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Apr 5, 2017

My name is Angela Dee and I am an author, speaker, teacher. My purpose is to encourage others who are facing life struggles to find healing. My motto, Be Brave, Dream Big~I have dreamed of writing a book since childhood. Through the support of Igniting Souls Tribe and my coach Kary Oberbrunner, I completed my book called Voiceless-Spencer's Story (A mother's journey raising a son with significant needs). It was released in September of 2016 and is available on amazon.com and B&N.com. A proud single mother of three, my background is in nursing care and teaching. I have recently entered the empty nest and this has allowed me to pursue the passions of my heart. Writing, travel, and enjoying all the outdoor activities in my home state of Colorado.

Currently I am developing a workable program to collaborate with my book. Having been a fulltime caregiver for a significant needs child that required 24/7 care, I have realized the importance of finding value beyond the caregiving mode. My new program will address self care in three aspects. Physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Having an adventurous spirit, I want to encourage others to find their passions through whatever artistic medium brings them a sense of healing and peace.

For the last three years I have been rediscovering myself. After being a stay at home mom for 20 years, I divorced and started searching for ways to start living outside of these self limiting beliefs that had held me back for so long. The type A personality that I was living under was not who I was and I began to explore the artistic, adventurous side of my brain. I quickly learned that the areas I had dabbled in were now the activities that made me come alive again. Dancing, travel, writing, and creating jewelry/pottery are all things that I have grown to love. My first love was being a wife and mother. Now that those titles required less of me, it was time to find a dream job working the passions of my heart. My first goal was to complete the book I had started in 2000. Though I always imagined writing a children's book, I ended up writing a book about the journey of raising a once normal boy, turned severely disabled. I know that this book will help many who have weathered a similar storm.

I reside in Parker, Colorado with my boyfriend of 2 years. We have six children between the two of us and are busy with their lives as well as our own. My boyfriend is also an artist, who performs in two bands and acts in small productions in the Denver metro area. We both are adventurous, spontaneous souls who love people and enjoy crossing bucket list items off our lists on a regular basis.

Apr 4, 2017
Angela Powers is a creative, hard-working utility player who loves technology, especially when applied to learning and helping entrepreneurs become freedompreneurs.

Angela has designed, developed and delivered training to hundreds of thousands of students globally as an instructional designer for the last 12 years. Working with large companies including Google, Amazon, F5, Microsoft, and Boeing as well as individual entrepreneurs, Angela knows how people learn and how to create transformational online programs that make a difference, get results, and turn students into raving fans wanting more of your awesomeness.

Apr 4, 2017

Jacqueline was a corporate/securities lawyer at Blakes in Toronto, and subsequently worked as Assistant General Counsel at The Toronto Star. Originally intended as a side project to satisfy her non-legal creative side, Jacqueline launched Luvali Convertibles/FlapJackKids, a company that focuses on all reversible and convertible products for women and children. Jacqueline has been named Top Mompreneur by Mompreneur Magazine  and appeared in Forbes Magazine alongside Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Her company has been featured numerous times in top press and media including  The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Ok Weekly, Us Weekly, Woman's World, USA Today, The Huffington Post and Woman's Day. Jacqueline's products have been featured in swag bags for Emmys and Oscars  pre-parties, and can be found in over 2000 stores in North America, and over 15  countries worldwide. Dipping back into her legal roots, Jacqueline is also a founder and owner of Caravel Law (previously Cognition LLP). Caravel Law is a revolutionary law firm that has set out to change the legal profession and legal services industry for good, by making  Bay Street trained lawyers financially accessible to entrepreneurs, with its tag line “Happy Lawyers, Happy Clients”. 

Apr 4, 2017

Chris Fern has over 10 years of experience in IT and computer software development, systems architecture, networking, and customer relations. These skills have resulted in the design and development of multiple software solutions and systems applicable to business of all sizes from the small business entrepreneur to the international organization. wHe is a brilliant facilitator of highly leverageable and scalable technology systems while communicating only the relevant information to various users of those systems.

Apr 3, 2017

Jean Kay is a prolific poet, who has written a poem every morning for 19 years. Jean’s books– Morning Light and her first of a series of Kindle e-books Christmas Poetry to Inspire are available on Amazon. Her inspirational poems have been shared in newsletters, anthologies, magazines, as framed poems, bookmarks, prayer cards and as commissioned poems for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, memorials, and other special occasions.

Jean is a professional member of Canadian Authors —Metro Vancouver and is currently treasurer, story contest coordinator, and National Voices anthology compiler/designer/editor. Jean lives in Tsawwassen, BC with her husband Jerry and Poomba – their cat. She treasures her role as Granny.


email: jk@poetrytoinspire.com

Apr 3, 2017

Justin Krane is a Money Strategist for business owners.

Known for his simple, savvy, holistic approach to financial planning, he advises his clients on how to unite their money with their lives and businesses.

He works with entrepreneurs to create a bigger vision for their business.  Justin loves business strategy.  He is all about achieving business growth.

Justin believes that every business owner needs to know where they are with their business money.

Using a unique system developed from his studies of financial psychology, Justin teaches business owners how to plan their cash flow and be strategic with their business finances.

Prior to founding Krane Financial Solutions, Justin was a Vice President, Investments, and Sales Manager at UBS Financial Services Inc., for 12 years, in Beverly Hills, California.

Justin is also a Certified Financial Planner professional.

He received his Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) designation from Investment Management Consultants Association and in conjunction with The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Justin has been featured in The Wall St Journal, MSNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and CNN Money. 

He is married, has three children and lives with his family in Calabasas, California. An accomplished athlete, Justin was a former junior ranked tennis player in Los Angeles. He loves to cook, travel, and speak Italian. 


Apr 3, 2017

In early 2014, I had just de-matriculated from an MSW clinical social work program because I was being pulled in multiple directions and finding it impossible to “do it all.” I was not willing to put my family in second place. Maintaining my desire and interest in pursuing a career change from dental hygiene to a counseling career, I signed up for two consecutive on-line coaching courses. As I completed the first course and began the second, I needed surgery and was diagnosed with appendiceal cancer. I was able to complete the second coaching course before a required second surgery and chemotherapy treatment were undertaken.


During recovery from the chemo, I joined the on-line Self-Publishing School in September 2015 and set off on a book writing adventure in the world of independent publishers thinking it would provide positive focus while I healed and anticipating the use of my book as a business card for my coaching business pursuits.


I will be releasing my book in February 2017—Reframe Your Viewpoints. The book lays out behavioral strategies and techniques to transform stress and anxiety into confidence and peace. Supporting theories and concepts are presented along with educational information on the impact of stress on the human body.


Throughout Reframe Your Viewpoints, I present the significant impact that the reframing technique has had on my recovery from latent PTSD, depression, obsessive thinking, anhedonia, and body dysmorphic disorder. Woven into this self-help guide I incorporate personal examples to demonstrate the techniques and provide numerous examples of reframing that demonstrate the effectiveness of reframing in reducing stress and anxiety along with a tool for measuring that claim.

Apr 3, 2017
Hi, I'm Pace Smith, a spiritual entrepreneur and the Pathfinding coach. I help spiritual misfits find a clear direction in their life. I'm a podcaster with two shows; Wild Crazy Meaningful Enneagram, where we talk about the Enneagram, and Wild Crazy Meaningful Life, where we talk about everything else. I'm a bisexual transgender Sufi.
Three years ago, my wife, Kyeli, and I had just moved out of our RV (in which we had lived full-time for a year) and into an apartment in Portland OR. We shifted from being biz partners to me being a solopreneur.
One year ago, I hit a burnout wall, and made some changes in my life and business to slow things down so I could rest and work sustainably. We were roommates with our best friend in Beacon, NY. It's been a fantastic year!
Now we're living in Lansing, Michigan and we just bought a house.
It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change a minute of it.


Apr 3, 2017

Nick is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. He spent eight years on wall street as a high frequency algorithmic trader. He’s currently the CEO of CalvinApp which is a productivity app designed to cut back on the amount of emails and texts sent when making plans. He’s also the co-founder of Less Doists, with Ari Meisel. He was the youngest person to graduate from UC Berkeley with a master’s in Financial Engineering.


Apr 3, 2017
Award-winning author of dark humour, women’s fiction, Donna Barker is the founder of Write, Woman, Write a community that provides support to women who’ve had “write a book” on their bucket list for years and need help to rev up their confidence, their commitment, and their courage to share their words with the world. She’s also the co-creator of the Creative Women’s Summit (launching in Feb 2017) which is bringing together 30+ creative heroines to share their tips to help hobbyists turn their passion into profit. 
Donna believes that by using our life’s milestones — births, deaths, significant dates — we can harness unlimited power to recreate ourselves as the person our soul is begging us to become, no matter how old we are. She’s living proof, having used her own 50th birthday as the impetus to toss her 25-year career as a technical, ghost-writer out the window and follow her calling: to be of service to women who have important stories to tell (which is every woman in the world!).
Apr 3, 2017

Karen Dimmick is the co-founder of Bookthority, the host of The Book Marketing Summit, and the co-author of the book 47 Mind Hacks for Writers. She has been helping authors for the past 8 years, from first time writers to an established, 5 times, New York Times bestselling author.


As a lifelong book lover, Karen firmly believes that everything centers around experiences. Her mission is to break down what works for authors and put it into practical steps to help them build a profitable, engaging business they and their fans love.


Always fascinated by how people think, Karen has studied neurology, behavior and mindset since 2000. She became a writer in 2006, when she was published in a major medical journal and has since written 3 books with Steve.


Now, Karen helps other authors with their mindset as well as the psychological side of having an author business like reader engagement, persuasion and branding from her site Bookthority.com


Website: https://Bookthority.com


Last 3 years – written 3 books (3rd launches on the 4th Dec). Moved across the country from Colorado to Florida. Started a new business – Bookthority. Currently putting together The Book Marketing Summit.

Mar 31, 2017

As a Chicagoland Realtor with more than 18 years of experience, when Knifie’s not selling homes she’s teaching Entrepreneurs how to buy, live, & thrive in their dream home.  She knew at the age of 10 that Real Estate was her passion.  While the other kids were out playing Knifie was inside watching home renovation shows. :)


She has since worked for a major Chicagoland Title company, a Property Management company, Foreclosure companies, & a Shortsale company to continue gaining knowledge in every way that she can of the Real Estate Industry.  


Knifie has now turned this vast knowledge into Educating & Inspiring entrepreneurs to buy their dream home.  

Mar 31, 2017

My name is Susanna Utbult and I´m from Sweden. 

I have studied and practiced feng shui for 18 years. 

I´m a feng shui expert,

I own and run the Nordic School of Feng Shui where

I have taught feng shui to several hundred students

since I took over the school in 2010.  

I love teaching and helping people to create better homes

and better lives. 

I also design houses for clients who are in the process of

building there own home and they just want to get it right (this time).

After being a feng shui expert for many years I have realized

the home is just one side of the coin for creating a better life.

The other side of the coin is YOU. It really doesn´t matter if

you have a great home according to feng shui, if you are in a

mess internally. You just have to do the work to get the 

whole coin to shine the way you deserve. It´s your birthright. 

That´s how I mix feng shui with the teachings of Bob Proctor. 


Mar 31, 2017

During the last three years, I've been driving 7 hours each way back and forth from my home in Northern California a lot,
To my 90 year old mom in Southern California to help with moving her, medical appointments and clearing her house and getting it sold. The house was also another hour drive.

After that I was helping my sister in Southern California and praying for her healing from cancer.  Sadly she passed October 9th.

My family and I have also been supporting our youngest son through mental illness recovery during the last 3 years. Presently he is doing well and about to come home after 3 months of establishing meds. We are a united team as a family defiantly committed to faith in God through Jesus Christ for his healing and excited about this new start.

Also during those three years we have been at a new church for us, the prior one was our church home for 27 years. This new church gave me a lot of honor and I've served as a worship leader, keyboard and vocalist, speaker and pastor for women, nesting one on one with them and most recently leading a small group on activating destiny using Lance Wallnau's resources. Much of what I do s a pastor has been helping wake up dreams people have had dormant and encourage them with Gods truth for relationship and activation of their dreams.

I've also been working with Tom Matzen's Strategic Philanthropy Master Mind over the last 6 months to activate my dream of coaching speaking and writing. That's how I got to hear about you.

Recently I started posting again at my website: TargetTransformation.com

Mar 30, 2017

Joel Kessel is a communications advisor who helps authors get publicity for their book so they can have a larger impact on the people they serve.

Through his 30 Days to a Bigger Stage program (www.30DaystoaBiggerStage.com), authors gain the clarity, confidence, and direction on how to strategically and authentically communicate, work with, and deliver their message through the media.

He provides thoughts and insights on communications and communication strategy through his blog site at www.JoelKessel.com. He also hosts a weekly podcast called Conversations on Conversations where listeners gain insights and thoughts on how they can strategically and authentically communicate and deliver their message and story with clarity and confidence.

Joel began his career in Chicago 23 years ago working for a number of public relations and communications agencies before going off on his own in 2000.

Throughout his career, Kessel has developed a specialization in PR strategy and media relations, which has garnered attention for his clients in numerous publications and outlets from USA Today, New York Times and the Associated Press, to the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and numerous local and trade outlets, among others.

He has worked with organizations of all sizes—start-ups to nonprofits to national brands—developing and executing an array of strategic communications programs. Current and past clients and accounts Kessel has worked on include the National Runaway Safeline, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Weber Grills, and Master Lock.

Joel currently resides in Dublin, Ohio, with his wife and two children.

Where you can find Joel:

on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelkessel)
Twitter (@joelkessel)

Mar 30, 2017
I help female online entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to make their business work, but it just doesn't seem to be coming together.  We don't talk much about their strategies though; because that's usually not where the problem is.

It's all between the ears.  

I give them the tools and support to dig under the surface of their conscious mind to find the sneaky limiting beliefs that they didn't even realize were THERE, but that have been keeping them from the success and lifestyle that they're working so hard for. Basically, I help them work less, have more fun, and earn more.

I've been an entrepreneur for 7 years, and for most of that, I made it a LOT harder on myself than I needed to.  Ridiculously long hours, phone practically surgically attached to my hand (even during dinner), and just fucking EXHAUSTED.  

In my quest to get more productive, I discovered spirituality.  The problem I kept running into was that most of the books and resources I found didn't tell you what to actually DO.  So in my head, I was like, "Okay, this all sounds great, I'm on board, I believe it works....but what do I actually DO??"  

"Set intentions", "Align yourself with the universe", "Balance your chakras"....WTF?  I didn't understand the lingo.  I wanted to, but I just didn't get it.  

So after spending a LOT of time figuring it out and diving into it like my life depended on it (it kinda does, actually), I was able to create techniques and processes so that the left-brained part of me could get on board.

Pretty soon, I was manifesting things with such regularity and appeared to be so "lucky" that my friends started saying, "You have GOT to teach other people how to do this!"

So here I am.  Helping other female entrepreneurs manifest, clear money blocks, and work less while getting more traction.

When I'm not teaching women to make the universe their new BFF, I'm usually hanging out with my family (hubby and two freakin' adorable young kiddos) or playing music (I'm a really good singer and a really average guitar player).

Mar 30, 2017

Maria Horstmann, MBA, CPT, PNL1, IRC Maria Horstmann is a Health, Well-Being, and Insulin Resistance Coach, a Personal Trainer, and a Corporate Wellness Consultant. In 2014, she left the corporate world to follow her passion of empowering others to achieve wellbeing through sustainable, holistic health steps.

Maria was once pre-diabetic and struggled with chronic digestive and gastrointestinal issues. She finally realized her ticket to reaching full potential in life was a commitment to an ongoing “healthy lifestyle”. Her studies and commitment to longer-term health led her to turn her health and lifestyle 180º . She is passionate about getting people healthy and compassionate about their journeys. As a former finance professional, Maria believes a commitment to health is one of the most profitable investments a person can make and be successful at work and at home.

Maria creates personalized experiences and programs for single clients, groups, and organizations to help individuals get to the root cause of poor energy, mental clarity, focus, productivity, and motivation. Her custom programs educate clients, step-by-step, on smart nutritional choices, the management of stress and sleep, physical activity, attitude, and more.

Maria has helped people overcome health struggles such as weight management, fatigue, burnout, belly fat, brain fog, insulin resistance, blood sugar and hormone imbalances, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle. Maria worked in international business and finance for over 20 years and understands the strain of a busy lifestyle. She offers knowledge, accountability, support, and tools for success.

Maria earned her Executive MBA from Emory University. She completed Health Coaching training at Precision Nutrition and Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. There, she completed the Insulin Resistance Practitioner Training and is training in Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Program. She received training in Personal Training at National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Maria is virtual and often coaches by phone, Skype and/or Zoom. She is also mobile—comes to you or you can have sessions in-person at her office in Vinings/Atlanta. No Excuse! At Work. At Home. Check out www.BeFabBeYou.com for more information.

Mar 30, 2017
I was a plumber for 11 years, until 3 years ago when a friend was murdered in January 2014, another committed suicide in February, and I had a cancer scare in March. At that time I had a lot of pain in my neck, back, hip and shoulder, and arthritis in my hands, and had already set up the Pink Plumbers Franchise to support women in the trade, and written my plumbing book ‘Hints & Tips for the Practical Plumber’ to help plumbing students turn their skills into a thriving plumbing business, after they leave college without having to get an apprenticeship (just as I did), so everything I had learned I had put out there for others to learn from, so it was time to move on. 
I had a network marketing business at that time so thought I would throw myself in to that full time, but instead I discovered I was exhausted and needed time to recuperate, so it didn’t work out! I also readdressed my values, and friends and connection came up to no.2 on my list! (No.1 was freedom!)
I attempted internet marketing, learning loads of new skills, meeting amazing people, and travelled to the Caribbean twice in one year, which resulted in me investing in a property deal in Chicago. 6 apartment blocks in an up and coming area, so all was not lost, even though internet marketing itself wasn’t for me and I accumulated a large amount of credit card debt - all at 0% interest though! (I’m great at managing debt!) Last summer I went back to doing class 1 lorry driving and became a snow technician for Snow Business, who specialise in snow special effects, to help pay the bills.
I have 2 kids, Zak is 22 and is doing a PHD in Maths at Warwick Uni, and my daughter, Hazel, is 19 and is doing Forensic Anthropology at Dundee Uni. Once Hazel had left school last summer, I was in a position to rent my house out and move, as I didn’t need to live somewhere so expensive. I was advised by a friend to sell it and invest the money into different assets. Just to back track a little, in 1999 I bought a property in Chesham with a derelict house on it and commercial yard. It has taken me 17 years to win the battle with the Council, and finally be allowed to re-build my house! In January 2013 they took away my planning permission, and to cut a long story short, eventually I proved to them that I had already implemented it, and the building regs, meaning they couldn’t take it away, and this time last year I got the go ahead to build my house! So I ended up selling the house I was living in (which had been an investment property to get me out of the crater which the other one had left me in), and am now building the other house! So I’m renting in the meantime and have gone back to doing plumbing for me in the house! 1st fix is complete, I’ll be putting in the underfloor heating in January, and bathrooms in Feb/March next year. I will be moving in around May. 
Now as well as project managing my house (and being the plumber and client - trying to keep one step ahead of the builders!) I am now an investor mainly, and on a mission to change the world! I have a business with a cryptocurrency organisation called OneLife/OneCoin. We have 2.7 Million members in 2 years and growing at a rate of about 100,000 new members a month! OneCoin is set to be the no.1 cryptocurrency in the world. We have already overtaken Bitcoin and OneCoin will be on the live exchange in April / May 2018. The OneLife vision is for there to be One global cryptocurrency. There is a gap in the market for a trade cryptocurrency, keeping costs down across countries & continents. And with 40% of the world not in the banking system it is time we created something that works for everyone in the world, and not just obliviously keep feeding the banking system which keeps the rich rich and the poor poorer. That 40% may not have a bank account, but most of them have smart phones! So thanks to Bitcoin for being the pioneering cryptocurrency and starting the process of opening people’s minds to a new era. Just as Facebook did to My Space, OneCoin have created a safer, more user friendly, bigger, better version. I went to Bangkok in October for the launch of their new super secure blockchain! 11,500 people from 70 countries (OneCoin is in a total of 195 countries). It was very humbling! The UK is very small!! There were people from Cambodia, Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, The Caribbean, Thailand, China, and loads more! All committed to growing the network of users and merchants, giving OneCoin usability and therefore value. OneLife have a new Mobile app builder for small to medium sized businesses to get on board the digital era and communicate with their customers through their own customisable app, at a very low cost! It’s really cool! It has passed its baby phase and is now reaching momentum, so this is a great time for people to get involved. OneLife sell financial education packages, so people can learn about cryptocurrency and empower themselves at this crucial time of the digital era finally impacting financial global transformation. 
In March this year I did Tony Quinn's Educo seminar in the Bahamas, which is a seminar on programming your big goal, your dream life, right into the unconscious part of the mind. Instead of living out your beliefs and patterns based on your dramas and negative programs you have accumulated since birth, you can take control of your mind, and program it so you are living in to your vision of how you want your life to go. It’s extremely powerful! Tony Quinn is an extraordinary man and his doctorate in Psychology led him to running these seminars to teach others what he has been doing for decades. e.g. Steve Collins, who beat Chris Eubank as an unseeded, unranked boxer, after Chris hadn’t lost a fight for 43 fights! Steve used Tony Quinn as his coach, and retired from boxing years later, unbeaten! During the seminar I discovered my big goal / purpose, is to build a chain of mind, body and soul Spa’s for which I will win Best International Spa Award. A number of investment opportunities, including OneCoin, presented themselves to me as a result of programming my mind with this outcome!
Mar 30, 2017

How Restful Insomnia Came to Be


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

Hi, sleepyheads! Sondra here — sharing a bit about how Restful Insomnia came to be. - See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

Here’s the short version: I had a long, long bout of chronic insomnia, and nothing I tried helped. So instead of agonizing over not sleeping, I decided to use the hours to just be with myself. And that not only reduced stress, to my surprise it also led to rest and productive days. From there, I went on a search to discover more ways to attract rest. This delightful journey turned into the Restful Insomnia program.

And the longer version….

Insomnia and me

For most of my life, I struggled with insomnia just when I had PMS or had one of my anxiety spirals. Not fun, there were just a few bad nights in a row before I'd go back to pretty good nights.

I was lucky enough to not really think too much about insomnia, until…I started to be absolutely wide awake in the middle of the night.

  • No PMS
  • No menopause
  • No coffee
  • No extra anxiety (other than what arose from not sleeping)

Just awake for most nights of the week, for weeks and weeks. And months.

I tried just about everything. I didn’t want to take sleep medicines — I was already on an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication and heard of weird side effects from them. But I did else everything I could find. From the usual (no coffee, sleep hygiene, herbal teas and tinctures, over the counter pills) to the unusual (acupuncture based on what time I woke up, homeopathy).

And when that didn’t work (it didn’t), I did all the usual and unusual things when I couldn’t sleep. From relaxation exercises, reading, getting something done, and forcing myself to keep my eyes open until I had to close them, and hopefully sleep.

No matter what, I kept on having chronic insomnia at night, so most days I was just plain fried.

Life at the time

This was about 15 years ago, when I had two small kids and a husband with a chronic illness. He also seemed to have rapid body movement disorder. That’s like having occasional sleep twitches – people often have them when falling asleep — but for about 15-20 minutes, at various times during the night. The sleeper doesn’t necessarily notice, but believe me, the bed partner does.

Before my chronic insomnia, I’d generally be able to fall back asleep afterwards. Not the perfect night, but good enough.

- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

But during my rash of insomnia, I just couldn’t let it go. My cue to be up for hours.

And whether he twitched or not, I suffered at night anyway. I was a space cadet and anxious and cranky and exhausted during the day. For months and months.

I grieved not having sleep. Shock and denial (thinking it was no big deal), anger (at my jumpy husband and everything else), bargaining (“Maybe if I get the house in perfect shape, I’ll be able to sleep”), and depression. No need to explain that.

And finally acceptance. But that didn’t come at first in the middle of the night. It came in the middle of the day.


- See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

My days were hectic with two small kids – I didn’t feel I had any time to myself. And I wanted to have some space to change how I dealt with ongoing anxiety and self-criticism. I’ve been a personal growth aficionado my adult life, trying (and eventually succeeding) in changing my emotions and thoughts that were painful to live with. - See more at: http://www.restfulinsomnia.com/about/#sthash.20La0KMj.dpuf

So in the park one day with my daughter—I can quite clearly see the sycamore tree I was staring out at when the idea arose—I realized this.

I didn’t have time during the day. But I sure did at night. Most every night. Those hours when I was: Just. Plain. Awake. No matter what.

Hours to explore who I was in a new way. To work on noticing my feelings instead of reacting to them. To notice what I was thinking, instead of believing everything I thought was true. To experience being in my body, because I lived in my mind and dragged my body around as an after-thought.

Birth of Restful Insomnia


That night, I tried using my waking hours that way. It was a gift to myself, and one with an amazing bonus. I started to deeply rest. You might know it. That:

  • Deep body relaxation
  • Not caring about what I thought or felt
  • Sleep-like, undirected, kinda weird day dreaming

I wasn’t asleep – I knew I was in my bed and could easily check the clock or do something. If I wanted. But I didn’t want to.

Sometimes being in deep rest helped me fall back asleep sooner. But even if it didn’t, I was content to spend my insomnia resting.

On top of reducing the stress of insomnia, I was delighted and surprised to find another gift the next day: I was less spacey, less cranky, and more productive.

Deep rest is awesome

“Hmmm,” I thought. “This deep rest is really cool.”

I wondered what helps me rest, and what gets in its way? That became the basis for my explorations during my wakeful hours. And I had plenty of nights to explore….

Once I figured how to consciously move into rest, and tools to get there, Restful Insomnia was born.

What I bring to create and continue to develop Restful Insomnia?

My lifelong background in personal growth came in handy in developing Restful Insomnia techniques. I used what I had learned and developed a variety of methods to descend into rest. Things like:

  • Taking yoga for the last 20 years
  • Studying and practicing meditation, including retreats with Sharon Salzburg and Robert Beatty
  • Becoming certified in NLP
  • Studying hypnosis
  • Completing the Paradox Management Wisdom School
  • Learning hands-on healing with Reiki training

As more people became interested in the program, my books on Restful Insomnia and other health titles were published by Conari Press.

To write those, I developed skills in science writing and research—which ended up validating the approach of Restful Insomnia. I also learned coaching skills, so I could connect more deeply with clients.

  • Completed life coach training at the renowned Coaches Training Institute
  • Completed studies at the American Medical Writers’ Association

I also taught the program at various locations and did workshops for patients of sleep doctors. Those physicians agreed with Restful Insomnia's foundation: that learning to rest is key to renewal.

Restful Insomnia continues to evolve

My insomnia doesn’t bother me anymore.
When it arises (and it still does!), I know how to relax and renew.

Whether I’m awake when I don’t want to be from too much chocolate, anxiety, anger, or whatever the cause, I can refocus on rest.

I start with my favorite techniques, and move to another if I’m still in my alert mode. Would I rather sleep through the night? Sure—sleep is fabulous. That doesn’t mean that insomnia is horrible, though.

I continue to pay attention to new things that keep me awake (like the flu) and new ways to bring myself—and my clients—back to rest. Which helps Restful Insomnia continue to evolve.

My days

After years of working in health writing, I now am fully devoted to sharing Restful Insomnia, to help reduce the epidemic of suffering during sleepless nights.

My young kids are now grown. Whew! So aside from helping Restful Insomnia reach more people, I also walk, do yoga, meditate, and take classes and workshops in things like ukulele, electric bass, and improvisational theater.

But every single night, as I set off to sleep, I do a simple Restful Insomnia technique to let go and enjoy the night.


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Mar 30, 2017

I'm a transformational life and business coach, speaker and author of Soul Superstar. I love sharing my life experiences, blending my funny anecdotes to the life lessons learned.

My mission is to inspire other women to step into their light, and (re)connect with their Inner Power. I believe that Self-Love is the key to Happiness and Success, and that by healing the past, we can clear whatever is holding us back, learn again to tap into our power and achieve our full potential.

In fact, in my book, Soul Superstar, I share my own journey, in a raw and unfiltered voice, to inspire my readers to connect with their own Soul Superstar and shine inside out. Come say hi at www.annickina.com

Mar 29, 2017

 I’ve devoted my life to the study of leadership and living an authentic, purposeful life.  Leaders often find themselves in a lonely place; giving everything to others while their own needs for support, perspective, accountability and balance are neglected.  I support leaders all over the country through one on one coaching and mastermind groups. I'm a 48 Days certified coach and Disc Instructor. As well as a certified coach through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. My company is called McGreevy Leadership.

I'm passionate about marriage and family. I support men all over the country as a facilitator for a private Facebook group called Husbands, Fathers, Leaders. I live in Buffalo, New York with my wife Lydia, my son Gunnar and my daughter Skylar.

Mar 29, 2017

I spent 35 years in the computer and technology field, writing software for the microchips that go inside cars and trucks and then moving into IT, servers and networks.

 Although technology has always been my mainstay, I’ve also always had an interest in motivational and inspirational materials.  My life dream has been to have a business where I could teach this type of material to others.

 In 2002, I branched out and started my own IT company after taking the life-changing, Dale Carnegie Course.  This introduced me to the concept of coaching and training which really resonated with me.

 When I married my wife, Suzanne, in 2007, we both knew we had to start a company to express our mutual love of supporting people in their personal growth and expansion.  Thus was born, Personal Success Programs.  I became an ICF-credentialed life and business coach in 2013 and am close to getting my advanced certification soon.

 Besides coaching, we also teach others about the naturally-occurring, Law of Attraction and how to apply it in daily life and business situations.  It’s our passion and purpose and there’s nothing that either of us would rather be doing!

 Last year, we finally decided to go fulltime with Personal Success Programs and so shut down the IT company for good.  It’s been a wild ride of high highs, low lows and tons of self-discovery but we’ve never looked back.

You can learn more about my coaching/training practice at:




Mar 29, 2017

John Hulen is an author/coach/speaker, and entrepreneur that helps people discover who they were created to be in order to effect life altering change in themselves and those closest to them. John resides in Overland Park, KS and has 3 great kids.

 I own several businesses and started one of them 3 years ago called Simple Pleasures (we make the best chocolate covered strawberries). This year I started writing my first book, Revolutionary Impact. It's a book about relationships aimed at men. I draw from the many lessons I learned about relationships since my divorce in 2010.

Mar 28, 2017

The DESIGNER of GENDER DYNAMICS© is International Speaker and Facilitator of Transformation, Dr. Pauline T. Crawford, Founder & CEO Corporate Heart Ltd UK, working across the world to encourage men and women to understand the true essence and value of working well together.

  • For over 25 years, I have been fortunate too have been a happy and successful consultant, working with great clients in the UK and Europe, helping people transform their lives and business career success.
  • My passion and primary expertise is in Behavioural Change, Communication & Performance, and I started my journey with a Sociology & Statistics BA, followed by MBA and PhD in the last decade.
  • I currently focus on Gender Dynamics© programs, seminars and courses and love to facilitate conversations that inspire men and women alike to value their potential.
  • My career includes work in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, and business psychology.
  • I have led High-Impact Communication Workshops, Magical Conversations© and Gender-Intelligent Leadership©
  • In 2003/4 I pioneered and conducted developed well researched models, concepts, tools and techniques and conducted seminars in the UK and Europe on Wellness Cultures, Performance and Employee Engagement.
  • Currently I reside in Malaysia with my husband Dr James Omps, and have been working with the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development, MyWIN Academy and BAC College, Kuala Lumpur.
  • As an International conference speaker for over 25 years, I have been fortunate to have been featured on TV, and radio from the early 90’s when I was President of the Federation of Image Consultants as was then called TFIC.UK
  • My passion now is to enable men and women alike to leverage their own unique natural potential and achieve success both professionally and personally, whether in a corporate career path of running their own enterprise.




Mar 28, 2017

Laura Gallagher is a community, local and national business leader serving successful entrepreneurial companies and non-profit organizations primarily in Wisconsin. In June of 2016, she was recognized by the Governor as a Trailblazer in Wisconsin.


She is a 2016 Business Forum Athena Award nominee and her new book, "#180in120 - How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days" is available on Amazon.com and at www.180in120.com


As the founder and leader of The Creative Company, a full service public relations and web development agency she founded more than 25 years ago, she has lead numerous campaigns for both local and national brands winning many awards along the way including a Gold Award for "Best Ad Agency in Wisconsin" by the readers of Corporate Report Wisconsin. 


Laura provides pro bono services at the agency for Literacy Network, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, Healing House, The River Food Pantry and many other organizations that exist to make the world a better place.


In 2016, she was also accepted into the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City program. ICIC’s mission is to drive economic prosperity in America’s inner cities through private sector investment to create jobs, income and wealth for local residents. 




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