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Mar 16, 2018

Robert Clancy-

Robert Clancy is a creative visionary, #1 bestselling author, spiritual teacher and co-founder of Spiral Design Studio, LLC. At age nineteen, Robert had a divine spiritual experience that altered his life in profound ways. In 2012, he created the 'Robert Clancy – Guide to the Soul' Facebook fan page, where he shares his divinely inspired thoughts, now followed by over 640,000 people worldwide. He is a sought after speaker, presenter and guest. Robert is also a regular contributor and weekly guest on Los Angeles KABC Radio's syndicated Late Night Health Radio show. His latest book Soul Cyphers: Decoding a Life of Hope and Happiness released October 2017 quickly became a #1 international bestseller. As a dedicated life-long volunteer he completely embodies the spirit of service, and he inspires others to do the same. (GuideToTheSoul.com)  (SpiralDesign.com)

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Mar 16, 2018

Rob Lowe-

Rob Lowe is the host of the Giving Back podcast, the show that shines the spotlight on ordinary people doing AMAZING things for others.  He is a storyteller extraordinaire, weaving messages of kindness that change the world.  Rob hit his 50th birthday in 2017 and has chosen to have a mid-life awakening instead of a mid-life crisis.  His wife and kids thinks he chose wisely.
Inspired by the examples of consistent, persistent acts of kindness that his guests demonstrate everyday, Rob now works with social entrepreneurs, community servants and businesses that want to take their giving to a new level.  Contact him at GivingBackPodcast@gmail.com to share a story of someone great in your community, or if you're ready to ignite your own movement and make a difference in people's lives.
Greatness surrounds us!  Listen to what people just like you are doing and get yourself fueled up to live a life of purpose and meaning.  You can hear the Giving Back podcast at www.GivingBackPodcast.com or in iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/giving-back-podcast/id1130344707?mt=2

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Mar 16, 2018

Javed S Khan-

An accomplished professional speaker, Javed S Khan has been a featured keynote at hundreds of conferences, meetings and seminars having spoken to more than 8,000 organizations.


Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience in building relationships, marketing, brand development and communications, Javed tailors and delivers keynote messages that really resonate with audiences.  

Each speaking experience is set to empower the audience with critical strategies guaranteed to positively transform the way they market their business.


In addition to his speaking business, he is the founder of Empression: a marketing services company that works with highly motivated entrepreneurs and organizations – developing and managing marketing programs with a purpose that catch people’s attention, and over the long-term generate results through awareness and support of sales.


He’s a proud father of two awesome kids, Adam and Jasmine and his loving wife, Jennifer.


Visit http://www.Ilovemybombbomb.com

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Mar 16, 2018

Amy Rutherford-

Amy Rutherford: In 2006, we met in colorful Colorado. Back then, we were mindless spenders. We tracked every penny we spent and weren’t concerned about the big dollars that were flowing out of our bank account. We thought our spending level was okay because we weren’t in debt (other than our mortgage) and were maxing out our 401ks while adding to our savings and investment accounts at a steady pace. Even so, we spent an average of $115,000 per year for many years. This number doesn’t include income taxes, savings or payments to our mortgage principal. JUST SPENDING! When we started to look into our retirement, we assumed we would spend $120,000 a year.

We had an epiphany in 2014. Spending less meant we didn’t have to work as long. Cutting back made us happier and kept moving up our planned retirement date. By living with less, we were able to say goodbye to our careers in 2015.

From the beginning of our relationship, we treasured experiences over things. As we continue to downsize, our new life is filled with fun, frugal (or free!), fulfilling activities and we’ve never been happier. We spend less time acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, insuring and thinking about our stuff. While it may be cliché, less truly is more. In 2016, we spent $43,000. That year, we took 3 international vacations and traveled (by plane) around the US several times. Tim had back surgery that year which meant a $6,000 deductible. So, $43,000 isn’t lean or mean. There’s fat in there, too. We continue to seek and find ways to further reduce our spending.

We are re-engineering our new lives with purpose. Our path includes more travel and embracing a healthier lifestyle. These days, we are active volunteers, house sitters and travelers.

We blog at www.GoWithLess.com. We write about how we retired in our forties and how we plan to stay there.

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Mar 16, 2018

Joyce Buford-

Joyce Buford is an Effortless Happiness Strategist.

As a woman who has had to reinvent herself in her own life more than a dozen times, her private and group coaching programs focus on helping women who have experienced their own transitions, such as divorce, death of a loved one, career change or empty nest syndrome find what would make them feel like they are living on purpose. She was personally mentored and assisted in training programs by Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series.

Through the Uncover Your Hidden Genius System, women receive support during their transition and are able to reclaim their true purpose and strengths. They receive the tools they need to map out their new lives. You can find out more about her coaching programs here

Her weekly podcast, SecondWind with Joyce Buford, facilitates her listeners to find support in the growing community of over 1 million women, who have conquered some life-changing transitions. To find out more about the show visit click here

Professional and Social Organizations as well as Corporations request Joyce to provide motivation, inspiration and encouragement to their audiences around the world through live trainings, telesminars and events.

Joyce is a proud mother of Lauren and Christopher. Music, travel and learning make her happy and feel fulfilled.

You can connect with her on Facebook.


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Mar 16, 2018

Isaac Tolpin-

Isaac Tolpin is one of the Founders of ConveYour.com, the #1 Micro-Learning platform for influencers and companies.

He’s a tech entrepreneur and futurist at heart, on a mission, enabling brands to authentically connect and inform at scale with over 105 million in combined revenues from the companies he’s helped build.

His success comes from understanding the relationships between human behavior, business and technology. This expertise has helped celebrity influencers and companies to transform their knowledge into humanized digital training.

His recent background includes, cultivating a vineyard, keynote speaker, digital marketer, and EdTech disrupter through the pioneering Mirco-Training technology, ConveYour.com, the platform that’s improving the way influencers and organizations connect and train their people.

He brings a visionary mindset to his family by creating a legacy raising and educating their 7 children with his wife Angie Tolpin of Courageousmom.com.

He refuses to waste his life achieving the world’s definition of success that leave so many empty, but instead does what matters through the projects he’s involved with, those he serves, and the family he leads.

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Mar 16, 2018

Ivan Hunt -

Ivan Hunt is a Certified Professional Relationship Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). He coaches primarily men around living up to social expectations and the implications. He does this by using a proven process that first, identifies the expectations, secondly finding out if the expectations are applicable, and lastly how to create a new reality.

Ivan is a volunteer for an at-risk male youth program called, the 5000 Role Models of Excellence for the Miami-Dade County School System as a mentor and motivational speaker for close to 10 years. As a disabled veteran of the US Army, he has volunteered with the Veterans Treatment Court for the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Miami, FL as a mentor for veterans facing federal prison sentences.

He has over a decade of experience in healthcare financial management, analytics, and accounting. He has certifications in Executive Management and as a Six Sigma Green Belt from the Management and Strategy Institute. He holds a BBA in Accounting from St. Thomas University.

He is married to his best friend, lover and confidant. They are a blended family with a beautiful daughter and three exceptional young men. Ivan has overcome addiction, abuse, and mood disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder. His relationship motto is, “Friends forgive, Lovers don’t”, and his personal motto is “a life with no options, is no life at all”.


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Mar 16, 2018

Stephen Warley-

Stephen Warley is a self-employment coach and is the founder of LifeSkillsThatMatter.com He’s on a mission to help 1,000 become self-employed over the next 3 years. He teaches self-management skills to the side hustlers, freelancers and solopreneurs. He’s been self-employed for the past 17 years. During that time he built a sales training business with annual revenue of $600,000, ran his business from Seville, Spain for 4 months and has saved enough money not to work the next 8 years of his life.


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Mar 15, 2018

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond-

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a psychologist, speaker, author, and owner of Hammond Psychology & Associates.   She is the 2017 President of the Florida Psychological Association, and she also serves on the Board of Directors for the Ryan Nece Foundation.  Dr. Hammond is honored to consult with the media to increase public education about mental health issues.  She has been featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as various magazines and radio shows throughout the country.   She is the host of a new TV show, Parenting Explained with Dr. Hammond, with episodes set to air in early 2018.  For more information, please visit: DrNekeshiaHammond.com.      

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Mar 15, 2018

Jill Fischer-

Jill Fischer is dedicated to making a difference in the world, creating joy, love and celebration where there has been suffering, pain and stress.

Hypnotherapy & Coaching on:
• Stress Reduction
• Accelerated Learning
• Confidence Building
• Healing Codependence
• Emotional Eating / Weight Loss
• Relationship Healing
• Nail Biting
• Depression
• Smoking Cessation
• Wealth Creation
• Addiction Release
• Accelerated Healing
• Chronic Pain Relief
• Bulimia Recovery
• Breakup Breakthrough
• Motivation
• Fear of Fear
• Procrastination
• Stuttering
• Sleep
• Positive Thinking
• Immune System Support

Your mind controls your brain,
Your brain controls your nervous system,
Your nervous system controls your body.

"If you're not achieving your goals, Your mind is working against you!"

For many of us, we are doing everything we know to do, and it's still not making a difference in the way we live our lives in relationships, health, prosperity, and more.

Experience the step by step Mind Reset process to have your mind support your goals.

You will achieve your goals.

Jill has assisted businesses and individuals around the world, including Australia, UK, from Guatemala to Switzerland and across the US and Canada.

Jill Fischer has:
• Appearances on CBC, CTV, Global, NHK World TV & numerous newspapers, publications & magazines
• Shared teleseminar with Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God)
• Shared the stage with don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), Harrison Klein (President of Masters Gathering), Shawne DuPeron (6 Time Emmy Award Winner)
• Hosted NHK Japan English Television Series
• International Speaker for weight loss, empowerment and wealth creation
• Member of National Guild of Hypnotists
• Founding Member of the Evolutionary Business Council
• Founding President of The Vancouver Holistic Chamber of Commerce


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Mar 10, 2018

Loree Cowling-

Loree Cowling is an International Best Selling author, speaker, and a dedicated loving mom to a beautiful daughter who has chosen to shine her light as a divine soul with Down Syndrome.  Together they raise awareness and cultivate new understandings of Inclusion Consciousness through various projects, events, and speaking engagements. They are working on a Children's Book Series called Miracles and Mud Puddles that tells of their adventures seeing the world through the eyes of magic.  At the age of 3 her daughter Sydney was diagnosed with cancer and their journey since then has given Loree a unique insight into how families navigate through adversity and challenge.  Sydney’s ability to find love and acceptance in every situation inspires Loree in every aspect of life.  Loree and her daughter Sydney have started the BeYOU…BeUNIQUE campaign encouraging people to recognize the evolving uniqueness that we all shine at any given moment.   


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Mar 10, 2018

Carrie Greene-

Carrie Greene is a speaker, author and coach. After she received her degree in Economics from Lehigh University, Carrie spent fifteen years on Wall Street in marketing and product development. She worked for the New York Stock Exchange, and major brokerage firms, developing and launching highly sophisticated online trading platforms for clients. She left Wall Street shortly after 9/11 to start her own business so that she could be home to raise her children, and live her life on her own terms.


Over the years the focus of Carrie’s business has changed dramatically, but at the core of each shift was her commitment to keeping it simple in a world which seems to demand that success, and everything associated with it is complex.


Today, Carrie works primarily with business leaders to help them get clear on what they want and, helps them understand the value that they bring to their clients, others in their firms, and other people they associate with. She helps her clients create simple and straight-forward plans to help them reach their goals, clarify their message and communicate to improve employee engagement, improve their sales, and get past their biggest obstacle, themselves.


Carrie is a frequent speaker. She is the author of two books. The international best seller, "Because You're Worth It: How To Make More Money By Charging More Money" and "Chaos to Cash:  An Entrepreneur's Guide to Eliminating Chaos, Overwhelm and Procrastination So you Can Create Ultimate Profit!"


For free resources and to learn more please visit www.CarrieGreeneCoaching.com.


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Mar 10, 2018

Wade Roush-

Wade Roush is the producer and host of Soonish (www.soonishpodcast.org), an independent podcast about technology, culture, curiosity, and the future. The show’s motto and main message: “The future is shaped by technology, but technology is shaped by us.” 


From 2014 to 2016 Wade was acting director of MIT’s Knight Science Journalism fellowship program and lead developer of a proposed science communication initiative for MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. From 2007 to 2014, he was chief correspondent, Boston editor, San Francisco editor, columnist, and editor-at-large at Xconomy, an online news network covering high-tech innovation. From 2001 to 2006 he was senior editor and San Francisco bureau chief at MIT Technology Review. In earlier posts he served as the Boston bureau reporter for Science, managing editor of supercomputing publications at NASA Ames Research Center, and Web editor at ebook technology startup NuvoMedia.


Wade earned a B.A. in history and science from Harvard College (1989) and a PhD in the history and social study of science and technology from MIT (1994). He publishes at www.soonishpodcast.org, blogs at www.waderoush.com, and tweets from @soonishpodcast and @wroush.


Wade is also the co-founder of Hub & Spoke, a new collective of smart, idea-driven podcasts; for more information on all the Hub & Spoke shows see www.hubspokeaudio.org.


Wade lives in Cambridge, MA, with his Australian Shepherd pup, Gryphon.

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Mar 10, 2018

Brian Johnson-

My name is Brian Johnson, and I’m an information security engineer for 7 Minute Security, a small business I started recently. I also do a podcast (under the same name) where I teach others what I’m learning about information security. On a side note, I got to be in a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was 19 – and would definitely do it again given the chance!

When I’m not camped out behind a keyboard, I sing and play acoustic guitar as part of a vocals-driven acoustic duo called Sweet Surrender (http://www.sweetsurrender.info/).   I’m from the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, where I live with my wife and two sons.

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Mar 10, 2018

Matt Spracklen-

Matt Spracklen, music influencer, editor of @london on Instagram (2.1 million followers) and host of the ‘Mainly Music…’ podcast is a respected social media influencer / tastemaker within the music industry and is always on the lookout for the next break-through music act.
As a photographer, Matt has worked with the likes of Green Day, Dave Stewart, Mick Jones, The Vamps, Elvis Costello, Mumford & Sons, Joanne Cash, Bob Geldof… and many more. 

Music moments include:
* Represented Virgin Radio at The BRITs 2017 after presenting the Virgin Radio takeover show.
* Co hosted New Year’s Music Special on Virgin Radio with Jamie East.
* Reported from the red carpet at the Mercury Prize + attended award show and afterparty.
* Interviewed backstage at Reading Festival & British Summertime Festival.
* Hosted and interviewed at secret in store performance with The Vamps.
* Talk Radio discussing the week’s music news with Paul Ross on the breakfast show.
* Guest hosting The Bushmills Hour on Hoxton Radio multiple times with Radio X presenter, Elspeth Pierce.
* Presenting This Feeling TV and interviewing bands with Radio X’s Gordon Smart.
* Part of Dave Stewart’s crew at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in NYC.
* 48 hours in Belgium with Papa Roach interviewing and creating content to promote album and London show.
* Photographed Elvis Costello for solo tour promo.
* Interviewed Foy Vance and created promo material for his UK tour.
* Photographed behind the scenes at Joanne Cash concert in Nashville, TN.
* Guest of Red stripe at The Q Awards and Lia Gallagher after show party.
* Worked with Amnesty International & Sofar Sounds on shows with Emeli Sandé & Gregory Porter.


Notable appearances include:
* Save The Children night with Ronnie Wood & Robert Plant.
* Will I Am and Jessie J’s party after event at the Royal Albert Hall.
* Black Sabbath’s Ten Year War party + invite to their last show at The O2 with BMG.
* Red carpet at the Urban Music Awards.
* Warner Music’s BRITs 2017 after party.
* AMA’s with Jools Holland & Van Morrison.

Other projects include:
* Google’s Pixel activation with KISS at The O2 and attended with Sophie Simmons.
* Brand activations with Google, Eurostar, Nike, Time Inc… etc.
* Red carpet appearances at movie premieres such as Murder On The Orient Express, Stratton and Mudbound’.
* Interviewing guests and celebrities on the red carpet for Disney at Aladdin.
* British Grand Prix (including interviews with F1 drivers during F1 Live in London).
* Co-founder of global altruism movement ‘Do Something For Nothing’ that started with friend Josh Coombes cutting hair for the homeless.

Matt’s podcast, 'Mainly Music With Matt Spracklen', produced by Sarah Bishop (Frank Skinner, Edith Bowman…) is based around his public Spotify & Apple Music playlists and features new music, his own favourites and recommendations. There are also guest appearances and interviews from bands/artists at various events and red carpet moments. Matt also hosts an exclusive monthly music event for @London called Stageside, where artists showcase album launches and pre-tour shows in front of VIPs, industry and social influencers.

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Mar 10, 2018

Capri MaHaffey-

Capri MaHaffey, CEO and founder of “Tha GLUE and caPri. Musical Motivational Movement!”, Capri believes that everyone has a divine purpose in life regardless to their station in life. Her work resonates with the lives of teens and young adults in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual (LGBTQIA) community; Capri wholeheartedly believes in meeting everyone right where they are and “GLUE” them up! The acronym GLUE is God Loves Unconditionally Everyone. Capri believes it is our duty to Give Love Unto Everyone…leading to her signature saying “That’s GLUE Baby.!!!”

Capri spent 7 years working in the mental and behavioral health field provided Capri with the capacity and insight to relate to those affected by mental illness. Capri served United States Air Force, four years of active duty two years in the Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard.

For Further Insight:
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thatsgluebaby


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Mar 10, 2018

Jeremy Adams-

    Being one of Forbes’ & Influencive.com’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success. Prior to turning 30, he’s launched multiple successful businesses and helped leading entrepreneurs and businesses with his sales and digital marketing background.

          He launched his first startup, Prestige Food Trucks at the young age of 22 years old. Jeremy was able to quickly turn Prestige Food Trucks into the world’s leading custom food truck & trailer manufacturer. He garnered so much credibility in-fact, that he landed multi-truck deals with respected clients like the U.S. Army, The Salvation Army, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and many more. Jeremy’s company has custom manufactured some of the best food trucks. Their prestigious work has been seen on many popular shows and TV channels like the Food Network, How It’s Made, West Texas Investors Club and many others.

          More recently, Jeremy was a founding partner of Quantum Media, with the original shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn. Quantum helps businesses of all sizes increase their conversion rates and grow their bottom line by leveraging re-targeting and automation technology. Quantum is known for producing Facebook ad campaigns that dramatically outperform previous client campaigns. Jeremy is proud to have helped so many clients with his experience in marketing to drive growth to their businesses.

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Mar 10, 2018

Michael Thompson-

Michael Thompson helps busy small-business owners and start-ups gain the credibility necessary to increase leads and sales through the power of a published book. By deploying our unique interview-based publishing process, BookPeacock.com helps leaders become professionally published authors without their needing to write a word. Our process catapults our clients to the top of their industry, allowing them to create new levels of success in their personal and professional lives.

Mar 10, 2018

Brian Gawor-

Brian Gawor is a 20-year higher education professional with experience in student affairs, enrollment management, annual giving, major/planned gifts, and comprehensive fundraising optimization. He presents 30+ times annually at events for CASE, AFP and at higher education institutions. He heads up fundraising research to drive the success of partner clients at Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a platform company dedicated to helping institutions reach their donor and student engagement goals. He’s currently completing his doctorate at Illinois State University. And he can make great balloon animals.



Find me on LinkedIN

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Mar 10, 2018

Achiru Wong-

Achiru (A-SHI-RU) et al. is an entrepreneurial self-published author-and-artist of three graphic novels. As a webcomic creator for over 15 years, Achiru et al. acts as the director of her own meta-physical comic production studio. The rest of her characters or "cast members" are implied in the "et al." Together they are passionate about showcasing the diversity of inclusive love stories in a postmodern fantasy setting. They are currently publishing “the Mann and Lucky Channel” on LINE WEBTOON, an app for free comics on your mobile phone.


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Mar 10, 2018

Christopher Tims-

Since 1988, Christopher Tims has been reaching the world with his experience of the Eternal Teachings (The Original Way). He has shared this teaching as a lifestyle that promotes the natural and inevitable transcendence of self limiting precepts and ideas, as it reveals to each of us the true nature of self, God, reality and the journey as consciousness exploring limitless creativity.
With an extensive background in Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Languages, Secret Societies, the Original Mystery School Teachings, World Religions, Nutrition, Exercise, Martial Arts and Yoga, as well as being a specialist in The Power of Sound, Christopher is well versed, deeply experienced and quite capable of walking with you through the breakthrough you've been looking for.
Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of his conscious union with the One Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from.

To those who want to accelerate their spiritual evolution, Christopher says “The journey is simple, the way is clearly revealed and the only prerequisite is that you have the curiosity and courage to adventure beyond what you now know. It's time for a direct, common sense spiritual life. The great adventure into the spiritual frontier awaits us all”.


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Mar 10, 2018

Tomi Raisanen-

Tomi Raisanen is the Founder and host of the Surfer Of Life Podcast. Surfer Of Life Podcast concentrates on the high performers mindset before, during a after the performance. I interview highly talented performers who share their stories and experience in unedited in-depth conversations. We dig deep into the mind of performers and find out how they experience their life during and after their career. Guests experience can be used to help others to put their mindset in a top level to live life to the fullest.

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Mar 10, 2018

Susan Weeks-

Susan Weeks helps busy entrepreneurs podcast with ease, even though they only have time to 'Turn Up And Talk'. She follows a high quality, structured process for podcast launch and ongoing support and has a focus on content re-purposing, and everything integrates into strong business objectives. With her almost 30 years professional experience in I.T. and over 8 years working online, she loves to serve her worldwide clients.  Simplify Strategy. Tame Technology. Create Clarity.

She lives by the sea on the East Yorkshire coast in England, with her 13yr old son, and enjoys running along the seafront in all weathers. Her great love is textile art and embroidery, and in 2017 she combined her hobby with her professional podcasting experience to launch her own textile art podcast called Stitchery Stories which is growing nicely with a worldwide audience.


You can discover more about Susan and her services at https://podcastprogress.com and follow her podcast on http://www.stitcherystories.com


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Mar 10, 2018

Charmaine Hammond-

Charmaine Hammond has been in the business of transforming lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years.   This former Correctional Officer (yup!  She worked in jails) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership and sponsorship. She is an expert in helping entrepreneurs discover the untapped revenue source that most have not thought of... yet!


A serial entrepreneur, she has owned her company Hammond International Inc for 23 years, and has owned several other businesses, one located in the US.  As a bestselling author (of 5 books & featured in 6 others), and CSP™ Certified Speaking Professional she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her speaking and book projects/events/tours including her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even  her pet food and dog poop bags!  She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners.


Her recent speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, involved a 14,000 KM tour in a 32 foot sponsored motor home, hotels sponsored for the team, and more than 40 businesses and retail chains raising funds in their stores/businesses to support  this movement…..A Million Acts of Kindness.  She has helped her clients secure cash sponsorship, get their clothes, travel, printing, event needs and more sponsored through the power of relationships and collaboration.  


How to Connect

Connect in Person

When Charmaine is not jet setting across North America, speaking on stages and helping people raise their dreams, you will likely find her enjoying the outdoors with a latte in hand (and of course her husband Chris and Toby the dog enjoying their time together as a family).

Connect in Business
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/raiseadream/
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/18026423/
Website:  http://raiseadream.com/
Twitter;  https://twitter.com/raiseadream_ 

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Mar 10, 2018

Christie Lincoln-

Christie Lincoln is the creator of the "Your Smiling Hygienist" blog and co-host of the MOMgienists® podcast. 

When most people hear the title, "Dental Hygienist" there are several mind pictures that pop up. A few examples, "tooth cleaner", "you don't need a degree for that" and "fear". Hardly does the mind think "Prevention Specialist" for the mouth and body. I want to change that or at least try. I started "Your Smiling Hygienist" to shine a light on our profession in my own style, highlighting the benefits, challenges, and tools of prevention. The MOMgienists® podcast is an offshoot of this passion combined with the joys and challenges of motherhood and friendship. My "sister from another mister" co-host, Jasmin Haley, and I have two different personalities which make for colorful conversations and a lot of laughs plus we interview some amazing mothers.
For my non-dental side creative side, I tap into my culture and make authentic Native American art and mocassins.  I also am working on a children's book series, with my dear friend, Tiffany McCarthy, called "Sage and Elle - The Culture of Friendship". Our first book, "N is for Nantucket" was featured at the Nantucket Book festival and can found at a few local Nantucket shops. 

To get a sneak peek at my art: Instagram @native_woodland_walkers or https://www.instagram.com/native_woodland_walkers/ 

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