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Oct 22, 2017

Patrick Fitzgibbons-

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a veteran police officer with approximately 20 years of experience in a variety of roles.

He currently works in an administrative capacity in his current department. Patrick holds an MBA in business and MA in organizational leadership and is a lifelong learner. Patrick is a professor of higher education and is dedicated to educating the next generation of law enforcement professionals. He is also the host and creator of CJEvolution Podcast. 

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Oct 22, 2017

Joshua Waldman-

Joshua Waldman is the President & CEO of Billy, a hassle-free accounting platform for entrepreneurs who don't have accounting degrees. He's also the founder of CareerEnlightenment.com, an award-winning career blog and author of Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and daughter who enjoy exploring plant-based recipes, playing the ukulele. 

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Oct 22, 2017

Tony Woodall-

Tony Woodall started his career working in the warehouse for Fannie Mae Software Systems shipping computer systems and software to mortgage lenders.He became fascinated with the mortgage industry and computers and set a goal to make a career in both. 

During his career in lending, Tony went from his Seventeen Thousand Dollar a Year warehouse job at Fannie Mae to Mortgage Technology Consultant, to the position of Chief Information Officer for two national mortgage companies earning six figures, all without a college degree. 

During his mortgage career, Tony earned the Certified Mortgage Technologist, Accredited Mortgage Professional and the prestigious Certified Mortgage Banker designations from the Mortgage Bankers Association. He is a graduate of the MBA’s School of Mortgage Banking. 

As the mortgage market started crashing, Tony started a Coffee News newspaper franchise in his community selling advertising to help local businesses grow. He worked with local Chambers of Commerce hosting networking events and taught his Goal Achievement Success System to Realtors, Chambers of Commerce and other local community groups.

Tony earned the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in the Japanese martial art Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu (pronounced BU JEEN KON NINPO TIE JITSU)Tony founded and hosts Goal Getting Podcast. This is Tony’s second podcast. He was a podcast innovator, starting his first podcast in 2004. He is a contributor on The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project blogs, is the author of 9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement, and a professional speaker.

Podcast: iTunes and Stitcher

Website: Goal Getting Podcast

Twitter: @GoalsPodcast & @TonyWCMB

Linked In

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Oct 21, 2017

Michael Alf-


Michael Alf is creator of “High Performance in the Digital Age” and Host of the Disciplined Disruption Podcast. He is also a Director of KPMG Enterprise Advisory and Non-Executive Director Matrix42 Australia. 

His personal work is focussed on the question, how we can set ourselves up for success in today’s fast-changing world. The Podcast has guests from around the world at the intersection of “Digital Disruption” and “Personal Transformation”. 


Michael has had a global career as a senior executive with extensive experience in global, regional and local roles in IT leadership, consulting, transformation, business development and general management within the services and IT business. Broad exposure to retail, energy, utilities and FMCG with particular strength in logistics working across all modes and corporate services (procurement, HR and finance). He started his career with the Federal Armed Forces in Germany as an officer (final rank Captain).

Michael is also a published author.  The last two books titled “Your Firm Everywhere Now” and “Virtual Summit Formula”.

Michael is Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).



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Oct 21, 2017

Michelle Wong-


Michelle Wong has been in the Real Estate Industry for the past 2 & 1/2 years.
She is currently a Real Estate Sales Agent at Consortio NYC, working closely with clients in residential and commercial properties. She also worked with RealEstateAuctions.com, as project manager for the NY/Tri State Region.

She managed all of the auction properties and clients on both seller and buyer side. She organized the events for the auctions which were done quarterly. Apart from being the Administrator of the NY office, she also conducted transactions on the residential side of the company. She was also part of a boutique real estate firm, Russell
Williams handling rentals on the residential side.

Ms. Wong also invests for the past year and is part of an Investment Company.
Currently she is working on wholesale deals in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Westchester. She is also working on other projects that are conversion and development sites in Westchester, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.

Ms. Wong also has 11 years of experience in Business Administration and Marketing. She has taken her skills in Business Administrations to run and operate The WYM Group and use her Networking Social Skills in Social Media to help navigate OneWill Properties LLC.

Member of Organizations:

United Nations Association of NYC
BiggerPockets.com Online Community
New York Real Estate Investment Association
Anysize Deals, Inc. Group
Alternative Assets Hedge Fund Group
Alternative Investment Association


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Oct 21, 2017

Fei Wu is the creator and host of Feisworld Podcast. She also works as a freelance digital marketer for small business and people. 

She has a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In 2016, Fei left her lucrative job in advertising and built a company of her own, Feisworld LLC, to help others tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.

Let's connect on LinkedIn |  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Oct 21, 2017


Victor Ahipene-

Victor Ahipene is the Host of The Youngpreneurs Podcast Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation Of Under 35 Entrepreneurs. The Show Reached #1 Business Podcast in 6 Different Countries. This Lead to the Creation of The Podcast Institute Which Teaches Others How To Leverage Their Business With The Power of Podcasting. 


Victor is also an accomplished speaker with over 18 years speaking experience teaching. He has also been fortunate enough to speak nationally, internationally and more recently at his first TEDx event. He continues to help 100's of people worldwide become better speakers and share their message to a bigger audience. 


His goal is to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs to live life on their own terms. 


Links: www.passiveincomeyoung.com


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Oct 21, 2017

Scott Gurian-

Scott Gurian is a Peabody award-winning reporter who’s spent nearly two decades working in radio and online journalism. Between 2012 and 2015, he investigated New Jersey's long-term recovery from Superstorm Sandy for NJ Spotlight and WNYC, the public radio station in New York. Before that he was a producer on a daily, national talk show called The Takeaway, and he spent five years as a radio news director in Oklahoma City. His reporting has taken him to far-flung places including Cuba, Haiti, Cambodia, and Iran. It's aired on NPR, the BBC, and dozens of public radio programs and stations around the country. Currently, he’s the host and producer of a podcast called Far From Home (https://farfromhomepodcast.org), where he tells stories of his unexpected adventures and chance encounters with interesting people around the world. For the first season, he’s documenting an 11,000 mile road trip he took through 18 countries, 8 time zones, 5 mountain ranges, and a few deserts, from London to Mongolia in a ridiculously tiny car, raising money for charity.

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Oct 20, 2017

Frank Elder-

Frank Edler resides in New Jersey, a land of the weird and unnatural. He is the author of Brats In Hell Death Gets A Book and Scared Silly as well as co-author of the horror humor series, Shocker. His short stories have been published in various anthologies including Strange Versus Lovecraft, Still Dying 2 as well as several volumes of the State of Horror anthology series. Frank is also clandestinely known as Mr. Frank, host the wildly popular Bizzong! Podcast on Project Entertainment Network.


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Oct 20, 2017

Jennica Maxfield-

Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. Athlete. Coach. Happiness junkie. Transformational wizard. Badass extraordinaire.

A single mom to four amazing teens, Jennica stumbled upon the idea for her company, An Extra Set of Hands, while nannying for a family as she was trying to figure out what to do with her life. Putting her many years of experience raising kids and running a household to use in helping other moms find their sanity again in their own homes has proven to be one of the most unexpectedly rewarding and fulfilling endeavours she could have hoped to pursue.  The company has grown to a staff of six over the last year as Jennica’s expertise and vast knowledge of how to help families has created an incredibly powerful niche service.

In addition to managing her company, Jennica also devotes a portion of her time to teaching workshops and coaching women on weight loss through intuitive eating after dropping 85lbs using this method. She released her book “Easier Than You Think: weight loss through intuitive eating” in May of 2017.

Jennica can be found recounting her adventures over at Ditching Perfect (www.ditchingperfect.com) as well as at www.jennicamaxfield.com

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Oct 20, 2017

Stan Way-

Stan Way is the founder of PeakSalesResults.com. He is a highly sought after sales coach and keynote speaker. After years of working as a corporate sales trainer with multiple FORTUNE 100 and FORTUNE 500 companies Stan founded Peak Sales Results with the goal of empowering sales professionals to sell with 21st Century scientifically proven techniques. In the past 18 months alone he has personally helped build four companies to multiple six-figures in sales per month using his scientifically based sales processes.

Despite his business accomplishments he is most proud of being a family man and is proud to call Birmingham Alabama home.

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Oct 20, 2017


Roifield Brown-

Roifield Brown is a Producer, Digital strategist, Podcaster, Broadcaster and Audio editor. Dynamic, articulate, media professional with transferable skills acquired across a broad range of businesses including broadcasting and a network of websites.

Works effectively, adapts rapidly to new disciplines and demands. Employs creativity to meet challenging schedules and projects.


● Launched Myvillage.com hugely successful that grew to over 1m users per month.
● Created, How Jamaica Conquered the World iTunes UK podcast of the week, iTunes US

featured podcast of the month.

● Managed a portfolio of accounts at Myvillage.com that included BMW, Fiat, Metropolitan Police, London councils, and other large organisations, plus SMEs and new startup businesses.

● Produces Skyline successful podcast for New Statesman

● Devised online and social media strategy for London Citizens, a third sector advocacy group. Created their What Londoners Want project for the London Mayor 2012 campaign www.whatlondonerswant.com The hashtag #whatlonderswant became the UK trending hashtag during the campaign.

● Articles published on political and news sites including, HuffingtonPost.com and Opendemocracy.org

● Devised and produced the podcast How Jamaica Conquered the World: 26 episodes of the culture, music and sport of the island. Awarded 06/2012 iTunes Podcast of the Week. Promoted through numerous interviews on BBC Radio and print media.

● 10 American Presidents, Currently doing 40,000 downloads a month, over 200 reviews on iTunes. Sponsors include 23andme and Stamps.com

● Mid Atlantic, US and UK political podcast show, Jan 2015 featured in The Telegraph

● Created and co-hosts Dumteedum, a weekly fan podcast about the BBC soap The Archers, with high listener interaction and appearances from actors on the show. 25,000 listeners a month. Over 250 5 star reviews on iTunes

roifield.com | howjamaicaconqueredtheworld.com | huffingtonpost.com/roifield-brown | dumteedum.com 

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Oct 20, 2017

Ingrid Thompson-

Ingrid Thompson is Founder of Healthy Numbers, where she is a Business Mentor, Coach and Trainer. She specialises in working with health professionals to create, start and grow their own business. Ingrid is passionate about small business start-ups and helps people set foundations while ensuring they are under no false illusion about cost and commitment.

With that in mind, Ingrid provides business start-ups with face to face and online training and coaching, to help individuals harness their potential.  

Ingrid chose to specialise in the health and wellness sector because she noticed that many people working in the health and wellbeing professions receive great technical training and rarely if ever do they receive business and financial literacy training.  Ingrid has a particular interest working with Pilates studios, yoga studios, and personal trainers. 

Ingrid also has some terrific reviews of her programs over on Facebook and in Google.

What is Ingrid’s Biz Philosophy:

Starting a business is a lot like getting a Boeing 747 jumbo or an Airbus A380 off the ground; it takes an enormous effort to overcome the gravitational force of the earth.

Starting a business takes an enormous gravitational pull to overcome what Ingrid calls “business startup gravitational force”. This is the force that holds a business back from getting started and is the reason that it can take a while for a business to actually get up and running. 

When we jump into things feet first and take a “by the seat of my pants” approach it can result in mistakes, errors, lost time, unproductive effort and can cost a lot of money. Of course there are always going to be mistakes and we learn from them. When getting started in business there are ways to prevent the obvious mistakes. Ingrid has spent most of the past 15 years working with small businesses and she has developed a methodology that works!

Specialising in the health and wellness sector, Ingrid’s methods and style have proven to be successful in a broad range of professions including Pilates studios, yoga studios, personal trainers, dance schools, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and acupuncture clinics. She has also developed a high level of expertise in working with Dental Practices.

Ingrid has recently developed an online course specifically for Pilates Studios “So You Want to Start a Pilates Business” which has been PAA approved in Australia and has received PMA approval in US for PD credits; super exciting!

Ingrid’s Podcast:

Ingrid is also host of the popular iTunes podcast “So You Want to Start a Business”. In these podcasts, Ingrid interviews a variety of business owners, entrepreneurs and other smart guests so that you can learn tips, tactics and strategies to implement in your business.  She has interviewed John Lee Dumas, Sharon Thurin, Kate Toon, Kelly Roach and many other great guests.

Ingrid has also appeared as a guest on other popular podcasts, including: EoFire with John Lee Dumas, EPN with Eric Dye, Flying Solo, Miss Bossy Boots, and The Theatre of You.

Ingrid’s new Book (which she hopes will be released by Christmas!):

Ingrid is also author of soon to be published book "So You Want to Start a Business" which contains the 7 steps to create, start and grow your own business, with a foreword by Valerie Khoo, CEO Australian Writers’ Centre, who says: “This is a book that needed to be written and Ingrid is the perfect person to write it. Ingrid has successfully done what she suggests her readers do. This is a book that will help you decide many of the essential aspects of getting started in your own business.”

What makes Ingrid tick outside of work…..

Ingrid enjoys Pilates and yoga.  She is also a keen surfer who spends most Saturdays on Bondi Beach with her partner Mark. Her other passion, aside from her business, are her 3 cats.  Ingrid also loves good wine, good conversation, and she doesn’t mind a good plate of food either, especially when she doesn’t have to do the dishes.

Ingrid’s Partner Charities:

Ingrid supports the Fred Hollows Foundation and Animals Australia.

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Oct 19, 2017

Tom Tate-

Tom Tate is the Product Marketing Manager at AWeber. With almost a decade of professional experience in marketing and technology, he educates and engages small businesses owners and entrepreneurs on the incredible value and opportunity that email marketing and automation provides.
At AWeber, Tom manages product education, produces multiple webinars, presents at conferences and writes blog and website content. Outside of AWeber, he is an active member of the marketing community, teaching and guest lecturing at local colleges and universities.
Tom is also the creator, producer and host of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, a program that delivers actionable email tactics to marketers of all skill levels.
Tom is also a proud husband and father of 3, and an amateur retro video game preservationist and historian.
Website: http://tomtatejr.com/

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Oct 19, 2017



Hi, I am Alexandra Stennett. I am the Co-Founder of Amazing Gains.  We are on a mission to empower small business owners to live extraordinary lives.

We focus on the attitude and mindset of the person and the strategies of the business.Hi, I am Alexandra Stennett. I am the Co-Founder of Amazing Gains and the producer of The Transformation Blueprint and Epic Watercooler Convos. At Amazing Gains we are on a mission to empower small business owners to live extraordinary lives. We focus on the attitude and mindset of the person and the strategies of the business.


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Oct 19, 2017

Paul Stennett-

Paul Stennett is a speaker, Podcast Host, entrepreneur and head of business development at RealDecoy Global Services - a professional services company which he drove from zero revenue to multiple 7 figures within a year. His personal belief is that through education and technology, Jamaica can become an international powerhouse.

He is the host of The Transformation Blueprint, an on-demand audio programme where he sits down with top successful experts and entrepreneurs each week, to extract the key lessons that Jamaicans can use to transform their lives.

Paul is a University of Technology Graduate, and he and his wife, who is an ACCA qualified Accountant, co-founded Amazing Gains, a business dedicated to the transformation and personal freedom of 1 million people.

Website: https://paulstennett.net

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Oct 19, 2017

Janice Lawrence-Clarke-

Janice Lawrence-Clarke is the President and Creative Director of JLC PRoductions, and Founder of CAFE - Caribbean American Fashion ExchangeTM, a program aimed at joining fashion design talent and U.S. markets, and through which she has established the CAFETM Scholarship Fund at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The CAFETM Scholarship is to be distributed to two students who live in the Caribbean to study at FIT.

Lawrence-Clarke has worked in the fashion industry since 1975 first as a runway and illustration model then entering the business side of the industry as Fashion Director of sportswear manufacturer, Evan Picone. In 1984, she launched Visual Excitement!, a fashion and trade show company which produced events for the likes of Breckenridge Sportswear, Jones New York, New York City Opera Guild, and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

After her first engagement in the business of fashion, Lawrence-Clarke would grow to champion the development of a Caribbean fashion industry, and relocated to Trinidad & Tobago in 1994. While there, she rose to prominence in the country’s social and fashion scene as a journalist and a fashion expert revolutionizing coverage of fashion events in print media by developing the ‘Style Page’ for the Trinidad Guardian; writing a social column for The Independent; and, working as Associate Editor of Ibis Magazine.

Returning to the United States in 1999, Lawrence-Clarke formed her second, and current, consulting venture, JLC PRoductions, a fashion and culture marketing, promotion, and special events company. Here she combines her social entrepreneurship and fashion-industry expertise to market and promote cultural events, and continue championing the development of the Caribbean fashion industry. To this end, as the project’s international industry resource, she consulted with a division of Trinidad & Tobago’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications, for the development of a strategic plan for that country’s fashion industry. In addition, she purposes to bring attention to Caribbeans in fashion through several events such as A Taste of Caribbean Carnival (March 2017) and highlighted by #TheCaribbeanatFIT.

Demonstrating her personal belief in economic empowerment through cultural development, in 2014 Lawrence-Clarke partnered in the masquerade carnival theatre company, DRJ Vision In Motion, to present the story of Mandela during the 2014 West Indian American Day Carnival Association’s Labor Day Parade, on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. She has produced numerous fashion and cultural presentations over the years, both in the U.S. and the Caribbean.

A fervent believer in education, Lawrence-Clarke completed the first of her degrees in Fashion Buying & Merchandising at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology while a runway/illustration model (1981). She then earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications Technology as a Dean’s List, University Scholar, at New York University (2002), and her Masters of Business Administration from American Intercontinental University (AIU), with a dual concentration in Project Management and Entertainment Management, while in Atlanta, Georgia (2010). While at AIU, she was inducted into the international honor society, Sigma Beta Delta.


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Oct 19, 2017

Robert Ingalls-

Robert Ingalls is a podcaster, lecturer, writer, recovering attorney, and men’s lifestyle coach. 


Robert spent six years as a litigation attorney before deciding to leave the law to pursue a life of passion and purpose.


Robert’s coaching practice supports men who are struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence to break free from the crippling fear and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving a life of freedom and boldness that is within arms reach.


You can connect with Robert at robertingalls.com or on social media @robertbingalls

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Oct 19, 2017

Tina Murray-

Tina Murray has been designing lives for over 30 years.

As a commercial interior designer, ‘Tina supported companies and individuals through cultural change, as they made alterations to create the environment they wanted.  Her understanding of human interaction and how people think, feel, interact, react and behave allowed her to manage the inevitable disruption brought about when we decide to overhaul our environment.

Today, ‘Tina empowers successful men and women to harness their 'interior' to Create the Life they Really Want. She understands that all good design is tailored specifically to the needs and wants of the individual, and encourages her clients to look inside to create their own unique blueprint as they design, communicate and live their best life.

‘Tina’s book, Design® You: Create the Life You Want, Design You® Workhops and Create the Life You Want monthly events liberate her clients to find the clarity and purpose they need for personal fulfillment and the strategic skills to revolutionise their life from living by default to living by design.

‘Tina can be reached at www.tinamurray.com or https://www.facebook.com/TinaMurrayInsideAngle


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Oct 19, 2017

Soren Skovdahl Hansen-

Hi I'm Soren Skovdahl Hansen, born in Denmark and father of two fantastic daughters, who are responsible for the majority of my joy and happiness. Biz Developer, Host of Tribe Of Entrepreneurs podcast and launching my 3rd. entrepreneurial project "Feature Me" podcast guest concierge service. Just got my life brand from Engel and excited about it.


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Oct 17, 2017

Spud Murphy-

My name is Spud Murphy and I’ve decided to bring you a comedy podcast; The Comedy Cast. I started this podcast because I wanted to shine a light on all the comedians working hard in the world of comedy to make punters laugh and forget the outside world for a few minutes every time they gig.

I’m a massive comedy fan, but I’m also a massive fan of ‘the new’ as I call it. I realise putting that into quotation marks is a bit pretentious and I’m certainly not pretentious, far from it, but what I mean is that I’m the kind of person that would rather see 10 new comedians once than see the same mega-famous comedian 10 times. There’s so much comedy out there right now and I hope through this podcast I can bring more to the world.

I’m not a stand-up comedian. I’ve never tried it and I probably never will, however, I did play in bands growing up so I know what it’s like to get up in front of people and entertain them. The butterflies in your stomach, the fear of dying on stage and the elation of knowing the crowd are enjoying your music. I listen to loads of comedy podcasts, probably too many and while there are some really great ones I really wanted to make one where the guests were the centre of attention.

I studied journalism in college and ran a music review website and freelanced for a few years so I’m really coming at this podcast with a journalistic eye and while I want to bring as much new comedy to people as possible; be it stand-up comedians or comedy writers/directors etc. I also want to give interviews that aren’t just fluff and licking comedians’ asses. I want to get to know the who, what, why and how behind each comedians’ personal stories.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, if you’d like to subscribe here’s a post about how to do that.

The podcast will be coming out twice per week, on Mondays and Thursdays at around 8pm Central European time

Get in Touch

Don’t be shy, get in touch with The Comedy Cast or follow us on social media

If you’d like to get in touch, email me here: spud(at)thecomedycast.com

The Comedy Cast on Facebook: here

The Comedy Cast on Twitter: here

The Comedy Cast on YouTube: here

The Comedy Cast on Instagram: here

The Comedy Cast on Google+: here

I’ve got a blog that I don’t write in nearly often enough, but you can check it out here

Or have a listen to another podcast I’m involved with here.


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Oct 16, 2017

Chris Harris-

Chris Harris is a prominent serial entrepreneur, podcast host, motivational speaker and growth hacker.

Having founded his first company in college with his brother in their college apartment, the Harris brothers soon found their business scaling to $1.2mm in revenue a mere 36 months later and conducting operations in 32 states across the country.

Chris Michael Harris is now involved with several exciting endeavors ranging a variety of industries. Chris is also the host of Entrepreneur Hour, a top rated podcast that has trended as high as top 5 worldwide on iTunes. The show aims to provide younger/early stage entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take command of their futures and live an empowered life of self-employment.

With his focus on leaving the world better off than he found it, Chris is passionate about service to others.

To learn more about Chris, visit chrismichaelharris.com

Click here to listen to Entrepreneur Hour:


Oct 16, 2017

Dawn Peacock Owens -

Dawn Peacock Owens produces and co-hosts CBD Talk Podcast.  The podcast  was created by the need to provide good education about cannabidiol, or CBD, away from any product or company, CBD Talk Podcast's mission is to open the doors to information, scientists, authors, medical professionals and other leaders in the field to share information in an open and honest forum.

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Oct 16, 2017

Lakiesha Russel-


Lakiesha Russel is a Milwaukee Native, mother of 2 whose a Licensed Professional Counselor, podcast host, author and change agent. She is committed to individuals evolving into their best self physically, mentally and spiritually. Lakiesha's niche is working with Children and families to assist them with moving forward to the live their best life. 


Lakiesha also has a strong desire to dispel the myths about mental health and therapy within the minority communities and encouraging the conversation about mental wellness.

She coaches educators on managing students with mental health issues that interferes with their success in the classroom, by proving evidences based techniques to assist with decrease in behavioral issues. 


Lakiesha's podcast, The Evolving Chair Podcast is fornatted by her ontervieiwing guests who share their passions on why they so what they do whole changing the narrative on what mental wellness looks like. So if you're interested in a podcast that talks about mental wellness but not filled with alot therapy jargon and that will be life changing, ask yourself are you ready to leave better than you came? If eyes, tune in on soundcloud, ITunes, Google Play and 1pm CST on Fridays on www.wqyl-db.com


You can check out Lakiesha's private practice website at www.theevolvingchair.com"



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Oct 16, 2017

Jayne Morgan-


Jayne Morgan started her radio career as a producer for BBC Radio 4 in the UK, working on a variety of talk, magazine, feature and current affairs programmes including being Senior Producer on R4’s flagship weekly chat show, Loose Ends. She arrived in South Africa in 1995 to work for SAfm (the SABC’s national English network) and then moved to Talk Radio 702 in Johannesburg where she produced the morning show and then became their head of production. 


After leaving the station to freelance, she launched Podcart in 2007 to create premium downloadable audio for South African brands. Clients have included the Mail and Guardian, Old Mutual, Woolworths, Cape Town Routes Unlimited, Santam and Pearson SA. She currently produces Kagiso Media’s First Person podcast and Old Mutual’s World of Endurance running and cycling podcasts. Based in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, she also guest lectures in the radio department at Rhodes and helps run the University’s experiential journalism programme.


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