelling to New Zealand, spent 3 months with my family in Indonesia - travelled around the Java Island, visited South Korea, and during this time I also launched a probiotic health drink (Water Kefir) in Jakarta which is now being managed by my sister and mother.

I then returned to Sydney in July 2016 and continued working on the blog and pursuing my creative passion, I dabbled a bit in videography and scored some paid gig making recipe videos, taught masterclass on blogging for new bloggers, and then I had a idea for another product in August. I launched my second product -Beyond Latte in Nov 2016 - healthy caffeine-free spicy latte blend which now in a number of cafes and health food stores across Sydney, and a few other cities in Australia.

Apr 25, 2017

“Having created a succession of UK firsts in the field of addiction recovery, Jacquie now heads Tom Harrison House, the UK’s first addiction recovery centre designed specifically for military veterans. Her work there ranges from striving to influence government policy and military culture around addiction and alcoholism, to more hands-on therapeutic work with the veterans and family members who access the programme. Prior to this, Jacquie founded the country’s first dry-bar “The Brink” as a recovery social enterprise, where she was responsible for hosting the first solo public engagement of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in 2012, liaising fully with St James Palace and the Royal Equerry.


Driven by her own family history of addiction and alcoholism, and by her brother being killed by an alcoholic drink driver, Jacquie’s focus is to transform all pain into purpose. She also works with business and organisational leaders to develop a model of Vulnerable Leadership, a new way of showing up and connecting in the lonely world of leadership.


Jacquie is also a fellow of The School of Social Entrepreneurs UK and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and she has won the following awards in the UK;


UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year Lloyds Bank (Lloyds Banking Group)

Women Making a Difference (Trinity Newspapers)

Social Enterprise Leader UK (Making a Difference Team UK)

Prime Ministers point of Light Award (Her Majestys Government)

Social Justice Champion UK (Centre for Social Justice)

Person Of Purpose (Northern Power Women)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Enterprise Vision awards)

Apr 25, 2017

Esther Nagle created a mask and comfort blanket out of alcohol for over 20 years.  Wracked with self loathing and shame, she had virtually no other coping strategies in life besides drinking.  When life got difficult, that coping strategy made things worse, and Esther surrendered into a breakdown. 


That led her to Yoga teacher training, and her salvation.  Through Yoga she learned tools that helped her reach a place where she no longer needed alcohol.  This showed her that Yoga is far more powerful than she ever realised, and she realised she had a message to share.


Esther wrote a book, Bent Back into Shape: Beating Addiction Through Yoga, and has spoken internationally and in the UK to share her experiences and wisdom.  She now runs workshops to help people in recovery and loves her life more than she ever thought possible.

Apr 25, 2017

Transformational Healer & Coach Lucy Grace Yaldezian has been helping adults, teens, children and businesses connect mind and body since 1992.  Through her San Ramon-based practice, A Higher Perspective, Lucy offers many avenues for personal and professional excellence.

Lucy’s extensive training and experience spans medical hypnotherapy, inner child work, past-life regression, guided imagery, mindfulness, The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and The Vimala System of Handwriting.  Her work integrates the best in science-based mind-body technologies with spirituality, commitment, caring and compassion.

Lucy is the author of Someone to Watch Over Me (2016), a workbook for spiritually resourced children & families.

Someone to Watch Over Me is a sweet little gift of a book for connecting with one’s inner spirit, for giving voice to one’s inner being, and for connecting one’s essence with

 Guardian Protectors or Guides.

Simple and inviting enough for children, lucid enough for adults…a precious offering.”

Edward Espe Brown, Zen Priest

The Tassajara Bread Book et al


Someone to Watch Over Me is not simply a children’s book, but an extraordinary adventure that spans generations as it fosters a sense of comfort, creativity, and spiritual expression. Lucy Grace invites the reader on an Alphabetical journey of Angels like none other.

Robin L. Tanguay

The Willingness to Change: Twelve Steps to Transformation Through Your Handwriting


Someone to Watch Over Me is a lovely and accessible resource for parents, guardians and loving adults to share with children and youth.  The book invites creativity and imagination, offers a disciplined approach to deepening one's spiritual life, and introduces the reader to a wonderful variety of "guardian protectors" to expand an understanding of the richness of the Spirit of Life.  I think it will be a valuable tool for working with children and youth at home, building spirit and relationship.  As a bonus,

 I think adults will also want to work through this joyful book.

Rev. Dr. Martha Williams, Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Apr 25, 2017

Kathie Bigelow specializes in assisting those dealing with early sobriety, with individuals dealing with grief, anxiety or just stuck in any area in life and deserving EMPOWERMENT tools for change.

Kathie is known for her Frank, authentic, real world approach to tackling life's pass' s and curve balls. With 25 years of experience. As a successful recovering addicts herself...many have had success in her program of recovery, with her advanced knowledge and experience in what it takes for long term to be joyous & free.

As a Chakra expert her programs in BALANCE and generational healing has served many individuals and families.

Kathie is a medium as well a and has the privilage of sharing messages from LOVED ONES that have passed. Her TWIN passed away suddenly 2 years ago...one of the most devastating and life defining event in her life. Her ability has grown double fold. There is great joy that comes along with assisting individuals with their special journey's of Grief in finding that in time happiness, connection and understanding of LOVED ones that have passed is ok and does become a part of their new normal that grief is not a one size fits all.

When Kathie isn't glued to a book, organizing Or decorating (her other loves). She enjoys time with husband of 26 years and two Lovely daughters, nature, her horses for much needed therapy, BALANCE and clarity. 
She is also currently working on a memoir.

Apr 25, 2017

Yengyee is a personal leadership coach working with youth and adults and the CEO of Faithful Consulting.  She helps clients build the leader on the inside so that they can be the leader they want to be on the outside.  She has over a decade of professional experience working in the human service field in various roles such as Supervisor, Social Work and Counselor.  She enjoys learning, volunteering, traveling and being a mom.

Apr 25, 2017

Interim programme manager who brings a wealth of experience from helping organisations shape strategic initiatives that can and do deliver real benefit. Sees opportunities and quickly finds the way forward, building and motivating a strong team to deliver results. 

Leadership ● Programme Management ● Interim Management ● Project Turn-Around

Apr 25, 2017

Throughout Rene’s 24 years of life, she realized that everyone was born for a special purpose. One important lesson learnt is power comes from developing strengths through reframing challenges into opportunities. Growing up, Rene overcame challenges such as being bullied and has made her family proud by succeeding in her studies along with competing in pageants and obtaining a bronze medal from the President Award Association. Rene is a Master’s of Business Psychology Student and was elected as president for several clubs for instance missions, drama and the debate team. She is a student ambassador of her university, the 2nd runner up of the Miss Beauty Trinidad and Tobago pageant, title holder of the Miss Barrackpore 2015 pageant (Miss Intelligent & Miss photogenic), 1st runner up of Miss Couva 2013 (Miss Intelligence) and is currently working on several charity projects that she is hoping to launch in January. Her dream is to inspire others by speaking on an international stage while seeking a safer today and a greater tomorrow for our future generation.



Apr 20, 2017

I write resumes for people,I play electric guitar,. and I'm married to Wendy Langlois Williams. .

Apr 20, 2017

From late 2013 to early 2015 I worked as the Community and Content Manager for a start-up called MENTORnetwork where I helped connect entrepreneurs to volunteer mentors and provide them with resources to make the most of their mentorship connections. 

In the spring of 2015 I shifted jobs and worked as the Pilot Project Coordinator for a local non-profit called Not Far From The Tree - we coordinated volunteers to pick fruit trees from residential properties across the city and distribute it amongst the pickers, residential property owners and local food charities. 
Early 2015, I awakened to my psychic abilities and after lots of practice with my gifts I started Intuitive Access, which I am now pursuing full-time. I use my psychic abilities and coaching skills to help my clients heal their inner child and release their limiting beliefs and behaviours while reconnecting them to their wholeness and truth so they can live a fulfilling, vibrant life. I have rigorously worked with many spiritual healers, teachers and coaches over the past 6 years to equip me with the ability to positively transform people's lives through my gifts. 
Apr 20, 2017

Celeste St Hill – Children Fully Alive & People Fully Alive (celestesthill7@gmail.com)


Celeste originally started out in the environmental and heritage conservation field but switched careers in 2003 to teach creative writing to children. Now, she has taught creative writing to over 1,500 children in various Primary Schools across the Caribbean island of Barbados and in Young Writer’s Clinics. She is also the owner and principal facilitator of “Children Fully Alive” whereby children in small groups are inspired to live their God-given purpose with passion, power, and vision, using creative writing, drama, art, personal and life skill development as the tools.


Celeste has run teacher training creative writing workshops for the Ministry of Education, the National Cultural Foundation and for various Primary Schools in Barbados.


Celeste is also currently developing a sister business, People Fully Alive, working with adults in the field of life purpose Christian coaching to answer the questions “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What’s my God-given purpose” along with helping them to get very clear about what they want their life to look like and how they can develop multiple streams of income based on their life’s purpose and the things they love to do.


Celeste believes that life is a journey of discovery and that it should be lived through imagining, moving, hearing, writing, speaking, drawing, seeing, laughing, expressing, touching, questioning, exploring emotions…….....and having fun…and she incorporates all of this into her programs.


Apr 20, 2017

365 Marketing is a web design and lead generation agency. It used to be one woman shop but now we have an amazing team that insures customer satisfaction and my sanity.

Apr 20, 2017

Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, creator of The 100 Day Promise, and bestselling author. She has spent twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive.

A seasoned professional in the field of coaching, Sandi is trained in Solution Focused Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), PSYCH-K, and Accelerated Evolution.

She spent the first decade of her career focused on psychology, leadership, and neuroscience-based bodies of work, but after an intense wake-up call in her life, she made a promise to herself to create and live, a life she loved.

She is masterful at breaking down and dissolving outworn toxic patterns and beliefs. A warrior for love and freedom, she will channel Kali and lead a search-and-destroy mission for what’s no longer working, forging a new path for a truly desired life. Her expertise is such that the past loses its grip, clarity appears, and acting from a place of love and freedom becomes a natural expression. She has worked with hundreds of women one-on-one, as well as in group formats, online programs, and live workshops and retreats internationally.

In 2014, she led the first Desire Map workshops in the world, igniting her passion for women to feel good at any age.


Apr 20, 2017

Louise Crooks, aka The Keys to Clarity! Coach, is an inspiring holistic business coach, radio show host, speaker, and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success – featured alongside Jack Canfield, and Deepak Chopra.

She brings an intuitive as well as pragmatic quality to her coaching, moving clients from the powerful vision of what they want to achieve in business, to creating a prosperous reality. She coaches soul-driven business owners, coaches, healers and transformational authors to grow their businesses with clarity and focus – building a solid business foundation and clarifying their niche to build a solid client-base and online community - through aligned and authentic visibility strategies that are a good fit for them AND their clients.

She explores the power of social media and online marketing, along with her expertise in Facebook and Online Radio, and through her training programs and coaching.

It’s her mission to ensure soul-opreneurs create success through authentic visibility to create the lifestyle they desire, make a difference, and promote inner and outer healing in the world – while having fun doing it.

You can find more information about Louise at www.keystoclarity.com – where you’ll find tons of great information on how to grow your heart-centered business.



Louise Crooks is PASSIONATE about helping you become VISIBLE and guiding you to step into the spotlight with ease and authenticity, whether it’s in-person or online. Through her unique process she really makes finding your clients a cinch!  She’s seen far too many soul-opreneurs start, and muddle along in their businesses without having specific customized strategies to use to help them find those clients you love to work with.  She knows that without them the road to success is long and difficult, and is determined that all heart-centered business owners have the tools and the mindset to help them succeed.   She is known as the Keys to Clarity Coach, she’s pragmatic and yet intuitive – a unique combination – which she brings to her business coaching.  She’s a seasoned radio host, professional interviewer, speaker and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success – featured alongside Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra.  It’s her mission to help you serve more clients and in turn make a difference in the world through exponential healing and transformation– all the while making it easy, and having fun doing it.

You can find more information about Louise at www.keystoclarity.com – where you’ll find tons of great information on how to grow your heart-centered business.


Louise Crooks is PASSIONATE about helping you become VISIBLE and guiding you to step into the spotlight with ease and authenticity, whether it’s in-person or online. Through her unique process she really makes finding your clients a cinch!  Known as the Keys to Clarity Coach, she’s pragmatic and yet intuitive which has served her 100’s of clients well over the years.  She’s a seasoned radio host, professional interviewer, speaker and co-author of Stepping Stones to Success – featured alongside Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra.  It’s her mission to support exponential healing and transformation in the world through her clients, while making it EASY and FUN.


The 'Is your Niche up to Snuff?' Self-Assessment


I'd like to let you in on a secret!  The key to finding your IDEAL clients lies in having a well-defined niche.  If you're struggling to FIND your clients, this might be your answer.  So whether you have one or not, go ahead and take this assessment, and see how you're doing. - So you can get on the path to MANY MORE clients!  CAUTION: If you already have a niche - it might just be that it needs more refining... so this is ALSO for you.

Apr 20, 2017

Tanisha Layne is a financial strategist who aims to empower communities by bringing comprehensive financial planning to those who think money management is too time consuming or difficult. By breaking down components of money management through workshops, virtual training seminars, business luncheons and events, she will show business owners and community liaisons how to finance and stabilize their personal finances in this economy. 

She owns and operates AskTani.com with a team of experienced business and credit experts, knowledgeable support staff and professional customer service representatives, whose only goal is to assist others in improving their business and credit scores for both personal and business ventures.

Apr 20, 2017

Elizabeth facilitates personal and professional transformation through private coaching and a variety of seminars in writing, bodhran, creativity and well-being. She is an online entrepreneur, business coach, and writing professor. She also has a podcast, “Own Your Creativity,” where she interviews people from all walks of life about their relationship with creativity.

Apr 20, 2017

Rotational Physiotherapist at CSH Surrey



 The University of Birmingham

Staines, Surrey, United Kingdom

Apr 20, 2017

By the age of 27, after having a more challenging- well let’s call it dramatic-personal life (than an average person under 30) I decided to take matters into my hand. Being highly creative and motivated, I decided to create my own reality and instead of loosing my self in depression, I decided to create a world around myself that will make me happy and will help me to get closer to who I am and what my mission is in (this) life. ;-) I wanted to - and still wish to- expand my knowledge in the broadest sense and satisfy my dreams, my capabilities and live up to my vision... 


While being a creative entrepreneur; a freelance researcher, consultant and lecturer predominantly in cultural economics/ sociology, management, communications related matters; a director/ choreographer, performing artist, teaching (different kinds of dance techniques and Pilates) for many years and giving (motivational) workshops for dance industry professionals, a few years ago I also started to give (motivational/ inspirational) speeches and workshops for a more 'general' public. This is an area I'm enjoying right now.


My methods are based on NLP techniques and are custom-made, while combining tools that are relevant from movement related activities (theater / dance, Pilates and Yoga) with a practical yet so essential spiritual touch...I would like to motivate and inspire people in finding a 'healthy body, mind & spirit balance, while dealing with past and present issues finding their own passion, dreams and the tools to achieve these that can make an individual even happier. This might sound cheese, but we all want to be happy and feel good at the end. Right? But in this fast changing world many people forget about themselves...about their dreams, their mission and their potential(s)...

Getting closer to ourselves and making the best of our lives and surroundings (on a personal but also on a business level), involves a creative nevertheless confronting process. It is however a journey that we should all embark, as without it–I believe- we will never experience our full potential in the broadest sense of the word.


Realizing that the awareness of our body & mind & spirit can contribute to a fulfilled life, motivates me to share and inspire others to find their inner strength.


I have been  a Game-Changer of My Own Reality! Care to reCONNECT & become more fulfilled? 


DARE to Learn & Develop: reDISCOVER-reDESIGN-reDIRECT! What is YOUR STRATEGY? 


Contact re-FRESH.life for 


Personalised Individual 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

(custom-designed) Group / Business Trainings

Workshops & reTREATs



Apr 20, 2017

Health and Wellness Coach

Owner of LauraBazant.com

I am a health and wellness coach. I can help people get on tract if they want to lose weight, improve their health, start exercising at home or the gym, or begin a self-care routine. I love adding value to people's lives. I am currently offering a meal prep program and I am working on a group and a 1:1 transformation program that will be released in time for New Year’s Resolutions.

FB Group
Share ways to improve your health and make connections to inspire & support others!


Apr 20, 2017
At Cognizance Capital it's our mission to help entrepreneurs and brands to begin the process of not only understanding but implementing the tactics and adopting the paradigms that the "MARKET" respects and responds to in today's time. We draw on extensive research, insights, & experience to shine the light on how consistent growth can and should be achieved. 

Founder and CEO Anthony D. Vaughan has been called "intense, exciting, motivating, and one who truly cares." His career has been a tough yet fulfilling one that has positioned him to understand much of what most entrepreneurs go through! 

He and the Cognizance Capital team have worked with and advised 650+ entrepreneurs creating true lasting results. 

1st company founded (grew to 3 million in sales, under armour partnership)
Keynotes at (Texas A&M, Maryland University, Towson University & California State) 
The goal is to be apart, grow and develop 100+ brands in the next 25 years! 
Apr 20, 2017

Stephanie Andrews believes learning how to sell can change your life - because it changed hers. With nearly 20 years of sales experience, Stephanie is a sales coach who empowers women coaches and consultants to approach all their communication with a sales-mindset to take their businesses to the next-level. In 2016, fueled by her sales success, Stephanie and her husband sold their home in Portland, Oregon to reside in Los Cabos, Mexico. You can connect with her at StephanieJAndrews.com

Apr 20, 2017

Igniting a sense of belonging is what Carol does best. This Dutch at heart California-girl married at 17 and was shunned by her extremely religious family, making her homeless and alone by the age of 18 without a high school education. Nonetheless, she educated herself throughout her rebellious times and hardships and has created a beautiful family and a home not only for herself but also for travellers from all over the world. She knows how it feels to be stuck and unsupported, which is why she aspires to share what she has learned and inspire others who need it. Carol has been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years practicing as a Holistic Therapist, a Coach and Facilitator in Family Constellations, a Life and Business Coach, and runs an ongoing Women's group in her vibrant health and wellness center Soul Essentials in The Netherlands. 

She's able to inspire anyone with her passion and creativity and wears her heart of her sleeves. All in all, Carol is your favorite savvy girlfriend and mother in one whose greatest wish is to be a role model to her daughters.

Apr 20, 2017

Jamie's been a bright light in the field of Hypnotherapy for over a decade now. She's spent the better part of the last 14 years working with and studying Hypnosis, Imaginative Therapy, Life Design, Entrepreneurship, Birth, Death, and Permaculture. For the last three years, Jamie's been leading groups of remarkable women to explore and create epically meaningful lives while tending her skills at Aumakua Integrated wellness Clinic in Vancouver, Canada. Jamie knows transformation from the inside out. She's a Master in her field, and always walks her talk. This woman is ferocious in her loving, sparkly in her being, and sincere in everything she does. 

“The seeds we plant within and nurture for ourselves, we plant also for those we love.  My garden is sometimes wild, at times picked clean and empty, so I breathe, and ask my garden what next I need.  I listen, and tend again – sometimes stopping in wonder at the marvel of this all."
Jamie Sullivan
Apr 18, 2017

Not your average Spelling-Bee Champ…


Meg Weinkauf is a seasoned patron of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and a master influencer on social media. Known for her song-bird positioning, The Faithful Leader™ has been daring entrepreneurs to rebel...since she was a child.


Born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Meg was raised in Classic Farm Country where she learned the value of hard work and diligence from her parent’s leading examples. Brought up close to her grandfather, a preacher, she spent much of her youth saddled between church pews & the great outdoors–four wheeling, hunting, fishing, playing basketball, volleyball, and softball. Now, she carries on the traditions of her past with her husband and soulmate–a Rural Dream Life based in trust, hustle, and forever-forward progress.


It is this unique blend of dedication & tireless faith that Meg channels for the Faithful Leader.


Currently the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of LaunchPad Labs, a Tulsa startup on a mission to launch successful lives through their action inspiring soft skills curriculum. In 2016, LaunchPad Labs was accepted into the first cohort of BetaBlox, a new startup incubator in Tulsa.


After earning her Bachelors of Accountancy (with a minor in Marketing) from the University of

Arkansas, she would go on to earn 2015 Student of the Year honors at the Jack Welch Management Institute, where she will complete her Master’s in Business Administration this upcoming year. Additionally, Meg has taken the time to become certified as a Personal Branding Strategist, a 360Reach Analyst, and as a Social Branding Analyst.


Meg is also actively involved serving on the Tulsa Area United Way Emerging Leaders Society and Small Business Steering Committees, as well as the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women Advisory Council. She is a mentor through Women in Recovery with the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, 4Word Women Ambassador, and Propel Women Leader. This year, she won 2016’s ionOklahoma NextGen Under 30 Award for her ever-progressive Nonprofit Work at Unlock Freedom Tulsa.


Apr 14, 2017

I am an author and spiritual life coach. In the past 3 years I have been teaching and training people interested in learning about the Law of Attraction and how to use it consistently and effectively in their lives.  I use my own knowledge about this naturally occurring universal law as a foundation for the unique style of coaching I provide to my clients.  In the past three years I have also written a book available on Amazon/Kindle books (newly released) called Stepping into a Life of Joy: One woman’s journey from misery to mastery using the Law of Attraction, so I can now help anyone around the world who is drawn to this material. I have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren and I’ve been happily married to my husband Kevin for 9 years, who is not only my friend and soulmate but my partner in our business called Personal Success Programs.www.personalsuccessprograms.com.

Apr 14, 2017

The last 3 years of my life have been super amazing.  I have accomplished many of the dreams and goals I’ve had from the years prior.  I wrote and published a book.  I went to school to be a certified life coach,  I started my own coaching business.  I’ve helped and coached many women to become more confident and live the life they want.  I’ve given talks and motivated people.  I’ve been in a magazine. I have met so many wonderful connections not only business ones but personal ones. I started a meet up group for women wanting to attract healthy relationships.   I’ve given workshops and I am about to launch an online course called Freedom Breakthrough Formula which will teach abused women to take their power back.  I continue to learn and develop myself so that I can make an impact in this world and help empower women.

Apr 14, 2017

Dr. Lauren Noel is a licensed naturopathic doctor and expert in natural medicine.  She received her doctorate i from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  Since 2010, Dr. Noel has treated over 5,000 patients using natural therapies.  Her areas of expertise are digestive disorders, thyroid & hormone imbalances, and autoimmune disease.  She has been a frequent guest/lecturer on health radio shows and medical conferences, and she is the host of Dr. Lo Radio, a top rated podcast on iTunes that has attracted over 2 million listens.  Dr Noel owns Shine Natural Medicine in Solana Beach, CA where she treats patients locally and all over the country.

Apr 14, 2017

Koy has a massive passion for changing lives and has been obsessed with

business since he was a child. After years of working with hundreds of Fortune

500 companies as well as a lot of 7 and 8 figure businesses he found that helping

businesses grow was fun, but helping PEOPLE GROW was his real passion. Koy

is actively combating the "Millennial dilemma" that so many Millennials face. He

prides himself on helping people create profitable businesses through proven

strategies, which has sparked massive attention in the education space.

Apr 14, 2017

Purpose: "I exist to create clarity and cast vision so the world will be filled with purpose and greatness."

About me: I'm a big believer in people and systems. Over the years, I have developed a system to identify, understand and empower individuals to be their best selves. Entrepurpose is how I've scaled the belief that everyone can know and live their purposes.

My history: I've run 7 businesses over the years, 4 of which I brought back from failure for others. I've pastored, counseled and helped hundreds of business owners and discouraged leaders find clarity and direction. My history and success come from strategizing for others in those key moments when they need it most.


Apr 14, 2017

Brady is an Inner and Outer Explorer. He blends the skills of Bushcraft and Survival with Performance Coaching.


What I do is take men and help them create structure in their lives. Adding in the routines and architecture that brings a bit of our former past into the modern context. We have a different jungle to face now but the rules haven't changed. Men still need to be men. We still want to make fire and put food on the table and that is what I offer. Guidance to help you find your path, perform at your best, and how to marry a bow drill to your bank account.

Apr 14, 2017

Gill Barham believes that everyone has the right to elite health and personal financial independence. Her work centres around helping women to achieve their potential in both areas.

She is an international award winning speaker, professional networker, a business woman; contributes regularly on international radio shows and women's magazine publications, specialises in functional nutrition, and is the author of the book

The Heart of a Woman - How to look after the heart you give to the world

Gill has a nursing background; but has always embraced a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. She specialises in addressing the mega health trends of the 21st century and is passionate about supporting others to spread this message worldwide, pledging to help save 1 million lives a year.

"I believe that the basis of health and happiness is about looking after your "heart" from just 2 standpoints: a physiological one and emotional one. I attract women to my programme Your HEART Matters TM who want to take positive steps to prevent and reverse disease and stall the ageing process by understanding some simple principles about the physiological processes in the lifetime of a woman. I also attract women who want to create a great work life balance and make a significant difference by contributing to a global health cause teaching other women these same principles."

Apr 14, 2017

Jaime is an avid hockey fan. He loves the competitive spirit and the team aspect of the game. He enjoys the sport so much that he decided to integrate his passion for the sport into his passion for marketing. Jaime has been working in the sales and marketing arena since he left the US Army as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborn Division in 1994.

Working for three different fortune 100 companies, Jaime learned quickly how to build relationships. The challenging aspect of working for a large company was having the ability to be creative. This is the main reason he went out on his own and started his own business. His first business was as a partner in a small California-based real estate advertising agency and publishing company. After the housing bubble burst in 2008, Jaime had to start over.

As time progressed, Jaime found that he really enjoyed making websites for people and so he started Slapshot Studio in 2013 and never looked back. Jaime enjoys traveling, boating, playing guitar, hanging out with family, and playing hockey.


Apr 14, 2017

Pamela Burke grew up as a DK - a deacon's kid. She was not like horror story DK's or Pks - a preacher's kid - who did completely the opposite of their parents. She was, however, obediently rebellious. That meant Pam respected her parents, did what her elders told her to do, and respected authority, but if she felt contrary to them she put her foot down and did what she wanted to do how she wanted to do it.

Pam took the same approach to losing weight. While some in the weight loss industry and food industry make it their mission to sell consumers on quick fixes, losing weight fast without exercising plans, and fooling people into believing that sugar laden food products are healthy by plopping words like "All natural", "Low fat", or "Organic" on the package, Pam refused to fall prey to such misleading tactics.

She lost a significant amount of weight being obediently rebellious. She rebuked the notion of quick fixes and false advertisement while being obedient to making losing weight a priority in her life. Pam did it by being consistent, being an informed consumer, and understanding why she gained weight in the first place.

Pam uses her experiences and knowledge to help others follow the same path. She shares what she knows via her blog, canwilldone.com, a website dedicated to sharing advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helping people change their mind, attitude, way of life, and body. Pam strives to get people to live a can-do attitude in every area of their lives, thus allowing them to change their self-doubts, fears, circumstances, and struggles into positive opportunities.

Pam is also a speaker. She speaks on topics such as creating opportunities, changing mindsets, and living a healthy lifestyle, and to parents and students about the messages they are missing related to attending college. In addition to speaking to young people about college and education, she also serves as a mentor and provides scholarships to college students.

For the record, Pam does all of the above as her side hustle. She has worked in corporate America for twenty-five years. Always willing to sit on a panel or speak on creating opportunities with work colleagues, she has been graced with the unofficial title of “Good Corporate Citizen.” Her daily functions also include helping others, but by way of helping technically with devising more efficient processes and providing data solutions.

Apr 12, 2017

My passion has always been meeting people from all walks of life. I love to travel,i love history. So I finally decided to bring my skills and passions together by becoming a certified Tour Guide.

Apr 12, 2017

Cheryl Chapman is an International Speaker, an author of Find Your Why to become frickin’ awesome and The creator of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge, where she is a mentor to women wanting to choose a life of freedom after a change in their lives.

Cheryl spent 25 years in the corporate world developing some of the largest retailers across the globe.

Back in 2012 at the age of 48 she started to ask herself “Why am I here?” and “Is this all there is to life?” Knowing what she didn’t want, which was to travel to a place of work spending hours doing what she didn’t enjoy, drove her to look for alternatives. She found that alternative in “The art of public speaking”

Mentoring thousands of entrepreneurs from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, across Europe and the UK she quickly earned the title as one of the most productive coaches in the world. Cheryl used The Jet Set Speaker System created by Andy Harrington to help them to take their knowledge and put it into a frame work to create product that helped others. It was whilst working with these clients that she realised how many women wanted to make a difference in the world by sharing their gifts with the world but were in some form of stuck.

The WHY’s Women of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge are all strong women. Women whose friends and family go to when they are in need of help.

The next time you’re at a crossroads in your life, You can look for the way Or You can Find Your WHY!

Apr 11, 2017

Julie Brown is a Mentor and Life Coach helping entrepreneur couples improve their relationships, increase their ability to receive and act on inspiration, and improve their ability to create money in their businesses. She is the mother of 3 lively children and the wife to an AMAZING man. She loves health, growing her own food, relationships, helping others connect with God, teaching people how making lots of money is all in their head, and helping others live at the next level. Julie is a former auto mechanic, Zumba instructor and garden blogger. She grew up on a farm and was her Dad’s farm hand along with her brothers. She loves to try new things and learn new concepts. But the most important things in her life begin with being a wise mom to her kids and a good wife for her entrepreneur husband. You will love Julie’s enthusiastic style, and her intuitive, and step by step way of teaching. Don’t forget to put your seatbelt on, because you are in for a great ride!!

Apr 11, 2017

I have a lifetime background in the real estate industry. My Grandpa was a builder and I grew up working with local contractors during my summer breaks. For over 15 years I have been involved in building and owning residential and commercial real estate. I currently own and manage seven investment properties. I have a passion for real estate and I am committed to using my experience and knowledge to help others navigate the real estate market. My wife and I have worked with over 165 clients in the last three years. We are both full time agents and enjoy helping people reach their goals, in either buying or selling real estate.


Peter Easling
Office: 615-906-5972
Mobile: 615-982-2451
Apr 11, 2017

Antonio Crawford launched the National Christian Writers Conference™ (NCWC) in 2007. This conference is held biannually in San Diego and Washington, DC. The NCWC helps writers, authors, artists, and speakers publish their creativity in order to heal, inspire, and speak to the hearts of others living in the local communities. Antonio and his wife, Gwendolyn, are the founders of the Crawford Irby International Foundation™, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, which sponsors the Orange County Christian Writers' Conference.


Apr 11, 2017
Renee Vidor is a coach, speaker, and founder of "Simply Enrich, LLC." Her mission is to help those who are 'stuck' or enslaved by something that is holding them back to gain freedom and live an enriched life resulting in implementing their purpose and passion. She does this through one-on-one appointments as well as group settings. Renee lives in the Columbus, Ohio area and enjoys being very connected and serving in the community. One of her main focuses is an event that she began 7 years ago called "The Treasure Swap". This is a women's clothing swap, but it's become so much more! For the past 3 years, this has merged into a large public and it continues to grow. The metaphor of going through our closets and ridding out items that we don't wear, like, or doesn't fit us and swapping out for other items that do goes along with raising awareness of how each of us need to 'clean our closets of life' and identify what we need to get rid of and 'swap out' for something else that better suits who we want to be.


Apr 11, 2017

Darlene Waye is a Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and operates Atlantic Hypnosis Centre in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

She enjoys helping clients with many issues such as addictions, fears and phobias, grief, relationships, anxiety, panic and any other life challenges. Seeing clients move forward in a powerful way is a wonderful thing.

Darlene is the mother of three children and Stepmother to one. Grandmother to one and Step grandmother to three children.

Apr 7, 2017

I was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas. I graduated from The University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I met my wife, Natalie, while in college. After graduation, we decided to move to Nashville and married shortly after in 2001. We bought a house, started a family, and are thrilled to be raising our three sons, Bryce, Graham, and Hudson, in the middle Tennessee area.

After several years in the transportation industry, I gained invaluable experience in negotiating, sales, operations, process improvement, analysis, management, technology and many other assets. That experience helped me gain the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate sellers and buyers through real estate transactions. I chose to pursue real estate because it offered personal interactions and the opportunity to help other families in one of the biggest decisions of their life.

I truly love what I do! I have always claimed that I do not stress easily. Buying and selling can be a stressful time for many. I believe real estate can be fun and that laughter is a healthy antidote for stress. As an agent, I strive for a healthy balance between having fun and being serious. This is one reason I believe my clients enjoy working with me. I look forward to working for you in the near future!


Apr 7, 2017

Nicole Jensen is a seasoned social media strategist having worked with big brands, government, agencies and her own clients for over a decade. She brings a wealth of social media experience to the table, particularly in online community management, social media for events, digital reputation, content strategy, education and more. Nicole regularly consults with business and not-for-profits across Australia, and has led nationally award-winning online community campaigns. She is an engaging speaker, a passionate advocate for social media for both businesses and individuals, and regularly up-to-date with the latest trends and market opportunities in digital marketing. 

Personal: Nicole also speaks to young people about generalised anxiety, depression, suicide and the struggles of growing up weird.

Up to you which I focus on :)

Apr 6, 2017

I was born and raised in Ohio, but living in Chicago for the past 20 years. I fell into a career in corporate technology sales and operations, but it was never my passion.  A year and a half ago, I was laid off from my corporate job and made the decision to take some time off to really seek out what my next move should be. While taking time off, I also made the decision to “get healthy” when I found myself as an alcoholic and up 40 pounds. I had heard about Isagenix nutrition and weight loss products through a friend and fell in love with the products and lost 40 pounds in 4 months and also began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. During my 6 months off, I began watching the Isagenix Facebook business page and seeing one person in particular who was more in love with her life and her job than anyone I had ever met, and she was earning multiple 6-figure income, so I made an introduction and started inquiring about Network Marketing. That was almost exactly one year ago, and I’ve been building my own Isagenix business full-time ever since. After meeting her in person at an event, I asked her to mentor me, which led to me packing up my life in Chicago and moving it to Fayetteville, NC so that I could work and train with her. Leaving my lackluster job in corporate america to pursue building a business of my own that allows me to work from anywhere and that has unlimited income potential has been the best decision of my life thus far!

Apr 6, 2017

Marcie Peters is a certified holistic health counselor, speaker and best-selling author. She is known as America’s Whole-Life Coach and The Age Backward Mentor.

Marcie graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the University of Washington. She is the best-selling author of Not Broken and How to Age Backward, the founder of The Health and Happiness Guide(.com) and Transform Your Health World Summit (www.TransformHealthSummit.com), and is a featured speaker, sharing the stage with exciting thought leaders. Marcie’s work has affected thousands of people worldwide.

Marcie’s line of healthy H2 go-nutrition can be found at www.EnjoyH2.com, and her Chocolate Cherry bar is also on Amazon.

Apr 6, 2017

Hatim, author of "Chief Complaint: A Country Doctor’s Tales of Life in Galilee," was born in the Palestinian village of Arrabeh at the height of the Palestinians’ first nationwide intifada (the 1936-39 uprising against the British). He left Arrabeh in 1960 to study in the United States, earning degrees in medicine and public health from Harvard University. After returning home, he assumed the responsibility of sub-district physician heading the region’s governmental health office, while continuing to reside in his ancestral village. As the first and only resident physician in a rural area of more than 50,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel, he has been forced to double up as their medical caregiver, operating a solo GP practice during evening hours. 


Hatim's attempts to make a significant contribution to his community’s health and wellbeing met with neglect and refusal from Israel’s central authority. He worked with colleagues to establish a non-governmental organization, The Galilee Society for Health Research and Services, and to lead its efforts as one of the first NGOs in the Palestinian community in Israel. This activity put him in direct opposition to his employers, leading to his forced departure from the Ministry of Health. The Galilee Society later spawned other major Arab NGOs in Israel, including Adalah and Ittijah. It continues to contribute significantly to addressing the special health issues of its target population to this day. Hatim's civil society efforts are documented in his previous book, "A Doctor in Galilee: The Life and Struggle of a Palestinian in Israel" (Pluto Press, 2008). He blogs at "A Doctor in Galilee."

Apr 6, 2017

Robert Rice is the founder of the Authentic Voice Formula, combining his experience as both a professional actor and a copywriter to help expert business owners tap into their Authentic Voice to take their online messaging from fake, salesy, and Invisible to emotional, engaging, and Irresistible.

Having worked with way too many struggling ExpertPreneurs®  who’ve spent a fortune on tech, systems and “miracle solutions” without having their authentic core messaging in place… his mission is to flip the script and get their messaging on point first so they can attract their Ideal Clients, become “Abundant Leaders” and make a lasting impact on the world.
Apr 6, 2017

Jill Davis spent the majority of her adult life morbidly obese. She lost 135 pounds and along the way regained her iden@ty. Through her own journey, research, and working with thousands of women in transi@on, Jill discovered that the move from body shaming to body acceptance is only possible when we shed the belief that we are intrinsically good or bad based on the foods we eat and instead trust our bodies to tell us what they need. When we embrace ourselves, we can explore the possibili@es of who we can become and discover the best in ourselves. Through workshops, keynote speaking, and one-on-one coaching, Jill helps others to quit figh@ng their weight and start finding their way. Jill is honored to have been invited to share her presenta@on “You Are Not Your Diet Brain” at TEDx.

Apr 6, 2017

I'm Wendy Dewar Hughes. I am an artist, a writer, and a creative entrepreneur.

Helping people make their creative wishes and dreams come true is my specialty. As a writing coach and book designer, I help my clients to write and publish the books that are on their hearts. I have helped numerous writers make their publishing dreams come true through my book coaching and publishing services.

My professional and personal experience in writing, editing, art, design, and sales and marketing, all help me guide others toward creative success. And we have fun!

I am an award-winning novelist and also write short fiction. I write non-fiction on the topics of inspiration, motivation, and creative business and marketing. I have also illustrated and published two adult colouring books based on my travels and time spent living in France.

In the past, I created my own line of stationery products for my wholesale company that sold in gift stores worldwide, while also owning a small gift and gourmet food retail business. I have sold my watercolour paintings in galleries and they now hang in homes in three continents. My licensed designs have also graced gift products sold everywhere. I've been a travel agent and a hospitality sales manager. Like most creative people, I've done lots of different things.

Just Imagine School and The Wish Plan were born out of my desire to help develop and maximize people’s creative abilities, business skills, and life dreams, turning inspired wishes into plans, and plans into happy accomplishments.

Apr 5, 2017

Tess Vergara, an Accountant for over 30 years, now an awakening coach and strategic interventionist, she shows men and women how to balance the ledger of their life through unlocking the power of the heart. Her story of overcoming 15 years as a single mom, the ensuing burn out, spiritual depression, neediness, betrayal, and meltdown, to becoming the powerful healer and teacher she is today is an inspiration to many of her clients all over the world.

A master transformational coach, NLP practitioner, and an expert in higher awakening and self enlightenment, her teaching focuses on the clear and fearless “middle way” of the heart. She is the author of the upcoming book “Fearless Love, Unlocking the Power of your Heart” due for release for her 50th birthday in February 2017. You can find her on her website at www.openheartmindcoaching.com

Apr 5, 2017

Christina Alexandra is a romance writer from Southern California. Always on the lookout for an adventure, she has worked and volunteered at many different jobs including both medical and veterinary offices, music teacher, law enforcement instructor, service dog puppy raiser, emergency grief councilor, coroner's assistant and, currently, an emergency services operator. Christina writes stories set in Georgian and Regency England and credits her varied experiences as the foundation from which she builds true-to-life characters and emotional stories with a unique twist on modern issues. When not researching, writing or working, Christina spends her spare time travelling, cooking - oftentimes with a historical flare - and staying active on social media.


You can connect with Christina online at her website ~ facebook ~ twitter ~ instagram ~ g+

Apr 5, 2017

My name is Angela Dee and I am an author, speaker, teacher. My purpose is to encourage others who are facing life struggles to find healing. My motto, Be Brave, Dream Big~I have dreamed of writing a book since childhood. Through the support of Igniting Souls Tribe and my coach Kary Oberbrunner, I completed my book called Voiceless-Spencer's Story (A mother's journey raising a son with significant needs). It was released in September of 2016 and is available on amazon.com and B&N.com. A proud single mother of three, my background is in nursing care and teaching. I have recently entered the empty nest and this has allowed me to pursue the passions of my heart. Writing, travel, and enjoying all the outdoor activities in my home state of Colorado.

Currently I am developing a workable program to collaborate with my book. Having been a fulltime caregiver for a significant needs child that required 24/7 care, I have realized the importance of finding value beyond the caregiving mode. My new program will address self care in three aspects. Physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Having an adventurous spirit, I want to encourage others to find their passions through whatever artistic medium brings them a sense of healing and peace.

For the last three years I have been rediscovering myself. After being a stay at home mom for 20 years, I divorced and started searching for ways to start living outside of these self limiting beliefs that had held me back for so long. The type A personality that I was living under was not who I was and I began to explore the artistic, adventurous side of my brain. I quickly learned that the areas I had dabbled in were now the activities that made me come alive again. Dancing, travel, writing, and creating jewelry/pottery are all things that I have grown to love. My first love was being a wife and mother. Now that those titles required less of me, it was time to find a dream job working the passions of my heart. My first goal was to complete the book I had started in 2000. Though I always imagined writing a children's book, I ended up writing a book about the journey of raising a once normal boy, turned severely disabled. I know that this book will help many who have weathered a similar storm.

I reside in Parker, Colorado with my boyfriend of 2 years. We have six children between the two of us and are busy with their lives as well as our own. My boyfriend is also an artist, who performs in two bands and acts in small productions in the Denver metro area. We both are adventurous, spontaneous souls who love people and enjoy crossing bucket list items off our lists on a regular basis.

Apr 4, 2017
Angela Powers is a creative, hard-working utility player who loves technology, especially when applied to learning and helping entrepreneurs become freedompreneurs.

Angela has designed, developed and delivered training to hundreds of thousands of students globally as an instructional designer for the last 12 years. Working with large companies including Google, Amazon, F5, Microsoft, and Boeing as well as individual entrepreneurs, Angela knows how people learn and how to create transformational online programs that make a difference, get results, and turn students into raving fans wanting more of your awesomeness.

Apr 4, 2017

Jacqueline was a corporate/securities lawyer at Blakes in Toronto, and subsequently worked as Assistant General Counsel at The Toronto Star. Originally intended as a side project to satisfy her non-legal creative side, Jacqueline launched Luvali Convertibles/FlapJackKids, a company that focuses on all reversible and convertible products for women and children. Jacqueline has been named Top Mompreneur by Mompreneur Magazine  and appeared in Forbes Magazine alongside Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Her company has been featured numerous times in top press and media including  The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Ok Weekly, Us Weekly, Woman's World, USA Today, The Huffington Post and Woman's Day. Jacqueline's products have been featured in swag bags for Emmys and Oscars  pre-parties, and can be found in over 2000 stores in North America, and over 15  countries worldwide. Dipping back into her legal roots, Jacqueline is also a founder and owner of Caravel Law (previously Cognition LLP). Caravel Law is a revolutionary law firm that has set out to change the legal profession and legal services industry for good, by making  Bay Street trained lawyers financially accessible to entrepreneurs, with its tag line “Happy Lawyers, Happy Clients”. 

Apr 4, 2017

Chris Fern has over 10 years of experience in IT and computer software development, systems architecture, networking, and customer relations. These skills have resulted in the design and development of multiple software solutions and systems applicable to business of all sizes from the small business entrepreneur to the international organization. wHe is a brilliant facilitator of highly leverageable and scalable technology systems while communicating only the relevant information to various users of those systems.

Apr 3, 2017

Jean Kay is a prolific poet, who has written a poem every morning for 19 years. Jean’s books– Morning Light and her first of a series of Kindle e-books Christmas Poetry to Inspire are available on Amazon. Her inspirational poems have been shared in newsletters, anthologies, magazines, as framed poems, bookmarks, prayer cards and as commissioned poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, memorials, and other special occasions.

Jean is a professional member of Canadian Authors —Metro Vancouver and is currently treasurer, story contest coordinator, and National Voices anthology compiler/designer/editor. Jean lives in Tsawwassen, BC with her husband Jerry and Poomba – their cat. She treasures her role as Granny.


email: jk@poetrytoinspire.com

Apr 3, 2017

Justin Krane is a Money Strategist for business owners.

Known for his simple, savvy, holistic approach to financial planning, he advises his clients on how to unite their money with their lives and businesses.

He works with entrepreneurs to create a bigger vision for their business.  Justin loves business strategy.  He is all about achieving business growth.

Justin believes that every business owner needs to know where they are with their business money.

Using a unique system developed from his studies of financial psychology, Justin teaches business owners how to plan their cash flow and be strategic with their business finances.

Prior to founding Krane Financial Solutions, Justin was a Vice President, Investments, and Sales Manager at UBS Financial Services Inc., for 12 years, in Beverly Hills, California.

Justin is also a Certified Financial Planner professional.

He received his Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) designation from Investment Management Consultants Association and in conjunction with The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Justin has been featured in The Wall St Journal, MSNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and CNN Money. 

He is married, has three children and lives with his family in Calabasas, California. An accomplished athlete, Justin was a former junior ranked tennis player in Los Angeles. He loves to cook, travel, and speak Italian. 


Apr 3, 2017

In early 2014, I had just de-matriculated from an MSW clinical social work program because I was being pulled in multiple directions and finding it impossible to “do it all.” I was not willing to put my family in second place. Maintaining my desire and interest in pursuing a career change from dental hygiene to a counseling career, I signed up for two consecutive on-line coaching courses. As I completed the first course and began the second, I needed surgery and was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer. I was able to complete the second coaching course before a required second surgery and chemotherapy treatment were undertaken.


During recovery from the chemo, I joined the on-line Self-Publishing School in September 2015 and set off on a book writing adventure in the world of independent publishers thinking it would provide positive focus while I healed and anticipating the use of my book as a business card for my coaching business pursuits.


I will be releasing my book in February 2017—Reframe Your Viewpoints. The book lays out behavioral strategies and techniques to transform stress and anxiety into confidence and peace. Supporting theories and concepts are presented along with educational information on the impact of stress on the human body.


Throughout Reframe Your Viewpoints, I present the significant impact that the reframing technique has had on my recovery from latent PTSD, depression, obsessive thinking, anhedonia, and body dysmorphic disorder. Woven into this self-help guide I incorporate personal examples to demonstrate the techniques and provide numerous examples of reframing that demonstrate the effectiveness of reframing in reducing stress and anxiety along with a tool for measuring that claim.

Apr 3, 2017
Hi, I'm Pace Smith, a spiritual entrepreneur and the Pathfinding coach. I help spiritual misfits find a clear direction in their life. I'm a podcaster with two shows; Wild Crazy Meaningful Enneagram, where we talk about the Enneagram, and Wild Crazy Meaningful Life, where we talk about everything else. I'm a bisexual transgender Sufi.
Three years ago, my wife, Kyeli, and I had just moved out of our RV (in which we had lived full-time for a year) and into an apartment in Portland OR. We shifted from being biz partners to me being a solopreneur.
One year ago, I hit a burnout wall, and made some changes in my life and business to slow things down so I could rest and work sustainably. We were roommates with our best friend in Beacon, NY. It's been a fantastic year!
Now we're living in Lansing, Michigan and we just bought a house.
It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change a minute of it.


Apr 3, 2017

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. He spent eight years on wall street as a high frequency algorithmic trader. He’s currently the CEO of CalvinApp which is a productivity app designed to cut back on the amount of emails and texts sent when making plans. He’s also the co-founder of Less Doists, with Ari Meisel. He was the youngest person to graduate from UC Berkeley with a master’s in Financial Engineering.


Apr 3, 2017
Award-winning author of dark humour, women’s fiction, Donna Barker is the founder of Write, Woman, Write a community that provides support to women who’ve had “write a book” on their bucket list for years and need help to rev up their confidence, their commitment, and their courage to share their words with the world. She’s also the co-creator of the Creative Women’s Summit (launching in Feb 2017) which is bringing together 30+ creative heroines to share their tips to help hobbyists turn their passion into profit. 
Donna believes that by using our life’s milestones — births, deaths, significant dates — we can harness unlimited power to recreate ourselves as the person our soul is begging us to become, no matter how old we are. She’s living proof, having used her own 50th birthday as the impetus to toss her 25-year career as a technical, ghost-writer out the window and follow her calling: to be of service to women who have important stories to tell (which is every woman in the world!).
Apr 3, 2017

Karen Dimmick is the co-founder of Bookthority, the host of The Book Marketing Summit, and the co-author of the book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers. She has been helping authors for the past 8 years, from first time writers to an established, 5 times, New York Times bestselling author.


As a lifelong book lover, Karen firmly believes that everything centers around experiences. Her mission is to break down what works for authors and put it into practical steps to help them build a profitable, engaging business they and their fans love.


Always fascinated by how people think, Karen has studied neurology, behavior and mindset since 2000. She became a writer in 2006, when she was published in a major medical journal and has since written 3 books with Steve.


Now, Karen helps other authors with their mindset as well as the psychological side of having an author business like reader engagement, persuasion and branding from her site Bookthority.com


Website: https://Bookthority.com


Last 3 years – written 3 books (3rd launches on the 4th Dec). Moved across the country from Colorado to Florida. Started a new business – Bookthority. Currently putting together The Book Marketing Summit.

Mar 31, 2017

As a Chicagoland Realtor with more than 18 years of experience, when Knifie’s not selling homes she’s teaching Entrepreneurs how to buy, live, & thrive in their dream home.  She knew at the age of 10 that Real Estate was her passion.  While the other kids were out playing Knifie was inside watching home renovation shows. :)


She has since worked for a major Chicagoland Title company, a Property Management company, Foreclosure companies, & a Shortsale company to continue gaining knowledge in every way that she can of the Real Estate Industry.  


Knifie has now turned this vast knowledge into Educating & Inspiring entrepreneurs to buy their dream home.  

Mar 31, 2017

My name is Susanna Utbult and I´m from Sweden. 

I have studied and practiced feng shui for 18 years. 

I´m a feng shui expert,

I own and run the Nordic School of Feng Shui where

I have taught feng shui to several hundred students

since I took over the school in 2010.  

I love teaching and helping people to create better homes

and better lives. 

I also design houses for clients who are in the process of

building there own home and they just want to get it right (this time).

After being a feng shui expert for many years I have realized

the home is just one side of the coin for creating a better life.

The other side of the coin is YOU. It really doesn´t matter if

you have a great home according to feng shui, if you are in a

mess internally. You just have to do the work to get the 

whole coin to shine the way you deserve. It´s your birthright. 

That´s how I mix feng shui with the teachings of Bob Proctor. 


Mar 31, 2017

During the last three years, I've been driving 7 hours each way back and forth from my home in Northern California a lot,
To my 90 year old mom in Southern California to help with moving her, medical appointments and clearing her house and getting it sold. The house was also another hour drive.

After that I was helping my sister in Southern California and praying for her healing from cancer.  Sadly she passed October 9th.

My family and I have also been supporting our youngest son through mental illness recovery during the last 3 years. Presently he is doing well and about to come home after 3 months of establishing meds. We are a united team as a family defiantly committed to faith in God through Jesus Christ for his healing and excited about this new start.

Also during those three years we have been at a new church for us, the prior one was our church home for 27 years. This new church gave me a lot of honor and I've served as a worship leader, keyboard and vocalist, speaker and pastor for women, nesting one on one with them and most recently leading a small group on activating destiny using Lance Wallnau's resources. Much of what I do s a pastor has been helping wake up dreams people have had dormant and encourage them with Gods truth for relationship and activation of their dreams.

I've also been working with Tom Matzen's Strategic Philanthropy Master Mind over the last 6 months to activate my dream of coaching speaking and writing. That's how I got to hear about you.

Recently I started posting again at my website: TargetTransformation.com

Mar 30, 2017

Joel Kessel is a communications advisor who helps authors get publicity for their book so they can have a larger impact on the people they serve.

Through his 30 Days to a Bigger Stage program (www.30DaystoaBiggerStage.com), authors gain the clarity, confidence, and direction on how to strategically and authentically communicate, work with, and deliver their message through the media.

He provides thoughts and insights on communications and communication strategy through his blog site at www.JoelKessel.com. He also hosts a weekly podcast called Conversations on Conversations where listeners gain insights and thoughts on how they can strategically and authentically communicate and deliver their message and story with clarity and confidence.

Joel began his career in Chicago 23 years ago working for a number of public relations and communications agencies before going off on his own in 2000.

Throughout his career, Kessel has developed a specialization in PR strategy and media relations, which has garnered attention for his clients in numerous publications and outlets from USA Today, New York Times and the Associated Press, to the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and numerous local and trade outlets, among others.

He has worked with organizations of all sizes—start-ups to nonprofits to national brands—developing and executing an array of strategic communications programs. Current and past clients and accounts Kessel has worked on include the National Runaway Safeline, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Weber Grills, and Master Lock.

Joel currently resides in Dublin, Ohio, with his wife and two children.

Where you can find Joel:

on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelkessel)
Twitter (@joelkessel)

Mar 30, 2017
I help female online entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to make their business work, but it just doesn't seem to be coming together.  We don't talk much about their strategies though; because that's usually not where the problem is.

It's all between the ears.  

I give them the tools and support to dig under the surface of their conscious mind to find the sneaky limiting beliefs that they didn't even realize were THERE, but that have been keeping them from the success and lifestyle that they're working so hard for. Basically, I help them work less, have more fun, and earn more.

I've been an entrepreneur for 7 years, and for most of that, I made it a LOT harder on myself than I needed to.  Ridiculously long hours, phone practically surgically attached to my hand (even during dinner), and just fucking EXHAUSTED.  

In my quest to get more productive, I discovered spirituality.  The problem I kept running into was that most of the books and resources I found didn't tell you what to actually DO.  So in my head, I was like, "Okay, this all sounds great, I'm on board, I believe it works....but what do I actually DO??"  

"Set intentions", "Align yourself with the universe", "Balance your chakras"....WTF?  I didn't understand the lingo.  I wanted to, but I just didn't get it.  

So after spending a LOT of time figuring it out and diving into it like my life depended on it (it kinda does, actually), I was able to create techniques and processes so that the left-brained part of me could get on board.

Pretty soon, I was manifesting things with such regularity and appeared to be so "lucky" that my friends started saying, "You have GOT to teach other people how to do this!"

So here I am.  Helping other female entrepreneurs manifest, clear money blocks, and work less while getting more traction.

When I'm not teaching women to make the universe their new BFF, I'm usually hanging out with my family (hubby and two freakin' adorable young kiddos) or playing music (I'm a really good singer and a really average guitar player).

Mar 30, 2017

Maria Horstmann, MBA, CPT, PNL1, IRC Maria Horstmann is a Health, Well-Being, and Insulin Resistance Coach, a Personal Trainer, and a Corporate Wellness Consultant. In 2014, she left the corporate world to follow her passion of empowering others to achieve wellbeing through sustainable, holistic health steps.

Maria was once pre-diabetic and struggled with chronic digestive and gastrointestinal issues. She finally realized her ticket to reaching full potential in life was a commitment to an ongoing “healthy lifestyle”. Her studies and commitment to longer-term health led her to turn her health and lifestyle 180º . She is passionate about getting people healthy and compassionate about their journeys. As a former finance professional, Maria believes a commitment to health is one of the most profitable investments a person can make and be successful at work and at home.

Maria creates personalized experiences and programs for single clients, groups, and organizations to help individuals get to the root cause of poor energy, mental clarity, focus, productivity, and motivation. Her custom programs educate clients, step-by-step, on smart nutritional choices, the management of stress and sleep, physical activity, attitude, and more.

Maria has helped people overcome health struggles such as weight management, fatigue, burnout, belly fat, brain fog, insulin resistance, blood sugar and hormone imbalances, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle. Maria worked in international business and finance for over 20 years and understands the strain of a busy lifestyle. She offers knowledge, accountability, support, and tools for success.

Maria earned her Executive MBA from Emory University. She completed Health Coaching training at Precision Nutrition and Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. There, she completed the Insulin Resistance Practitioner Training and is training in Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Program. She received training in Personal Training at National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Maria is virtual and often coaches by phone, Skype and/or Zoom. She is also mobile—comes to you or you can have sessions in-person at her office in Vinings/Atlanta. No Excuse! At Work. At Home. Check out www.BeFabBeYou.com for more information.

Mar 30, 2017
I was a plumber for 11 years, until 3 years ago when a friend was murdered in January 2014, another committed suicide in February, and I had a cancer scare in March. At that time I had a lot of pain in my neck, back, hip and shoulder, and arthritis in my hands, and had already set up the Pink Plumbers Franchise to support women in the trade, and written my plumbing book ‘Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber’ to help plumbing students turn their skills into a thriving plumbing business, after they leave college without having to get an apprenticeship (just as I did), so everything I had learned I had put out there for others to learn from, so it was time to move on. 
I had a network marketing business at that time so thought I would throw myself in to that full time, but instead I discovered I was exhausted and needed time to recuperate, so it didn’t work out! I also readdressed my values, and friends and connection came up to no.2 on my list! (No.1 was freedom!)
I attempted internet marketing, learning loads of new skills, meeting amazing people, and travelled to the Caribbean twice in one year, which resulted in me investing in a property deal in Chicago. 6 apartment blocks in an up and coming area, so all was not lost, even though internet marketing itself wasn’t for me and I accumulated a large amount of credit card debt - all at 0% interest though! (I’m great at managing debt!) Last summer I went back to doing class 1 lorry driving and became a snow technician for Snow Business, who specialise in snow special effects, to help pay the bills.
I have 2 kids, Zak is 22 and is doing a PHD in Maths at Warwick Uni, and my daughter, Hazel, is 19 and is doing Forensic Anthropology at Dundee Uni. Once Hazel had left school last summer, I was in a position to rent my house out and move, as I didn’t need to live somewhere so expensive. I was advised by a friend to sell it and invest the money into different assets. Just to back track a little, in 1999 I bought a property in Chesham with a derelict house on it and commercial yard. It has taken me 17 years to win the battle with the Council, and finally be allowed to re-build my house! In January 2013 they took away my planning permission, and to cut a long story short, eventually I proved to them that I had already implemented it, and the building regs, meaning they couldn’t take it away, and this time last year I got the go ahead to build my house! So I ended up selling the house I was living in (which had been an investment property to get me out of the crater which the other one had left me in), and am now building the other house! So I’m renting in the meantime and have gone back to doing plumbing for me in the house! 1st fix is complete, I’ll be putting in the underfloor heating in January, and bathrooms in Feb/March next year. I will be moving in around May. 
Now as well as project managing my house (and being the plumber and client - trying to keep one step ahead of the builders!) I am now an investor mainly, and on a mission to change the world! I have a business with a cryptocurrency organisation called OneLife/OneCoin. We have 2.7 Million members in 2 years and growing at a rate of about 100,000 new members a month! OneCoin is set to be the no.1 cryptocurrency in the world. We have already overtaken Bitcoin and OneCoin will be on the live exchange in April / May 2018. The OneLife vision is for there to be One global cryptocurrency. There is a gap in the market for a trade cryptocurrency, keeping costs down across countries & continents. And with 40% of the world not in the banking system it is time we created something that works for everyone in the world, and not just obliviously keep feeding the banking system which keeps the rich rich and the poor poorer. That 40% may not have a bank account, but most of them have smart phones! So thanks to Bitcoin for being the pioneering cryptocurrency and starting the process of opening people’s minds to a new era. Just as Facebook did to My Space, OneCoin have created a safer, more user friendly, bigger, better version. I went to Bangkok in October for the launch of their new super secure blockchain! 11,500 people from 70 countries (OneCoin is in a total of 195 countries). It was very humbling! The UK is very small!! There were people from Cambodia, Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, The Caribbean, Thailand, China, and loads more! All committed to growing the network of users and merchants, giving OneCoin usability and therefore value. OneLife have a new Mobile app builder for small to medium sized businesses to get on board the digital era and communicate with their customers through their own customisable app, at a very low cost! It’s really cool! It has passed its baby phase and is now reaching momentum, so this is a great time for people to get involved. OneLife sell financial education packages, so people can learn about cryptocurrency and empower themselves at this crucial time of the digital era finally impacting financial global transformation. 
In March this year I did Tony Quinn's Educo seminar in the Bahamas, which is a seminar on programming your big goal, your dream life, right into the unconscious part of the mind. Instead of living out your beliefs and patterns based on your dramas and negative programs you have accumulated since birth, you can take control of your mind, and program it so you are living in to your vision of how you want your life to go. It’s extremely powerful! Tony Quinn is an extraordinary man and his doctorate in Psychology led him to running these seminars to teach others what he has been doing for decades. e.g. Steve Collins, who beat Chris Eubank as an unseeded, unranked boxer, after Chris hadn’t lost a fight for 43 fights! Steve used Tony Quinn as his coach, and retired from boxing years later, unbeaten! During the seminar I discovered my big goal / purpose, is to build a chain of mind, body and soul Spa’s for which I will win Best International Spa Award. A number of investment opportunities, including OneCoin, presented themselves to me as a result of programming my mind with this outcome!
Mar 30, 2017

How Restful Insomnia Came to Be


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

Hi, sleepyheads! Sondra here — sharing a bit about how Restful Insomnia came to be. - See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

Here’s the short version: I had a long, long bout of chronic insomnia, and nothing I tried helped. So instead of agonizing over not sleeping, I decided to use the hours to just be with myself. And that not only reduced stress, to my surprise it also led to rest and productive days. From there, I went on a search to discover more ways to attract rest. This delightful journey turned into the Restful Insomnia program.

And the longer version….

Insomnia and me

For most of my life, I struggled with insomnia just when I had PMS or had one of my anxiety spirals. Not fun, there were just a few bad nights in a row before I'd go back to pretty good nights.

I was lucky enough to not really think too much about insomnia, until…I started to be absolutely wide awake in the middle of the night.

  • No PMS
  • No menopause
  • No coffee
  • No extra anxiety (other than what arose from not sleeping)

Just awake for most nights of the week, for weeks and weeks. And months.

I tried just about everything. I didn’t want to take sleep medicines — I was already on an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication and heard of weird side effects from them. But I did else everything I could find. From the usual (no coffee, sleep hygiene, herbal teas and tinctures, over the counter pills) to the unusual (acupuncture based on what time I woke up, homeopathy).

And when that didn’t work (it didn’t), I did all the usual and unusual things when I couldn’t sleep. From relaxation exercises, reading, getting something done, and forcing myself to keep my eyes open until I had to close them, and hopefully sleep.

No matter what, I kept on having chronic insomnia at night, so most days I was just plain fried.

Life at the time

This was about 15 years ago, when I had two small kids and a husband with a chronic illness. He also seemed to have rapid body movement disorder. That’s like having occasional sleep twitches – people often have them when falling asleep — but for about 15-20 minutes, at various times during the night. The sleeper doesn’t necessarily notice, but believe me, the bed partner does.

Before my chronic insomnia, I’d generally be able to fall back asleep afterwards. Not the perfect night, but good enough.

- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

But during my rash of insomnia, I just couldn’t let it go. My cue to be up for hours.

And whether he twitched or not, I suffered at night anyway. I was a space cadet and anxious and cranky and exhausted during the day. For months and months.

I grieved not having sleep. Shock and denial (thinking it was no big deal), anger (at my jumpy husband and everything else), bargaining (“Maybe if I get the house in perfect shape, I’ll be able to sleep”), and depression. No need to explain that.

And finally acceptance. But that didn’t come at first in the middle of the night. It came in the middle of the day.


- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

My days were hectic with two small kids – I didn’t feel I had any time to myself. And I wanted to have some space to change how I dealt with ongoing anxiety and self-criticism. I’ve been a personal growth aficionado my adult life, trying (and eventually succeeding) in changing my emotions and thoughts that were painful to live with. - See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

So in the park one day with my daughter—I can quite clearly see the sycamore tree I was staring out at when the idea arose—I realized this.

I didn’t have time during the day. But I sure did at night. Most every night. Those hours when I was: Just. Plain. Awake. No matter what.

Hours to explore who I was in a new way. To work on noticing my feelings instead of reacting to them. To notice what I was thinking, instead of believing everything I thought was true. To experience being in my body, because I lived in my mind and dragged my body around as an after-thought.

Birth of Restful Insomnia


That night, I tried using my waking hours that way. It was a gift to myself, and one with an amazing bonus. I started to deeply rest. You might know it. That:

  • Deep body relaxation
  • Not caring about what I thought or felt
  • Sleep-like, undirected, kinda weird day dreaming

I wasn’t asleep – I knew I was in my bed and could easily check the clock or do something. If I wanted. But I didn’t want to.

Sometimes being in deep rest helped me fall back asleep sooner. But even if it didn’t, I was content to spend my insomnia resting.

On top of reducing the stress of insomnia, I was delighted and surprised to find another gift the next day: I was less spacey, less cranky, and more productive.

Deep rest is awesome

“Hmmm,” I thought. “This deep rest is really cool.”

I wondered what helps me rest, and what gets in its way? That became the basis for my explorations during my wakeful hours. And I had plenty of nights to explore….

Once I figured how to consciously move into rest, and tools to get there, Restful Insomnia was born.

What I bring to create and continue to develop Restful Insomnia?

My lifelong background in personal growth came in handy in developing Restful Insomnia techniques. I used what I had learned and developed a variety of methods to descend into rest. Things like:

  • Taking yoga for the last 20 years
  • Studying and practicing meditation, including retreats with Sharon Salzburg and Robert Beatty
  • Becoming certified in NLP
  • Studying hypnosis
  • Completing the Paradox Management Wisdom School
  • Learning hands-on healing with Reiki training

As more people became interested in the program, my books on Restful Insomnia and other health titles were published by Conari Press.

To write those, I developed skills in science writing and research—which ended up validating the approach of Restful Insomnia. I also learned coaching skills, so I could connect more deeply with clients.

  • Completed life coach training at the renowned Coaches Training Institute
  • Completed studies at the American Medical Writers’ Association

I also taught the program at various locations and did workshops for patients of sleep doctors. Those physicians agreed with Restful Insomnia's foundation: that learning to rest is key to renewal.

Restful Insomnia continues to evolve

My insomnia doesn’t bother me anymore.
When it arises (and it still does!), I know how to relax and renew.

Whether I’m awake when I don’t want to be from too much chocolate, anxiety, anger, or whatever the cause, I can refocus on rest.

I start with my favorite techniques, and move to another if I’m still in my alert mode. Would I rather sleep through the night? Sure—sleep is fabulous. That doesn’t mean that insomnia is horrible, though.

I continue to pay attention to new things that keep me awake (like the flu) and new ways to bring myself—and my clients—back to rest. Which helps Restful Insomnia continue to evolve.

My days

After years of working in health writing, I now am fully devoted to sharing Restful Insomnia, to help reduce the epidemic of suffering during sleepless nights.

My young kids are now grown. Whew! So aside from helping Restful Insomnia reach more people, I also walk, do yoga, meditate, and take classes and workshops in things like ukulele, electric bass, and improvisational theater.

But every single night, as I set off to sleep, I do a simple Restful Insomnia technique to let go and enjoy the night.


- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

Mar 30, 2017

I'm a transformational life and business coach, speaker and author of Soul Superstar. I love sharing my life experiences, blending my funny anecdotes to the life lessons learned.

My mission is to inspire other women to step into their light, and (re)connect with their Inner Power. I believe that Self-Love is the key to Happiness and Success, and that by healing the past, we can clear whatever is holding us back, learn again to tap into our power and achieve our full potential.

In fact, in my book, Soul Superstar, I share my own journey, in a raw and unfiltered voice, to inspire my readers to connect with their own Soul Superstar and shine inside out. Come say hi at www.annickina.com

Mar 29, 2017

 I’ve devoted my life to the study of leadership and living an authentic, purposeful life.  Leaders often find themselves in a lonely place; giving everything to others while their own needs for support, perspective, accountability and balance are neglected.  I support leaders all over the country through one on one coaching and mastermind groups. I'm a 48 Days certified coach and Disc Instructor. As well as a certified coach through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. My company is called McGreevy Leadership.

I'm passionate about marriage and family. I support men all over the country as a facilitator for a private Facebook group called Husbands, Fathers, Leaders. I live in Buffalo, New York with my wife Lydia, my son Gunnar and my daughter Skylar.

Mar 29, 2017

I spent 35 years in the computer and technology field, writing software for the microchips that go inside cars and trucks and then moving into IT, servers and networks.

 Although technology has always been my mainstay, I’ve also always had an interest in motivational and inspirational materials.  My life dream has been to have a business where I could teach this type of material to others.

 In 2002, I branched out and started my own IT company after taking the life-changing, Dale Carnegie Course.  This introduced me to the concept of coaching and training which really resonated with me.

 When I married my wife, Suzanne, in 2007, we both knew we had to start a company to express our mutual love of supporting people in their personal growth and expansion.  Thus was born, Personal Success Programs.  I became an ICF-credentialed life and business coach in 2013 and am close to getting my advanced certification soon.

 Besides coaching, we also teach others about the naturally-occurring, Law of Attraction and how to apply it in daily life and business situations.  It’s our passion and purpose and there’s nothing that either of us would rather be doing!

 Last year, we finally decided to go fulltime with Personal Success Programs and so shut down the IT company for good.  It’s been a wild ride of high highs, low lows and tons of self-discovery but we’ve never looked back.

You can learn more about my coaching/training practice at:




Mar 29, 2017

John Hulen is an author/coach/speaker, and entrepreneur that helps people discover who they were created to be in order to effect life altering change in themselves and those closest to them. John resides in Overland Park, KS and has 3 great kids.

 I own several businesses and started one of them 3 years ago called Simple Pleasures (we make the best chocolate covered strawberries). This year I started writing my first book, Revolutionary Impact. It's a book about relationships aimed at men. I draw from the many lessons I learned about relationships since my divorce in 2010.

Mar 28, 2017

The DESIGNER of GENDER DYNAMICS© is International Speaker and Facilitator of Transformation, Dr. Pauline T. Crawford, Founder & CEO Corporate Heart Ltd UK, working across the world to encourage men and women to understand the true essence and value of working well together.

  • For over 25 years, I have been fortunate too have been a happy and successful consultant, working with great clients in the UK and Europe, helping people transform their lives and business career success.
  • My passion and primary expertise is in Behavioural Change, Communication & Performance, and I started my journey with a Sociology & Statistics BA, followed by MBA and PhD in the last decade.
  • I currently focus on Gender Dynamics© programs, seminars and courses and love to facilitate conversations that inspire men and women alike to value their potential.
  • My career includes work in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, and business psychology.
  • I have led High-Impact Communication Workshops, Magical Conversations© and Gender-Intelligent Leadership©
  • In 2003/4 I pioneered and conducted developed well researched models, concepts, tools and techniques and conducted seminars in the UK and Europe on Wellness Cultures, Performance and Employee Engagement.
  • Currently I reside in Malaysia with my husband Dr James Omps, and have been working with the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development, MyWIN Academy and BAC College, Kuala Lumpur.
  • As an International conference speaker for over 25 years, I have been fortunate to have been featured on TV, and radio from the early 90’s when I was President of the Federation of Image Consultants as was then called TFIC.UK
  • My passion now is to enable men and women alike to leverage their own unique natural potential and achieve success both professionally and personally, whether in a corporate career path of running their own enterprise.




Mar 28, 2017

Laura Gallagher is a community, local and national business leader serving successful entrepreneurial companies and non-profit organizations primarily in Wisconsin. In June of 2016, she was recognized by the Governor as a Trailblazer in Wisconsin.


She is a 2016 Business Forum Athena Award nominee and her new book, "#180in120 - How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days" is available on Amazon.com and at www.180in120.com


As the founder and leader of The Creative Company, a full service public relations and web development agency she founded more than 25 years ago, she has lead numerous campaigns for both local and national brands winning many awards along the way including a Gold Award for "Best Ad Agency in Wisconsin" by the readers of Corporate Report Wisconsin. 


Laura provides pro bono services at the agency for Literacy Network, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, Healing House, The River Food Pantry and many other organizations that exist to make the world a better place.


In 2016, she was also accepted into the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City program. ICIC’s mission is to drive economic prosperity in America’s inner cities through private sector investment to create jobs, income and wealth for local residents. 




Mar 28, 2017

Names: Robert Thibodeau (aka “Brother Bob”)

Home base: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Started in the Ministry: 1992

Licensed Minister:  1995

Ordained: 1999

Ordination Organization:  Heritage of Faith Ministerial Organization, Crowley, Texas, USA


Ministry Experience: 

National Concert Coordinator for 

Dr. Vernard Johnson (2 years); Assistant Church Pastor (5 years); 

Senior Church Pastor (2 years); Chaplain of MdTA Fraternal Order of Police ( 4 years); 

Director of Hope International, Inc. (a ministry providing support to children in Haiti) (3 years); 

Conducted / participated in over 85 meetings; Produced TV broadcasts on Day Star Television 

(for Dr. Vernard Johnson); Produced numerous ministry video and audio recordings.  


Author of four ministry books (The Six Trials of Jesus; 7 Keys to Answered Prayer; The Marriage Ceremony: A Step by Step Guide for Pastors and Ministers) and Blind Faith - How to Walk by Faith When You Cannot See. Pastor Bob is currently in the process of writing additional books as well.




Current Ministry:


Pastor Bob is Founder and Director of "Freedom Through Faith Ministries" (FTFM) and is actively involved with our outreach ministry called "Mission For America."  Mission For America is a Spiritual Warfare Ministry.  Pastor Bob holds public (usually outdoor) prayer meetings in specific geographic and spiritually symbolic locations around this nation.  He the prays against and binds "demonic powers, wicked spirits and principalities and powers in the air" (Ephesians 6) that are operating in the spiritual atmosphere of this nation and influencing leaders at of all levels, both elected and appointed.  He then prays for the leaders of this land and prays for their salvation and leads the prayer of Second Chronicles 7:14.  Pastor Bob then leads the public proclamation that "Jesus is Lord over the United States of America!"  These meetings are video taped, edited and then placed on the "Mission For America" website (mission4america.com)  as well as on YouTube.


Pastor Bob is also the Founder / Director of the "Freedom Through Faith Radio Network."  FTFRN has three radio stations currently playing 24 hours per day.  



Freedom Through Faith Christian Radio (FTFCR) is currently rated in the TOP 4% of all online Christian Talk / Sermon radio stations in the world, with listeners in 97 different countries.  Through this online radio station, smaller ministries have an opportunity to minister the Word of God to the World on an offering basis (no set fees). This allows us to “Empower Others to Impact Their World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  Any ministry desiring to broadcast their recorded programs on FTFCR may set the offering price they value their own program at…even $1 per month!  No other ministry offers this type of exposure on an offering basis!  


"Praise and Worship Radio" station plays a full spectrum of Christian music genre 24 hours per day.  "Praise and Worship Radio" is rated in the Top 8% of all online Christian music stations in the world.  We allow independent Christian artists and musicians the opportunity to play their music on our station for a one time offering of $5…and this allows their music to be heard world wide up to 5 times per day - everyday - with no additional offerings required.


"Evangelism Radio" is our latest online radio station.  This station is designed to support LIVE BROADCAST MINISTRY - 24 hours per day!  Almost one year in the making, Evangelism Radio allows those ministries desiring to enter LIVE BROADCAST MINISTRY at very affordable rates.  For just $10 per month, a ministry may broadcast LIVE one 30 minute broadcast each week; our most expensive plan allows a ministry to broadcast 60 minutes each and every day - 7 days per week - for only $80 per month!  "Evangelism Radio" also has its own phone line support that allows a broadcaster, from anywhere in the nation, to have their listeners call in LIVE and interact with the broadcaster.  This phone support is provided FREE to the broadcaster (though some listeners calling in may have to pay for long distance charges if they are not using VOIP technology - but there is NO CHARGE to the broadcaster).


More information on "Freedom Through Faith Radio Network" and detailed information on the stations can be found at www.FTFRadioNetwork.com


Pastor Bob is always available to consider holding public ministry meetings and to schedule to minister the Word of God to church congregations around the nation with his High Impact Preaching /Teaching and confirmation of the Word by signs following.


Mar 28, 2017

Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Stephanie George:

 Stephanie is all about making an impact whether she’s working for someone or going after her own entrepreneurship journey. She enjoyed a 15 year career in Information Technology having been a part of building networks in the very early days of the internet. In addition, she has served in the entrepreneur ecosystem as the fund administrator for the Emerging Growth Fund and the Fund Manager for the Florida Institute for Commercialization of Public Research as well as an advisor to high tech startups in Gainesville and Orlando. 

Her entrepreneurship journey lead her to launch a several paintball businesses that she eventually sold and still exists today in Gainesville. Stephanie recommends other entrepreneurs read the book “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries and utilize the Business Model Canvas when launching and growing their companies. Also, entrepreneurs should look at articles and journals outside of their industry to gain new perspectives on doing business while spending significant time in the customer validation stage before investing resources in product/service development.
Mar 28, 2017

Adam Lerner is the World's Only Transformational Coach who focuses on Coaching people that have a chronic illness or disability and are unable to hold a regular job due to their illness, disability, or any other reason and Reclaim their Personal & Financial Freedom by Starting their Own Business from Home, Having a Freedom Lifestyle, and making a Difference for others like he did over 20 years ago. 


He the author of the forthcoming book The Independence Initiative. He is the founder of The Independence Blueprint "LIVE" which is a 3 Day Live Intensive with Adam in Philadelphia , the world's ONLY personal development and marketing training for people with a chronic illnesses or disability. 


He is also the executive producer of "Learn with Lerner," a motivational and informative YouTube show and soon to come iTunes podcast that includes inspiring personal developement strategies as well as interviews with some of the best marketers and experts around the world.


Mar 28, 2017

Zach is an intuitive coach who uses his intuition to help people with their career path and small businesses make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes. He also facilitates workshops on developing and using intuition.


In his coaching sessions, he offers guidance that allows clients to see the missing pieces that have been holding them back, so that their purpose becomes clear and path forward is one they can confidently put into action. Clients report feeling the following after intuitive readings: ease, empowered, encouraged, inspired, motivated, relieved, satisfied, and unstuck.


With work experience in career coaching and executive recruiting, Zach understands the demands of the job market and the challenges employers face in finding that perfect addition to the team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Colorado and a Masters in Career Development from JFK University. Zach’s educational training, business expertise and intuitive gifts make the perfect combination in helping you create success and abundance in both your personal life and business endeavors. 


Mar 28, 2017

Omozua Isiramen is a Career Transformation and Empowerment Coach specializing in assisting  professionals and entrepreneurs who are frustrated, feel stuck in their current situation and are ready to up-level and transition to the next level in their life. She holds a certification from New Insights Life Coaching Training UK, a master’s in English Linguistics, Pedagogy and Romance Languages, and she’s a trained stylist and chef. In her position as a pedagogical supervisor, teacher, motivator, and coach, she has worked with and coached both men and women, helping them to find direction and more fulfillment resulting in a more positive life. She believes strongly that every one should have the satisfaction and fulfillment the truly desire. She has walked the same path as her clients and fought life’s inertia to blaze her own trail to empowerment and satisfaction. Her mission is to help her clients break through the invisible limiting ceiling and start "being" not just doing on their own terms.


Mar 27, 2017

Sharon is a change catalyst and entrepreneur, understanding and leading with the strength and power of the feminine balanced with the strength and power of the masculine.  Sharon teaches and coaches on a variety of topics including her upcoming book, “You’re Not a Nail: The 7 Worst Leadership Practices that Kill Innovation” which includes the partnership challenges and solutions associated with people working together to achieve brilliant results.  Sharon has consulted as a trusted business advisor and coach to large and small entrepreneurial business owners and leaders in the private and public sector for over 30 years.  Through supporting and managing hundreds of project implementations, she specializes in helping businesses predictably achieve the results they are looking for and do business better regardless of the industry they are in.  Her practical and proven approach just helps make it work.  


Mar 27, 2017


Ana Hoffman is the founder of TrafficGenerationCafe.com, a blog that brings together the most profit-pulling free traffic generation tips, hacks, and resources. 

Ana Hoffman


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Mar 27, 2017

Kirsten’s 26 year career has been spent playing in the toy industry. Now a Certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator she works with corporations on playful solutions.  The go-to “play expert” on Global TV for 8 years+ Kirsten’s mission is to spread the message of more play, risk, and fun for all ages.  Facilitator, Coach, Consultant, Professional Speaker, mom, and Play Advocate are just a few of the labels that would stick, especially if using glue.



Kirsten Anderson





Integrate Play Solutions

C 604 773 2546

O 778 355 1971


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Mar 26, 2017

Roxanne St Clair is an inspirational speaker, author, passionate educator, and effective coach who supports women, particularly mothers, to master the spiritual side of success. 

Coming from a finance background, Roxanne spent 15 years working for global financial organisations in roles ranging from credit control to cost studies, evaluating and structuring pricing mechanisms between consumer card issuers and acquirers. After the birth of her second child she decided to create a more flexible working structure to accommodate her growing family. She has spent 15 years supporting business owners with their finances and office systems. This close working relationship with business owners peaked Roxanne’s curiosity into the significance of an individual’s mindset and its effect on the growth of their business. This observation helped Roxanne to realise that her true passion was in helping individuals transform their thinking so that they can in turn transform their businesses. 

Through her motivational talks and powerful workshops, Roxanne helps individuals achieve new heights of spiritual aliveness and success. Her compassionate, compelling 


The Value in You®
52 Inspirational Leadership Cards 

style calls participants into the ‘moreness’ of life and inspires and supports them to live into the full expression of who they are meant to be. 

Roxanne is a certified DreamBuilder Coach with Mary Morrissey, and has been coached and mentored by the most elite teachers in the world in the area of personal development and spiritual transformation including Mary Morrissey, her mentor, Andy Harrington and Bob Proctor. 

Development Too

Roxanne created The Value in You® , a set of 52 inspirational leadership cards, as a means to assist individuals in their quest to live a life that they love... 

It was whilst facing her own challenges that Roxanne began to pay close attention to the direction of her thoughts; it proved to be an enlightening experience that resulted in her changing the focus of her life. Over the course of three years Roxanne implemented a number of steps, now contained in The Value In You®, to support her in her own development. 

Creating The Value In You® was triggered by a desire to help women, and as a result families, to embrace all aspects of themself. 

By using the acquired knowledge and skills learnt from daily use of the cards individuals can start to live the life that they love. 


Roxanne is an experienced speaker who inspires, motivates, and entertains her audiences, large and small. Roxanne will customize her message for your audience using message themes that include: 

  • Untapping the Value Within
  • Designing an Unshakable Dream
    Would you like to design an unshakable dream? Would you like to know if the dream is right for you? Would you like to step into your life three years from now and see how it feels? Defining, designing, testing, and experiencing your dream are the goals of this
    experiential vision workshop designed to support you in designing a vision of a life you would absolutely love living.
    Speaking Engagements and Workshops
    Roxanne St Clair
    07958 156 302 RoxanneStClair@DreamBuilderCoach.com




www.RoxanneStClair.DreamBuilderCoach.com www.thevalueinyou.com 

Social Media Profiles 

www.linkedin.com/roxannestclair www.twitter.com/thevalueinyou 


Mar 26, 2017

Since making the decision to be independent and quit his job, Dustin took just 9 years to accomplish his goal because of his passive income businesses. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he has learned what it takes to build a thriving business that brings in monthly cash flow every month. As a life-long learner with a desire to build bigger and better businesses, he continues to grow his wealth and independence from ever working for someone again.


In 2006, Dustin married the love of his life and were married in Phoenix Arizona. Their

struggles, trials, successes, and love strengthened their marriage and brought them closer together. They both work together on their passive income businesses and they continue to be successfully married with their four children.


Dustin has a passion and a gift of teaching the things he is passionate about. He enjoys helping others achieve success in all areas of life and encourages them to push through their limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Countless others have learned how to use passive income to bring in monthly cash flow with his help.


He has already quit his job and lives the dream every day. He is the founder of Master Passive Income, a company dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom with passive income.


Dustin and his lovely wife Melissa have four children and are blessed by the Lord to be saved by His grace.


Mar 26, 2017

Valerie Sheppard is a catastrophic-stroke survivor, inspirational keynote speaker, university lecturer, and Founding Member of the Evolutionary Business Council. Her #1 best-selling book, Living Happy to Be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle©, teaches how to have more happiness, fulfillment, and success using a process she created. Her Living 101 course based on the book is much-loved at the University of CA, Irvine. For more info, visit: http://HappytoBeME.net.

Mar 25, 2017

Kat has published her first book "Autism with HEART". Whether you are an autism parent or a parent to any child, you will learn how to retain your sanity and solve the ins and outs of daily life by: 


- Organizing your autism related paperwork

- Removing mental and physical clutter

- Preventing burnout

- Establishing daily routines

- Teaching your child life skills

- Creating a system for your insurance paperwork

- Making time for you and your spouse

- And more


In this book, peppered with one autism mom's journey, you will discover advice that will simplify your life, giving you more time for yourself. 


By implementing the advice given in her Autism with HEART method, Kat found time to enjoy activities she loves: spending time with family & friends, writing, reading, wine tasting, & keeping fit. Kat hopes you will set your intention to make one positive change daily and help regain control of your life.


As seen in 

The Huffington Post - "She not only tells you what absolutely needs to be done, but adds a lot of information on the resources and agencies that you can reach out to for help with sorting it all out. She provides a ton of information on discounts on important services and apps, handouts and helpful checklists. (Personally, I think this bit makes the book really stand out and it’s no surprise that it’s already hit the Best Seller list on Amazon.) The book will leave you feeling positive, hopeful, energized and a feeling that you can do it! " 


Mar 25, 2017

I am Unknown the Poet.

I am a self proclaimed writer based out of Los Angeles, California. I write for my heart and the heart of others.  My works speak from my felt emotions and the feelings I get from the world around me.  I am not a professional writer.  I have never claimed to be.  I have messy hand writing and I love it.  My grammars bad at times, but I swear to you, I have an education.  I am just a man that loves to express himself through art.  I am not perfect therefore neither is my art.  I self published my first book “Life isn’t Perfect, Neither is this Book” this year 2016 for which my goal is to get my works into the hands of as many people worldwide as I can.  It is an amazing feeling, when you write something and post it, to have so many people feel the words and have them impact their lives in some way.  That is why I do it.  I don’t write to reach a celebrity status, I write to reach my readers, whom are now my friends.  My age, my race, my looks and neither my gender should matter.  Let my words be my being.

I am Unknown the Poet.

We are the Unknown Movement.

Let’s make the world a better place through our art.

Together let’s make the Unknown known.

Mar 25, 2017

Candice L Davis is an author, Master Author Coach, Story Crafter, and Success Coach. In the last three years, she has coached dozens of people to write their books and achieve their goals. Candice believes everyone has a story worth telling and the best way to serve and prosper at the same time is to tell your story to the right people in many different ways. 

Candice also coaches clients to use the power of pen and paper to achieve their goals and live an abundant life. Download her free cheat sheet and discover how to make the most of your story at http://www.gowritesomething.com/serveandprosper

Mar 24, 2017

Khuram Malik is a leading business strategist, author, blogger and husband.

He is a five-star rated consultant, cited in business magazines such as BizJournals.com and an adviser to business leaders and well known start-up founders.

In the dotcom era he started a business with his father that had revenues of just under $1.5 million in the first year. He was just 20 at the time.

In the last few years he has helped over 200 businesses around the globe with strategies for all kinds of growth objectives including attracting investments, improving sales and marketing and engaging the best talent for companies.

He has helped clients raise millions in investments, developed branding and marketing strategies that rival Apple and Uber and coached hundreds of founders with further developing their own founder psyche. He's a firm believer and an evangelist for entrepreneurship, having started his own entrepreneurial journey in his teens.

He is a strong advocate that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle at our current disposal for social change. He is a champion of integrity and ethics in business and has found many parallels between teachings of faith and the guiding principles of successful businesses today.

Khuram sees the big picture. His greatest strength is in spotting patterns, looking ahead of the curve and connecting the dots. People love his ability to distill complex ideas into simple concepts. He's often touted lovingly as a "magician" for his ability to find unique solutions to difficult problems.

Khuram was one of the first of the non-corporates to outsource software development to the Indo-Pak region having met the information minister of Karachi in Pakistan at the time. He predicted the success of the iPad, its spawning of a new market and Tesla's quick rise to fame. He is unrepentant and relentless about early adoption and smart execution.

After a number of health issues during his twenties, Khuram now tries to lead an organic lifestyle. Currently residing in London with his wife, Khuram enjoys fine dining, nature treks, reading, motor racing and data visualisation.

He is the chief strategist and founder of Stratagem.io (http://stratagem.io/), a disruptive consulting company for small to medium size enterprises and startups. 

His favourite entrepreneurs and management scholars are Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jack Ma and Peter Drucker.

His greatest weakness is dealing with any criticism of Superman.



Mar 24, 2017

Founder of The Edtech Podcast, an iTunes 'new and noteworthy' show downloaded in over 69 countries 800 > 1000+ each week. 

Partnerships consultant supporting start-ups, associations and media companies on edtech launches, strategy, collaborations and internationalisation activities. 

Award-winning content and events director with 9 years international experience in events and community building, including as the Head of Content for the world’s largest education technology event (Bett). 

I enjoy working with people, hearing and sharing stories, and achieving success together. Contact me at theedtechpodcast@gmail.com @podcastedtech

Mar 24, 2017


OFFICES: 155 WATER STREET Phone: (888) 666-0062

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11201 Fax: (718) 766-8494


www.JHRLegal.com | wwwUSTRademarking.com

THE LAW OFFICE OF JASON H. ROSENBLUM, PLLC protects it clients, products, brands, and businesses from getting ripped off, so that they can focus on their talent and creativity. We represent clients in procuring Intellectual Property rights (Patents,

Copyrights & Trademarks), and counsel them on how to turn those Intellectual Property rights into assets for their business. Our goal is simply to provide general business consultation with an eye toward the legal issues, so that our client can focus on building their business and ultimately on making more money.

We focus on open communication with our clients in order to build long-term, trusting relationships. We are not only attorneys, but counsellors and advisors as well. Our practice is about making your business successful, more profitable, and better protected legally.

Our clients’ goals are of the utmost importance to us and we work with them to achieve their goals. We help our clients understand their position so they can make an informed decision.

We enable you to focus on your mission: Running a successful business.

Jason established his own independent law practice in Brooklyn, New York in 2009 after returning from living in Israel and

working in Ramat Gan as a patent attorney at Ehrlich & Fenster, an Intellectual Property law firm that prosecutes Intellectual Property applications internationally.


Prior to moving to Israel, Jason has worked as an associate at Feldman Rosman, a civil litigation firm with a focus on commercial and landlord-tenant matters, and as an associate at The Martinez Group PLLC, an Intellectual Law firm focused on the design industry, soon after graduating law school.


Jason attended and received his Law Degree from Brooklyn Law School after earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Binghamton. He is admitted to the bars of the States of both New York and New Jersey, and has practiced before the Courts of the States of New York, New Jersey, and the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Since a recent move to Charleston, South Carolina, Jason has continued to practice federal prosecution of Intellectual Property matters and represents clients around the country and the world in protecting their assets.

Before ever deciding on an education and career path, growing up Jason spent time in his family-owned and operated, small retail business in New York. Jason credits in large part, his values of commitment, dedication, and hard work that he applies in working with and for his clients, to the lessons he learned working at the shop with his family.


Jason is not only an attorney, but a counsellor and advisor to his clients as well. He believes in open communication with his clients in order to build long-term, trust-based relationships.

Mar 23, 2017

Marina was born in 1982 to a mixed parentage. Her mother is of Indonesian origin and her father is a Malay Singaporean. Growing up in Singapore, she had a comfortable childhood followed by a more difficult school life. She couldn’t wait to leave high school; but didn’t know what she had wanted to do. She joined an expat club and worked on the front desk whilst she discovered herself. All she knew for sure was that she wanted to provide for her family. 

She has recently re-discovered her strong passion for baking, which she has had since young. Her latest baking inspiration stems from her European adventures, visiting the various markets, delicatessens and sampling all the tasty treats. She is now married and living in Singapore with her husband and looking to open her high tea workshop where she will also provide one-on- one baking classes.

Mar 23, 2017

My name is Deidre Proctor. My moniker is The Retreat Strategist.  I am co-founder of Amazing Retreats International. This is our 2nd year.  Over the past 3 years I have worked in a ministry capacity at our church as well as hosted different retreats.

 My heart is creating meaningful retreats. I am not redefining the definition of a retreat; I am redefining the experience you get from attending one”.


Mar 23, 2017

Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec) is a certified public accountant and shamanic practitioner hired by spiritual practitioners to help them develop a compelling message and magnetic presence to serve more people.

 He is the host of the top ranked spiritual podcast, The Spiritual Voice, where he interviews experts to explore spirituality from all walks of life.

 Pol’s in-depth understanding of spirituality, technology and business places him in high demand for his unique ability to help spiritual practitioners and holistic wellness professionals reach a committed audience with their message and services.

 You can listen to his podcast and get his 5 Minute Makeover to Serve More People at thespiritualvoice.com .


Mar 22, 2017

Colleen Keith is a Digital Nomad and Freelance Graphic Designer. Born in Vancouver, she decided her life needed a change in 2012, and left her family, friends, cat, and secure design and fitness careers behind to move to Sydney, Australia. She lived there for 2 years, where she launched her Freelance career, worked on farms, traveled to Bali and met some of her closest friends. She has lived in Germany for the last year with her boyfriend, continuing to work for her increasing number of clients from all around the world, and ticking places off her travel bucket list. If she has one message to spread, it's that doing what you love and traveling are the best things you can do in your life!


Mar 22, 2017
 Sarah Li Cain is a financial storyteller who weaves practical tips and strategies into my writing so that those trying to change their money mindset can see themselves in the starring role. You can find her over at highfivingdollars.com where she answers readers questions and dishing out about her latest money experiments.


Mar 22, 2017

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Italian Stallion of the speaking industry, is the co-founder of GTeX Community.

Simone is the Lead Facilitator of Explode Your Coaching Business, and has been featured on TEDx, recognised as one of the most influential Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Uk and awarded Speaker Of The Year 2016 by the ACPTC.

Fed up with the dirt of the personal development industry that no one talks about, he believes in changing the industry through the creation of a supportive and genuine community of coaches and speakers, helping them creating seminars that converts while delivering incredible value to the audience.

Successful from a young age (he was one of the youngest Micheline Star restaurant managers in Europe), he transitioned from working in the catering industry to building a 6 figure coaching practice, and shares tools with his clients to allow them to grow from 0 to £100,000.

Over the last 12 months, he has spoken in front of 5000 individuals, which included sharing the stage with Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Trent Shelton, Jamie Smart  and many more.

He has also organised over 170 events, including Gary Vee speaking from York Hall boxing ring, and he is currently speaking in more than 200 stages every year, including a very controversial TEDx talk entitled Sleeping With Your Clients

He now works with speakers, leaders and business owners helping them creating effective presentations, events, and seminars that will add 5 to 6 figures to their bottom line, without compromising their integrity and developing a unique bond with their clients.

Following his passion for making an impact in the younger generation, he also partners with the largest youth organisations in UK, helping them delivering more effective courses and training.

Simone cannot live without 3 things: Speaking, basketball and playing his didgeridoo.

Mar 22, 2017

As a mother of quadruplets and 2 older boys, Lydia Taggart made it through intense life experiences. She now helps mothers communicate and connect with their children, find their strengths, and create the confidence they need. Her favorite side effect of this work is seeing marriages strengthened as well.

She has been married to her best friend for over 20 years. Lydia completed her bachelor’s degree when the quads were babies, focusing on family life and psychology. She marvels that her kids love her cooking so much. Especially her restaurant quality PBJ served with a side of ice cream.

Mar 22, 2017

Since 1999 I have had the privilege of working with fantastic clients across a large number of different industries including education, finance, medical, not for profit, automotive, hospitality, municipal government and technology companies. With my accounting background I love helping clients streamline operations to maximize their profitability through effective use of technology. As founding partner of Anderson Morgan, I have overseen its growth from its inception working from a spare room in my house, to an organization that now has offices in Australia, Canada, the United States of America, and has provided services to companies all over the globe. 


Mar 22, 2017

Craig is the Co-Founder of First Nature, a firm that helps business leaders and their teams to radically improve synergy, performance and create breakthrough results. 

In 15 years of corporate strategy consulting and management, Craig noticed and personally experienced the full gamut of challenges and inefficiencies that show up in businesses, people and teams. After years of searching for answers to these challenges, a profound realisation in 2013 made it clear that there is only one cause responsible for all human-related inefficiency in business...and a great deal of personal struggle and unhappiness in life itself. 

That one cause is a simple but widespread misunderstanding of how human experience works: It looks like we feel and experience our circumstances (e.g. events, situations and other people). It looks like circumstances have power. But the truth is, by design we can only ever feel and experience our moment-to-moment thinking, from the inside-->out. Said another way, we live inside an ebbing and flowing mind, and when we wake up to this fact of nature, it brings immense implications. For example, we cannot be a victim of the world, there is no power in circumstances, and we always have access to an unlimited supply of intelligent new thinking in any moment, to help us get done what we want to get done with grace, fulfilment and productivity. Simply, the human mind only works one-way (inside-->out via thinking) and has a built-in design for success.

Mar 22, 2017

Kiana Wilson is known in the professional community as an accomplished coach, trainer, educator and speaker. She has walked the same path as many of her clients and knows firsthand the challenges associated with taking professional risks and pursuing career goals.

With an MBA in Management and professional certifications as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), Kiana has dedicated over ten years of her career to educating, training, and developing others, both in and outside the workplace.

Her career development advice has been featured in the publication You Are More Accomplished Than You Think and her many contributions to the fields of coaching and human resources can be seen through her HR coaching programs: Achieving Organizational Excellence Through Personal Mastery and Coaching Gen Y and Beyond.

As an adjunct professor, Kiana’s love for educating others extends to the classroom where she instructs undergraduate business courses in management, career development and human resources. A life-long learner herself, Kiana often serves as a mentor to students and colleagues alike. Her volunteer work includes serving as a:

  • Career Coach for the University of Tampa’s Leadership Coaching Program
  • Facilitator for HR Tampa’s certification group
  • Guardian Ad Litem for Hillsborough County


Mar 21, 2017

Kasha’s very much a typical teenager who sometimes needs to be reminded to clean her room and help with the dishes but who also cares a great deal about the planet. She attends a Toronto high school which ‘supports and promotes social justice through five core tenets of education’: Human Rights, International Development, Peace Education, Environmentalism & Multiculturalism.

She is also the recipient of the first Kim Phuc Youth Award for Peace  by The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Her passion to make a difference started at 8 years old when she was inspired at a presentation by Craig Kielburger, founder of Free the Children, who took his place on the world stage at 12 years old as a young activist. Ignited by the proof that children can make a difference, she has been very involved with the organizations’ Me to We Movement for the majority of her school-life, as well as in her community, where she initiated and ran a social justice club to raise awareness & funds for local and global issues. For 4 years she attended their summer Leadership Academy and was invited to participate in 3 of their annual Youth Summits. In March, 2013 at the age of 14, Kasha was selected as youth delegate by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace to attend the United Nations for the 57th annual session on The Commission on the Status of Women.  March 2016 marked her fourth year attending the UN as a Youth Delegate.

Kasha is a passionate photographer, filmmaker, blogger & entrepreneur for social good & has been since a very young age. Impressively she’s acquired quite a few creative & business skills along the way turning her creative interests into viable entrepreneurial enterprises (Sweet Scrub © & Kasha’s Cards of Kindness ©) which provides funds to fuel her love of photography, while simultaneously contributing to causes she cares about.  She continues to do so with the sale of her book and exhibition fundraisers.

She is a contributor to National Geographic Learning, Nelson Publishing, The Huffington Post, Good Magazine, Matador Network, as well as several other publications. She is also a public speaker.

As part of  The Global Sunrise Project,  Kasha is producing a documentary film on global citizenship called The Sunrise Storyteller©,  exhibitions of her photography – Travels into the Heart©, a short book of reflections of her travels abroad – Reflections of the Sunrise Storyteller© . She & her mother became Skype Ambassadors for Social Good and launched the Sunrise Chat for Social Good© series.

She plans to continue to blog on the topic of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Feature film is due for release Spring 2017 - watch for the trailer out December 2017.

Mar 21, 2017
Greg and Bradley are the Founders & Hosts of Stage One Startup - a weekly business podcast for startups & aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from some of the most influential entrepreneurs around the globe as to what it takes to build a successful, thriving & innovative business idea.
The last 3 years have been some hell of an experience. We launched Stage One Startup back in August 2016 so are still relatively new to the entrepreneurial industry, but have had some great wins along the way so far - to include managing to bag high profile guests to interview for our listeners to take great value from, entering the Top 150 business podcast charts a handful of times and growing our social media presence - especially on Instagram where we inspire 24K+ followers every single day.
We started out just as two young school friends who met for a drink after work one night in London. After throwing back happy hour drinks and discussing inspiring & creative business ideas we could start together, we thought of many and tried many. Being young guys, little did we know what it takes to turn an idea into a successful business that the market needed, and being two success driven money hungry teens - it wasn't the best match! We failed, a lot, learned a lot and needed to find out what our true purpose was before we started a serious business.
18 months later, after experimenting different business ideas, and learning from mistakes and mentors - we managed to come to an agreement on a serious business that we both could see a great vision for - that business being Stage One Startup.
Stage One Startup isn't just educating other struggling startups out there looking to know what goes into creating a viable business, but it's also educating us as the hosts because we are learning from leaders all around the world with 1 to 1 interaction and getting to ask them all the questions we want.
After a firing start so far, we hold a strong, focused & well structured vision for Stage One Startup as we are currently working on building the brand into a multi-faceted, global digital media company dedicated to helping struggling startups get their ideas off the ground, and from stage one to success.
At 22 years old, we are married to our business and are missing out on nights out with friends, missing out on watching box sets of house of cards as we are dedicated to building our business into the multi-million dollar dream we see it becoming over the years whilst serving startups with the preparation they need to build a thriving business, along the way.
Links to everything are:
Website: stageonestartup.com
Podcast: stageonestartup.com/podcast
Facebook: Stage One Startup
Twitter: @nicholls_morley and @stageonestartup
Instagram: @nichollsandmorley and @stageonestartup


Mar 21, 2017

Kim Svoboda is the founder of Aspiration CatalystTM, the premiere global executive coaching and consultancy firm specializing in helping organizations achieve significant business growth and exemplary leadership. Her entrepreneurial background and hands on approach translates to fast start, quick turnarounds, and immediate results for her clients. Her highly effective coaching approach combined with 25 years of senior leadership experience at Fortune 500 companies such as CDW, Insight, and Adobe Systems help her clients break through barriers and achieve their goals. Kim is accredited by the International Coach Federation and a Gallup Certified Strengths Finders Coach.

A strong advocate for giving back, Kim serves on several charity and nonprofit boards including: BBB of Chicago and Northern Illinois Executive Committee as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and the Educational Foundation, At large board member of the ICF-International Coaching Federation, Chicago Board of Directors, and Fund Raising Chair for the Fred Outa Foundation which runs schools for at risk orphans in Kenya, Africa. She is a volunteer coach/mentor to high potential leaders through Menttium and the Executives Club of Chicago.

Kim has two amazing daughters who are active in horseback riding, Girl Scouts, gymnastics, softball, and cheerleading. She and her husband, Jared, live an active lifestyle which includes running, triathlons, swimming, biking, hiking, and most things that involve being outdoors. Kim walks the talk on setting and achieving courageous goals. In 2015, she realized a dream to travel the world with her husband and two young daughters. For eight months, they circumnavigated the globe as a family, visiting five continents and 26 countries. Aspiration CatalystTM is one of her courageous goals and she intends for it to become a multimillion dollar global enterprise to inspire and empower great leaders all around the world.

Mar 20, 2017

In 2013 David Sandy had come off a year of foot problems that had caused his weight to go to 440+. He was in the process of shutting down his law practice. He had a side business called Nameperfection (http://www.nameperfection.com) that generated some income selling brandable domain names for startups on the internet. He briefly tried selling life insurance before deciding to focus on the domain name business that seemed to be going fairly well until Google and industry changes made it necessary to regroup.

He had started to make progress when his mother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2014. She passed away in July of that year. In 2015, David struggled with health problems himself and managed to control them with a Ketogenic diet that allowed him to lose down to 355. 

However, the diet, like all diets before, had stopped working and made him cold and sapped his energy. His thyroid levels had started to become hypothyroid. 

In early 2016, he found information indicating that fasting could help control blood sugar levels and tried not eating for 18 hours. Seeing the dramatic effect even such a limited window of not eating had he figured that maybe fasting could work for weight loss. 

He tried longer and longer fasting periods and passed below 240 on his last 20 day fast, a weight he figures he has not seen since sixth or seventh grade. In addition to the domain name business that has picked up, he has started a personal blog at http://prudently.com to talk about fasting and his life experiences up to this point. 


Mar 20, 2017

-Newly wed this past August 2016

-Soon to be first time grandma – 4 weeks from now! Woohoo!

-family support to aging parents


-completed 2 year professional coach training with the Coaches Training Institute

-certified as professional coach with the International Coaching Federation

-earned certificate of training in Humanity’s Team “Conscious Business Training Program”


-earned 1st and 2nd degree Reiki designation

-entered 20th year of study and practice as an Aboriginal healer


-keynote speaker on platform with representatives from Canada Post, Microsoft

-volunteer with local Chamber of Commerce

-volunteer coach with the Humanitarian Coaches Network (providing support to global NGO staff)


-re-launched Fusion Enterprises business: “building business, leaders and lives heres my biz blurb:


Christine offers a unique, distinct and powerful blend of consulting and coaching services; she works with clients from the “inside-out” helping them make changes in their lives at home and work so they are less stressed and living the full, rewarding life they yearn for and deserve.


In addition to her 20+ years business and corporate experience my clients benefit from her many years of conscious studies and holistic training, fast-tracking client’s results.

Mar 20, 2017

A former teacher and elementary school guidance counselor in Arizona, Brenda Poulos has realized her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Her first book, Runaways: The Long Journey Home, was published in December, 2015. Based on a recurring dream, the story of Jake and his dog, Hound, has the power of forgiveness as its central theme.

       Her second book, also fiction, was published in September, 2016. The Choice: Will’s Last Testament is the story of ordinary people faced with the choice of whether or not to follow Christ.

         Brenda Poulos is a former teacher and elementary school guidance counselor. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and is current president of Christian Writers of the West. As a Christian author, her goal is communicate God’s love to her reading audience.


        She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, John. They have four adult children, seven amazing grandchildren, a lovable rescue cat and an energetic sixteen-year-old dog who sleeps between meals and daily walks around their neighborhood.

         Brenda enjoys interior decorating and home renovations. One project follows another as she and her husband constantly look for yet another home in need of a little updating and TLC. She is also an elementary school, hospice, and church volunteer. Serving others is another component that gives her life meaning and purpose.

       You are invited to connect Brenda on Goodreads.com, and at www.spiritualsnippets.com, where she focuses on “Seeing Life’s Events in the Light of God’s Word.” She offers new writers encouragement on www.brendapoulos.org and www.5scribesandtheirstories.com, a website she shares with other members of her critique group.

Mar 19, 2017

I’ve been on a healthy eating journey for many years.  Starting at age 28 when I discovered I was severely hypoglycemic, I’ve adjusted and changed my diet and the eating habits of those around me.

This journey has most recently led me to remove all processed foods, gluten and preservatives from my diet.  The change in how I feel both physically and emotionally has been the inspiration for my blog, ThinStrongHealthy.com, and for a new business driven by my desire to see others make the same life changing adjustments.  An unexpected result of these changes is a significant drop in weight.


I have consistently kept to this eating regimen for the past 4 years now, and the changes I’ve experienced I now share via article writing in an online news publication, products and blog posts and my new TV show titled, Thin Strong Healthy”.


Imagine… Americans changing the way they eat and losing weight without trying and without subjecting themselves to “diets” and the resulting yo-yo weight lose then gain we see happen all the time.  Imagine needing to watch your weight so you don’t become too thin.  It can be a reality.

My earliest childhood memory is putting my younger sister in a garment bag in my grandparent’s attic and not being able to get her out.  I was probably 5 years old.  I think the memory is clear because I was terrified of getting in trouble, which finally motivated me to get her out of the bag…

When I was 12 years old, the Beatles arrived in the US.  I loved the song, “She Loves You”…mostly the “yeah, yeah, yeah part….

I don’t watch much TV.  No drama, but I love old black and white movies.  Late 30s through mid 50s.

My mission is to share my discoveries to benefit those around me.

I didn’t learn this… I live it!

Mar 19, 2017

Joan Pagano is the author of best-selling fitness books, including Strength Training Exercises for Women, a motivational speaker on health and fitness topics and the owner of Joan Pagano Fitness in New York City.  Former trainer to Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, Joan has specialized in strength training for women since 1988. She is an authority on the benefits of exercise for women's health issues such as menopause, osteoporosis and breast cancer, as well as strength training across the decades.

Mar 19, 2017

Katie Christy is the founder and CEO of Activate Your Talent. An Army spouse, Katie loves helping people understand their natural talents and how to leverage that knowledge to be more effective. She is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Accredited Financial Counselor, and Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer. Katie gets serious energy from helping people and organizations discover and utilize their strengths. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and two boys.

Mar 19, 2017

Madison is the sugar-free, yoga obsessed, variety-loving Health, Happiness and Habits Coach behind The Slow Health Movement. A movement dedicated to shaking up the fitness and health industries and putting a stop to the quick results, cookie cutter non-solutions. Through the six Slow Health principles of slow, intentional living, experimentation, habits, body positivity, movement and sugar freedom, Madison has completely changed her life and now shows others how they can do the same.

Mar 19, 2017

Trista Signe Ainsworth was born and raised in Oregon. She grew up living out in the country with her parents and younger brother. She remembers when her mom showed her a cookbook for children that she used when she was a child. Trista was thrilled and the first recipe she tried in the book was cinnamon toast. Later on she made lemonade and other recipes from the book. She felt proud and thrilled to be making dishes for her family. Her first “commercial venture” was selling some “biscuits” that she made from flour and water on her family’s deck. Later on, her mom gave her free reign in the kitchen and she began to learn how to make more complicated dishes and often cooked and baked for family dinners and parties. 

Now, she lives with her husband and son in Beaverton, Oregon. While working as a part time English as a Second Language instructor for a community college she started her first business baking goodies for the farmer’s market with her mom and sister in law. Later on, she founded Cheery Pies on her own baking pies and selling them at the market as well. Finally, she created The Cheery Chef. She writes weekly recipes for her blog on her website, serves meals to clients via Josephine.com and love to continue to develop yummy and healthy recipes! 


Mar 19, 2017

“Country music hits the heart, and feeds the soul; it’s the story of all our lives in one way or another.” That’s Madelyn Victoria’s perspective on the depth of Country music and just one of many reasons why this talented young vocalist and songwriter from Deep South Texas decided to pursue a career in the Country Music industry. 

Madelyn Victoria was born on September 2nd, 1990 in Harlingen, TX, and has literally been influenced by Country music since then. “My obstetrician, Doctor Hughston, had Country music playing throughout the operating room while he delivered me! I think that’s the coolest thing, and one of the many reasons why I love Country music so much.” Her penchant for singing and performing was evident at an early age, with only a brush as a microphone, and coffee table as a stage, Madelyn would perform for her family singing along to George Strait, Alan Jackson, Selena, and more. She then had her first public performance at a San Benito High School Christmas Play when she was only five years old. “I remember feeling nervous but loving it at the same time… the nerves slowly went away with every performance after that… this is what I was born to do.” Eager to continue singing and performing, she entered local talent competitions and pageants in South Texas, earning top awards and gaining recognition throughout her youth. 

At the age of 13, Madelyn became a part of her church choir and no more than a year later, alongside her Pastor Dr. Dwayne Spearman, she became the lead vocalist for her church. At around the same time, Madelyn wrote her first song. Influences from nature, family, faith, hope, love, and life time experiences led Madelyn to start writing. “I hope to have my music playing in the background at backyard BBQ’s and at honkytonks, at weddings and parties… and hope my music and songs are able to show people the love of Jesus Christ.” 

In 2006, Madelyn undertook training with Barbizon School of Talent in Dallas to perfect her showmanship and presentation. She was then selected by DMG Management of Dallas to attend the Modeling Association of America International Competition and Convention in New York in 2007 held at the Waldorf Astoria where she dazzled the judges with her rendition of “Real Fine Place to Start” by Sara Evans. Madelyn out-sang all other competitors to win the vocal competition. Other categories she competed in included Soap Opera, TV Commercial, and Photo Posing receiving 2nd Runner Up and honorable mentions, respectively. To gain additional exposure that same year, Madelyn Victoria auditioned to perform with the Radio Disney Superstars of Dallas, was selected, and had the opportunity to be a part of the opening act for pop boy band sensation The Jonas Brothers. Soon after, Madelyn was trained to become an acting and vocal performance coach for Barbizon, showcases for iPOP, and for Studio 92 in Dallas, TX. 

Without formal voice lessons, Madelyn Victoria relied heavily on the music programs offered at her high school to cultivate her voice. As a member and section leader of the San Benito High School Choir, Madelyn received Superior ratings for two consecutive years at the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Competition. She also competed in the FFA Talent Contest series winning District, Area, and qualified as a State finalist where she performed at the Texas FFA Convention at the Texas Tech Arena in Lubbock, Texas before an audience of 5,000. Her varied interest in music led her to study Mariachi for two years, where she further developed her voice and honed her skills playing guitar. She was recognized as All Region Mariachi Female Vocalist, 1st Chair during her senior year. Competing at the University of Texas Pan American Festiva de Artes vocal competition in Edinburg, TX in 2009, Madelyn Victoria received its most prestigious award, Vocal Champion, and was given the opportunity to open for the world renowned Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. To diversify her singing repertoire, Madelyn briefly received opera vocal training and participated in Master Chorale and the Bravo Opera Company at the University of Texas Brownsville, in the fall of 2009. However, Madelyn Victoria’s true passion resides in country music. The array of styles within country music, the unique fan base, and grounded artists were most compelling and a natural fit for her own sound and aspirations. “Country music represents a lifestyle that I live, and want to live… words and music that help me with the ups and downs of this crazy life, and to rejoice and love the life our Lord gave us.” 

Currently, Madelyn Victoria and her own band perform at local venues, honkytonks, bars, and events in south Texas. Names in Country music, including Nashville and Texas recording artists, that she has opened up for and shared the stage with have been Easton Corbin, Turnpike Troubadours, Tracy Lawrence, Kevin Fowler, Clay Walker, Josh Thompson, Dustin Lynch, Zac Brown Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, and more. Madelyn also sings the National Anthem at United League games, and at local high school sporting events, political rallies, patriotic ceremonies, rodeos, and stock shows, including the 2009 Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo in Los Fresnos, Texas where Madelyn Victoria was crowned the inaugural Rodeo Queen. This was one of many crowns she has earned including Cameron County Cowgirl, being her high school’s homecoming queen, Miss Texas Homecoming Queen, and 2nd Runner Up for Americas Homecoming Queen. In December of 2012, Madelyn performed in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood and at the NFR Rodeo) as the Shania Twain Sing-Off Contest Winner. Madelyn Victoria plays the guitar, writes the lyrics & melody to all her songs, and collaborates with her brother and other musicians to write the accompanying music. Madelyn not only has a passion for singing and songwriting, but for helping others and donating her time to the community. She volunteers at local Motor Training events for special needs children, sings to the children at hospitals and rehab centers and started her own annual event called “Octave Higher Christmas”. Her hopes are that one day, it will become a large non-profit organization and that it can reach out to children throughout the US and all over the world. Madelyn Victoria’s music can be purchased on iTunes and can be heard on YouTube. 

“I sing because I believe I have a talent from God and hope to be like a shining light to this world, making as many friends as I can, and to be a role model for young girls and women everywhere.”

Mar 19, 2017

Rachael Meisels of HealthPunk Coaching and Oils is an Empowerment Coach, helping you get tapped in to your most vibrant, fulfilling life.  

Rachael believes in nurturing all 360 degrees of our lives beyond physical health, including emotions & thoughts, relationships & community, and spiritual connection.  She asserts that caring for your own body, mind & spirit isn’t only important for YOU, but for ALL of us, because it builds a shining legacy for our future.

Through her 1:1 coaching, group workshops and transformational events, Rachael loves using creativity, fun and a little magic so we can dance through life, not just survive it.

Mar 19, 2017

James Erdt is a sought-after speaker, award winning author, success coach and philanthropist plus the public TV Host of  ‘The DYNAMO Show’.  He has been featured on Rogers TV, CBC, CBS, Breakfast Television, City TV, Muchmusic, That Channel and in the Toronto Star, Mississauga News as well as numerous fitness magazines and websites. 

James Erdt is the ‘Chief Architect of WOW’ for DYNAMO Entrepreneur, which is an innovative, socially responsible organization, dedicated to guiding people of all ages, predominantly visionaries, thought-leaders and game-changers.  By creating leading edge products, popular social networks and engaging events, both offline and online, James consistently strives to better people and inclusively enhance the world for all. 

Amongst other awards, some of the most notable that James Erdt has achieved is winning the Canadian Motivational Speaker Talent Search, nominated for Top 40 Under 40, Canadian Personal Trainer & Fitness Manager of the Year, numerous natural physique competition placings and he is an Amazon Best Selling Author for the DYNAMO Diaries Series.

James has addressed more than 500 live audiences and consulted for mega-brands like Nike, Skechers, Titika, GoodLife Fitness, One Health Clubs and Fitness STAR International.  He has been featured at events with public figures like Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard, Marci Shimoff, John Gray, Mark Victor Hanson, John Assaraf, Bill Walsh, James MacNeil, James Aurthur Ray, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Janet Attwood, T. Harv Eker and Dr. John Demartini.

James has proven results that showcase he has the perseverance, resourcefulness and wisdom required to meet the greatest of challenges.  He now shares his story of overcoming drug addictions, prison, gang activity, spinal surgery and near death situations as a young man with others to support and inspire them on their own life path and evolutionary journey.  Paying it forward, James is actively involved with the REVIVER Rejuvenation Ranch for at-risk youth amongst other charities supporting teens, to make positive and proactive decisions to live healthier, safer and better lives especially for those who have lost their way.

Through his practical real world guidance, James inspires others how to find the passion, courage, strength and most importantly, the available resources to live out their dreams with purpose.  His mission statement is “Sustainably empowering people, prosperity and planet!” 

James Erdt is available for speaking engagements, public appearances & success coaching.  For bookings, please contact his team: info@DYNAMOentrepreneur.com  


Mar 19, 2017

What if you could help those you lead, teach, or serve to:

• STOP holding back due to needless self-doubt
• GO for more challenging assignments/promotions/opportunities 
• FEEL and ACT more confident

These results have become a REALITY for my clients in the US, Canada, and Europe.
I'd like your organization (or YOU) to get these same results.

You see, millions of people secretly worry they're not as intelligent or capable as others see them. It’s called the Impostor Syndrome. And it hurts individuals AND the bottom line.


❶ Corporations
❷ Higher Ed
❸ Associations
❹ Professionals & Entrepreneurs
❺ Charitable orgs


My signature keynote is called:

“How To Feel As Bright And Capable As They THINK You Are: Why Capable People Suffer From Impostor Syndrome And How To Thrive In Spite Of It”

This interactive, often humorous, surprisingly upbeat, and always practical message has been delivered to over 80 THOUSAND people!

Contrary to what psychologists say, you can’t share your way out of impostor syndrome.

Confident people aren’t more intelligent, capable, or talented. The only difference is they think different thoughts. Period.

My Approach: “If you want to stop FEELING like an impostor, you need to stop THINKING like an impostor.”


I’m not a psychologist or an academic. So when I speak to…

LEADERS/EMPLOYEES: I do so as a former Fortune 200 company manager who knows how self-doubt hurts individual performance AND efforts to attract, retain, and advance bright people 

STUDENTS: Having earned an advanced degree I get what they’re up against

ENTREPRENEURS: I know how confidence holds them back because I’ve coached thousands of self-bossers

WOMEN: I literally wrote the book on this topic

ANY AUDIENCE: I put impostor feelings in a social context based on years in the diversity field

Mar 19, 2017

Kevin Judge is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. Described as forward-thinking,pragmatic, and trustworthy, Kevin works with leaders and organizations to produce extraordinary results and transform impossible futures into reality. His goal is to help build a world in which the vast majority of people and organizations prosper from winning manager- employee relationships. To achieve this goal, he is leading a movement to emphasize the criticality of strong leadership.

Over the last twenty-one years Kevin has reported to twenty-seven bosses: most were adequate, a few were fantastic, and four were horrible and life-changing. Fascinated by management and leadership approaches, he has discovered the impact people’s actions have on both individual and organizational success.

Through his work as a leader, partner, coach and consultant, Kevin has helped people across Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has driven success in climates of growth, decline, and business transformation through targeted human resources, talent management and organizational development initiatives. Clients have ranged in size from small to multi-national, and included industries such as high-technology, health-care, financial services, research & development, government, and non-profit.

Kevin is pleased to have made a difference in the lives and careers of executives, new and experienced leaders, teams, health care professionals, small business owners, and individuals looking to enhance their careers.

Kevin is a Certified Executive Coach and has been educated in business, adult learning, and human resources. When not travelling, he lives in Ottawa (Canada) where he also teaches business and human resources at Algonquin College. He’s always open to a good game of snooker.

Mar 19, 2017

The past three years can best be described by this theme: “Going beyond comfortable and experiencing new heights.” 

 This occurred in each of three primary areas of my life: 

1)       As a Mom of 3 kids: I have experienced the joy of watching them grow into unique individual as two are teens and one a pre-teen.  They are also all roller-coaster junkies and the past 2 years, we have gone on an amusement park and   Major league baseball stadium quest.  This has taken us to multiple cities and into Canada where we have experience different cultures and cuisines.  Also as port of the amusement park tours, I have pushed beyond my fear of heights to experience a being launched at 120 miles per hour straight up 420 feet.  The ride lasts 17 seconds.  I also experienced virtual reality while riding a roller coaster this past summer.

 2)       As a professional speaker and business owner, I came out from behind the curtain a little bit to host my own 1-day event.  I have helped run many other people’s events and have spoken at many other events but this was my first solo event.  I learned a lot and it was a great experience.  I have also expanded my business to greater heights by fully stepping into my strengths as an intuitive and a business consultant.  The blend of both talents has been very powerful. It also propelled me to launch my new website www.thrivingentrepreneur.com

 3)       As a teacher- I teach at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and I love teaching.  I broke the mold first by teaching 4 classes in one day and then last year teaching 5 classes back to back.  For an MBA program, this is a lot of classes.  I found that teaching this many classes has allowed me to impact more students.

The common thread for all of these experiences and what has supported me to go to new heights has been mindset and having what I call a “thriving mindset” which is one that is always moving forward.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 19, 2017

As a Leading Business Coach & First Lady, God has blessed me to help thousands of high achievers & entrepreneurs understand their most unique and powerful talents so they can make a larger impact, amplify their strengths, and thrive financially.

Bottom line: I love enlarging leaders like you and adding exceptional value to your life.


My mission is to:

  • Add value to leaders who multiply value in others & keep God first.

Career Highlights & Honors

  • 2017 Forbes Leading Business Coach – The Forbes Coaches Council
  • United Nations Golden Rule Award (North American Division)
  • Founder of Maximum Potential Academy (MPA) and The Leading Ladies Mastermind
  • 48 Days Certified Business & Confidence Coach
  • Author, Love Letters for Leading Ladies and You Have What it Takes




Mar 18, 2017

If you understand that all business development, acceleration and growth is limited by only one thing. The mind sets of those who are doing the development. If you are well aware of this then you are a huge step towards understanding the importance of your unconscious and how working to change your programs and beliefs is one of the most important things you can do to accelerate your business success. The law of attraction is fundamentally about attracting the feelings you have in your body. If you can not feel excited or good about what you want to attract then this is a good way to make sure it never comes to you. Often our unconscious beliefs are stopping us attracting the very things we want. By working with the unconscious and changing how we FEEL, it is easier to get what we want. I read an article on happiness recently by Richard Branson, he made it clear that wealth did not make him happy, happiness made him wealthy. This is how the law of attraction works. Faster EFT works to totally transform the unconscious beliefs you hold around all aspects of your life. This makes it easier to use the part of your brain that is creative and most importantly FEEL AWESOME and therefore attract more of what you want into your life.

Good, sounds like you’re ready to be pulled into your future! Yes, I would love to get on the phone with you. Please schedule a call with me. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR CALL!

I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!


Mar 18, 2017

Jon is a registered counsellor and the founder of Conscious Beginnings – Mindfulness & Psychotherapy (www.consciousbeginnings.com.au). He works with clients struggling with stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and self-esteem issues.

 He has been practising meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years and it became an essential part of his daily life. Mindfulness helps him to live in the moment and be fully present with people he works with.

His passion for consciousness took him to shamanic retreats in the jungles of Amazon, deep experiences through breathwork, and many silent meditation retreats.

 He currently lives in Brisbane and runs individual, group and corporate mindfulness trainings and retreats in addition to his private practice.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 17, 2017

Erin O'Brien has a philosophy of "Less Talk, More Action". 

She has a vision of "A world without procrastination" where we can use the power of positive peer pressure to get stuff done. We don't have to figure it out on our own.
Over the past 3 years, she has developed Action Power Hour, an online community of action-takers and changemakers. 



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 17, 2017

“A clear objective and strong leadership can change the course of any business”

During the course of his 17 year career as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force, Edward Plant learned the value of focus, considered decision making and leadership.

Renowned for their world-class training programs, the ADF recognized Edward’s natural skill as a leader early, and as he rose through the ranks he became an expert in innovative leadership, passing on his experience and knowledge to men and women from all walks of life.

Turning his back on what many would call a ‘sure thing’ career trajectory, Edward left the ADF to turn his skill and expertise to the private sector, creating Lead Better with his wife Rebecca.

Since starting Lead Better, Edward and Rebecca have worked with hundreds of businesses, supporting business owners improve all aspects of their enterprise, from staff morale, their own job satisfaction, customer perception, and of course, the bottom line – profitability.

“I have never met a business owner who I thought I couldn’t help,” Edward says. “And the good news is, it isn’t difficult to learn and implement key strategies which will change a business’s bottom line.

“What we teach is more than just how to make your business more profitable; it’s not all about money, it’s about making your business work for you.

“My goal with my clients is to have them excited about their business, but not chained to it. I work with them to create strategies unique to their business and circumstances that will allow them to grow their business, and at the same time, free up their time so they are getting more out of life.”

Through Lead Better, Edward’s training has helped businesses in sectors from manufacturing to retail, to, engineering to banking.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 17, 2017

Daniel is a Success Business Coach, Reset Warrior and Bestselling Author.


He helps Coaches, Consultants, and Service Based Professionals to leverage LinkedIn to get high-quality leads and generate more sales and revenue without spending money on ads.

He provides online training programs; group coaching and one on one coaching aimed at helping you discover how to generate more business using LinkedIn as a client creation strategy.


Find out how to create, optimize, and convert LinkedIn to generate more leadsat http://bit.ly/2cuvtua


To Learn more connect with him at https://ca.linkedin.com/in/danielhanzelka


Visit his website at www.resetyourmoney.com


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 17, 2017

Richard Lynch is an American country music artist, who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. The sounds of Richard Lynch are reminiscent of the classics that started it all. The same passion and raw truth that fueled the likes of Conway Twitty, Keith Whitley, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Hank Williams is sewn into the fabric of Richard Lynch. In a world of fabricated country stars, Richard Lynch stands out in the crowd as a proud member of the last of a dying breed, the pure country music artist. His rock solid country roots span 3 decades, it comes up with the sun each morning, and it settles in the music he writes and the songs he sings.. The spirit of Richard Lynch is that which is attached to the working man's soul. It's real and it's timeless. It's country, the way country was meant to be.

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as a singer/songwriter. Richard is a hard working, blue collar man. He is a designer and builder of amazing barns, and as should be expected, he is an American farmer. His everyday life and paying his musical dues by performing at 100's of events & shows a year, all across the country, is that which shaped him into a one-of-a-kind performer. Richard's style is true and it carries into his live shows. Much like his music alone, a live performance of the Richard Lynch Band is something you feel. It's something you carry with you when you walk away. If country music is a gift that sustains in our lives wherever we go, Richard Lynch is the messenger.

Backed by a group of hand selected country musicians, the Richard Lynch Band performs a wide variety of music for the true traditionalist. Ranging from pure country, western swing, rockabilly, outlaw country, and hard driving honky tonk, a Richard Lynch performance will surely warm your country soul.

Richard Lynch Band's latest single is "A Better Place," written by Billy Yates and Trent Tomlinson, and produced by Yates reached #1 on the New Music Weekly AM/FM national airplay charts and #1 for 14 weeks on the Roots Music Report True Country Singles chart.







Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 16, 2017
I have been studying and practicing the art of healing, meditation and sharing tools to empower people.
2014 - work as a healer, teach Guided meditation, Reiki and overcoming stress workshops Part-time support worker for kids with disability. Travelled to Mexico and attended workshop with Don Miguel Ruiz (he wrote The 4 Agreements) from Toltec civilization in the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan. 
2015 - As above except this time travelled to South Dakota to attend Sun Dance ceremony with Lakota tribe - Native American Indians.
2016 - As above. This year travelled to the Amazon in Peru to attend ceremonies and teachings with Shipibo shamans. As part of my charity Dreaming Woman  supplied clothing and educational material for local village kids and orphanage. 



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 16, 2017

Inés Ruiz is an e-Learning and instructional designer and founder of the Women Entrepreneurial School, the first three-prong online education school to help women learn the individual tech, business and marketing skills they need to start or level up their business with less craziness.
Creator of the first-ever Virtual Learning Platform at Anglia Ruskin University and the first Moodle for the Spanish department at Cambridge University, Ines has myriad experience both teaching and creating virtual learning programs a She has experience designing and creating courses and has experience teaching online.

A the university level, in addition to the lecturer position and instructional designer, she work for Christ College in Cambridge as a supervisor

Often touted as an inspirational and motivational teacher, Ines’ has worked with hundreds of students at the university level who says they love her logical and simple teaching style.

In 2012 she created a highly-successful education business that expanded to more than 30 schools including Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh and soon moved the Operational Manager  

Speaking of managing, Ines has also worked as a project manager for several coaches in the online entrepreneurial space and soon realised there was a huge lack of structured and easy to follow courses – and a huge opportunity. In 2016, Ines launched WES as a one-stop shop full of courses for women entrepreneurs in everything from technology to marketing.





Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 16, 2017

Dr Llewellyn is a professional pianist, conductor, and music educator, consultant to HSC music students, The Sydney Opera House Baby Proms and The City of Sydney.   She herself was mentored by great musicians namely Isador Goodman and Leonard Bernstein.    Any wonder she has a burning desire to pass her knowledge on!  

She firmly believes that all children should have the opportunity of learning music from birth and KINDERJAZZ was created to achieve this aim.   Not only does she run her own vibrant home studio, she also manages two orchestras.   Her husband David Llewellyn is the extremely talented composer and lyricist for KINDERJAZZ.

She is a keen supporter of live music and provides work for a number of top artists in Sydney.   Her particular study has been in music education and it's effect on children and is a sought after speaker in this field.   She has produced all seven  KINDERJAZZ CD's, the latest of which was recorded in December 2014.   In 2010, the collaboration with Putumayo Kids 'Jazz Playground' won the Parent's Choice GOLD Award in America. 

Christobel has an interest in working with  children in the Autistic Spectrum and will be starting Sydney's first Special Needs Choir in 2016.  

To add to this busy schedule, she appears on radio and television expounding the many benefits of a musical education and is currently involved in developing both a live children's TV series, and a feature length film including the fabulous KINDERJAZZ band.  Most recently she won Australian Citizen of the Year 2012,  for her outstanding service to Music Education in this country. 


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 15, 2017

If you want to sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya, Terryn is not your girl. She is a PTSD and trauma recovery expert because she’s lived it, not because she read about it in a book, and that focuses her on making an immediate impact on your life.



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 15, 2017

Terry Green is the Owner/President of BizEase Support Solutions, an online marketing support company with an awesome team of marketing support specialists. Terry and her team partner with professional speakers and coaches worldwide to help them turn time into money.




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 15, 2017
Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy,  a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs all over the world to create an authentic brand and business that supports their desired lifestyle.

Tania helps her clients align their life’s purpose with their business purpose so that the message they want to put out into the world is congruent with the message they have in their heart. When she works with her clients, they become clear about who they are, they let go of overwhelm, they tap into their true power and Tania holds the vision for them to manifest a brand that they are proud of showcasing and that sets up to make great money and create a lifestyle that they love.

Tania Vasallo has worked for advertising agencies in Miami and New York city, developing multimillion dollar campaigns for some of the world's most renowned companies: Starbucks, KFC, AT&T Wireless, Samsung, and Nabisco, to name a few.  

Besides being a brilliant creative mind, running her own business for the past decade, Tania is also a Certified Life Coach that has studied with teachers and mentors such as Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Coach U, Lisa Sasevich, Peak Potentials and Landmark Education. She has amassed all her knowledge and experiences and put together terrific, unique programs and teachings, which have helped many women around the world create the lifestyles that they desire.
Tania is the host of "A Brand New You" an annual event that gathers women entrepreneurs in an intimate setting to work on their brand, their business and self transform in the process. 
You can reach Tania at Tania@TheCourageToBeHappy.com



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Mar 14, 2017

Daniella Blechner is Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Bestselling Author and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence.


This South London based writer’s real writing journey began by writing comedy sketches for Youth Project Phenomenon ’98 featuring Gina Yashere and Richard Blackwood. She has always been a keen writer and penned her first book All The Happy Animals and Lucille and her Great Adventure at just 8 years old.


In 2002, she attended Ravensbourne College where she wrote, produced and directed her first short Connexions, which was Nominated for Best Screenplay at the BFM Short Film Awards in 2006 and won “Best Open Deck film” when screened at the Cutting East Festival.


Daniella won the 2007 Film Fund Award from Lewisham Film Initiative to complete her poetry based short drama Hair We Are for the Black History Month Short Film Challenge. Hair We Are won the 3rd Best Film at the Images of Black Women Film Festival and has been screened at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, LA and BAMKids Film Festival in New York and was also screened on The Community Channel and www.itvlocal.com.


Today, Daniella is the proud author of Bestselling book Mr Wrong, “a humorous and insightful exploration into why some women continually attract Mr Wrong.” This collection of empowering relationship stories, written by both women and men across the world, allows the reader to question, explore and challenge negative belief systems and set out on a positive path of self-discovery and self-worth. She is passionate about providing a platform for women to have their voices heard and stories shared in a space of empowerment. She runs an empowerment workshop called 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You for women who want to evolve, create and be empowered.


She has also written and compiled poetry anthology 7 Shades of Love, a collection of poems written by women and men globally and feels honoured to be able to showcase work from a multitude of poets from different, ages, races, religions and backgrounds on the Universal subject of Love.


The enjoyment and inspiration behind writing comes from examining and reflecting on social issues often laced with a wicked sense of humour. Her conscious dream is to assist others to become the best version of themselves by drawing out their talents, gifts and purpose. Her mission and vision is to facilitate others using these unique talents and gifts and to live “in purpose” for the benefit and empowerment of others.


Website: www.consciousdreamspublishing.com / www.daniellablechner.com

Facebook: Danni Blechner / Conscious Dreams Publishing

Twitter: @dingdongmrwrong / @DreamsConscious

Instagram: daniellablechner





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Mar 14, 2017

International expert coach who uses highly-advanced techniques to identify and dissolve disempowering patterns. Blending intuition, energy healing, & coaching each session is as unique as you are. 
Mission: A world where people say yes to joy everyday!

Certified Akashic Records reader (soul readings) & teacher (April 2016), Emotional Freedom Techniques, Therapeutic NLP, Reiki Master & Energy Healer.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 14, 2017

Paula Gregorowicz owner of The Paula G. Company LLC, helps business owners take charge of their time, productivity, and technology and helps them build authentic, sustainable businesses while having plenty of time and space for a life they love.


Great stuff not only gets started with Paula, it gets finished!


Learn more about her unique approach of practical action and inner awareness at http://www.thepaulagcompany.com



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Mar 14, 2017

My name is Ron Tester. I started my first company in 2001. When I first started, I thought we would get customers easily because of our superior service. We built a better mousetrap… and nothing happened. I soon realized that I needed to come up with a better way to get the word out, so I watched what my competitors were doing and did the same. The results were inconsistent and often abysmal. Imagine the pain of having a high-quality commercial produced, running the ad during your target audience’s favorite shows, and not getting a single phone call as a result. A five figure failure.


Disappointed but undeterred, I committed to figuring out really worked for marketing my company. I wasn’t interested in any marketing that wasn’t going to result directly or indirectly in paying customers. Instead of just guessing, I began experimenting; tracking my results, stopping what wasn’t working and doing more of what was. What I found, besides more customers, revenues, and profits, was peace of mind.


Things were going so well that friends started asking me if I could help them with their businesses. Some were established businesses that needed help getting new customers. Some were new businesses with small marketing budgets that couldn’t afford to waste time and energy on marketing that wasn’t going to pay off. I found that the lessons I had learned in my own business were helping other businesses grow better, faster, without all the pain I had been through. Now helping others build their businesses is one of my favorite things to do.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 14, 2017

In the past three years, Rachna finished writing her fifth book, Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity. She maintained her marketing agency, and continued to serve her clients. She spent a week learning photography in Grand Teton National Park, and started her own custom jewelry business.





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Mar 14, 2017

From Foster Care to Special Needs Parenting, Petra Monaco is a dreamer, hippie gypsy soul spirit, author, entrepreneur, mother, confidence builder + action taker, coach and mentor to women. I help you take inspired action, bring your life to a new level of awesome and get into to the how of make it happen.

Petra Monaco

Dreamer, hippie gypsy soul spirit, author, entrepreneur, mother, confidence builder + action taker, coach and mentor to women.





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Mar 14, 2017

Adam T. Newman is the author of award winning children's books, "HOW TO CATCH A COLD", "HOW TO FIGHT A COLD" and the all new, "THE GIRL WHO LOST HER VOICE".
He is also the founder of the children's book publishing company, “MiLo Ink Books.”

Over the last few years, Adam has been making a name for himself by traveling across the United States to over 175 schools and stores presenting his award winning books. Adam's school assembly has been receiving rave reviews from teachers and principals across the country. He has also been very active in the social media world constantly posting and connecting with fans on his MiLo Ink Books Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.

Adam formed MiLo Ink Books in honor of his in-laws, Mike and Lois, (MiLo), who sadly passed away in tragic accidents. MiLo Ink Books’s mission is to publish books that will motivate parents and grandparents to laugh and read to the children in their life.

Adam has worked for numerous film studios as an art director and graphic designer. He is also the recipient of the prestigious "World's Greatest Dad" award which was presented by his two wonderful kids in the form of a t-shirt.



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Mar 13, 2017

"I have been on a journey of self discovery and learning ever since I was diagnosed at age 16," says McGuigan. "I am constantly trying to find new ways of, not only helping myself to heal each day, but trying to see if I can help someone else, as well. Music plays a big part in doing both, I believe.  I hope you find my music to be insightful and emotionally striking."


A drummer since age 13, McGuigan later picked up the guitar and began writing songs at age 20. He attended Newman University and renowned recording school, Full Sail University.  Songwriting has now become JJ's main focus and passion, with an emphasis on lyrical creation.  After a brief stint in Austin, Texas, he has returned to his hometown of Wichita. He is currently working on a follow up EP for late 2016 release. For more information on JJ McGuigan, please visit www.jjmcguiganmusic.com.


Watch the lyric video for "Letter" by JJ McGuigan at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyNGFEuRe2A.




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Mar 13, 2017

Pam Masters

Nonprofit consultant, Radio show host,  Volunteer Coordinator-Mission Hospice

Volunteer Coordinator/Mission Hospice

Contact pamm@missionhospicetx.com Cell 817-487-3279 Office 817-517-7336 ext 1022

“A little about me”

I am 53 (you don’t have to tell them that LOL)!  I am the proud mom of five grown kids, and a Gimmee’ to two amazing seven year old granddaughters.  I have a blog that I worked on to move past the end of my marriage.  Using writing to validate and move past the issues that were the leftovers of the relationship.  I have built a life that is love based and honesty driven.  I work from a place of peace and grace because I have removed drama and no longer attract it. 

I am a heart driven, hard working person who enjoys being a part of this amazing community.  I love animals, volunteering (I help all over the place when I can) and am a perpetual learner( nice way to say I am nosey and have to know everything).

Some other fun facts about me:

  • Host of JoCo Community Radio (about to start season 3)
  • Group director Resource Network of Johnson County
  • Community Coordinator Mental Health Community Connection
  • Board member of the United Way of Johnson County
  • Author—currently writing four books
  • Blogger—Blog~erapy –using writing as therapy
  • Public Speaker including a TEDx event
  • Trainer for Police Academies—Best practices for serving individuals in the IDD community
  • Board member for the Regional Police Academy Board
  • Youth mental health first aid trainer
  • Non violent crisis intervention trainer
  • Graduate of Leadership Academy through SAMSHA
  • Grant writer, nonprofit consultant, fundraiser, event planner


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Mar 13, 2017


Being deviant, doesn’t just sound like fun and a little irreverent. Being Deviant will increase creativity, increase innovation, and increase profits. True innovation has no competition. Innovation is a Top 5 priority for executives and most have no idea what it means to be truly innovative. Come explore how to begin your deviant journey. Find real innovation that drives yourself and your company forward. You’ll be rewarded with actions you can take immediately. Moving your company and your life forward to be more innovative and increase engagement.

Jennifer Thompson is a little bit sassy, a whole lot of deviant, and a bunch of fun! Jennifer’s goal is to change the world through promoting love of deviant ideas. She has the firm belief that doing what you are currently doing won’t get you there – you need to be deviant.

Innovation is identified as a top priority among executives. Most have no idea how to innovate. Most hope it will magically happen? That innovation can be created by simply telling their teams to be innovative. Jennifer is here to share why being deviant doesn’t just sound like fun, it is necessary for your company to survive in the future. And how you can take steps to create an environment where innovation can thrive.

As a champion for Deviant Thinking, she spreads the word about how being deviant will positively impact the world. Her website DeviantThinking.com provokes conversation and champions innovation.

Jennifer’s experience includes being a multi-time entrepreneur and leading one of the most creative teams in America at Target Corporation.



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Mar 13, 2017

Viveka von Rosen is an internationally known LinkedIn speaker and author. She is the “LinkedIn Expert” and is author of the best selling  “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” and upcoming “LinkedIn: 101 Ways to Rock!” As a contributing “expert” to LinkedIn’s official blog and their “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide,” she is often called on to contribute to publications like Forbes, Money, Entrepreneur, Social Media Examiner, etc.  She has taken the business knowledge she has perfected over the past 10+ years and transformed it into engaging and informational training, providing over 100K+ people the tools and strategies they need to succeed on LinkedIn.






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Mar 13, 2017
I am a Confidence Coach and Reiki master, and my whole purpose on this earth is to help other people love and accept themselves. I work with people who struggle with low self-esteem and confidence to love themselves so they can finally be confident, empowered, and HAPPY! Allow me to help you move past your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself and open up to all the beautiful possibilities the world has to offer.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 13, 2017
Keith Blakemore-Noble is a hypnotist & magician, best-selling author, Confidence & Phobia expert, and global speaker.
The founder, editor and compiler of Winning in Life and Work, he is also known as the Confidence Alchemist™ and even HypnoTainment.
From paralyzing shyness to teaching on stages in the UK, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, Keith has come far from a life that is just a distant memory now. Keith, who has worked closely alongside Chris Howard for over four years and with whom he traveled the world sharing these tools and technologies, brings a natural humour and wit to the stage, and a captivating presence, allowing you to learn from him with ease as he shares with you the same tools which he used to make massive transformations in his own lives and those of his clients.
He is the world’s number one utiliser of Freedom Technologies™, which he has carefully developed and refined and continues to enhance as brain and behavioural sciences evolve, he
 helps people to conquer their shyness and
 to reclaim their confidence. This helps them to find their voice – be it for speaking from a stage, speaking in team meetings, or
 just having the confidence to raise their hand and ask questions in seminars – and ensures that his clients are in a far better place to be able to connect with other people in social and business situations, resulting in them leading happier and more fulfilling lives. And who doesn’t want that?
A living embodiment of the cutting-edge sciences and tools he employs, he has used them all on himself first, so he knows how well they work and also understands how the processes feel from your perspective.
Prior to moving full-time into helping people, he spent thirteen successful years in IT, including leading a team with members in the UK, Norway, and New Zealand. He has gone from reprogramming and upgrading computers to reprogramming and upgrading people’s minds! The latter is infinitely more rewarding, it has to be said.
An accomplished international speaker, Keith has spoken for a wide variety of organisations including the BBC, Rotary International, BNI and more, on topics around confidence and hypnosis.
A strong believer that change is always possible, he invites you to change your mind; change your life.
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Mar 13, 2017

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is a leading internationally recognized and sought after authority for creating powerful breakthroughs and transformational change for high achievers. They include global business leaders, Fortune 500 C-Suite and senior executives, and high level business owners.


She is the Principal and CEO of Pierre & Associates, Inc., a Human Capital Optimization, Change Management, and Organizational Development executive coaching and consulting company.  Originally from Trinidad, here parents were exceptional authentic leaders in their own right. They imprinted on her to pursue her Life’s Purpose and Vision and that the possibilities are limitless. Dr. Ulwyn grew up witnessing various levels of change, learning the transformations that are possible, and that sustainable change can occur in a short period of time. They infused excellence as a mantra, for self-leadership and how to lead and serve others.


So, for more than 25 years, her proven integrity-based system and technology, The Ulwyn MethodTM, has guided her clients in living a life that matter most to them, and that they had longed for, that is rooted in their purpose and chosen destiny.  She has also helped them create efficiencies and outstanding results for their companies as well as garnered them respect and influence in their industries. From North and South America to Europe to Asia, her dynamic leadership as well as advanced human capital and organizational expertise have assisted clients go from crisis to success in record time. They gained significant increase in productivity, profitability and personal fulfillment.


Her clients include: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, McDonald’s Corporation, BMO Harris Bank, Kraft Foods, RR Donnelley & Sons Company, PepsiCo, Northern Illinois Gas, LaSalle Bank N.A. (ABN AMRO) and Turner Construction Company.


Passionate about serving local and international communities, Dr. Ulwyn’s global radio talk show, “Leadership – Success – and You,” became one of the highest-rated radio talk shows on the WebTalkRadio Network.


She is a noted featured speaker and frequent guest expert at private international forums. Her technology, The Ulwyn Method™, is embodied in her new Book, “Your Destiny…By Choice: Attain A Life of Economic and Personal Freedom By Mastering Your Inner Game,” the first of her seven-book series “Your Life – Your Choice,” due in mid 2017. 


Dr. Ulwyn holds a Doctorate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and an M.B.A. in Management and Marketing, both from Columbia University, New York; as well as a B.A. Honors in Statistics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Guelph, Canada. A sought-after visiting professor, she has taught at DePaul University (Facilitating Organizational Change), Chicago, Illinois and Benedictine University (Change Agent: A New Leader For Change – at masters level), Naperville, Illinois.


With Dr. Ulwyn, you learn to Lead Without Limits because "Meaningful Success Is The ONLY Option.” She is an expert furiously committed to excellence and sustainable results. Her infectious laugh, sense of humor and riveting stories capture your imagination and heart.



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Mar 12, 2017

Terry Maxwell has spent a large portion of her life running and creating businesses. She has lived in Spain, London and the Netherlands. She has just celebrated her seven-year anniversary with her husband Jake. Terry and her husband enjoy estate sales, travel, museums, theatre, opera, and walking their dog and two cats. She is currently enjoying her involvement with lineage and antique groups. Her first book, "More Than My Share of Pain...25 Years In An Abusive Marriage and How I Got Out", became a best seller as soon as it was available on Amazon. This is a first of a series of books about her life, which she is writing in order to help others survive and get through the insidious and devastating effects of verbal abuse.

She is currently writing her second book entitled "Walks with McDuff...Healing My Inner Child Through Mindfulness and Meditation."

To get information about upcoming books and events, please go to https://terrymaxwellblog.wordpress.com or send her an email at authorterrymaxwell@gmail.com.



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Mar 12, 2017

Sarah is an independent LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor and helps you convert your presence online into paying clients. She’s also the creative brain behind the LinkedIn Challenge, an event that has helped 1600+ people so far to improve their knowledge about using LinkedIn for business. Sarah lives and works in beautiful Switzerland and has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world breathe life into their LinkedIn profiles. And finally it’s no coincidence that her business is called Simplicity: She’s known for her simple, no-nonsense Swiss efficiency, mixed with a good dose of Californian ‘yes we can’ attitude






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Mar 12, 2017

My name is Aidan Lee, and I am the owner of FitRoots. I am extremely happy to be on this journey, and provide you (the community) with the best systems, tools, and guidance to reach your full potential. I have always been involved in health and fitness since a young age.


My first fascination with this world was my introduction to Martial Arts, which was pretty much as soon as I was born! My Dad – Dave Lee founded and run the successful Warlords Kickboxing Academy in Slough, back in the 1980s, right through to now. With this background, I couldn’t help but be involved in Martial Arts since day one. I started training properly when I was 5 years old, and have since amassed over 20 years of experience in the wide world of health and fitness.


I specialised in Kickboxing for a number of years, and still continue to train in the art. Having dedicated much time and effort to it, I managed to achieve my 1st Dan Black Belt at a young age. I also competed in various Kickboxing and K1 competitions since I was young, as I was always striving for that extra challenge. This not only made me a better competitor, but also a better coach and mentor to those who I have helped with their goals since.


Since then, I have branched out and learnt a huge amount from other Martial Arts such as Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA. I now constantly aim to learn as much as possible from whichever discipline I come across. With this broad approach in mind, I begun learning Yoga when I was 16, and found it so beneficial to my development, that I have stuck with it since! I now approach my own training with a balance that caters for mind and body, but also making sure I am a ‘better mover’ in general, and thus making sure quality Movement is the priority over aesthetics or anything else.


I now find myself trying out new things as often as possible. For example, recently attending a ballet class, then not long after a gymnastics session. Keeping an open mind with movement, health and fitness has been vital to my continual improvement.


Not everyone knows this, but studying Philosophy at University also gave me a renewed light on the ways we should approach our movement, health and fitness goals. Making rationale/solid reasoning a priority, this allows me to cut through the sheer amount of misinformation in this industry, and a lot of the FitRoots community appreciates this, as it is a refreshing approach.

I ensure to pass this experience and insight onto the FitRoots community – as my mission is to empower the community to embrace a fit and healthy, movement based lifestyle, whilst being a catalyst for transforming lives!



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Mar 12, 2017

I love seeing women transform their style and show up in the world in their most beautiful, gorgeous and unique way. We are all made to shine in our very personal wayand I love putting you in control of your style again. It's time to rebuild your style from the inside out!


Mar 12, 2017

Kiara O'Leary is an Intuitive Powerhouse and Inspired Life Guide who has a burning desire to raise global consciousness by guiding people to awaken to their greatest potential, connect to their deepest truth, and set themselves free to live the life they truly desire. She founded 'An Inspired Life' for that reason, where she provides empowering life solutions from making your break-up the best thing that ever happened to you, to a Sacred Business Academy where you craft a business from your divine essence. Kiara is an inspirational speaker, a writer who has been featured on Elephant Journal and Thought Catalog, and the host of the An Inspired Life podcast on iTunes. For practical and powerful guidance on how to live a more inspired life, you can find Kiara at www.aninspiredlife.com.au.





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Mar 12, 2017

Emily Nature helps smart, successful career women to have fun in dating and relationships. Whether you want to get into partnerships with ease, get through rough patches with grace, or get out of heartbreak with freedom, Emily is your gal. Under Emily’s guidance, hundreds of women in the US, UK, Europe and Australia have found delicious relationships with themselves, with their bodies and with men. When Emily is not coaching, she can be found writing, dancing wildly, stalking squirrels, or contemplating on mountain tops.

Email: emily@emilynature.com
Website: www.emilynature.com
FB: www.facebook.com/emilynature



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Mar 11, 2017

Josie’s adult working life has encompassed many different fields; she has been a nurse and a midwife, founded a multi-million dollar office products distribution business, and created and operated a childcare franchise. She brings a wealth of knowledge and practical good sense to her Practice, combined with an essential foundation of nurturing and care.

Josie first encountered energy healing in 2010. She was looking for a modality that incorporated the leading edge sciences, and The BodyTalk System fitted her criteria.

Josie was very encouraged to see the intersection of the BodyTalk System and the new knowledge offered in Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Morphic Field theory, and others. She sees this as vital to improving and expanding health care into the future, and perceives the enormous value this information has for supporting groups and teams.

One of the highlights for Josie was the academic rigour of the principles behind The BodyTalk System. The science of BodyTalk was rewarding to her intellectual curiosity.

By applying her knowledge of energy fields that develop and operate in the physical body, Josie examines the energetics and information that form in energy fields of businesses. Revealing and bringing to awareness how this information relates to the business owner and business teams, then integrating it, enables it to come into alignment with the purpose of the business and the business owner’s desires and goals.



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Mar 11, 2017

My family and I make free gardening films with an African twist for children to create connection and wellness within families.

My husband I believe that children hold the future of our planet in their dreams. We wish to plant a seed in the minds of the next generation to promote deep love for ecology and gratitude.

Our history is 20 years as monk and num for the tantric meditation path of ananda Marga. We met during work in Ivory Coast, where we were involved in sheltering displaced students. Our life as a family began in U.K., where we birthed our daughter Rashmi and then in Australia where we came to settle in the Maleny rainforest.
Our website www.familyfeastival.com.au has our free Mr mogi films and an outline of our children's community garden.,
And our detox offer for parents.

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Mar 11, 2017

Anfernee Chansamooth, founder of Simple Creative Marketing, is a marketing consultant, small business advisor, and podcaster. He’s trained over a thousand business leaders across 14 countries, empowered over 500 students in Laos, Sydney and Toronto, has appeared on Network Ten, in Anthill Magazine and at TEDxTelstraSydney, and is a regular writer for Huffington Post. Anfernee is passionate about helping creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to become influencers online so that they can make a bigger impact.

Mar 10, 2017

Tammie lives in rural Queensland with her three beautiful children & a menagerie of animals. She love animals, nature and adventure. But most of all she loves helping women reconnect to the radiance that lies within. Tammie’s journey with health & spirituality started in response to her children’s health issues. Their sensitivities to everyday food and toxins in the environment, her struggles with anxiety & postnatal depression inspired a new life of discovery. As a result she is now passionate about the healing benefits that wholesome foods can bring, how Divine connection can heal, the power of self-care and the role that alternative therapies can play in our recovery from major challenges.
Tammie is a holistic Wellness Coach, Heart works Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive body reader, Pamper, Nurture, Nourish & Connect Workshop facilitator & a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapist. Tammie also creates organic soulful body products that use intention and affirmations to create soulful self-care rituals.




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Mar 10, 2017

Successful business owner and award-winning officiant, Bethel Nathan of Ceremonies by Bethel, knows how to build and run a successful wedding industry business.  After more than seven-and-a-half years and over 730 weddings – and becoming known locally as focusing on marriage equality – Bethel now also enjoys helping other wedding industry and special event businesses grow and prosper, with Elevate by Bethel, in addition to celebrating really great couples. 


Combining her background in both very large companies (at two global investment banks, living overseas for both) and small companies (her family’s 25 year old business), Bethel found the right way to build a business that fit her.  She focused on not only being great at what she did for her clients, but also knowing her ideal client, developing relationships locally to support her and her business, and on finding the right marketing tools and methods to attract her ideal client.  Bethel now enjoys helping others to do the same.  In addition, with a personal passion for philanthropy, Bethel gets great satisfaction from helping businesses to use philanthropy as the powerful business tool that it is.


Bethel has an undergraduate degree in political science and Japanese from UC Berkeley, and an MBA in International Business and Japanese from Thunderbird.  Her former chapters in life allowed her to live in Japan three times in addition to living in London once, and to travel extensively around the globe. 


She is a long-time board member of the San Diego Women’s Foundation, and former board member for the San Diego affiliate for Komen for the Cure.  She now lives in California’s San Diego County with her husband, Jason, and they enjoy traveling and scuba diving in exotic places whenever possible.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 10, 2017

MORGANA RAE is a 3-time international #1 best selling author and sought after teacher and retreat leader, with over 20 years as a leader in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for creating wealth has featured her on ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, NPR, CNN, United Press International, Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal online. Morgana’s been a featured expert alongside Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, and many others. Morgana’s books, recordings, magazine articles, and classes have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money. 

Morgana is 18 weddings deep into marrying her husband 100 times in 100 countries. (His idea.) Their first wedding was in 2014, and they’re planning a bunch of new weddings in Africa and South America in 2017. Morgana’s motto is "make more money by putting Love first."
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Mar 9, 2017

The last 3 years of my life;

2016 – Hired and trained 3 Success Therapists

           Started a Digital S&M automation division of company

2015 – Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

2014 – Started putting our courses online.




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas



Mar 9, 2017

Avrohom Gottheil lives in Spring Valley, NY, and is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He’s always been a bit of a techie, having read C programming manuals when he was 13 years old, because he thought computer programming was cool! He got his degree from Touro College and started his career as a computer programmer. Within a short period of time he found himself in the Telecommunications Industry, where he’s remained for over 20 years.

In his own words: “I founded my company, SimiPlex Technologies, in 2006 with one goal in mind – To help people connect to the world with ease. Your phone is an integral part of your company. For some of us, it's the lifeblood of our business. This is why I consider myself not just a phone vendor, but a trusted advisor, and I take that role very seriously.
I do this by focusing not just on the phones, but by helping you solve business problems in your business. For example, a hair salon owner who is looking for help on whether or not to hire a full time receptionist. Or a real estate broker who is concerned about preserving his brand identity when opening a new office. Or a doctor who is looking for help to keep his waiting room calm.
What I offer is the latest in technology, state of the art Cloud Based phones, where you save time and money by not having to wait for a telephone company technician to arrive when something breaks. The reason being, there is nothing to break! You no longer need to purchase expensive equipment that breaks down or gets outdated. All you need are your state of the art phones, plug them into a high speed Internet connection, and they just work! With regards to your high speed Internet connection, I offer that too, as well as the cabling to make it all come together.”
Businesses from all over the world have reached out to him for his expertise in assisting them with installing, managing, maintaining, and training them on their phone systems. Businesses that Avrohom has helped range from Wall Street Hedge Fund brokers to Hospitals, from Beauty Salons to Real Estate Brokers, even an Organ Donation Center!
Avrohom has had many businesses download his free e-book "Are you in flow?" http://bit.ly/1STW3oB
which gives free practical advice to telephony vendors and clients on how to successfully manage an efficient phone system installation, so that your phone system gets installed the right way the first time, and without overtaxing your budget.

Avrohom recently launched his popular podcast series, #AskTheCEO, where he interviews entrepreneurs and business owners about their businesses and message to the world. He shares their mindset and motivations so that people will become inspired and motivated to succeed in life. The series is available on the following platforms:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/asktheceopodcast/asktheceo-introduction/sets
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/asktheceo-podcast/id1193694135
YouTube: https://youtu.be/y7qEPfHS7IM

Avrohom loves the tropics and traveling to warm destinations. He loves to run, hike, play piano and guitar, and grow tropical trees in his spare time.

You can reach Avrohom:
Email: avrohomg@simiplex.com
Phone: (212) 372-9847
Web: www.simiplex.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avrohom-gottheil-377670
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avrohomg

Mar 9, 2017

Sunny Dawn Johnston is a bestselling author, speaker, psychic medium and spiritual activist. Combining the unconditional love of a mother and the tell-it-like-it-is honesty of a best friend, Sunny helps people move into a higher vibration of living … and a higher vibration of Being. Her message helps people connect with their heart and release the things that hold them back from being their greatest version of themselves. She lives with her family in Glendale, Arizona. Visit her website at http://sunnydawnjohnston.com.



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas





Mar 8, 2017

Vikki Parker is the Founder and Creative Director of Arts Unwritten, a theatre company for kids and teens that specialises in devising and making original theatre from scratch. As a child she trained in acting and dance, and immersed herself in creative writing and painting. As an adult she studied Psychology, Theatre & Performance, the Therapeutic Application of the Arts in Education and Secondary Drama Teaching. After an early career as a model and extensive experience as an actor / dancer she taught Drama in schools for 15 years across an age range of 5-18, until she decided to put all her passion, knowledge and conviction into setting up her Theatre Company to celebrate the holistic development potential of the individual through the Arts. She decided to come out of the shadows in defiance of an education system that seeks to belittle the importance of the growth of the person as a whole, a system that has chosen to reduce the Arts to a pitiful skeleton of its former worth. She runs weekly theatre workshops in Brighton, UK as a direct antidote to the testing / tick box culture of children’s academic lives today.

As a thriver–oriented survivor of a dysfunctional and emotionally unsafe family she credits the Arts as her saving grace and her only means of expressing her true self albeit through symbolic representation and the characters she played. The authentic truth of a person’s creative voice is at the heart of her work. The process, analysis and celebration of human dynamics and connection through theatre and the arts is her oxygen. In her workshops she endeavours to hold the space for that creative enquiry and honours the individual’s profound need to be seen and heard.

 ‘Every time I paint, act, dance, write poetry or sing Jazz, I express a part of myself that was hidden until that moment. I give it flight. I give it freedom. I give myself the space to be fully and unashamedly myself and I allow that to be witnessed, shared and celebrated. I want the same for all the people I teach.’ Vikki.

There are so many ways we can learn to express and empower ourselves so that we may be the best version of who we are. So we can show up in the world fully present and ask for what we need, and be able to help others with what they need. Everyone has their own journey, but we are all interconnected. Theatre allows us to rehearse, witness and consider that process. It allows us to feel our way back to ourselves. The Arts communicate a common story between us all. In conscious awareness she has chosen this unknown and uncertain path of developing her own life, her own creativity and her own permission to be herself.

She writes, paints and sings Jazz, practises yoga and meditation and is committed to the journey of healing childhood and generational trauma through holistic and energy therapies and art forms.

If this moment, this conversation, is about considering champions, then being a champion for your creative and emotional self is her wish for you all.

Arts Unwritten is a new venture with wild visions. We achieve little by playing small.

Vikki is especially interested in starting a conversation about the use of the Arts for personal development and would welcome personal stories about how theatre has affected your life. Let’s keep the connection going.








Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 8, 2017

Harv Eker once said, “Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.” This next person, who you are about to meet, exemplifies just how true that statement truly is. Casey a registered nurse who, at the age of 28, retired herself from her nursing profession in pediatric oncology with network marketing. In less than three short years, Casey created a successful multiple 6 figure business and entirely transformed her life by learning that the true key to success lay in her own personal growth and development. By understanding that the biggest piece to the puzzle was herself she immersed herself in the principles that govern universal law and went on to became one of her company’s millionaires. She is now committed to helping others learn how they, too, can have unsurpassed financial and personal freedom though the power of self –awareness and unlocking their true potential. She is passionate about using her resources to help children and animals. Her favorite Quote: “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”.

You can learn more about casey at www.haveitall.today




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 8, 2017

My name is P.J. Dixon and—despite my disability—I’ve lived a better life than most able-bodied people!

I've spent virtually my entire life living by Henry Ford's philosophy, "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."  Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy that was expected to take my life by seven, I was encouraged to experience life to the fullest and do anything and everything I wanted; and, as a result of that attitude, . . . here I stand [pardon the pun], . . . 38 years later!

Snow Skier, Skydiver, Amateur Water Colorist, Former Wheelchair Athlete, 10th Degree Black Belt, Women's Self-Defense Instructor, International Traveler, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Strategist, and Self-Professed Advocate of Love!

I wanted to say “Love Guru,” but I thought that was a bit presumptuous [wink].  Why Love?  Honestly because I Love Love!  And, really, because I feel it’s part of my calling.

Without waxing religious—and unintentionally running people off—at 28, I had just moved to Tucson, without a job, and was praying for some wisdom about what I should do with my life.  I then opened myself up, in hopes of receiving some direction, and a beam of golden light came through the ceiling, hit me in the top of my head, filled me completely up, and I heard one word — Love!

True story!  At that moment, I knew no matter what I chose to do with my life, it wouldn’t matter, as long as I allowed Love to be my guiding light.

Since that time, I’ve spent a significant amount of time studying Love and all of it’s many facets; and, although, I’m prone to error, like everyone else—I’ve learned a lot about love and how it can profoundly influence the life of a person and any relationship it enters.

Every day, I consciously strive to positively impact the lives of every person I come in contact with—in a sincere effort to make the world a better place.  How do I do that?  By actively Loving others as much as I can and by teaching others . . . to do the same.

Peace, Love, and Persistence are my calling cards and the primary three principles I live by, which is why I’ve made these the foundations of my life, . . . and, hopefully, . . . you will too!



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 7, 2017

Elvisa is Bosnian/American trained SI (strategic intervention) coach, speaker and breakthrough expert. She travels across the world to deliver her empowerment training.
Her personal development begun about 10 years ago when she started to learn about psychology of success as a result of recovering from her own depression and physical illness.
She has studied with the best masters of psychology and success in the world, including Tony Robbins, who has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world, including hers. The desire to follow in his footsteps took her to Hawaii, where she has completed the Fire Walking Institute of Research and Education training.

Elvisa is also certified by Cloé Madanes psychotherapist. She has also completed the Silva Method, which is the science of the mind, a complex area that Elvisa is still actively studying. To broaden her knowledge, Elvisa has trained with the evolutionary visionary, futurist, and public speaker Barbara Marx Hubbard on creating harmony in personal and professional environments.
Her mission is to enable any client to find a clear purpose in their life, release the power within them, reach their goals and fulfill their life long dreams. She is committed to providing high quality life coaching and workshops to enable any client to reach a better and more fulfilled level of life.

“I help people become more self aware, better self manage, increase their confidence and improve their relationships. The result is better performance in all aspects of their life”.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 7, 2017

I help salespeople and entrepreneurs create an army of buyers who know, like and trust you BEFORE they’ve ever even met you.

I can help you build your personal brand, find your authentic voice and tell the tale of you because here’s the thing:

The story you tell the world changes your world.

I’ve worked with thousands of successful businesses offering proven strategies for making the cash register ring.

My book BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us is an Amazon #1 Best Seller with glowing reviews from around the world thanking me for the understandable, actionable, life-changing ideas and stories. I’m a contributing writer for Forbes, The Good Men Project, and Dealer Marketing.

I have spoken to audiences from coast to coast at TedX, The National Association of Broadcasters, and the National Automobile Dealers Association.

I only take the stage to do two things: change lives and chew gum. And I’m all out of gum.

Some speakers like to brag that they train the trainers; well, I close the closers.

As the VP of Making Sh!t Happen for Instant Events Automotive Advertising, I’ve sold to the toughest negotiators in the world, car dealers, and produced the biggest, loudest, most attention grabbing ads in the history of big, loud, attention grabbing ads for dealerships from Moose Jaw to Miami, most of the time working from home in my underwear.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, I hold a degree in English/Journalism from Tennessee Technological University, where I learned how to program ginormous room-sized computers using a deck of cards and a rubber band, and how to edit newspaper and radio ads using a ruler, a razor blade, and scotch tape. While all of that may make me sound MacGyver cool, it hasn’t come in handy much since graduation.

Along with Mary, my wife of 29 years, we are the proud parents of three daughters and I spend most of my free time, like every other middle-aged, overweight, native southerner, at the ice rink playing hockey.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 7, 2017

Jacquie Nagy [pronounced Nah-gee] is the ‘Be Yourself Coach’!  She is a Professional Speaker & Member of CAPS Manitoba, a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (a.k.a. NLP) International Trainer, Adult Educator and Coach. Jacquie shares the HOW TO practical tools so people can gracefully coach themselves. Whether it’s dealing with everyday stress and pressures; wanting to improve performance; or aspiring to reach new heights, Jacquie believes the ability to coach yourself is ‘the difference that makes the difference’ in achieving success in life and business.


Jacquie is the host of NLP CAFÉ - The Art of Self-Coaching in Winnipeg, Canada where every month she shares practical NLP tools for people who like quick results. Her current series of Cafés called Authentically Speaking, teaches speakers tangible practices to integrate mind, heart and body so they can increase their charisma and on stage presence.


Jacquie is the owner of Holistic Directions Inc. (2008) which offers live NLP certification trainings to give individuals, coaches, and leaders the life changing skills ‘that no one ever shows you’ so you can live a more happy and authentic life. She is a Certified NLP Coach and the creator of Holistic Self-Coaching™ for people who want to ramp up their ability to be more confident, congruent and resilient and live their ‘dream beyond the dream’.


Jacquie’s mission is to flip the model of teaching the theoretical WHAT and WHY in the field of self-development into teaching the practical HOW TO skills so people can live more healthier and autonomous lives!


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 6, 2017
Lane Ethridge is a national bestselling author, international business owner, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. He founded Changing Lanes International to empower others to live fulfilled lives and create servant leaders. He was born and raised in Maryland and is a graduate of Virginia Tech University.
Mar 6, 2017

In 2014, I finished a Master of Arts degree in Educational Theatre and an Organizational & Executive Coaching Certificate from New York University. I started my business, JOY Prosperity Coaching, the same year. My company helps Entrepreneurs worldwide grow their business by getting them clear of their goal and then co-creating strategies to achieve it. Depending upon the Entrepreneur’s needs, we either create customized Growth Plans for them, or they can join a group program via in-person, phone, or internet. I produce online informational telesummits too. In NYC, I facilitate in-person interactive workshops for Entrepreneurs, and perform improve around the city as well. I will be producing larger live coaching events in the near future, have a podcast, and TV show too. Many new opportunities are happening next year!


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 6, 2017

Vanessa Cabrera, President, Your Social Media Mentor, Inc.


Vanessa is a Social Media Marketing Consultant and Speaker who is passionate about helping small businesses understand and leverage the power of email + social media marketing to grow their business. She is an award winning email marketer and is a Master Certified Constant Contact Expert. The first to be master certified in Illinois! A one-woman show, Vanessa built Your Social Media Mentor, Inc. to a thriving business in just 3 years! Her creative mind and out of the box thinking continues to drive her to the forefront as an expert of email & social media marketing.


“With a Master Certified Expert, small business owners can feel confident that they are truly getting the best of the best. By completing Master Certification, Vanessa, has demonstrated advanced knowledge in online marketing best practices and a proven track record in delivering measurable results for the clients that seek the services of Your Social Media Mentor, Inc.” – Constant Contact


Ever the energetic advocate for creativity, Vanessa jams every session with countless useful tools, tips and advice in which attendees are able to implement immediately upon leaving one of her events.


Visit Vanessa on her Facebook Page


Follow her On Twitter https://twitter.com/vanessacabrera


connect with her on LinkedIn where she often posts invaluable information on how to better your online marketing tactics.



Favorite Things? Vanessa Luvs2Run, Kickbox and is a Beer Buff. And of course her 20 month old son Matteo aka Teo


Contact info:





Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 5, 2017

Jacqui Letran is a Teen Confidence Expert, Nurse Practitioner, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker with over 16 years experience in Adolescent Health.


Her book, “I would, but my DAMN MIND won’t let me!” is a multi-award winning book that teaches teens how to understand and take control of their thoughts and feelings.


By combining traditional medicine with the best time-proven holistic healing practices, she is able to approach her clients from a very unique perspective that helps her to achieve medically safe and powerful therapeutic healing for her clients quickly and efficiently. Jacqui is gifted at helping teens transform into confident, happy and successful young adults, who see their future filled with amazing opportunities and possibilities.


Her passion for empowering teens is evident in her work and allows her to connect easily with her audience to create powerful transformations.


When not working with teens, you can find her traveling in her RV, hiking with her dog or spoiling her three cats.


To learn more about Jacqui Letran and Teen Confidence Academy, please visit http://JacquiLetran.com  http://TeenConfidenceAcademy.com and http://LinkedIn/in/JacquiLetran    



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas



Mar 5, 2017

Hicks (Miqael Persson) is an accomplished songwriter from the south of Sweden, with multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit. His rock-edged songs have been recorded by artists like Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Giant (Dann Huff), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Little River Band, W.E.T. (Featuring Jeff Scott Soto), Grammy nominated Toby Hitchcock and Grammy winner, Barbados.  He has also written with Nashville heavy-hitters like Anthony Smith, Dallas Rogers, Dennis Morgan and Sharon Vaughn.

In late June 2014, “Hayride” became his first official US radio single release on MTS Records.  The song reached the New Music Weekly Top 10 and the Music Row Top 80, making him the first Swedish country act to achieve this status.  The follow up, “Mama’s Kitchen” also reached the NMW Top 10, peaking at #2. A 3rd single, “I Belong To You” also reached #11 NMW. 

Hicks was the 2013 British CMA Awards’ Euro Act of the Year, a 2015 Indie Music Channel Awards winner,  an Akademia Award Winner, and an Independent Country Music Association Award Winner. He is also a Nashville Universe Award Nominee, a New Music Awards nominee and an IMEA Award Nominee.  Hicks’ latest single, “Stomp A Little Louder” features country legend and co-writer, Steve Wariner and Wariner’s son, Ryan. www.hickscountry.com.



Mar 5, 2017

Lisa Ambrosch is a single mom to seven children who has a heart for people and gets excited about the power of transformation.  She enjoys spending time with her six beautiful ​grandchildren. Lisa advocates for healthy living through her commitment to eating right and exercising.  Her interest in writing and creative thought gives her the opportunity to challenge others to think outside the box.  Most importantly, she loves the Lord and is humbled to be a daughter of the Most High King.



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Mar 4, 2017

Lesley Pyne helps childless women, supporting them to heal and to live a life they love. After ten years of struggling to come to terms with her own childlessness and trying to find her place in the world she trained in NLP and Time Line techniques.  She now uses her first-hand experience and professional skills to help other childless women to own their story, to heal what holds them back and to understand the meaning of what they've been through so that they can fully embrace an adventurous and fulfilling life.





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Mar 4, 2017

I play many roles in my life; mother, friend, best-selling author, coach, mentor, and international speaker. I love to support business owners who suffer from overwhelm and stress to stop, listen and trust their intuition so that they can create more time, space and live guilt free. However, I consider myself to be an adventurer and a soul who loves to live effortlessly. I love to travel, and most of the time you will find me on a plane, experiencing what the world has to offer us. I have lived in 7 different countries; Switzerland, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Bali, UK and speak 3 languages (Spanish, English and German) and gave birth to my beautiful son in Bali in October 2014. I would say my little one is my greatest teacher. He is so much fun and amazing soul, who reminds me of the essence of who we all really are, and keeps me grounded on a daily basis. Being a mum is one of the most rewarding and also challenging things that I have done, and I make sure that my lifestyle business fits around these two as they are the most important people in my life I love to ski and being in nature is the ultimate for me. My idea of a lifestyle that works for me is to be able to have a horizon I can look out on, whether it be an ocean or mountains.


Mar 4, 2017

The last 3 years I have worked with Voices from all over the world
I have been responsible for the development of Singers Performers - my recent being Sam Smith where he trained with me for 4 years

He then won the Brit Awards and was the first Gay singer to receive a Grammy award for the Bond theme.
He took the world by storm because of his amazing unusual tones that I had helped him texture through constant analysis  and vocal building
I also produced his first Demo album which is featured on my website.

I currently work with the CEO’s of Large companies by helping them develop their Voices for Business and have been doing this for the past decade

The Dr Voice Brand has become world renowned through CNN who called me “ The Global Influencer of the Voice”
(Also featured on my website)

I have just started up my own Dr Voice Academy and had some major successes with some of my pupils who have received record deals as they have become fully developed artist’s based on my Academy.

I am a Life Coach come Vocal Coach and spent 8 years with Tony Robbins.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 3, 2017

I was born in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, where the African violet came from. I spent the first ten years of my life with my three sibling and parents in Moshi at the foothills of the Kilimanjaro. Growing up in that place and that time was very different from the western world. At age 10 we returned to Germany and looking back it was truly a culture shock, especially looking at the emotional side. I always have been interested in airplanes from early age and ended up getting involved with aviation as well.

My journey has taken me along an engineering route, visiting different places all around the world including Russia, many places in Europe, China, Africa and Nicaragua. I truly see myself as an earthling rather than as a African, German or American. Getting involved with model airplanes in my early teens and learning how to fly real airplanes as well is a passion. Another passion that have developed is dancing that to me is a language of it’s own, as there is no need for verbal communication when engaging in it. I had and continue to have great times and get to meet great people I get to know along the way. In 1999 I ended up here in Scappoose, OR where I worked for Oregon Aero for 17 years acquiring further knowledge and inspiration, preparing me for the next chapter in life.

I worked for 17 years as a research and Development engineer contributing in various ways to the company and society. My gift for being able to find new solutions to various challenges in the technical interface to the human body world led me to becoming very knowledgeable about body mechanics. Understanding how the body mechanics can influence people in their daily life, causing harm and pain as well as pleasure is a knowledge that is what I feel has become the gift that I need to bring to the people who are ready and need it.

Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparable in my world, so it takes deliberate intentions to move on in life at all three levels. Having said that, it begins with - that I am fully responsible for all outcomes in my life. My past actions and in-actions have created and continue to create my here and now. Yesterday can not be changed, so learn from it and forget about the rest. Future is tomorrow and I have no control over it either, so forget about it as well. Only the here and now counts as I move along in life.

My daily choices are therefore very important. I have not only choices in what I do but also I have a choice of how I value experiences as positive, indifferent or negative. The beliefs and rules that I built or accepted over the years are the limitations that I put on myself and are reflected in fears and habits. So fear tells me where to go and it is up to me to overcome them. Failure is my guidance system that leads me on the path of my success to achieve the best that I can be. When I have no fear from anything or anyone, then I have no limitations and I can do anything I desire.

I am finding clarity for my path to fulfill my true purpose to bring my gifts to those that need them. I want to get my business profitable to support my future endeavors and the ability to learn more and continue to expand on my knowledge. I want to share it through different modalities such as Internet through websites and webinars, as well as live events all around the world. I want to be able to support family and friends who are in need as well as support causes such as CAI (Central Asia Institute) who build schools to, as the first order educate girls in the third world.

Thanks for checking in with me.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 3, 2017

Jeremy joined the Sprinklr team in February 2012 where he is responsible for Demand Generation, including PR, Analyst Relations, Influencer Relations, events, trade shows, and content marketing. Prior to Sprinklr, he was the founder and CEO of Never Stop Marketing, an international consulting firm that served Fortune 500 clients including Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. Jeremy believes that technology such as Sprinklr’s has the potential to connect a socially disjointed world. He has a B.A. in History and a double minor in Economics and German from Johns Hopkins University; he also studied international relations and marketing in Germany and Japan.




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 3, 2017
"Caroline Southwell is best known for seeing what others miss and saying what others won't. She loves challenging the status quo through being an example of doing life differently. As an Australian coach, writer and speaker, she predominantly attracts women and men who are ready for a deeper conversation. Those who are done with "striving for success" and want to understand how to live a life that truly brings them joy (where success is a byproduct not the focus), love the kinds of conversations that Caroline brings.
Highlights in the last few years have been:
* Finding herself sweating and smiling on a dancefloor in Ubud, Bali surrounded by 150 people, in the middle of a massive rainstorm
* Watching an article she'd written (about responding vs. reacting) go viral with over a million views on an online journal
* Witnessing her clients have breakthroughs including women loving themselves for the first time and men finally crying for the first time in years
* Continuing her quest for minimalism, getting all her personal belongings down to 1 box, 1 suitcase and 1 handbag as she travels interstate and internationally
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Mar 3, 2017

Sarah is a crafty entrepreneur running MIY Crafts subscription boxes in the UK, aiming to encourage everyone to have a go an ‘Make It Yourself’ regardless of skill level or previous experience. She is a lover of all things crafty as well as colour, giraffes, pyjamas, gin, blankets, friends, tea and books. She’s hopes to inspire people to give things a go as well as bringing a little bit more colour and joy to the world!




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 3, 2017

Caden Parks is a motivated 2nd grader from Edmond, Oklahoma. His hobbies include soccer, hunting, fishing, reading, drawing, and attending school. Fierce on the soccer field and in the classroom, he displays his passion for life in all he does. Caden has a servants heart and is always looking for ways to help anyone in need. He's an aspiring entrepreneur and thought leader and encourages others to pursue their passions.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 3, 2017
In 2000, I woke partially paralyzed on one side of my body and was diagnosed with MS nine days later. I have had to structure my life. In that last three years, I have published my fourth and fifth book, started a career as a motivational speaker and launched two coaching programs. Presently, I am promoting my money coaching program and creating an online course to help those with debt get out of it.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas


Mar 3, 2017

Kïrsten Blake is the creator and founder of Chapter Be, an online platform that interviews and highlights people who are charting their own journeys in order to create an authentic path of being in this world. She's interviewed a large number of entrepreneurs, artists, makers and creative via her podcast and storytelling project, The Be Stories. Kïrsten worked in the public education field for over ten years, but in 2011 made the decision to leave her nine-to-five desk job in pursuit of something new.  Since starting Chapter Be, she also writes for The Huffington Post's Third Metric, holds events for those who are in the middle of embarking on their own Chapter Be and continues to work on finding new and innovative ways to approach the field of education. 




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 2, 2017

Jamea Zuberi has been transforming the lives of others through education for over fourteen years. Deciding early on that she wanted to share her passion for science with young people, Jamea obtained a Bachelor of Education degree from York University. She then joined The Linden School as a teacher of Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Literacy, becoming Associate Principal in 2000.
At this unique school where girls’ voices come first, Jamea was able to share her love of science and mathematics through the development of curriculum created to reflect gender-specific learning styles. She was also able to pass on her love of music, particularly her passion for steel pan.

Jamea co-founded the Toronto Panatics Steelband and registered Toronto’s first step dance company, Conscious Step Ltd. She also founded Blockorama –the only Black stage at the Pride Toronto Festival, as well as organized the first Mas Band – “Pelau,” now celebrating its 9th year in the festival. For her community involvement with Black Queer Youth and other LGBTTI2Q youth groups, Jamea was recognized with the David Miller Mayor Volunteer Appreciation Award in 2007.

A long-time resident and active participant in the Jane and Finch community, Jamea spent ten years coordinating a program to promote the participation of children of colour, particularly girls, in the areas of science and technology. In 2005, she took up a position at Oakdale Park Middle School as a teacher of Grade 7 students in Science and Mathematics. During her tenure there, she started a student council, led the school to a 2nd place finish in the Ontario FLL Lego-Robotics competition, started a 32-piece steel band orchestra, as well as facilitated a youth steel band project with the City of Toronto.

Jamea also helped organize the 2007 TDSB Bicentenary Event commemorating the Abolition of the British Slave Trade, coordinated a school-wide African and Asian Heritage Month Program, is the Founding Chair of the African Heritage Committee at her school, and is also one of TDSB’s leading writers of Africentric curriculum units.

Mar 2, 2017
Paolo Ben Salmi (7yrs old) aka Pint Size Adventurer is author of Pint Size Adventurer - Together We Can Explore The World and Radio Show Host. Paolo has big dreams of becoming and engineer and enjoys having fun learning. Paolo aims to inspire people to explore the world more deeply through his products and services. Paolo has been attending a variety of business and personal development events from a very young age. Such as Andy Harrihgton Power to Achieve, How To Build A Brand, T Harv Eker MMI etc. 
The inspiration behind Pint Size Adventurer - Together We Can Explore The World! The aim was to end, once and for all, what Paolo saw as “the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed adventure/exploration, financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Paolo feels that adventure/exploration, financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development are to important to missed. Together with Pint Size Adventurer - Together We Can Explore The World and Paolos up and coming products and services people of all ages can seed their time and financial freedom future today.  



Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Mar 2, 2017
Yasmine Ben Salmi (9yrs old) aka Loveprenure is author of Oh I Think I've Lost My Happiness, Yasmines Dog Walking Service "Woof-Woof your dog is here", Radio Show Host, founder of Mother and Daughter Connect Collection. Yasmine has big dreams and enjoys having fun learning. Yasmine aims to inspire people to love more deeply through her products and services. Yasmine has been attending a variety of personal development events from a very young age. Such as Andy Harrihgton Power to Achieve, How To Build A Brand, T Harv Eker MMI etc. Yasmine dreams of working with animals one day, as it brings her such joy to be around animals. 
The inspiration behind Oh I Think I've Lost My Happiness! was to end, once and for all, what Yasmine saw as “the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed self worth, financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Yasmine feels that self worth, financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development are to important to missed. Together with the Oh I Think I've Lost My Happiness and Yasmines up and coming products and services people of all ages can seed their time and financial freedom future today.  
Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Mar 2, 2017

Marilyn Gordon assists you to move to a higher level of your life and create extraordinary transformation and healing--as well as to release your old patterns, habits and thoughts and be transformed and uplifted into the full greatness of your being. She is a life transformation teacher and author, speaker, healer and hypnotherapist in the area of personal and spiritual development.  Transform your habits, release fears. Manifest your aspirations, release old challenges, realize your achievements, and move to a new level of self-expression, creativity and life-purpose.


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Mar 2, 2017

“Quick and inexpensive reads for self-improvement, a healthier lifestyle, and book publishing”

Six time Amazon bestselling author, Paul Brodie believes that books should be inexpensive, straightforward, direct, and not have a bunch of fluff.

Each of his books were created to solve problems including living a healthy lifestyle, increasing motivation, improving positive thinking, traveling to amazing destinations, and helping authors publish and market their books.

What makes Paul’s books different is his ability to explain complex ideas and strategies in a simple, accessible way that you can implement immediately.

Paul is lifelong learner and educator and earned an M.A. in Teaching from Louisiana College and B.B.A. in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington.

In his spare time he loves to read and write books, travel (especially to Maui and Las Vegas), and is an avid sports fan.

He resides in Arlington, TX and can be reached at Brodie@BrodieConsultingGroup.com and www.BrodieEDU.com for speaking, coaching, and consulting opportunities.


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Mar 2, 2017

Virginia Jimenez is a transformational life coach inspiring connectedness and freedom to create an extraordinary life professional and personally. Throughout her transformation and research, Virginia found that connecting with people and managing relationships is essential to creating a life of abundance and life-long prosperity. Her own relationship ‘failures’ were thriving experiences and an opportunity to understanding the importance of effective communication, knowing oneself and an increased-level of awareness.

She's on a mission to help others make powerful and prosperous life and love choices, to move forward and break through self-imposed limitations. Her most recent publication for single dad's was featured in the Good Men’s Project January 2016.

Virginia studied Business Administration and has a bachelor's in Finance from Florida International University, is a Landmark Forum graduate, Tony Robbins UPW fire walker, and a certified Body Language Coach via the Science of People. She enjoys providing strategic approaches to entrepreneurship and relationship skills. Last, but not least, she’s a parent of two boys, a lagree fitness instructor, and creative poet.

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Mar 1, 2017

I help frustrated business professionals by bringing new content to the table and managing its release.

I have a passion for running Social Media Campaigns. Time ceases to exist when I'm researching and writing content. I want to share all kinds of tips & tricks with everyone. That's the important thing - the sharing and offering a helping hand to other entrepreneurs in our community.

25 years experience as a business administrator, Freelance writer and Social Media manager.

♦ Organize Office Procedures - Sort Emails ♦ Assist with Screening/Hiring new Staff
♦ Sales and Letters of Introduction to Reach out to Current/Potential Contacts.
♦ Schedule all Travel Arrangements and Meetings ♦ Send Flowers and Thank You Cards
♦ Lite Bookkeeping, invoicing, schedule payments and reminders

Social Media Management
♦ Facebook Business Page Creator and Optimizer
♦ Copy Writer for Blog Posts and Website Content
♦ Newsletters - Written, Scheduled and Analyze Results
♦ Research, Record and create awesome Reports

Business Promotion
♦ LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ Profiles and Articles
♦ Write, Edit and Proofread eBooks
♦ Book and Product Launches
♦ PowerPoint Presentations & more

I help marketing managers publish great content that will increase their readership and generate more leads and sales.



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Mar 1, 2017

Elaine Mc Guinness is an expert in the field of personal and spiritual development, as well as self-empowerment. As a Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist, Personal Life Coach, Reiki Master and NLP Master, she is passionately dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to live a life on purpose with freedom and fulfilment in the journey to actualisation of your Authentic Self.



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Mar 1, 2017

Meticulous Financial Analyst who undertakes complex assignments, meets tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Possesses practical knowledge in corporate finance and financial accounting. Applies strong analytical skills to inform senior management of key trends and relationships. Operates with a strong sense of urgency and thrives in a fast-paced setting. Fluent in English & Afrikaans. Core competencies include:

Financial Analysis • Financial Modelling • Strategic Planning • Forecasting • Financial Accounting • Corporate Finance & Financial Services • Client Relations • Performance & Sales Reporting • Market Analysis

Mar 1, 2017
 Tray-Séan Ben Salmi (12yrs old) - https://www.gofundme.com/2mj97zyk
Tray-Séan is co-author of Kidz That Dream Big, UnLtd Award Winner, Radio show host, co-founder of Put The RED CARD up to bullying and founder of I'M THAT KID t-shirt brand - teaching boys to simply shine their unique light of positivity. Founder of I'M THAT KID - bridging the gap between fathers and sons. Tray-Séan launched his first short story competition in school at the age of 6 and has been attending a variety of investment, business and personal development events such as Andy Harrihgton Power to Achieve, How To Build A Brand, T Harv Eker MMI and TEDx Salford. Tray-Sean was fortunate to attend the TEDx Salford speakers dinner with the 12 speakers one of them being a NASA astronaut. Tray-Séan went from being extremely shy to becoming a certified public speaker, author, coach and has been doing work experience at a branding company for almost two years in March. The company he works with is called How to Build A Brand and he tweets for them like crazy. He is also a passionate social entrepreneur, youth coach and a budding artist and fashion designer. He's currently in the process of launching his smart clothing brand "Dapper by Tray-Séan Ben Salmi" the range will start off with Cuff links, a flat cap, ties and bow ties and there's a finishing attached to prepare young boys for manhood. Tray-Séan is on the gifted and talented list at school and above national average on all subjects. One day he dreams of becoming a mathematician. Tray has a tutor called Ras Al, due to being academically advance, and he's on target to sit his GCSEs early.

The inspiration behind Kidz That Dream Big! was to end, once and for all, what Lashai & Tray-Séan saw as “the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Tray-Séan feels that financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development are to important to missed. Together with the Kidz That Dream Big book, coaching and workshops children and youth can seed their time and financial freedom future today.

Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas
Mar 1, 2017
Lashai Ben Salmi (16yrs old) -www.lashaibensansalmi.com
Lashai is the founder of Lashai Ben Salmi - My Journey "Giving Youth Several Reasons to (((SMILE)))", Child Advocate, International Radio Show Host/Presenter. Andy Harrington PSA Award Winner May & Sep 2016, Co-founder of Put The RED CARD up to bullying Public Speaker and Author (co-author of Kidz That Dream Big). As a result of having to leave school due to being bullied Lashai choose to convert her adversities into empowerment. Lashai has won 6 awards (Young Citizens Award, BYA, Live Unltd, Try It UnLtd and a PRECIOUS Girl award) she's also a BYA Ambassador. Lashai is also a Andy Harrington Professional Speakers Academy Member and passionate social entrepreneur, youth coach and a budding artist and fashion designer. Lashai has been attending a variety of business, investment and personal development events such as Andy Harrihgton Power to Achieve, Women In Property & In Business, How To Build A Brand, T Harv Eker MMI and TEDx Salford. Tray-Sean was fortunate to attend the TEDx Salford speakers dinner with the 12 speakers one of them being a NASA astronaut.

The inspiration behind Kidz That Dream Big! was to end, once and for all, what she saw as “ the dubious concept of so called public school education which missed financial education, emotional intelligence and personal development”. Lashai feels that financial, emotional intelligence and personal development was to important to be missed. Together with the Kidz That Dream Big book, coaching and workshops children and youth can seed their time and financial freedom future today.

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Mar 1, 2017

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life!


The achievements carved into the belt of Rhiannon Rees, are stand alone sensational. She is renowned as one of the world’s best self-development experts, referred to as Australia’s answer to US self-help guru DR Wayne W Dyer. The best-selling success of her first book, “How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals – The courage to live an ordinary life”, (the startling tale of her own life-journey) has lead to the imminent release of her second book, out in 2015.


Rhiannon is not just about achievements though. It’s about who she is and where’s she’s come from. In talking of her own story, Rhiannon generously and purposefully shares, “I lost my innocence through child sexual abuse, lost contact with my mother for most of my childhood, lost my brother to suicide, lost 5 babies to miscarriage, lost all my money, lost my husband to his other identity as a woman, and even lost the roof over my head and became homeless. Each of these losses carved deeply into my soul and I thought I would not survive.”


But she did.


Not just survive, Rhiannon soared.


In 2010 and 2011 she was nominated for Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year. She was a finalist in the Asia Pacific Coach of the Year 2011 and winner of the Global “Action Man” award in Barcelona 2010, for outstanding work as a Business Coach. She was a nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010 and Runner-up in NSW for “Franchise Woman of the Year” Australia, 2010.  A far cry from the shy, quiet child she once was growing up in the small town of Cudgen, NSW.


The Spice Girls, as well as X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice cast members, the NRL Roosters and winners of the ABC Farmer’s of the Year 2014 – “the Conscious Farmer” have all had the inspiration and clarity of Rhiannon in their face and at their side.


She has featured in countless TV and Radio shows and in print publications both in Australia and North America.  In these, she recounts her life as a homeless single mother and the steps she made to build health, wealth and happiness; inspiring and helping others to live the life of their dreams.


Through the wisdom of experience Rhiannon has developed a highly, calibrated radar to negative conditioning. This heightened awareness to detect obstacles to success, combined with a ferocious intention to pull people out of their pain patterns, has enabled Rhiannon to fearlessly and compassionately tear down self-constructed blockades standing in the way of a better existence.


During her unmeasurably tough years, Rhiannon analysed everything; immersing herself in self-knowledge to advance spiritually and to gain insight into getting the most out of life.  Yet all the books she read focussed on achieving the peaks, getting to the top of the mountain ahead of everyone else. No one talked about the value of “being”; the simple satisfaction of being born, going to school, having a job, getting married, having kids and growing old. Rhiannon began to think that perhaps these seemingly small goals were not as ordinary as first thought. Her penny-drop moment pulling herself out of homeless life in a tent with a small child in tow, was in looking at life a little differently – beginning to see that what was too often considered ordinary, was in fact extraordinary. She began a life of gratitude and from that gratitude, greatness flourished. The fire from her story still feeding today, the courage to facilitate monumental changes both in herself, as well as in so many others - individuals and businesses alike.


In the same way that she did herself, Rhiannon will make you question everything that you believe to be beyond your control. She will encourage you to think about the changes you can make that will extend and flourish into every recess of your life, providing the foothold to a more successful and fulfilling future.


The topics Rhiannon covers in her captivating speaking engagements, include building business and personal wealth, personal development and human behaviour, goal setting, overcoming obstacles in business and personal life, business coaching, creating success, relationships, love, harmony, health, happiness, alternative medicine, human resources and more.


In sharing her own story, Rhiannon is able to uplift and empower audiences to really dive into their own. Encouraging and assisting them to deconstruct and rebuild: creating possibilities to turn villages into empires.



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Mar 1, 2017

Ellen Finkelstein teaches online entrepreneurs to create a flourishing online business, with an emphasis on Internet technology and marketing strategy. She specializes in working with social entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Her special power is making the complex simple.

With over 15 years online, Ellen has created websites with high search engine rankings and around 300.000 visitors per month, over 22,000 subscribers and many followers on social media. She is also a published author, with books ranging from 20-1200 pages. She uses her experience to help others create client-attracting websites, grow their lists, create products, and deliver powerful webinars. She trains entrepreneurs to plan and deliver profitable webinars. Learn more at www.ChangetheWorldMarketing.com.





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Feb 28, 2017

Toni St. Clair is a transformational health coach, wellness consultant, and motivational speaker.  She is an expert in helping people step into their greatness by making health, wellness, and lifestyle changes that stick. She has training in nutritional endocrinology (using food to manage and manipulate hormones), and has received multiple but interrelated certifications as a live food chef, plant-based nutrition educator, hatha yoga teacher, and natural eyesight improvement teacher. Toni is the creator and host of the 2015 Your Life In Balance On-Line Summit.


Toni has the skills, training, and tools to help you balance your health and transform your life by meeting you where you are to get you where you want to be.  Her approach is to provide her clients with skills and resources to make sustainable changes in a manner and pace that is comfortable, affordable, and practical.  She invites you to visit her websites:  www.trueselftotalhealth.com and www.simplylivingraw.com




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Feb 28, 2017

I'm a divorce attorney who quit representing people in court for their divorces and now coaches people who can't afford an attorney how to represent themselves with confidence and integrity.


After practicing divorce law for a number of years, Jason felt like he wasn't helping anybody. Divorce litigation is a long, expensive and emotional process that often leaves all involved unhappy and bitter. The cost for a divorce attorney for a contested divorce can be $15,000+ to more than $100,000 for highly contested divorces. The initial retainer for a divorce attorney ranges from $5,000-$8,500.  Many people can't afford that.  That's where The Divorce Resource Guy comes in...to help those who can't afford representation and coaches them how to get through the process themselves.  Nobody is guaranteed a right to an attorney for a divorce, so they have no choice but to do it themselves if they can't afford to hire an attorney.  He offers a premier affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer, which is an online divorce membership community with video courses, forums and private coaching to its members.



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Feb 28, 2017

Andrew McCauley is the original Social Media Bloke. Named as one of the top 100 Most Influential Twitter Users and an Amazon best Selling Author, Andrew consults all types of Business on their Social Media and Online Strategy. Having been a speaker at over 300 live events, his passion for making the Online world more understandable shines through in all of his presentations. His customized strategies have continually seen 300-500% growth in traffic to business websites and his Podcast has been downloaded in over 100 countries. He is also the Co trainer and founder of the Digital Traffic Institute and AutoPilot Your Business, which has been helping businesses make money from their website for over 7 years.






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Feb 28, 2017

A video editor by day and a media consultant at night Philip Mathew is now craving out his dream of getting out of debt and becoming location independent for his work. In 2014 he a radical pray of visiting atleast 3 countries a year. Since 2015 he has visited over 9 countries and takes on almost every opportunity he gets to travel and explore a new location.

He is the blogger and curator at pmexplore.com where works towards inspiring people to explore the world around them. Follow him on social media: instagram, twitter, Facebook and pinterest @pmexplore or say hello@pmexplore.com




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Feb 28, 2017

You're mistakes don't define you. I'm proof that you can recover from a bad start in life to become successful. I went from teenage delinquent, & highschool dropout to a successful family man, author, & multiple business owner.




Feb 28, 2017

"Liz Rutledge is a Freelance Writer, Community Activator, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Mother. She writes a blog on sustainable living at SustainableThree.com. The blog informs readers how to integrate sustainable living wherever they are in the different stages of everyday life. Through challenges, interviews and blog posts about various environmental subjects, SustainableThree.com breaks down all the data into actionable tasks. Liz's deepest and most long lasting passion has been the environment. She writes for newsletters, home tour brochures, a travel blog, and magazine articles as a way to express this passion.

Additionally, Liz is writing a novel about on-line dating as an elderly woman to stretch her creative muscles. Inspired to try to make a difference after hearing of a 14-year-old boy's suicide, Liz hopes to help even just one student not consider suicide as an option to solve their problems. Liz created a Mindfulness program for middle school students that involves meditation and serves as a mentor to at-risk teenagers. In the past few years, her focus has shifted towards general mindfulness about body, mind, soul and the environment. Liz lived in Australia for four and a half years. The experience of living in a country much more open to alternative medicine, spirituality and environmental conscientiousness inspired Liz to take more action when she returned to America. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and three children."



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Feb 27, 2017

Hamid Safaeihas lived in the Netherlands for over fifteen years. A man of Persian descent and a speaker og three languages, Hamid has a deep passion to create a better world full of better leaders.

Hamid is a qualified executive coach, helping executives, senior managers, and budding entrepreneurs unleash their potential. He has led successful business transformations for a number of global Fortune 500 companies. Im Ocean Academy, which he developed, is a unique institute where he offers first-class coaching, leadership tools and techniques, combined with a shared first-hand knowledge of best practices. Hamid is best known for coaching leadership, personal development, and conflict resolution. Executives who have hired him to lead their strategic negotiations have been amazed by how Hamid nails down win-win deals, using his unique one-liners and brilliant Persian expressions.

First-Class Leadership was penned by Hamid, based on his personal experiences with high-ranking leaders in politics and the corporate world. Within this work, he pays specific attention to highly effective teams and simplified communication between leaders and their followers. Via his coaching efforts, Hamid has helped his clients awaken their "why", giving birth to their underlying dreams.

Having held several senior management roles and responsibilities in various organisations, Hamid is highly trained and professionally qualified. With twenty years of exprerience in applying the best tools and techniques for successful leadership, he has served clients at different levels and knows what he is talking about. Hamid is passionate about helping other individuals discover the best version of themselves. He regularly posts blogs on his website at imocean.academy, on subjects including leadership, the wheel of life, stress, target-setting, decision making, and unleashing potential.

Hamid is an expert at balancing his professional and personal life, a man who works very hard but still makes it home in time for dinner with his wife and son almost every evening.


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Feb 27, 2017

Michala Leyland spent 5 years in the education sector and over 12 years in the charity sector using her high level training and coaching skills before taking the brave step to leave her well paid leadership role and become an accredited self-employed Solution focused Coach. Using her varied skill sets and love of all people's personal potential she set up Wood for the Trees Coaching to support and inspire women to lead the calm, content, or wild and adventurous, enjoyable life they deserve.

Michala is an accredited Life Coach, a motivational speaker, author of Bounce Back from Burnout, founder of the Solution Focused Sisterhood & creator of the Clearing programme. She has 18 years’ experience teaching, training and coaching in the education/business and charity sector. She is passionate about helping women make positive changes, sod the shoulds, in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and create a definition of success that works for them.

When she isn't supporting fantastic, like minded ladies to lead the life they love and free themselves from the perceived stresses and strains of being a modern woman by sodding the shoulds and working out their musts, she can be found playing in the woods with her little treasures and the love of her life.

She is also a singing sensation (in her own head) and lover of all things musical (Eclectic taste doesn't even cover it). Having started a Facebook page for her business she is now officially addicted to the groups she's joined and had to impose strict boundaries on when she can use it in order to grow her business.


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Feb 27, 2017

My name is Stephanie McAuliffe and after nearly 30 years on Wall Street, my journey now leads me to being of service.  For many years I identified myself via my old stories, career and marriage, and in the process lost myself.  The past four years have been one of discovery and of unearthing my joy.


I am currently writing a book about my journey.  I seek to share this, to help people tell their stories, because I don’t want anyone to feel as alone and abandoned as I felt.  By uncovering family legacies and patterns from past generations, I found a way to a personal understanding that goes far deeper than the “what” of the events in my life.  It is possible to let go, heal, and set ourselves free.  In this book I include a compilation of the resources and techniques I used on my pilgrimage to peace.


My book, to be published in 2017, is dedicated to everyone who has touched my life.  They helped make me who I am today and I wouldn’t change a thing.


You may reach me at stephaniebmcauliffe@gmail.com



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Feb 27, 2017

Melanie Mackie is the Social Stylist and founder at Scarletta Media. Melanie is passionate about social media with soul and works with creative small business owners and expertly brings them and their businesses to life online with a blend of personal branding, social styling and strategy.


Carving out an authentic personable social identity online is a challenge for many and she intuitively unlocks her clients potential and supports and encourages them to show up online and speak out. To give themselves permission to be who they really are whilst demonstrating their unique talent. And to feel competent to use the online world with ease and in their own unique social style and flow.


Which means they feel empowered to tell their stories, confidently able to share their expertise, love to connect with and serve their people as well as grow their petite businesses.



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Feb 27, 2017

Hira Ali is a mompreneur and founder of three different ventures; Advancing Your Potential

Revitalize and Rise and ed Management Consulting www.edmanagementconsulting.com

She is also leadership trainer, motivational speaker, writer, professional coach and NLP practitioner. Hira attributes her success in training and professional coaching to her intense belief in infinite human potential and the ability to adapt and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds at an intellectual and emotional level. Genuine interest in people complemented by live-heartedness and candor enables her to reach out to people and impact them positively. 

An accredited member of the International Coach Federation and Association for NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hira's blogs have been featured by ICF, The Huffington Post as well as Ellevate's global feed. Her recent podcast interview on 'Women Killing It' where she talks about bringing in an avalanche of hope,  inspired hundreds of listeners worldwide.


You can connect with Hira on Facebook or on Twitter via @advancingyou.



Feb 27, 2017
Kelly Oldershaw
As a warrior for the truth, modern day creative alchemist and super conscious coach Kelly is the founder and host of 'Turned On TV's' Real Raw & Uncut series a new online channel just launching as part of pioneering a global movement to 'Turn On 1 Billion Hearts' through The Turned On Evolution launching in 2017.
Kelly is turned on by awakening and connecting herself and others to modern day and ancient wisdom, teachings and rituals that activate our inner genius, allowing us to fully express from our true nature and purpose, so instead of living in an ordinary world we can live, love, relate and create in an extraordinary world.
Connect with Kelly and watch her regular Turned On TV Series Here https://www.facebook.com/turnedonevolution www.turnedonevolution.com
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Feb 27, 2017

Caregiver expert, Lorna Scott, works with individuals and organizations that want to help family caregivers have a higher quality of life and avoid caregiver burnout.  She is the author of the best selling book, Walking the Journey Together … Alone, Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Middle of the Sh** and has helped many caregivers learn how to be aware of subtle changes they can make that will take them off autopilot and get back into the driver’s seat of their life. She has become a go-to expert in the caregiving community.  Scott lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada where she enjoys playing flute in the community band, attending Toastmasters and spending time with her family, especially the three loves of her life – her two grandsons and her faithful dog Pepper.




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Feb 27, 2017

Christian has worked in the Insurance Industry for the past 13 years. His academic pursuits started down the path of Accounts, but he then shifted his focus to the areas of Internal Audit and Compliance.

In stark contrast to his day job, Christian has been a Martial Artist for the last 20 years. Over the years, he has trained in numerous disciplines including Muay Thai, Kali and Jiu Jitsu, as well as a few Combatives systems. He has coached several students who have competed at various Mixed Martial Art events, and he was a former coach of the Trinidad & Tobago National Sambo Team. Christian is also co-owner of the first Defence Lab in the Caribbean, which runs Martial Art and self defence programmes.






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Feb 27, 2017

Louise is the army veteran who turned into an international legal adviser who then turned into a statistic in the burnout section of the national health survey when accepting a job in a small town in a central part of the country where she lives, Sweden.

When fighting her way back to life and work from the horrible experience of corporate related burnout Louise found that she was no longer welcome back at her job. Her whole life was turned upside down and as Louise tried to put her life back together, with skills she had acquired throughout her life and a few very hard earned lessons from her burnout recovery, she found a mission.

Louise decided to write "Find Your Feet" to give voice to all those people in the world who end up suffering from burnout. To let them know that they are not alone and also to instill them with hope and courage to find their way out of the darkness.

But "Find Your Feet" is not only an inspirational story of how to conquer burnout. It is also a story about exposing a darker side of society. A side where hidden agendas, political interests and power games are left to rule over such things as human decency, respect and compassion.



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Feb 27, 2017

The top 10 things to know about me:

10. I love being an entrepreneur. I started my first business in grade 4 selling baseball and hockey cards.

9. I run a digital marketing agency called Three Thirty, where we help our clients make more money using a blend of content marketing, a deep understanding of human behaviour, and the scientific method. 

8. I also run an e-learning startup called Readitfor.me, where we turn the world's best business and personal development books into beautiful 12-minute videos and workshops for organizations around the world.

7. I publish a daily podcast and blog called OneBook, where we teach you one idea from one business book, every single day..

6. I practiced law for one full week. 7 years later I'm still recovering.

5. I was a guitarist and songwriter for a band that almost signed an honest to goodness record deal and recorded an album on the same sound board that U2 used to record the Joshua Tree. Our album didn't do as well.

4. While playing NCAA hockey, I learned that I shouldn't "mistake activity for productivity". It's a lesson I'm still learning to this day.

3. This list is constantly evolving, just like I am.

2. I'm filled with gratitude that I get to wake up every morning and do work I love to do.

1. I'm filled with even more gratitude that I get to wake up every morning to a loving family and group of friends that make my life worth living.

What should I know about you?

Feb 27, 2017

Compassionate and direct, Dr. Lin has worked with thousands of individuals and groups during her career. Her greatest joy is witnessing the metamorphosis of those who transform their trauma(s) into brilliance.  She knows first hand the impact of post traumatic stress, and the strength, courage and power unleashed when the past is neutralized, the present embraced, and a joy filled future created. When we are tuned to our deepest self, the world becomes our playground.  Dr. Lin was voted International Coach of the Year for her cutting edge work as a life style and executive management consultant/coach.


An entrepreneur, best-selling author of Soul Lifts: From Bumps to Brilliance, and advocate for those willing to excel in their field, Dr. Lin Morel is a founding member of The Evolutionary Business Council.  She is recognized as a creative thinker, courageous trailblazer and advocate for the integration of applied spirituality into our personal and professional lives.  “As leaders, it is incumbent upon us to listen to the wisdom from within.  We cannot deny the impact of the unseen forces that inspire and inform who we are as human beings and as effective leaders. Leadership, first and foremost, must begin by effectively leading our own life.  She calls this Leadership by Design℠. 


For 35 years Dr. Morel has served CEOs and corporate executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel stuck, lack clarity both professionally and personally, and are facing a variety of recurring patterns that lead to self-sabotage in relationships, health and finances.


Dr. Lin is active as an advocate for victims and communities impacted by violence. She currently serves as Board Chair for A Window Between Worlds, (AWBW.org), where she has served for more than 16 years. She has worked with victims of post traumatic stress and trauma since the 80’s, when she founded the Endless Mountain Retreat Center in PA. 




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Feb 27, 2017

I am a Financial Professional with Prudential Financial in San Francisco for the last 3 years after spending 29 years in telecommunications and 4 years in a medical office.

My passion is being a semi-professional cake baker and decorator for the past 34 years specializing in “look-a-like” cakes of logos, graphics and photos. My work can be seen at http://www.deliasdesserts.com, http://www.cafe-arc-de-larctique.com and https://www.facebook.com/DeliasDesserts/, https://www.facebook.com/pg/ReviveCreativeArts/photos/?tab=album&album_id=676091652437721


I use a technique of cutting waxed paper stencils to create perfect designs. I’ve since developed the capability to do this on small layers of icing that can be cut out and placed on cupcakes. I also started training people to do this kind of decorating and am exploring creating online training videos for this technique.

I am an avid runner having completed 9 marathons, 3 half marathons and many 5 10 and 12K races in the past 10 years. I have 2 cats and own my home in San Francisco.


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Feb 26, 2017

Hi, I'm Hilory Wallk and I want to create a custom roadmap for you to bring massive success in life and business into your life through a blend of Chinese Metaphysics and life coaching. My goal is to help you avoid costly missteps (hiring the wrong coach or mentor, launching your business at the wrong time, joint venturing with the wrong partner, etc.), heartbreak (falling too quickly for the 'player' you met while online dating, or worse, marrying the wrong man), and wasted dollars and years in pursuit of your happiness (quitting your job to become a solopreneur when your chart shows that you will not succeed without a partner or a well-crafted team, taking actions that knock you out of alignment with your purpose either for money or due to fear or lack) and instead reveal your Lifestyle by Design via your unique GPS. You CAN deliberately shape your life if you recognize and address your weaknesses, enhance your strengths, maximize your favorable luck cycles, proactively prepare for the challenging times, choose the right romantic and business partners, and so much more....

My career as an attorney prepared me well for the years of rigorous study to learn this ancient craft, and to apply it strategically to your unique and modern needs. I called my business "Soul Centered Feng Shui" for a specific reason: to provide support and guidance to optimize your use of the custom roadmap to realize your soul purpose in life (your unique raison d'etre, 'reason for being'). When you live your life in a way that satisfies the deepest needs of your soul and expands your destiny, true freedom will be yours. I'm your guide, your co-pilot, the one who holds the space for your biggest dreams — even (especially) those dreams that terrify you!

Feb 26, 2017

Vanessa Gaboleiro, PHR., works with recently divorced women in their 20s and 30s that are ready to recreate their lives. After her divorce almost six years ago, her goal was to become financially independent and emotionally powerful again. After a cross-continental move, she found a job in two weeks and has focused on creating a new life for herself. Now she is helping other women do the same.


Vanessa writes for the Huffington Post, contributes to DivorceForce and has been featured in Prevention Magazine.


You can learn more about Vanessa at www.vanessag.me




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Feb 26, 2017

Our guest today is a Customer Experience Strategist, keynote speaker and business woman.

The most amazing thing about Yanique is what she has managed to accomplish as a small business owner charged with a mission of “Creating a More Caring World!” Her passion for customer service has taken her to many different countries in the Caribbean and the rest of the world to train and speak on improving Customer Service.

She is a woman on a mission and she see’s herself as being the “Oprah of Customer Service!”

Yanique is the Managing Director of Professional Training and Occupational Services - a full service customer experience development company that helps businesses from thought to execution on creating that magical and quality experience - one which leads to raving fans and customers! Yanique has been been featured in Virgin Blogs and is also the host of Podcast Navigating the Customer Experience Podcast - which was ranked #15 in the TOP 50 Customer Retention Podcasts. She enjoys kickboxing and is a proud mom. Please welcome, Yanique Grant!


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Feb 26, 2017
After 23 years in the corporate sector within Training and Development and People Management, Emma is now an established SME owner.
She attributes her success to her people skills and describes herself as a people process geek. It is these skills that make her so sought after by some of the top Business Development Trainers in the industry.
With her Post Graduate qualifications in Management, and being a Master Practitioner in NLP is it any wonder that the management of people are high on her list of priorities and values.
Emma is a respected and much loved leader. Respected for her compassion yet maintaining the ability to make really tough decisions to resolve potentially and volatile situations. She has accumulated a number of nicknames over the years, but the one that sticks is “The Fixer”!
One of her peers and a fellow trainer, said of her “Emma, you do the jobs that we hate you for that must be done, and yet you always do them with grace”.
She has worked with organisations like KPMG and the World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings, both of whom have given her huge insights into human behaviour, personal growth and people performance management. She is currently the Chair of the YES Group London which is the UKs largest personal development community, where she expands her love of getting people to grow.
Emma has a genuine passion for guiding people to solve their problems, and she is hailed as one of the most inspirational advisers in her industry.




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Feb 26, 2017

I am gifted to have had global expertise in most areas of HR - Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations, Benefits and the list continues to grow as I am passionate to learn, perform and grow myself and the organization.

Feb 26, 2017

A year and half ago, Julie did not know anything about writing and publishing and now she is the Amazon bestselling self-published author of 'Easy Peasy Potty Training' and 'Easy Peasy Healthy Eating'.


She is currently writing her first children's picture book and in the middle of her first novel during National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) and is having a ton of fun! Mind you her day to day life is relatively dull - she gets excited when she gets a new tea towel out the drawer.


Julie had aspirations of being a writer since she was very young but somehow got sidetracked into the corporate world. After the birth of her first child, she rediscovered her creative side with a popular blog about her ride on the parenting rollercoaster at cherishmama.com."

Julie’s books provide simple and straightforward information on parenting topics so busy parents can avoid time taken up searching for often confusing and conflicting advice. They can then spend time with the beautiful tiny humans in their life and do what makes their hearts sing.



Julie lives with her family in a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie.


Feb 26, 2017

For the last 3 years I've been living a full life as an Emcee, Corporate Comedian and live performance coach. I perform at corporate and private events from conferences to weddings.  I also teach beginning comedians how to develop killer confidence to crush it on stage. The stage is my first love and primary passion. I want people to own it every time as it brings incredible joy to share your talent and ideas with the world. 









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Feb 26, 2017

Tonya Farrens is the producer and tour director of the compassion movement called, The Good Spirits Tour. The tour is designed to seek, serve and celebrate extraordinary individuals and organizations going above and beyond to make other's lives happier, healthier and safer. Tonya created The Good Spirits Tour in order to honor the multiple volunteers and counselors, that came to her aid after losing her father to suicide in 2015. "When I recognized that the people that were giving me so much of their time, love and expertise were all volunteers, it really warmed my heart. I knew they had my back but couldn't help but wonder who had theirs", said Tonya. The Good Spirits Tour travels nationwide performing acts of kindness as well as offering gifts, meals, spa days and entertainment to volunteers and veterans.

Prior to embarking on a national goodwill tour, Tonya spent the past 20+ years in Las Vegas managing entertainers, working for Cirque du Soleil, producing special events and running her artisan shaved ice company, Shivver's Bar and Chill. Tonya has just recently relocated to Austin, Texas to continue building her company as well as expanding The Good Spirits Tour.

Tonya is known in her circles as the "positive one". She has overcome immense tragedies, including beating ovarian cancer in 1996 and she gives full credit to her optimism. Tonya is a firm believer in the law of attraction and being cautious of where your energy goes. She has designed both her company and tour to promote reverence for life, above all else. It is her way of helping edge out the dramatic rise of depression, fear and anxiety in our culture.

You can learn more about The Good Spirits Tour at www.goodspiritstour.com


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Feb 26, 2017

Lisa Braithwaite started performing at the tender age of three when, confronted by her mother about why there was Comet cleanser all over the bathroom, she responded, “Out, damn’d spot! Out, I say!” She’s been traumatized by bathrooms ever since.

Her background also includes playing a groovy Santa in a 1977 elementary school Christmas play and making her mother cry as Emily in the 8th grade production of “Our Town.” She occasionally won high school speech tournaments with her award-winning topic of “Brown Bag Lunches.” More recent achievements include faking her way through an interview for a Chicago Tribune article about faking public speaking.

But what’s most important is Lisa’s philosophy of public speaking: That it’s fun, that it’s an awesome way to express yourself creatively, and that passion and enthusiasm are worth more than a thousand techniques.

Also, that public speaking makes you richer, thinner, and better in bed, but you’ll have to read her blog to find out how!

(Now, if you still want all the boring credentials and what I’ve been doing for work for the past 20+ years, read on…)


School- and community-based training, education and public speaking experience since 1992

Theater performance background

Expertise in adult learning principles

Expertise in communication skills development

Expertise in program and curriculum development


M.A. in Education, UC Santa Barbara

B.A. in Theater, Pomona College

 Before starting her public speaking coaching business in 2005, Lisa Braithwaite, a Santa Barbara native and Cate School graduate, worked in the nonprofit sector in Santa Barbara for sixteen years, developing  and implementing programs, curricula, and training materials for local organizations. She has spoken to thousands of people, both youth and adults, on topics ranging from domestic violence and healthy relationships, to gender equity and Title IX, to public speaking and presentation skills.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create new and innovative programs in each organization she worked for. In 1995, she created the first full-time teen relationship violence program in Santa Barbara County, for Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County. In 1998, she developed a media literacy program for Girls Incorporated of Carpinteria, inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold. In 2000, she joined the fledgling Morgan Foundation and established their domestic and international grant programs to provide computer and Internet access to poor communities and developing countries.

As Training Coordinator for Tri-Counties Regional Center, she led the team of staff and consultants in creating a new employee orientation program and a comprehensive training and education program using employees as trainers.

She is proud of her accomplishments with Body Electric, a nonprofit she co-founded in 1997 to promote participation, recognition and celebration of local women and girls in sports and physical activity.

In 2003, Lisa was honored for her work with Body Electric with the Louise Lowry Davis award, named for a local pioneer in women’s sports. The award is given annually by the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table to a person recognized as a player, coach or sponsor who excels in leadership and sportsmanship in the community.

Lisa is a graduate of Women’s Economic Ventures’ Self-Employment Training and continues to volunteer as a speaker in the program. In 2013, Lisa received WEV’s Santa Barbara CountyVolunteer of the Year award.

She has been interviewed for the Chicago TribuneL.A. TimesWall Street Journal, the Santa Barbara News PressMen’s Health Magazine and on Inc.com. Her blog, Speak Schmeak, is listed on Alltop.com as one of the top public speaking blogs on the Web.

Lisa resides in Santa Barbara with her husband and rescued kitty, TigerLiger.

Feb 26, 2017

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson has always had one foot out the door and a hand in the dirt. Even though she grew up in Minneapolis, she spent the majority of her time outside in the sun, as well as finding different ways to grow as many types of veggies in small garden plots as possible.

Her real health journey began when her oldest daughter was continually having upper respiratory infections. The pediatrician assured her this was normal, but that was not how Lynn felt. After doing research (and this was before Google), Lynn discovered holistic medicine. After only a month, her daughter no longer was sick, and the only time she gets sick is if she is eating junk food. All of Lynn's seven children were born with a midwife, and five of them were at home.

Although always studying on her own, Lynn also received her certification as a health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in May 2010. She is also a current student in the Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training program, as well as Evolutionary Herbalism.

For more information visit: www.FeedingYourHealth.com 


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Feb 26, 2017

From being a lazy teenager looking to have fun with his friends, I quickly became a motivated and dedicated entrepreneur. I started with my company JB Media Force and immediately began picking up small clients. I established an offshore team to handle the projects while I single-handedly took care of sales here in the United States. After building up the companies portfolio, I was able to take on bigger projects with bigger companies.


While this company was growing rapidly, it still did not seem to satisfy my hunger for something bigger. I decided to sell my first business and move on to some other ventures I was planning. I quickly began working on another project, which was known as StatFuse. This project was unique because it required a lot of work and featured an extremely innovative idea to help high school students around the nation. After months of hard work with my partner, we were able to successfully launch this company in February 2012.


I am proud to announce that as of 2017, we ended up selling our first tech startup StatFuse, which was acquired by LendEDU. Currently, I am working on launching a couple other online businesses and I’m partnered up with numerous entrepreneurs as we work on creating multimillion dollar companies.


In addition to this, I have made it a personal goal to help others find their purpose in life and achieve massive success. I have had the opportunity to share my messages on some of the biggest platforms in the world such as TEDx and now I’m looking to bring my message to everyone.

Feb 26, 2017

Amélie Chanda is a Wellness Coach, she develops complete fitness and nutrition plans that fit her client’s lives. Her focus is integrating her client’s family, passions and lifestyle to switch their mindset and find lasting solutions. Her personalized programs empower her clients to find time for themselves and targets both physical and emotional health. After 15 years, as a busy professional, Amelie decided to trust the universe and focus on her true purpose; helping others to achieve optimal health. As a wife and mother of 2 active children she is passionate about developing healthy habits that the whole family can be a part of.

Amelie is a personal trainer, a yoga teacher and holds a certification in holistic nutrition. She combines her passion to create a unique approach to a healthy lifestyle. She provides support and motivation every step of the way. She stands for whole foods and active lifestyle for the whole family.




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Feb 25, 2017

Anna Liotta, MA, CSP is an award-winning speaker, business consultant and author with a deep understanding of how generational demographics and dynamics can affect the landscape of business.  


Early in her consulting career, Anna noticed a common theme:  a fundamental lack of understanding between different generations within an organization that hindered trust, alignment and long-term success.   Further, this generational misinterpretation or breakdown, was occurring across many different industries from high-tech to manufacturing, wealth management to legal services, and medical care to, insurance solutions.  Anna chose to make alignment and understanding across generations her mission.   


The founder of The Generational Institute™ and author of Unlocking Generational CODES Anna leverages her Generationally Savvy Communication Solutions™ programs to help clients develop strategies for optimal communications across generations.   Anna’s clients range from consulting with the PGA of America to the NBA, from Amazon.com to Microsoft.


Anna holds a Master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication and has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of intergenerational inclusion, 



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Feb 25, 2017

I am a writer and master-certified life coach. When I write about my life and experiences, in an effort to explain them to myself, I find that it resonates with others. I am dedicated to the concept that the truth never creates suffering and that all stories can be told through the lens of truth. I am also the author of The Peaceful Daughters Guide To Separating From A Difficult Mother. I live in New London, CT, with my husband. My website is www.kclanderson.com








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Feb 25, 2017

Tom Dowd, AKA Transformation Tom™, is a loving father of three beautiful daughters and a devoted husband from a small town in Maine. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Communication degree, concentrating on interpersonal and organizational communication. Tom is a prize-winning speaker, an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, trainer, coach, and radio host—all spurred by his need to be more than a painfully shy and introverted individual on a rollercoaster ride of success.

Tom is an active member in Toastmasters International, a group of 300,000+ members worldwide looking to develop communication and leadership skills. Tom joined in 2008 thinking it was just a way to boost his résumé. It became a wonderful downhill spiral of failure. Whether it was a speech contest or a publisher’s rejection, Toastmasters pushed him beyond his comfort zone to find selfawareness, belief that he could make a difference and the motivation to take smarter steps toward success both personally and professionally. What Tom found was a boost in confidence that changed the path of his life and career. In 2015, he was awarded the District 45 (D45) Division Governor of the Year, and in 2010- 2011, he was awarded the D45 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year representing over 100 clubs in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and the three eastern most provinces of Canada. He achieved Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) status in 2015. Now exhibiting consistent speech contest success, Tom is the D45 Speech Evaluation Contest Champion (2015) and two-time Table Topics (Impromptu) D45 winner in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, he is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation.

With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry in management and leadership roles at the same organization and a plethora of inconsistency on this professional journey, Tom received the call nobody wanted: “We’re downsizing.” After unexpectedly losing his full-time job, Tom landed in a better place in just 59 days using methods from his coaching and training. He is now a VP at one of the larger financial institutions in North America. In 2011, he started his own side business “Thomas Dowd Professional Development & Coaching” where he continues to use the lessons learned on his climb up the corporate ladder to help people creatively find ways to differentiate themselves in the workplace and to find their own individual paths toward success. The mantra is “Transform into who you really want to be.” Tom is the award-winning author of three books. “The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas: Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World,” details Tom’s own professional growth based on lessons learned in his career, which received Honorable Mention at the 2012 New England Book Festival. “From Fear to Success: a Practical Public Speaking Guide” won the Gold Medal at the 2013 Axiom Business Book Awards in the Business Reference Category. His third book, derived from the unemployed stint, "Displacement Day: When My Job was Looking for a Job" was published in March 2014 and received Honorable Mention at the 2014 Paris and New York Book Festivals. Tom’s two most recent books “Time Management Manifesto: Expert Strategies to Create an Effective Work/Life Balance" and “The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood” were released in October 2014 and April 2015 respectively. All are available in book and eBook versions, while “Fear” is also available as an audiobook.

The “Transformation Time with Transformation Tom” live radio program on BlogTalk Radio began in November 2014.



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Feb 25, 2017

Catherine Basu is an ACE-Certified personal trainer with a secret: she grew up dreaming of ways to get out of gym class. Her grandfather, a physician, never gave in to her requests to write a doctor’s note that would get her out of P.E., but she’s grateful now for his integrity.  Her

years of toiling in gym, have made her a passionate ally of those who want to get in shape but feel uncomfortable in the gym environment.  Ultimately, it led to the creation of her company, Fit Armadillo®., whose mission is to help busy individuals find fitness they can enjoy at their own place and pace.

Armed with her B.S. Degree in Biology from The College of William and Mary, Catherine enjoys debunking fitness and nutrition myths to help her clients achieve lasting results and uncover the many benefits of an active lifestyle. Catherine has been quoted for her expertise in WebMD magazine, on Sparkpeople.com, LiveStrong.com, EmpowHER, Fitbie, and WorldLifestyle, and writes as a blogger for the Huffington Post.

Catherine has zero tolerance for diets, supplements, and detoxes (and not just because she’s a huge fan of gluten-full bread!), but lots of love for those new to fitness. An avid runner, she has competed in races from the 1500m to the full marathon, and loves helping others start a running routine.

While no longer a classroom teacher, Catherine enjoys using her Masters in Education from The University of Connecticut to promote literacy as a volunteer tutor in local schools.


Her first book, Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk About Fitting in Fitness and Dare You to Join Them, will be published December 2016.


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Feb 25, 2017

I use to say one day I am going to quit my job and do something with all of my talent being wasted away. And, one day I woke up tired of sitting behind a desk drinking the Corporate Kool-Aid. It was at that time in my life I decided there will never be a perfect time to do it, the time was now or never.

I’m Brandi, a perpetual traveler, RV’er, EX Corporate America Kool-Aid drinker, and modern day documentarian. For the past several years, I have been exploring the entrepreneur world while traveling, creating memories, connections, and businesses along the way.

I’ve learned quite a bit since starting my entrepreneurial journey and love sharing everything with other like minded travelers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and RV’ers! I took my life from desks to destinations, along the way I share unconventional strategies and stories about work, life, and travel.

BlogginBrandi is the home of my discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how I decided there must be more to life and traded in my everyday corporate gig to satisfy my wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.



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Feb 25, 2017

Jim Mazziotti, known in Central Oregon and to his clients as just "MAZZ," is the Franchise Owner/Realtor & PrincipalManaging Broker,of Bend's EXIT REALTY BEND. Jim holds a number of certifications and designations including the ABR, SFR,SRES, MRP, 203K Specialist, FICO Professional, REO Default Certified Professional, is a OICP Certified Investment Specialist and a Coach, Trainer & Speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team. Jim has published three books to help sellers learn the truth about how to sell a home quickly and for top dollar! Learn more at www.jimmazziottiauthor.com .

MAZZ came to Central Oregon in 2002 after leaving his own successful real estate office in Iowa. He was in the Top 1% in sales and listings in the State of Iowa. From 2002-2004 Jim was a Realtor and property specialist at Eagle Crest Resort. In 2004 Jim worked with Legends Realtyin commercial and residential real estate andhe opened EXIT in 2006.MAZZ is your source for all properties in Central Oregon. Professional, Courteous and Aggressive.....always! 

His EXIT REALTY BEND office offers agents the abilityto be part of the finest training in Bend. His company is built on the foundation of excellent marketing, technology and one-of-a-kind training systems.

Jim's EXIT franchise is one of more than 800 Exit offices with some 30,000 agents in all 50 states and Canada. 

Jim is married to Leann (36 years), and has three children, Nicole 33 a teacher at The Oregon Youth Challenge & studying to be licensed as a real estate agent, Anthony 26, who recently completed service in The United States Marine Corps and Christiano 20, a student and offensive guard for the Pacific Lutheran University Lutes.

Mazz is currently completing his manuscript for a soon-to-be published book titled Letters To My Son: How 144 Letters Changed My Life And Can Change Yours Too."

I am passionate about finding new ways to solve the problems that plague new and experienced real estate agents

Feb 25, 2017

Kandis Webb, Life & Career Coach based in Atlanta, GA, empowers employees with the mental and emotional tools necessary to be purposeful, productive, and passionate at work, in life, and with their dreams.

During her 15 year corporate journey, she climbed from  fast-food worker, to data entry, to customer service, and  finally to sales.  She earned top awards, international trips, and brought home a lot of bacon.  Successful by society's standards, though, she still struggled with feeling like there had to be more.  


That struggle is what sent her on a journey of working purposefully, living authentically, and dreaming actively so that her work, life, and dreams could align.  This is what her life and career coaching is based on.


Her clients have ranged from high-level marketing professionals to college graduates on the hunt for their perfect first job.  Her success in helping hard-working employees re-connect with their authentic selves while aligning their jobs with their dreams can be seen from the testimonials on her website, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages.



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Feb 25, 2017

“To provide my family with the security we need to have amazing adventures together” — this is Jeremie’s big why. Jeremie, Ashlea, and their son Fionn base all of their amazing adventures out of their home in Rossland, British Columbia. When Jeremie started his business, he knew he couldn’t take the big money risks that many business owners do, so he focused from day one on building a sustainable and financially secure business that would support his family and keep everyone safe. Now, after seven years of being in business and testing his money management ideas out on himself, Jeremie wants to support you in creating the money habits and solutions you need to build and grow a sustainable and financially secure business.






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Feb 25, 2017

Serena Star-Leonard is a writer, business coach, social entrepreneur and humanitarian. She is a digital nomad who has been travelling the world with her husband John for the last 4.5 years. Together they are the founders of Five Point Five www.fivepointfive.org and produce 5 minute documentaries of people who are making a difference to their communities. They then translate these stories into content for kids with their social enterprise; Travel Kids Club www.travelkidsclub.com aiming to give kids the confidence to change the world.







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Feb 25, 2017

You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition to become a Public Speaking trainer, but that’s what Lucas did. In the past 3 years Lucas has used his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years, stress management techniques, and training as a Certified Professional Coach to empower business professionals to communicate with confidence.


He is an internationally renowned communications trainer that has been featured in Forbes, is a TEDx Speaking Coach, and has built a thriving communication training business.






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Feb 25, 2017

First and foremost I consider myself a storyteller in the tradition of the cantadoras of the past, slyly hiding life lessons in stories filled with humor, irony and a look at the human condition through the eyes of a cosmic observer.

I've been writing since I was ten years old, a rebellious act against the teachers who only saw a little girl of some foreign origin and assumed that there was nothing of value there. 

My heart has always been in prose and poetry, the language that dances to the music of the soul. Because of its universal nature I have been drawn to travel indulging an insatiable curiosity about our common experience as human beings, lived differently yet still connected like drops in some universal ocean.

Ever since I can remember I have had extraordinary visions, daydreams and whispers coming to me from some unknown yet familiar place. We call that intuition today. I call that wisdom and it is my greatest gift. It took me years to embrace it and hold it lightly.

I've been called names, but not nasty ones. Warrior, sage, alchemist and poet are my favorites.


I've been on a spiritual quest my entire life seeking connection with the divine through Nature, sacred spaces, reflection and adventure. I'm fascinated by questions, not the obvious ones, but the ones that lie buried beneath the surface calling to be explored. I agree with Rilke when he said, 

"...be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves..." 

I am the one that loves the questions and have developed the fearlessness to ask them out loud. Everything I do is because of the questions I keep asking.

As an author and a writer I contribute my insights and share stories that inspire and connect. My stories awaken the longing within and replace it with the courage to act on your dreams. My first book, EveryDay Epiphanies: Insights for Living with Purpose is a series of essays and, of course, stories, based on client interactions and my own adventures exploring the world out there and reflecting on my world within. Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days is a book full of daily inspirations and intentional practices that can be read while you have your morning coffee, starting your day with focus and inspiration. I am currently working on my third book, a memoir based on my adventures in Ecuador, titled The Shaman's Wife: A Story of Love and Self-Discovery. Stay tuned for that. If you're really curious, here is the Prologue and first chapter (unedited) of my work in progress.

As a facilitator and speaker I inspire my audiences to expand their perspectives and open to new possibilities in their lives. I revel in sitting around the virtual campfire telling stories that stir the soul and clarify the truth for you so you can see your place in the world with fresh eyes.  Epiphanies are my specialty.

As a mentor I am a catalyst for transformation, supporting those who seek personal evolution through the deep exploration of the sacred and the wisdom to manifest conscious shifts that improve your life in the here and now. I have over twenty years of experience working with visionary leaders, executive women, creative and social entrepreneurs and change agents. I believe that powerful and effective leadership begins with personal awareness and intentional development as a human being. Your title doesn't impress me. I care deeply, however, for your soul. I firmly believe that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience and this belief provides the lens through which I do my work with you.

As a conscious entrepreneur I recognize that the more I give the greater impact I can have.  Our project in Ecuador contributes to our local community through work opportunities, education and community service. My partner, who is an Andean Wisdom Keeper and a trained psychologist, and I have created a sacred space in Ecuador aptly named Oasis based on the concept of convivencia - to live with or to be in community with. We designed Oasis as an invitation to come home to yourself whenever you need to dig deeper into the unresolved questions of your life. When you come stay with us, you are nurtured in spirit, body and mind while we support you in your personal inquiry. 

Feb 25, 2017

It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams.

The strength of her conviction in that profound truth ultimately compelled Life Mastery Mentor, Rosemary Heenan, to turn to a whole new career at a time when most people, in her position as a career college professor, would settle into retirement and a comfortable couch. Now Rosemary fulfills her soul purpose by working with business women who have experienced addiction, either personally or in their families, to remove the blocks keeping them from achieving the success they desire. This acclaimed inspirational speaker, workshop leader, and radio host uses her innate teaching talents to expertly help others to discover their soul purpose, reinvent their thought process, and thereby effect long lasting positive change in their lives. www.rosemaryheenan.com





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Feb 24, 2017

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences on topics at the core of the Go-Giver books. A former television personality and top-producing salesperson, Bob has shared the platform with some of today’s top business leaders, broadcast personalities, coaches, athletes, and political leaders, including a former U.S. president.

In addition to coauthoring the bestselling Go-Giver books with John David Mann, Bob has authored a number of popular books, including the critically acclaimed, Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales and Adversaries into Allies. His total book sales are well over a million copies. He was named by the American Management Association as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Thought Leaders in Business for 2014.

Bob is an advocate, supporter, and defender of the free enterprise system and believes that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people one serves. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves on the board of trustees of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. For more information, articles and free resources, please visit www.burg.com.


Feb 24, 2017

Susan Hasty is the CEO of 360 Profit Masters and the host of the Lucrative Leadership Conversations podcast. Susan considers herself a

“maverick leader” on a mission to inspire and equip leaders to ignite their leadership genius.


Susan co-founded 7 business ventures over the last 35 years. Her passion is helping business owners and CEOs improve their own clarity, focus and commitment to build more sustainable organizations empowered to make economic liberty a reality. She is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a Strategic HR Business Partner by the Human Capital Institute and a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Network of International Leadership coaches.  




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Feb 24, 2017
Brian Basilico is an award winning and internationally recognized author, speaker and online strategist He’s the founder and president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an award winning marketing consulting and production company in Aurora Illinois. B2b helps companies and non-profits, market their products and services through the effective use of on-line tools including; websites, blogs, eMail, social networking, Google, S.E.O., YouTube, and more.

Brian’s career spans over 30 years. Since starting his first production company in 1979, he’s produced thousands of projects for companies ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100. Brian combines years of marketing experience, with technical expertise, to build on-line campaigns that produce measurable results. As a musician, technician, programmer, producer and consultant, he has built a reputation for creativity, innovation, and translating “geek” into english. Brian is also an adjunct professor, trainer and author of many social networking and marketing blogs. He has been featured with articles in Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines.

Author - It's Not About You, It's About Bacon! Relationship Marketing In A Social Media World
Author - The Bacon System - Sizzling’ Hot Recipes That Grow Your Business

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Feb 24, 2017

I’m a Health & Wellness Coach based in Leeds. I support people in improving their physical and emotional health using homeopathy, PSYCH-K® and providing lifestyle advice. I work holistically and use the combination of tools that I feel will benefit my clients the most.  I work with different types of clients but particularly enjoy working with children and young people.

In the last three years I’ve trained as a PSYCH-K® facilitator which helped me move forward when I felt particularly stuck in my career. The beauty of PSYCH-K is that helps you change your limiting beliefs on a subconscious level in a quick and easy way.  

This period has been one of tremendous growth and of becoming more visible and reaching more people.

Feb 24, 2017

I am a classically trained singer, vocalist and voice coach based in Hampshire, UK with more that 30 years experience in the business. Passionate about performance, music and singing, and guiding the vocal journey of others.
I embrace technology and want to connect with people. I write blog posts and create courses to inspire people who are looking for the right kind of vocal coaching and advice, wherever they are on their vocal journey. You can book lessons with me online.

Feb 24, 2017

My name is Joe Nicassio.
Over 20 years ago, I got "sick and tired", downright "angry" at unscrupulous "business people" who have an infinite capacity to fabricate an unlimited supply of "empty promises" about how to make a business truly successful.

For the last 20+ years, I've been on an obsessive compulsive quest for the truth of what really works in business.

In this journey, through my own trials and tribulations, I have learned principles, strategies, and laws of business. I've learned what works, and I've become an expert at what doesn't work.

As a business owner, you have the right to discover how to increase sales, multiply your profits, and "squeeze the most juice" out of all of your business efforts. 

I promise you, as you explore this website, read my thoughts, and stretch your mind, you will come to realize that everything I do is designed to help you improve your bottom-line profits.

You have an obligation to succeed, so that you can be a better provider for yourself, your spouse, your children, and your employees.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Joe Nicassio

Feb 24, 2017

John Spender is the creator of the best selling “A Journey Of Riches”  book series. He has coached 1000’s of people to live a life they love. He is an international motivational speaker and the producer of the new film “Adversity” For more info: ajourneyofriches.com


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Feb 23, 2017

Shea manages all things content at Holabird Sports. From social media campaigns to blogs, events and video production. She is also the right-hand woman to red lila yoga founder and lead teacher, Lindsay Lusignea, creating red lila's newsletters, conferring with training students and advancing marketing efforts. 

Shea dreams of bringing her imagination to life through fiction novels, and her love of business to life through the development of her own business, whatever that may be in the future. 

She is a huge proponent of creativity and entrepreneurship, and her passions expand as wide as the arms of the arts, from theater to authorship to singing. Shea is also a lover of craft beer and snorkeling.

Feb 23, 2017


Erlinda Vo - The Energy Alchemist, Founder and CEO of Lindy Heart, is a leading expert in personal motivation for forward thinkers; people who are ready to have their dreams and goals realized. As an experienced life coach, and her most recently study of Essential Oils, she has guided many people in transforming their vibe from bad vibes to good one.


Erlinda has developed a new methodology using customized Essential Oil blends for energy/spiritual healing that breaks the barriers for individuals in achieving the results they want and assist them in having an overall sense of well-being in all areas of their life. She has held several workshops, personal sessions, and devoted thousands of hours to researching the most effective way to manifesting goals using business and spiritual principles.



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Feb 23, 2017

Angel M. Taylor is a small business coach helping ambitious entrepreneurs close the gap between where they are and where they want to go. As an experienced entrepreneur and marketing professional, she has spent nearly a decade working closely with small businesses and deeply understands their unique opportunities and challenges. Believing that sustainable business success requires far more than talent and skill alone, Angel leads entrepreneurs through a transformative leadership development process that creates more clients, more revenue and more freedom.






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Feb 23, 2017
Full name: Frans van Liempt
Born in Haarlem, Netherlands on July 17 1956
I had several jobs: office, supermarket, bars, professional photographer. Studied nursing but quit in the last year. Then worked as care giver in homecare.

In 2007 I moved to the Philippines where I started a resto bar in 2014. Due to unforseen circumstances I went bankrupt. Wanted to sto my life but that attempt too failed and I met wonderful, helping and caring people. A Filipino man took me in and he is supporting me now. I wrote a book about the resto bar and what had happened, The manuscript won a Dutch writers contest and it was published in Dutch. I translated the book into English and published it myself. At the moment I am writing another novel.





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Feb 23, 2017

Beejal Parmar facilitates gamified business training events and full immersion experiential retreats for his corporate clients and entrepreneurs.

His approach is unique and full of character… quite literally. As a speaker, he uses a vast array of characters to engage, entertain and educate and empower his audience, making him unique in the world of professional speaking. However, this is no stage gimmick. Beejal reflects the industry belief that the audience remembers less that 2-5% of what is taught, they rarely go back to their notes. However, they rarely forget an experience. Each character is an anchor to the content, and rarely does his audience forgot Beejal keynotes, workshops and training events!

He is also is a sought-after business coach and consultant, he travels the world sharing his inspiring story, teaching people how to discover the gifts of their past, unlock the secrets and potential of their personality, how to design a life plan based on their uniqueness, how to overcome failure by better mastering emotions, stress and anxiety, and how to create better faster results in their business.

But just a few years ago, he was a man desperate to find answers to life’s toughest questions while enduring a period of personal hardship that seemed to have no end. Despite the setbacks, he remained a dedicated husband and father, and continued to follow his path through his life adventure.

In 2010, Beejal and his family, sold most of their things, packed 4 bags and started a 5-year global adventure that lasted five years. During that time he lived the laptop lifestyle, that others talk about, but have never done! While traveling the world he helped build 3 businesses, empowered hundreds all over the world, all while homeschooling his two daughters, together with his wife, Yogi.

Beejal loves to create incredible training experiences for his clients that put the word fun back into learning, such as Musketeer Training and Jedi Path Training.


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Feb 23, 2017

Kylie Ansett is an author, book coach and business trainer. As well as writing her own works, she is the creator of Book Launch Bootcamp - how to successfully market you book using browser to buyer psychology, and Skill 2 Book - turning your talent into text, where she mentors others to bring their masterpieces to life through her book writing, publishing and marketing system.



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Feb 23, 2017

Chandler is the author of 5 bestselling books, including his most recent book titled “Book Launch”. He’s also the founder & CEO of Self-Publishing School, the #1 online resource for writing, publishing, and marketing your first book. Through his books, training videos, and Self-Publishing School, he’s helped thousands of people on their journey to writing their first book.

Business Insider’s prediction for Chandler’s Self-Publishing School to earn $1 million in 2015 came true.

Feb 22, 2017

Ashley Emma is that author of the bestselling novel Undercover Amish and the upcoming Ashley's Amish Adventures series. She lives in Maine with her husband and two children where she owns a salon in her home. She has several more books coming soon.





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Feb 22, 2017
Andrea Hill is a rebel in today's dating industry. She has created programs, services and espouses advice, and guidance to help people to consciously date better.
Andrea has had a love affair with love, since she can remember. She's a card carrying romantic, and has been studying and writing about the dynamics of the romantic relationship for over 10 years. 

Having someone to love, is one of life’s greatest gifts. Sometimes receiving such a gift can misfire, or those involved aren’t always speaking the same language. Sometimes, you are having a hard time finding someone to even miscommunicate with! Andrea made the decision, that instead of joining the frustrated masses, that she would help create opportunity and be a leader in promoting positive change. Be the change you want to see in the world, right?

In her own journey to find love she has encountered others on the same path, so she started asking questions. It was then that Andrea began hearing the same concerns from both the male, and female camps, that she decided to delve further and really discover what it’s all about. She has interviewed people from small towns, to large cosmopolitan cities around the world, and the one thing she discovered that we all have in common is the desire to love, and be loved. Andrea has now made it her mission to help people do just that, successfully.

Professionally speaking, Andrea has been in the relationship ‘business’ her entire life. Her experience runs the gamut – teaching etiquette and deportment classes, delving into life and relationship reflection, running teams through exercises on how to become rockstar communicators and relationship champions. It has all brought her here, to follow her passion and help others connect to theirs, romantically.
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Feb 22, 2017

Latest EP "For Keeps" available on iTunes now! 
Feb 22, 2017

My name is Cara Brzezicki and 3 years ago I had a 2 year old son and another son due in December. My life was already crazy busy with 1 son. I created the Sippie ClippieTM, which is a clamp and cord device to prevent sippy cups from falling to the ground, when my first son was 6 months old. Once he was older, I thought about how I could make the Sippie ClippieTM a reality and help other parent obtain one.

After my second son was born and grew into the sippy throwing toddler stage, I decided to do some research, hire an engineer, file for a patent and create my business. Today I have my business name, Jazzie Beans LLC, and I am launching my Kickstarter campaign on November 25, 2016. Hopefully I am fully funded and am able to start the manufacturing process and send the Sippie ClippieTM into the world!!





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Feb 22, 2017

Dr. Liz Powell is a psychologist and coach who works with people who feel like the regular dating world doesn't fit for them. She helps them learn how to tap into their authentic selves to create relationships that are their unique perfect fit and that make them feel worthy and deserving of love exactly how they are. There are no right or wrong relationship styles, just ones that work for us or don't. Dr. Liz has presented at many national conferences, including the AASECT Conference, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, International Ms. Leather, and CatalystCon. In addition, she has taught classes on relationship styles and sexual communication at venues such as the San Francisco Armory, home of Kink.com, and Mission Control, the birthplace of Kinky Salon. Dr. Liz is also a decorated veteran with 5 years service as an Army Psychologist and one tour in Afghanistan.


In work with clients, Dr. Liz is queer, non-monogamy, and kink-affirming. Her approach to therapy and coaching is highly strengths based and values centering the client's needs and goals. She combines techniques from CBT, mindfulness, and evidence based therapies to create a customized treatment plan optimized for each client. Most of all, Dr. Liz delights in working with those who consider themselves outsiders, burners, queerdos, misfits, and badasses.


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Feb 22, 2017

Do you need a fresh, new speaker who will absolutely deliver a powerful message and leave your audience mind-blown?

Do not pass up this opportunity to feature near-death survivor and female business owner, Cherie Aimée, for your next show or event.

WHO IS CHERIE AIMÉE? Cherie is going to be the first former $3 million dollar bionic woman and force of nature to bend realities and revolutionize the entire healthcare and business industries through the heart.

6-years ago she died. She flatlined in her husband's arms. Doctors couldn't resuscitate her for over 90-minutes.

It took a massive team of over 100 doctors and surgeons from around the world and $3 million dollars to save her life, as she shattered medical records globally.

Cherie spent 4.5 years as a pioneer patient implanted with the latest in bio-medical technology, a device known as an LVAD or bionic heart.

Recently transplanted with a donor heart, Cherie has spent the last 2-years rebuilding her body, life, and business.

Topics she discusses:

• The New Age Healthcare: THRIVING Along Your Health Journey

• Entrepreneurial Evolution: Revolutionizing The Business Landscape

• Taking Your Power Back: Living A Life Of No Regrets

• Busting Out Of Obscurity: Building A Powerful Leadership Platform

• Hacking The Hustle: Flow States & Magnifying Your Creative Output

• Bending Realities: Magnetizing The Life Of Your Wildest Dreams


Cherie has been featured in or interviewed by several international media outlets such as the History Channel, NHK Broadcasting in Japan, Metro News, Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), Success FastLane, and several social media influencer podcasts and published books, all within the past few years.

She is currently most known for her extraordinary near-death story, which selected her as 1 of 16 near-death experience stories out of 3800 from the largest database in the world. Her story has been featured and published in the book, “God’s Fingerprints: Impressions of Near Death Experiences.”


Cherie has been through the extreme health crisis and come out stronger than ever.

• Cancer/Hodgkins Lymphoma

• Cardiac Arrest

• NDE + Journey to #Heaven

• 3-Month Coma/Life Support

• 0.000001% Chance Survival

• Full-Body Rehabilitation

• 4.5 Years Bionic Heart (LVAD)

• Heart Transplant

• Full Body Rehabilitation AGAIN

And she is now. THRIVING!

Her story is well known by top cardio-thoracic surgeons and medical doctors around the world as she shattered several medical records to still be alive here today.

Her book, "How To Rock An LVAD Like A Fashionista: 10 Tips For Finding The Perfect Bag For Your Left Ventricular Assist Device," is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.


Cherie currently runs mastermind retreats around the world and mentors emerging leaders looking to create a massive impact on Planet Earth.

Her mission is to revolutionize the healthcare and business industries through the heart to bring more compassion, love, and hope to 1 million lives around the globe.

For more information, please visit http://www.cherieaimee.com.                     Social Media                                                                                                 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xocherieaimee                                         Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/xocherieaimee                                                 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/cherieaimee                                         Periscope: http://www.periscope.tv/cherieaimee

Press & Media Interviews

Thriving Launch Podcast. Hosted by Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers: http://www.thrivinglaunch.com/social-media-brandingcherie-aimee/ TotalFreedomTV Podcast Interview With Cherie Aimée About Her Near-Death Experience + Journey Into Heaven. Hosted by Chris Duncan:http://bit.ly/1OUxJoX                                                                         Her Way Podcast Interviews Cherie Aimée About Near-Death                             Experience: http://apple.co/1Q0JPZr                                                               Millennial Marketers Interview With Cherie Aimée. From Death To                       Destiny: https://youtu.be/0xnIQ9-1MMo                                                           Career Breakthrough Podcast Interviews Cherie Aimée. Hosted by Paul Ames: http://bit.ly/2dBiaJb

Books Published                                                                                         God’s Fingerprints: Impressions of Near Death Experiences: http://bit.ly/godsfingerprints                                                                      How To Rock An LVAD Like A Fashionista: 10 Tips To Find The                             Perfect Bag For Your Left Ventricular Assist Device:

Blog Articles                                       http://www.http://cherieaimee.com/category/blog/


LIVE Speaking Events

Jan 2012 — Newtown, CONNECTICUT USA                                                       Jan 2016 — Bali, INDONESIA                                                                           Nov 2016 — New York, NEW YORK



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Feb 22, 2017

Michael Kass is a Los Angeles based facilitator, coach, and award-winning storyteller. His work focuses on harnessing the power of story to facilitate personal, organizational, and communal change.

Michael's trainings on storytelling, speaking, and mindfulness have been featured at events hosted by the Center for Nonprofit Management, NationBuilder, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Kaiser Permanente, CreatorUp!, Swipe Out Hunger, Bucknell University, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and many individual nonprofit and tech organizations. His storytelling has appeared on podcasts including I Love a Good Story, StoryWorthy, and TabooTales as well as The Moth. Michael's solo storytelling show, Ceremony​, has toured nationally and garnered recognition including LA Weekly Pick of the Week, Best of Fringe at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and Outstanding Solo Performance at the San Diego Fringe Festival.

Michael is a graduate of Rice University and Northwestern University. He is an ACC coach certified by the International Coach Federation, is a mentor with the Creative Visions Foundation, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Breath Center. Learn more at www.michaelkass.co.



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Feb 21, 2017

Anita is on a mission to make inspirational living the norm...

Entrepreneurs hire Anita to break free from a stagnating, mediocre life, unearth their joy and purpose for lasting fulfillment, wealth and inspirational legacy. Her clients have ranged from the ordinary person to Tony Adams, former Arsenal and England footballer

As bestselling author of the inspirational book Breaking Free, Anita has also contributed to three other bestsellers - Wake up Live the Life You Love, Imagine, and My Big Book Idea. She is also a freelance TV Presenter

She is the founder of Breaking Free Unlimited, a transformational coaching and mentoring company





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Feb 21, 2017

Eddy Mann's a... musician, songwriter, worship leader, teacher, speaker, coach, husband, and father... whether you know him as one or more of these people, you know his heart; you know his love for life.

Though his past has been playful and colorful at times, it also has been constant in its vision. It's always been a vision of hope, peace and understanding through the eyes of a loving heart.

Eddy's led worship for over fifteen years. As a musician and songwriter it was twenty years ago that he made the decision to offer his creative gifts to God. Since then he's released seven CD's and written countless songs for the church and world at large. On any weekend you can find him in a coffeehouse, in concert, at a conference, and/or leading worship.

His greatest earthly joy is his family... his wife Susan, daughters Ashley and Maddy, beagle Molly, g-kids Joey, Layla and Lexi and his sponsored children Emerita and Adjoint.

A new album, The Consequence, the follow up to 2014's Dig Love, will be released on Election Day, November 8th. It once again touches on the theme of a peaceful and loving existence, while delving into the the consequences of our actions. Musically it continues down the path that Dig Love charted staying close to the Americana, roots rock, and singer-songwriter traditions. The album is currently on pre-sale.

The singles, “You, You Make Me Feel" and "Something Beautiful and New" from Dig Love and RE:Prize, respectively, have both enjoyed national airplay charting.  The title track from The Consequence is now available at Christian Radio and americana radio, worldwide.


twitter: @eddy_mann

facebook page: eddymann.musician

instagram: @eddy_mann


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Feb 21, 2017

Dan Hegerich is a Natural Health Educator and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. His approach to dynamic health emphasizes self-love through nutrition and movement therapies rooted in the seven elements of healing: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Mind, Love and Rest. Most of Dan’s inspiration and knowledge was born of his own experience transcending a form of cancer-diagnosed “terminal”.  After a failed bone marrow transplant in 1995; Dan applied his expertise in civil engineering to healing himself, which involved reversing a cycle of degenerative disease and embracing a positive, generative cycle of multi-faceted nourishment.

During the last 20 years, Dan has traveled widely in pursuit of pioneering knowledge of natural health and along the way earning certifications in sports massage therapy, holistic counseling, corrective holistic exercise kinesiology, holistic lifestyle coaching, applied kinesiology, qigong, nutritional balancing science, life coaching and conscious breathwork. Dan was granted permission, by Grandmaster Fu, to facilitate Emei Qigong Universal Mantra – a self-healing technique for tapping into the energy around us for health, healing, personal growth and spiritual development. In addition to facilitating Emei Qigong, he leads workshops, retreats, and talks on The Elements of Healing and Conscious Breathwork.

As a holistic and natural health life coach, Dan guides clients towards self-mastery and disease free living by aligning with nature’s laws and their true own authentic nature. www.danhegerich.com


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Feb 21, 2017

Connie Ragen Green is the author of more than a dozen books on entrepreneurship and works with students on six continents as they become online entrepreneurs. A former classroom teacher, Connie teaches in a way that enables others to emulate the strategies and methods that work. This enables you to earn a living from home or from wherever you have an internet connection. After struggling her first year online, Connie began developing programs and  training courses for each aspect of online marketing. Her "signature" training is "The Internet Marketing Six Pack" and that allows new online entrepreneurs the opportunity to take the next step and become a part of her Online Marketing Incubator, where people from around the world gather online and in person to grow their businesses in a Mastermind setting. Connie makes her home in southern California and offers regular Retreats and Workshops in both Los Angeles and in the beach town of Santa Barbara.




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Feb 21, 2017

Danna Pycher is an international motivational speaker, hypnotherapist, and author. She specializes in trauma and disease and the correlation between the two. She works with people all over the world to shift their consciousness and teaches how peeling away our layers can bring us to ultimate healing. Through her speaking she is known to connect with her audience in an intimate way leaving a lasting effect. She has been featured as a TEDx speaker, in Brides Magazine, multiple news venues, and more.



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Feb 21, 2017

Award-winning podcaster, best-selling author, copywriter, and content marketing specialist, Deborah Owen, is the founder of Winning Content Strategy. This content marketing company helps small business owners increase their Impact, Influence, and Income by developing mutually profitable relationships through engaging and inspiring content.

After 12 years of experience as a school librarian, and a national award for teaching excellence, Deborah turned her hand to her first local and virtual business, coaching for parents and for youth performers and athletes.

During this time, she received certifications in mindset, relationship, and life coaching, and also had the opportunity to work closely with 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs and marketing experts from around the world. Now Deborah combines all these skills and contacts in her mission to support and grow 1000 small businesses through top-quality copy writing and content marketing.




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Feb 21, 2017

I’m Helen Rebello, and my strength lies in my inherent ability to embody calm and to create a safe, restorative sanctuary space for others. I help stressed soulful women, who serve others, find pockets of peace and calm in their busy lives, so that they can liberate their life from the inside out.


I'm an endlessly curious soul, a lover of life, people and animals, a grounded spiritual yogi, gratitude junkie, a realist who believes in magic, an extrovert introvert, a re-emerging writer and a lifelong learner.


If all that sounds pretty sorted, it isn’t really; I’m learning daily how to live from my heart, believe I’m enough, trust in my mission and lovingly poke the face of fear in the eye when it tries to tell me I’m deluded!


Originally following my head to train in Radiography and Medical Imaging, I honoured the call of my heart several years ago to change my life before I broke. Fighting my way out of severe anxiety and depression, I stepped into the abyss; abandoning security and following my curiosity to learn more empowered approaches to health and wellbeing.


I trained for several years in Eastern modalities, such as Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Mediation and Yoga, opening up new worlds and rediscovering myself in the process.  The theories and practices I learned were my sanity saviours. Even before I knew what mindfulness was, or that it was even a 'thing', I naturally discovered the simple power of being aware, and present. I got good at noticing what I was triggered by, what I was denying in myself, what I was suppressing, and what my body was trying to tell me.


I've since followed a slowly unfolding path of self-discovery and these learnings form the foundations of my work, because they brought me back home to myself when I was lost - and from that place, I now live a nourishing, aligned, joyful and tranquil life :)


I believe that you are enough exactly as you are - you don't need to be more, do more, bend more, or hide yourself. Learning to truly accept that brings inner calm, clarity and confidence; truly liberating your life from the core outwards.


Life is too short to spend it living in cruise control, unaware, heading to a destination you didn’t even set.  


No matter what comes your way, I’ve learned it is possible to wake up every morning feeling truly grateful for another day in which you get to live, love, laugh and play in the world. I created The Tranquil Path to offer a supported pathway to a more conscious and aligned life - one with more lightness, peace, joy, awareness and presence - liberation in all senses.

You can find out more about my work and what qualifies me to be a Peaceful Pathfinder for others, over at www.thetranquilpath.co.uk



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Feb 21, 2017

Amit is a technology enthusiast. He leads supply chain implementation projects and clients. Automation and Efficiency through the use of software development is a passion point for Amit. 

As a Partner he spends his time meeting with customers to learn about their business operations and challenges to craft out result-driven solutions.

Skills include: Managing Clients, Delivery management, Growth Management, Architecting Web Applications, Server Architecture, Problem-solving, Team Management, knowing what I don't know

Feb 21, 2017

Michael Prywes is an attorney,author,and entrepreneur based in New York. In his law practice, Michael shows artists and creative entrepreneur show to structure and grow an innovative business. Michael is also the host of "How I Broke Into, " a show that takes Deep Dives into Big Breaks.





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Feb 21, 2017
We will be speaking today about Incipient - the company my partner Amit Shah (who you are speaking with at 10) and I found about a year ago. We have been working together off and on for about 5-6 years now. Always completed small scale development projects throughout high school and college. Amit was always a little more into the technology side and i was really into the create/product development side.
At Incipient (a custom software development company) I head up all the creative aspects and product development. Any client that comes to us wanting to create a new product will be the client type i work with. I work them through our product dvelopment processes of market research, project strategy, conceptualizing the framework, wireframing,visual design, and  rapid prototyping to ensure that there idea is fully vetted and defined prior to going into development.
I really enjoy building things from scratch and learning about new industries when working with clients. I would suggest someone to do what i do if they enjoy something different everyday and trying to innovate existing products to become more versatile and valuable to the end customers. 
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Feb 21, 2017

Anthony Lee Witt is the founder and creator of The Champion Entrepreneur. He primarily works with individuals looking  to start the entrepreneurial journey through accountability coaching and mastermind groups. He believes that everyone can become a champion by focusing on strengths and developing a mission, vision, and purpose, their career life.

Feb 21, 2017

Phil Gerbyshak has been podcasting on and off for the last 10 years. His latest podcast is Conversations with Phil, featuring straight talk, no BS business insights, found by searching for (you guessed it) Conversations with Phil on your favorite podcast platform, and it's typically updated twice a week. If it's not there, let him know.

When Phil isn't podcasting, he's teaching salespeople and leaders how to increase their impact, influence and income. Learn more at http://PhilGerbyshak.com






Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 20, 2017

Joseph Bushnell is an online marketing consultant who has helped hundreds of small/medium business owners to use the internet to get leads, make more sales and ultimately increase their profits through online marketing. He is the host of the popular business podcast - The Online Marketing Show. He is a co-author of the bestselling books “Creating Business Growth” and“Creating Business Growth: The Last Chapter”.


Joseph’s philosophy is that anyone doing business online should be focusing on these 4 crucial areas of business growth – driving more traffic, increasing conversion rates, maximizing the lifetime value of a customer and getting things done, fast.





Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas


Feb 20, 2017

Yannick’s enthusiasm as a coach, trainer and human being is unprecedented. His passion for exploring what it means to live a good life, happy and full of experiences led him explore a large range of topics from applied psychology to philosophy. As a coach, mediator, coach trainer & supervisor and as a creative, critical thinker who’s determined to introduce effective programmes to schools, companies and individuals, Yannick helps his clients explore their world, build a strong foundation of who they are and as a result grow, resolve conflicts and embrace life’s challenges. He is a certified Existential Coach (MA), Positive Psychologist (MSc) and Regent’s College-accredited mediator for alternative conflict resolution. He has worked with some of the leading figures in the European Positive Psychology scene and on various personal development programmes such as LifeClubs, the German “Schulfach Glück” (School Subject Happiness) and the Haberdashers Askes Wellbeing Curriculum. Yannick currently programme-leads the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London and lectures on the world’s first MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP). He also designs and runs weekend courses in Existential Coaching and Positive Psychology Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching.

Yannick actively supports the development of integrative approaches to coaching and therapy and has contributed a chapter in the first academic book publication in this field. He is a core team member of the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapy Professionals organising the world’s first conference on the subject, he’s part of the core team at London’s Personal Well-being Centre and he works as a Personal Consultant in private practice offering his own unique integrative approach.

Yannick teaches and lectures on the topics of existentialism, coaching, mediation and positive psychology at institutions such as the University of East London (UEL), the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC).

Apart from his psychology work, Yannick founded and managed two startup companies in the areas of action sports and event solutions. Both had a strong social component and often helped to ground academic theory in practical experience.




Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas

Feb 20, 2017

I am a Business Success Coach & Techy Mentor and l can help you gain clarity take the stress out of the technical and administration side of your business. I can walk you through the processes and help you to create procedures that make your business more efficient and cost effective.

Ten years ago I entered the world of self-employment focusing on administration, bookkeeping, project and event management, followed by coaching and counselling certification. In the last two years alone, I have coached over 300 people enabling them to push the limits of their business through online marketing.

  • Does the online side of running a business overwhelm you?
  • Are you incredibly efficient at looking efficient?
  • Do you waste time trying to learn new systems?
  • Do you feel lost by all the techy jargon?
  • Do you get to the end of the day and wonder what you achieved?

I know what it’s like to feel like you are running around in circles; I understand the challenges on a personal level. Since having children I have had to navigate running a business and a family simultaneously which has been an incredibly difficult but highly rewarding experience. It has certainly been a learning curve.

Regardless of what your skill set is, there are always new things to learn when running an online business and this can feel overwhelming. These days, understanding the technical systems is essential for business growth and success and it’s a landscape that changes all the time. This is my area of expertise and I love supporting small businesses, enabling them to steer t
hrough a mind field of the techy world allowing their business to reach its full potential.

Entrepreneurs can get so caught up in making sure they ‘know everything’ that they can be in danger of not actually doing anything.  Trying to take on and learn new skills while actually running the business can feel like an uphill struggle. Many of my clients feel so swamped by the technical jargon that they get lost in it and stop focusing on the parts of their business that they love. They stop enjoying their work and even forget why they started it in the first place.

Stop trying to be superhuman. Allow me to take you through the technical processes step by step, empowering you with the knowledge, understanding and ability you need to grow.


Musical Background: 'TAKE THE CHANCE' by Nicolai Heidlas


Feb 20, 2017

I'm a budding writer with a plan to launch a series of books on people of faith from around the world, with the aim of promoting hope, acceptance, diversity and togetherness. We can no longer accept that people are judged for their religious beliefs. We are all the same, and deserve to be treated as such. Regardless of race, religion or culture all we all want to do is raise our children in a safe environment and live a happy life. 

They will be simple books for everyday people to learn without all the heavy religious overtones: light, informative and quirky guides to different religions that I'll explore - probably with a beer in hand!


Having spent my twenties building my career in the corporate world and achieving success, I got lost, confused and overwhelmed with what it was I was actually meant to be doing. So I did what any damsel in distress would do -I bailed and moved to a land far far away.  No Job!  No Man!  No Idea!  So I’ve taken some time out of my 'regular' life to explore my passions and 7 months later on the beaches of Bali I came up with the idea!


My 3 passions in life are:


- People

- Faith

- Travel


I am on an Interfaith pilgrimage as it were, not only to learn and develop my own knowledge and acceptance of other religions, but to document and share my journey with the world. Hopefully from reading about my experiences with everyday people from around the world, I can offer some insight that might just educate those whom perhaps fear the unknown in their fellow man.


I’ll be in and out of Temples, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues &  pubs and who knows what else! I’ll be learning to pray in Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit and others along the way, as well as learning “one more beer please” in as many languages as needed. I'll be spending my days immersing myself in the intriguing and intricate cultures of my fellow faithfuls in what I am sure is going to be the trip of a lifetime. 


Never one to waste an opportunity, while I’m at it I’ll swing by some of the biggest festivals on earth - Carnivale in Rio anyone? Did someone say Mardi Gras? And simply because life is about living and experiencing as much as you can fit in! You'll see The Unlikely Pilgrim on bended knee in the alters of the Vatican one day, followed by a weekend at Oktoberfest. It won’t be a drunken and debaucherous trip by any stretch of the imagination, but every day people certainly know how to party and I plan to meet them along the way!









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Feb 20, 2017

Holly Sully is an Abundance Mindset & Energy Coach who is passionate about showing people how to open their minds & change their perspectives to create new & exciting results. She is a trained Law of Attraction & Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, an author, a speaker and all round kickass coach who can show you how to welcome more wealth into your life. You can find her at www.hollysabundantuniverse.com or www.facebook.com/hollys.abundant.universe.





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Feb 20, 2017
Chara Watson is a Storyteller, adjunct faculty member at Oklahoma Christian University, and a stay-at-home-mom to four beautiful children. 
 In 2003, at the urging of her wonderful new husband, Josh, Chara enrolled in East Tennessee State University's graduate program for Storytelling, embracing her lifelong passion for stories, and connection. She graduated in 2005 and worked for a professional organization for Storytellers until she moved to Nashville, where she taught middle school. She now lives in Oklahoma City and teaches Oral Communications at OC. 
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Feb 20, 2017

Goro Gupta is passionate about helping people create a radical shift in their life’s by helping them realise their financial capability and helping them achieve this.


As a handpicked senior leader with Anthony Robbins, he is well versed on working with people in all stages of life and spends his time helping others both find and live their purpose. He has done this through both speaking on the same stage as Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwazenegger as well as coaching people one on one directly as well as through his companies.


He is the director of three successful companies –


Momentum Education Finance – the leading finance for education companies in the event space, working with the best of the best like Scott Harriss, Jack Delosa and Tony Robbins, financially empowering their clients to attend life changing events,.


Yellow Brick Road Preston – This branch of the publicly listed mortgage broking and wealth management firm specialises in providing their clients with the most awesome mortgage and finance advice helping them shift their financial destinies – along with of course a plan to pay down their homes in next to no time


10 properties in 10 years – a bespoke authentic property mentoring company that helps their limited group of clients achieve success through property and help build an empire that spans across generations.



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Feb 20, 2017

For the last three years, Audrey Rich has been working on her five novels. Her first novel, Masquerading Our Love, was published as a paperback in mid-October and the ebook in early November. She’s a stay-at-home mom who volunteers with children at church and at a local middle school, where she teaches the six lesson course Economics for Success for Jr. Achievement. For the first time this year, she’s homeschooling her 8th grade daughter.





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Feb 20, 2017

Brett Campbell is the owner and CEO of Fit International, a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients, and the Authority Academy, an online community for Internet marketers, coaches, speakers, and small business owners.

He is also the founder of the Unleash Your Greatness movement, an international live-event series to help others pursue living the life of their dreams. Brett’s messages reach over five million people each week.

Having grown up in New Zealand, Brett now lives in his dream house on the beach of the Gold Coast of Australia with his lovely wife, Emily, and their two Pugs, Burt and Puggsly.




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Feb 20, 2017

Owner of Ranchwood Home LLC, devoted family man, and passionate soccer coach, Colby Parks escaped the shackles of corporate America to pursue a dream. Based in the heart of Oklahoma, his company specializes in furniture and decor with a rustic style all his own. Colby looks to inspire others who feel stuck in life to make real change and find hope again.




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Feb 20, 2017

Adrian N. Havelock is a Master Salesman with over 10 years in Sales and Customer Experience.
He started his sales Career as an assistant to a Sales Representative of the Insurance industry where he worked part time.

He got his breakthrough when he landed a Job in Sales at the young age of 19 at the Local Franchise of BMW in Trinidad. This is where his career began because he built long lasting relationships by mastering the Sales Process with High End Clientèle.

His passion for excellence, truthfulness, and dedication to serve his customers whenever they have any requests or issues, made him one of the top 3 in his company. At the age of 22 he was already placing 2nd and 3rd overall in Sales in Trinidad. He was also the youngest Car Salesman in the country at that time.

His passion for educating customers on the benefits of his products and how it is valuable to them, transitioned into Training and Development where he unofficially coached new staff on the products, their pricing and how to communicate value effectively with customers.

This desire then turned into the direction of Business Consulting where he believes that transforming one company at a time can make a difference in building valuable people and by extension, a value-based world of Dedication and Service.

He is a Director on the Board of the Rotary Club of Penal, a Master Sales Trainer and has a Business Consultancy Company. Adrian is also the Creative Executive producer, for ‘Fit for Life’ – a Television series dedicated to overall wellness, health and fitness, and self-defence teachings.

Adrian has an extensive range of experience in various industries such as; Finance, Energy/ Oil and Gas, Labels, Packaging and Branding, Out of Home Advertising media, Electronics, Gambling, Fast Food Restaurants, Automotive and Retail.

UPSELL Business Solutions, is the brainchild of his Business Consultancy vision. 
His motto is; “Selling – It’s Simple Communication”

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Feb 19, 2017

Hi there – my name is Kristi Arno and I am from Wichita Kansas. By day I work at a local manufacturing company as an Human Resource Business Partner. However, the last 3 years I have really begun my seeing my life purpose. My husband and I started a nonprofit called “Pay it Forward Hearts Foundation”, where we go into the community and help other nonprofits doing random acts of kindness to help lift people’s spirits. Our mission is to help people feel a glimpse of hope by sprinkling bits of love and grace changing the heartbeat of the world one good deed at a time. 


Since we have started in 2015 we have done 15 events and reached over 1,000 people by doing Pay it Forward activities at local nonprofits such as: battered women’s shelters, homeless vets, retirement homes, sending packages to deployed military men and women, homeless feeding , animal humane society, and we just finished a Winter Wear drive collecting over 1,000 pieces of donations. We would like to see a Pay it Forward group in every community across the United States by the end of 2020.



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Feb 19, 2017

Tony, the Philosophical Engineer who is an author and speaker on personal development and self improvement. He is the author of the book, The Impression of a Good Life: Philosophical Engineering.

He has redefined the impression of a good life of just getting a degree, getting a job, and getting married in life to retire in 40 years. Instead of feeling that his life has been designed by someone else, he continually climbs a different mountain in life applying the concept of philosophical engineering: problem solving the challenges in life.






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Feb 19, 2017

Shonda Holt left a 24 year nursing career to start Nourishing Everyday. She is fiercely committed to working with clients to restore hormonal balance with a special emphasis on adrenal, thyroid and insulin imbalances.

Shonda has been there and done it. She burned herself out, gained weight and had horrible brain fog. She struggled skiing even a 600 foot vertical. She used to say she felt like she was dying. She had met the man of her dreams and she was afraid to marry him because she felt she would be a burden.

I doctor suggested she do some lab testing to really figure out what was going on. She learned from those tests and research that she was insulin resistant as well as in adrenal fatigue. This changed not only her health but also the future of her career.

She has lost 25 lbs and gained energy she never thought she would see again. She is happily married to that man of her dreams. She left nursing to show people what is missing so they can have control of their health.









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Feb 19, 2017

Gary has dedicated every day of the past 25 years on personal development. His lifelong enthusiasm and passion is to assist individuals in becoming their best.

Gary has studied extensively life coaching; has learned from some of the most exceptional motivational and inspirational speakers as well as having an extensive and diverse reading background from such authors as: Neal Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Shel Silverstein, Caroline Myss, Harvey Mackay, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, T. Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, & more.

At the present, he is being coached by Loral Langemeier, one of today’s most dynamic and financial strategists, author of the national best-seller The Millionaire Maker and two New York Times bestsellers, The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing and The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Life.  In addition, she currently acts as a financial expert on the Dr. Phil Show.

In addition, Gary has been selected as a Bob Burg Consultant.   The emphasis of this format of business coaching is taken from 1 – the basic principles of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s book, “The Go-Giver”, the five Stratospheric Laws of Success, and 2 – the “Endless Referral” Program.  To quote Bob Burg, “If you’re serious about your business, whether you are selling a product, service or yourself, master the contents of Endless Referrals and you will practically guarantee your future success.”

Gary’s coaching does not focus on “why,” but on “what now?” The Relationship coaching process shifts obstacles into plans and goals, looking forward instead of analyzing the past. Gary is trained to listen, observe and customize an approach to your needs; he will work to find solutions and strategies that will help you out of your rut. He tailors the experience, meeting you where you are, not putting you a “box” or forcing you through a program. Gary will help you discover your hidden assets, revealing the real person inside, allowing you to come into your own personal power, perhaps for the first time. Gary will teach to redefine who you are and teach you to release old limiting patterns, allowing you to flourish in all your gifts, as you provide value to others. Ultimately, Gary will uncover your REALized Relationships in your life with yourself and others.

Gary has a strong background in marketing and sales with 30+ years of customer service and 15 years of direct sales, social media.Gary’s Social Media consulting will train you to make the best use of social media sites as Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn, train you to find your way around and engage first with your new friends. Times have changed, no longer are customers wooed by commercials and pitches, they are looking for relationships they can feel good about.

A balance of engagement and content will be your magnet to attract new customers and referrals.

Be an implementer and see what happens.

Other Benefits of Working with Gary …..

In recent years, there has been much emphasis on Holistic Medicine,the system of health care that cultivates a supportive relationship between the body, mind and spirit, or rather the inherent balance of all healing modalities.  The emphasis is on the whole person rather than the narrow viewpoint to focus only on one aspect.

Besides being a Business / Life Coach, SpeakerSocial Media Consultant,Gary is a Licensed Massage TherapistEnergy PractitionerYoga Instructor, Fat Loss Coach and has a strong background in Nutrition & Skincare .  With all that, he is also an Ordained Minister ~ encompassing all avenues of wellness.

Along with his Coaching, Speaking and Social Media Consulting, he offers Bhakti Massage, Chair Massage, Myofascial Release, and Energy Work.Some of Gary’s clients have been individuals with Special Needs,conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Developm